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mary wilbanks (View posts)
Posted: 958416207000
Looking for relatives of my grandmother. She was born in Italy, either Salerno or Naples area, around 1891. If anybody has any info, I would appreciate a reply. Thanks

Grandmother search

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To Mary Wilbanks,
My branch of the family is from Santa Prisco which is northwest of Naples. Do you have any other info regarding your grandmother? Name? Husband? Children?


mary gray wilbanks (View posts)
Posted: 963946083000
grandmothers name was luisa. she married a man named palmenta. he passed and she married my grandfather george manzi. his family was also from the same region in italy. most of his family settled in conn. he and my grandmother moved to nyc. he had a fairly large family in conn, so did my grandmother. several sisters and a brother joseph. if any of this sounds familiar let me know. together my grandparents had 13 children. my mother was the youngest. her name was viven.

Dorso links

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Hi Mary,
We might be related. My grandfather, Vincenzo, first came to the U.S. in 1902. He lived in Derby, CT for many years before moving to NYC. He was from a family of 17. When he married my grandmother, Elvira Miele, they had 14 children. There are many Dorsos in CT. I have been in contact with them for the last 3 years when we reconnected. Please send me more info so we can piece this family puzzle together.



Chris D'Orso (View posts)
Posted: 963994184000
My cousin Tom Dorso from NYC forwarded this to me.
My name is Chris D'Orso I live in Waterbury, CT, where there are about 6 D'Orso-Dorso families.
We are one of the few who kept the apostrophe in our name. A little info;
the D'Orso family came to Derby Connecticut from San Prisco which is on
the Napoli-Casserta line, its a small town of a few thousand and most are named
D'Orso, I've been there twice. It seems when our family arrived the apostrophe was dropped, my father kept it. My greatgrandfather, Vincenzo,
came here with his wife Agnes Stanzione, they had three children, Antonio (Anthony Dorso-deceased), Aniello (Niel Dorso-Derby, CT) and
Giuseppe, my grandfather. My Uncle Niel is the only surviving brother and the oldest D'Orso-Dorso.
Although most are spread out now, all the Dorso-D'Orsos in CT came from the same family in Derby. In some cases
most do not even know their last name was originally D'Orso. Me and my cousin Tom Dorso from NYC have been doing research, he more than me,
trying to find D'Orso-Dorsos. It looks like we found another one. I hope I gave you some info. Please reply to see if anything fits. Like I said
my Uncle Niel knows a lot, he's 85 and he's seen most of them come to Derby and move away , he could probably answer some questions for you. Take care,
Chris D'Orso


mary gray wilbanks (View posts)
Posted: 964008957000
hi chrs, seems like there might be some connection. my family is scattered all over conn., at this time and places far off. i believe my grandmother luisa used an apost., in her name also. i have some old letters put away, and i will pull them out and check. as i already said, her brother joseph was the last one and i believe he is passed on now. we still have family in ny., again, all scattered. you might find out if they are cousins. my nonna told me many years ago, around the time jackie kennedy went to italy, her cousin was the mayor in the town that she visited. i don't know if that will help any. i seem to remember family from jersey also, but don't remember the connection. i can try to locate cousins in norwalk and see if i can find any leads. i know one cousin patty now lives in danbury. or at least she did after she married. after my mother passed, i lost track of most of the extended family. when i have something else to tell you, i will give you a shout. meanwhile, if you find anything out, please let me know..look forward to hearing from you soon, mary

More Dorso's in Derby

Bernadette Dorso (View posts)
Posted: 965893317000
Hi I'm Bernadette Dorso, I have more info on more of the Dorso's in the Derby area. Neil Dorso, Sr., is my grandfather's (Joseph Dorso - deceased) first cousin. Joseph married Carmela Salemne (my grandmother - deceased). My grandfather dropped the apostrophe from our name, however, it is spelled that way on my Dad's birth certificate. I personally like the pronounciation with the apostrophe. Anyway, they (Carmela and Joseph) had 9 children: Michael Dorso, Joseph Dorso Baklik, Mary Dorso Maler, John(deceased) and Jim Dorso (twins), Harry Dorso (deceased), Lillian Dorso Cassetti, Charles Dorso (my Dad - deceased, and Florence Dorso Karney. They grew up in off of Rte 34 in Derby. I have a ton of 1st and 2nd cousins, I myself am the youngest of 5 girls - no boys. My grandfather, Joseph, parents names were Madronna and Miguel. And from what Neil Sr., has told me, his mother and my great grandmother were cousins. There are alot of us out there, for instance, Harry and Jim Dorso settled in Maine after the war and now there are a ton of Dorso's there as well. Who is the Dorso from Waterbury? Do you have a cousin Stephen Dorso? He has a sister, Courtney and brother Anthony, which is also his father's name. Hope to hear from you soon.....bernadette ;)

Same great grandfather

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Hi Bernadette,
I'm a cousin from the NY branch of the family. My grandfather, Vincent Dorso, is your grandfather's brother. He lived in Derby until he married my grandmother, Elvira Miele, then moved to Brooklyn, NY. They eventually moved to Manhattan. He passed in 1954. My grandmother moved to Brooklyn. She passed in 1970. I have been in touch with other cousins from Waterbury for the last 3 years. Their grandfather is our great grandfather's brother. That's how we are all related.
I would love to keep in touch. My family is always going to CT so I can do research. Hope we can get together on or next trip.

Jim Dorso's granddaughter

Jona Dorso (View posts)
Posted: 971342444000
Hi there. Hope I am not intruding. I am just beginning the "family tree" work and am looking for all the help I can get. I am Jim Dorso's granddaughter. I am 31 years old and live in Maine with my husband and daughter. I would love to correspond a bit.

Jim Dorso

Bernadette Dorso (View posts)
Posted: 971442599000
Jona, Hi I'm Bernadette Dorso, and if I'm correct your grandfather is my uncle. My dad, Charles is his brother! If your grandmother's name is Gloria and your have a Aunt Gina and cousins Harry and Carmela, well there's a ton of cousins in Connecticut.
Hope to hear back soon... bernadette
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