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I am looking for DiSiena's who may have migrated from Florence or Rome to Argentina around 1945-1955. My father Giuseppie DiSiena, born about 1897 served in WW1 and was wounded. He migrated to the United States around 1920. He married Mary Forte who migrated to the United States from Florence at about the same time and had 4 children. The family had some contact up until the depression, 1929. After that we believe the family relocated to Argentina.
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My grandfather's father was Nicola DiSiena. He was born in Corena Ausonia Italy in 1887 which is close in proximity to Rome. From what my grandmother can tell me about his family he did have a brother Guiseppe but I am not sure if that is the same one you are talking about. The parents were Mary and Archangelo but I do not know about the connection to Argentina. My greatgrandfather Nicola came to Ellis Island in 1902 and settled in Pittsburgh PA. There was also another brother Marion who came over in 1921 and settled in upstate NY. The other names I have for siblings are Mary, Anthony, Pasquale, and Joseph. I know that Pasquale also came over and lived with the inlaws of Nicola for a while but so far I have no info on any of the others. If any of these names sound familiar please email me with info.

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Surnames: DiSiena
My grandmother's name was Maria DiSiena she was born in 1878 in Coreno-Ausonio, Italy. She married a Giuseppe (Joseph) DeCore he was born in 1874 in Coreno-Ausonio, Italy. I know from a census that my grandmother had her brother named Giuseppe DiSiena and nephew named GIovanni living with them during the census. I do not know my grandmother's parents names or my grandfathers parents names. My grandparents had my father their first son Ralph (Raphael) on 9 August 1906. A second son Anthony born 1 January 1908. Arcangelo born 7 August 1909.John born 23 March 1911. Margaret Louise born 12 December 1912. Antoinette Louise born 26 August 1914. Anthony Joseph born 5 April 1916. Ned Carl born 25 December 1917. James born 18 July 1921. Do you think there is a relation here?

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Surnames: Giulianelli
Not sure if my email went through to you on this earlier so here is another copy.
Hi gsweetpea!

I recently saw your messages on both and I hope this is your email address because I would love to share information with you about Caterina Giulianelli. I tried to contact you on but it said you had a be a member in order to do so. Caterina Giulianelli is my great-grandmother's half sister. A few weeks ago I connected with a relative in Florida to work on our family genealogy and our hard work has been paying off. We both have been using census information as well as ship manifests in hopes of putting together a family tree. It's hard to explain this family tree so I will copy a word document below that I started in hopes of organizing all the information I have collected. I have a contact I have been speaking to in Sesto Campano which is the town next to the adjoining Roccapipirozzi, she was able to give me information on Caterina's parents. I would love to share photos, stories and documents with you. I also have a facebook account under the name Tara A. Fantauzzi where I have posted some Giulianelli family photos. I have been contacting Caterina's full brother Cosmo's grandfather David Giulianelli via facebook and emails. He has contacts that he has been calling and I have also been consulting my grandmother Mary Fantauzzi, Daria's 9th daughter. I currently live about 10 minutes from Mechanicville and 20 minutes to Albany so if you need any information from New York let me know. I plan on going back to the NYS library to get more copies of the 1915 and 1925 census. I look forward to hearing from you and my fingers are crossed this is still your email.

Tara Fantauzzi



(b. 1865) (b. 1880)


(b. 1874) (b. 1883)


(b. 1871) (1889)


(b. 1878) (b. 1892)


(b. 1903)

11 children total, 4 born to Maria DiNardo and 6 born to Vittoria Bruno

(1) Rocco (b. 1865) m. Rose (b. 1874)







(2) Brigida (b. 1871) m. Peter DiVito

(3) Caterina (b.1874)m. Antonio Simiele (b. Jan 14 1870)

Michael Simiele (b. Mar 9 1899)

Dominic Simiele (b. Oct 29 1900)

Mary Vittoria Giulianelli Simiele Perez (May 29 1905) (OH)

Nicola Simele (1907-1910) (OH)

Frank Peter Simiele (Oct 1 1909 - July 23 1968) (OH)

Anna Marie Simiele DeCore (b. Fed 1 1912 – d. Nov 21 1982) (OH)

Jean Ann Simiele DiNardi (b. Jun 23 1914 – d. Apr 4 2001) (OH)

Rose Marie Simiele Bindernagel (b. May 8 1917) (OH)

