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I am searching for relatives of Walter
Dudkiewicz. He was originally from
Johnstown, PA. Was in the Navy in
the 1940's and was also stationed in Hawaii.
My maiden name was Anne Dudkiewicz.
Love to hear from you.
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In my family tree is the Dudkiewicz family. The earliest is Marzel or Martzel Dudkiewicz and Josephine Dudkiewicz. They came from Poland to America in the late 1800s. They settled in Pennsylvania. Their children were Louis, Joseph, and Anthony.
These settled in Ashley, Pennsylvania.

S. Yeakel

Dudkiewicz Family Tree Information

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Just got a confirmation from Soc.Sec. that my father passed away in 1985.
Oceanside, CA(San Diego area).Grandparents were Casper and Coroline Dudkiewicz.
Pittsburgh and Johnstown, PA are areas I would like any
feedback on. I wonder if they My father came from a large family. About 9
children. I wonder if your family are related in some way to these Dudkiewicz's?
Thanks for responding Sue.
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Helen Veronica Dudkiewicz was my mother in law. I am from the Pgh. area. Helen married Emil Burda and they had 7 children. Chester, Edward, Mary Ann, John, Janet, Walter, and Carol.
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You can contact me about Helen Dudkiewicz at
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Helen Dudkiewic had siblings They were Stanley, Frances, Dorothy,and Frank maybe more. Her father was Frank Dudkiewicz Sr/
There is one of these siblings that lives in California, I don"t know where. Most of the family still lives in the South Side of Pgh.
Please e=mail me at if ou think any of these could be relatives, and I will try to get more info. I'm glad to help.
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All I know is that my ancestors were Marzel or Martzel Dudkiewicz and Josephine Dudkiewicz. He was born between 1860 and 1875. I was told he was a Prussian sharpshooter (or his father was a Prussian sharpshooter). He had children: Joseph A., Louis (who married a Josephine), and Josephine. Louis and Josephine had children: Helen, Jean, Joseph, Chester, and Louis.

It has been pretty impossible to find information about Marzel and Josephine. I can't even find names in the census. This makes me think that Marzel may have been a nickname or did not fill out the census forms or he died not long after coming to America. The only thing I've seen of Josephine, his wife, is a picture of her holding a baby. She was the spitting image of my grandfather. We said she was my grandfather in drag. The resemblance was uncanny. She looked like she was in her 70s or 80s when the picture was taken, but I have no idea when it was taken or if that was her age. You know those country women did not age well.

My family did not keep good records of their family on one side of my family

Susanna Yeakel

Please look at my 1920 census info

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I believe some of the research that I did on the 1920 census will help on your family. (See my message posted 1-2001). Am also hoping when you see that, that your Joseph and mine might be the same. Thanks! Let me know!

Joseph Dudkiewicz

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Thank you so much. I just looked at listing today. For the past two weeks I have been sick with the flu, upper respiratory infection, and intestinal virus.

Wow. Thank you. We thought my great grandfather's name was Martzel and my great grandmother's name was Josephine. But I think that Marcelli and Francis/Frances must be my great grandparents. The children's names coincide, and my grandfather lived in Ashley, Pennsylvania.

Thanks again!

Susanna Yeakel
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