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Dodaro Family Trenta, CZ, Italy

Dodaro Family Trenta, CZ, Italy

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Looking for information about Dodaro Family
from Trenta , CZ , Italy.

Dodaro from America Connection?

Christine Dodaro (View posts)
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Hi, I was just searching through the internet to see if I could find any information about my family tree and I came across this. The only thing I really know is that my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother came over from Italy. My Great Grandfather's name was Carl Dodaro
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Hi Christine, My G-Grandfather's name was
Marino and G- Grandmother Philomena. They
settled in Philadelphia, PA and lived there
all their lives.

Great-Great Grandparents

Christine (View posts)
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I am not quite sure but I believe that those are my great great grandparents. I will ask my father If he knows what their names were and I will get back to you.
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Please let me know, Chrissy.

Found more info

Christine Dodaro (View posts)
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Unfortunately your great grandparents are not my g-g grandparents but I will give you the info I found out anyone, there still might be some sort of connection. My Great, great, great Grandfather was Antonio Dodaro he was born in Cosenza, Italy and married Carolina Mirbella also born in Cosenza.
There child was Eugene Dodaro who married Amelia Captuto. These are my g-g Grandparents. There children are Carl A. Dodaro Sr. (married Adeline Brooks) My great grandparents, Norma Dodaro (maried William D. Fergus), Eugene Dodaro. My great grandparents children were Robert Dodaro, Carl A. Dodaro Jr., Albert Dodaro, Ronald Dodaro, Edward Dodaro, Ruth Dodaro, Denise Dodaro. Carl A. Dodaro Jr. is my grandfather.
I don't know if any of these early generation names ring a bell but Dodaro is not a very common last name and I am almost sure that there has to be a connection somewhere. Maybe back in a generation that I have not been able to uncover yet. Please let me know anything that you have found out and maybe we might be able to piece this puzzle together. Chrissy
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Chrissy, did any of these people settle
around the Philadelphia area. I know some
part of my Dodaro family moved out to
Colorado also? And some lived in Boston, Mass.


Toni Bria (View posts)
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My grandfather was Antoinio Dodaro. Also from Cozensa. I have to ask my cousin exactly what town. He married Barbara Mazzuca??? not sure on the spelling. They moved to Chicago. His children are/were Guido, Armondo (deceased), Edward (deceased), Stella, and Anthony (my dad...also deceased). He had a few brothers that moved to Montana and worked on the railroad. I have a lot more info...I just have to find it and get it in here. Maybe we are connected! Happy hunting! ^_^


Anna (View posts)
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Hello Toni,
I think we are related. My gg-grandfather was Carmine Dodaro. He had a brother named Giuseppe who had a son named Antonio. I was just at a Dodero/Dodaro family reunion this weekend in Denver. I met Tony and Marge Dodero who's father was Antonio. Are you any relation to them. Please let me know this would just be too funny. Also, if you have any information on Carmine I'd appreciate it.


Toni Bria (View posts)
Posted: 966334199000
Hi Anna,

Thanks for your note. How many Italians or Dodaro's do you know that are named Antoinio, Anthony or Tony? I know quite a few. Antoinio was my grandfather. My dad was Anthony. My dad would be 67 years old. He passed away 7 years ago. Maybe we are all connected somewhere. I just started putting this puzzle together. I'll update you if I find anything...and I hope you'll do the same. Thanks again for writing!
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