(4) Cosmo (b. 1878) m. Anna Martone

Angeline (b. 1903)

Nicholas (b. 1906)

Victor F. (b. Jan 24 1909 – d. Feb 22 1968)

m. Rita Bagnoli (b. 1920 - d. Dec 20 2007)

Fioremattina (b. 1912)

Violando (b. 1915)

Arcangelo (b. Aug 31 1920 – d. Mar 1996)

m. Theresa Gaetano (d. 2004)


(5) Domenico (b. Nov 16 1880)

(6) Addaria (b. Feb 17 1883) m. Emilio Martone (b. 1883)

Nicandro (b. 1907 – d. Oct 9 1951)

Elizabeth Rose (b. 1909 – Nov 22 1933)

Louis (b. Oct 30 1910 – d. Feb 24 1976)

Lawerence (b. Aug 2 1912 – d. May 9 1980)

Alfred (b. 1914 – d. July 9 1962)

Louicka (b. May 7 1916 – d. Feb 19, 1994)

Rose Caputo (b. Sep 20 1917 – d. Nov 20 2003

Concetta Messore (b. Aug 20 1919 – d. Apr 7 2001)

Mary Fantauzzi (b. Apr 24 1921)

Emilio (b. May 7 1923 – d. Mar 2 1993)

(9) Nicola (b. Mar 3 1889) m. …Peluso (moved to NYC)

Frank (b. Jan 9 1920 – d. Dec 27 1988) (Bronx)

Louie N (b. Feb 12 1925 – d. Oct 2001)

“Dolly Boy” possibly Nicholas J (b. May 30 1926 – d. Apr 17 2006)

(10) Maddalena (b. Feb 2 1892) m. Peter DiVito





(11) Angela (b. 1905) m. Domenico Forte


Re: Giulianelli

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Classification: Query
Hi Tara;

I am so excited I can't stand it. Yes Caterina is my grandmother. I can't believe you have been trying to reach me. This morning I went to put some info in my tree and I saw this message and one from David. Oh I have been trying so hard to find out things about my grandmother. My older sister Mary Ann belongs to face book and I am going to let her know about your pictures. I would love to have your info you have on the Giulanelli family. I know my grandmother came from Italy to help take care of her brother's children. We believe she came through Ellis Island. My sister said when she came over and landed she had a fever and was kept in quarantine. I think I have my grandmothers birth certificate. I had it translated. My Aunt Jean said they went to Mechanicville all the time to visit a Peter Divito. I do not belong to the at the moment. Please keep in touch. Oh I am so happy that we found each other.


Re: Giulianelli

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Dear tf3671641, and gsweetpea. I am also searching names in the Giulianelli family. I actually am looking at old Italian records on micro film. I have a friend who speaks Italian so she helps me get the information right. I have a copy of the death certificate of Maria DiNardo who died in 1879. She was as you know, Francesco's first wife. He then married Vittoria Bruno one month later, she was 15 years younger than he was. I also have a copy of their marriage certificate. I know they had a son named Michael who was born in 1884. He came to America in 1909 on the ship the Prinzess Irene. He went to Mechanicville to stay with his half brother, Cosmo. Caterina was also Michaels half sister and I have a copy of her birth certificate showing she was born May 8, 1872. Now lets go back a little. Francescos father was named Nicola, his father was named Rocco and his father was Francesco. I have lots of certificates I have found of these great people and I would love to share them with you. I would also love to see your pictures. I have one of Michael (off of his naturalization papers) Also I would love to talk to you about where you got your information. I am not a member of ancestry, but I will check this name board often. I was so excited to read your messages. Hope you read this soon. Susan

Re: Giulianelli

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jOh Susan I would love for you to share what you have. Caterina was my grandmother. I have been searching for more info on the Giulianelli family. A cousin from Mechanicville saw my tree and responded. Some of my info I got from her. I look forward to sharing with you.


Re: Giulianelli

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Hi, Gloria,

I'm helping Susan out as she doesn't have an Ancestry account. Will you please email her directly at grandmasuz at

Good luck!


Re: Giulianelli

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Ok thank you Elena for letting me know.



Re: Giulianelli

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Elena can tell Susan to check her junk or spam folder to make sure my email to her did not go in there. Thank you so much. Both Tara and I have sent her emails and we are waiting to hear from her.


Thank you
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