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Dea Family Tree (alive or deceased)

Dea Family Tree (alive or deceased)

Shirley Dea (View posts)
Posted: 931191785000
Looking for any member of the Dea family from Central or Southern New Jersey to give me family history on my father Ralph Dea from Vineland.

Dea family of New Jersey

Douglas Dea (View posts)
Posted: 942350653000
I don't know if this will help as I suspect that we are from two different families but here is what I know (which is fragmentary):
In the early 1800s there was a Roger Dea who apparently emigrated from England. He had at least one son, Roger Dea born abt. March 1819 in New York.
Roger jr. moved back to England where he met and married, the wife's name was either Mary or Elizabeth. He returned to America and died on April 2, 1893 in Union Grove, New Jersey. He had at least two sons, Harry (who died as a teenager) and Edward John.
Edward John Dea married Christine Baxter and they lived in Jamaica Plains and Boston, Massachusetts. They had seven children: Roger, John, Edward, Thomas, Robert, Henry and Christina. I don't know if any of these moved to New Jersey nor do I know of a Ralph Dea.

- Douglas Dea

Dea family

Susan Daul (View posts)
Posted: 981191559000
I was born Debra Ann Dea 1/5/58 in Albany, NY. Looking for birthparents and/or siblings. Parents born around 1939 or 1940.Greatgrandmother had rheumatic fever and was partially deaf in one ear. I am Catholic and have dark curly hair. I am told descent is English/Irish. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

My uncles

Douglas Dea (View posts)
Posted: 981484588000
Hi Susan,
I don't know anything about that line of the Dea family. My grandfather was Thomas Patterson Dea, born June 15 1891 in Andover MA. He died on October 2, 1953 in Andover. He had 4 sons.
i. Thomas Patterson born Sept. 12, 1922
ii. Allen Pearson born March 31, 1925.
iii. Robert Look born July 10 1930. (My father).
iv. Roger Philip born also July 10 1930.
All were born in Andover, MA.

Thomas Patterson Dea was the son of Edward John Dea. Edward was born abt 1853 in England and died about 1901 in Jamaica Plains MA. He was married to Christine Baxter who was born in 1860 in Glasgow Scotland. Edward John had seven children, all born in MA.

Edward John Dea was the son of Roger Dea, born abt. 1819 in New York. (The facts of this time period are sketchy to me. I have tried to pin them down but have had great difficulty in doing so.) My notes say that Roger Dea had 10 children from two wives. Some of these children did live in New York but I know not where. It is possible you are decended from one of these Deas. Apparently around 1870 the family moved from England to the US and lived briefly in New Jersey. Some later moved to New York while others went up to MA.
The children of Roger Dea and his first wife, Mary are:
i.Elizabeth born 1848 in England.
ii. Mary Lester born abt. 1850 in England
iii. Edward John born about 1853 in England.
iv. Harry born 1866 and died on March 13, 1883 in New Jersey.
Roger then married Jane Massden. Thier children are:
i. William born March 21, 1867 in England.
ii. Carrie born 1868 in England.
iii. Herbert born 1869 in England
iv. Annie born 1870 in New York.
v. Burt born 1872 in New York
vi. Jennie born 1881 in New Jersey.
Back in 1995 I hired a genealogist in New Jersey to do a records search for me in Salem and Cumberland counties. There was no listing for a Jennie or Barry Dea or any female Dea.
This is pretty much what I know. Sketchy rumors at best. Someday I hope to get a better picture of the facts, I'm just too busy right now to seriously look into it.

Good Luck in your search. Contact me again if you find anything on these names.
-Douglas Dea

to Douglas Dea

Shirley Dea (View posts)
Posted: 987963227000
I read your message about having a genealogist do some checking for you in Salem and Cumberland Counties in N.J. My parents lived in Vineland and I was born in Vineland in the 40s. I never knew my grandfather, nor do I know his name. Like you, I have not had time to delve into the genealogy very deeply.

Re: My uncles

Posted: 1007294688000
Classification: Query

I sent you a personal e-mail.
After reading this post, I am positive we are related.
I am the son of Roger Philip Dea, your fathers twin brother.
I know the surnames names don't match, Roger and my Mother were divorced, she remarried and my step father adoped me at a young age so I assumed his last name.

This is great, I have been doing some research in my spare time and recently found some data on our Grandmothers side Eva Howell.

I hope you get my e-mail.


Re: Dea Family Tree (alive or deceased)

Posted: 1218210312000
Classification: Query
Surnames: dea
Hi my fathers grandmother was called Julia Dea, and was born in Sunderland, England. She had family who lived in Utah, USA. But i dont know much about them.

Re: Dea Family Tree (alive or deceased)

Posted: 1226989160000
Classification: Query

I am related to this particular branch of the Dea family and have quite a bit of info on the family.

Re: Dea family

Posted: 1371641880000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Rosen, Young
This is a longshot, but I am hoping you are my half sister. My mother, Janet, had a child at 18 in 1958 at Brady Hospital in Albany, New York. I found out this last year from my Aunt. She named the daughter Debra. She and myself and two of my sisters have dark curly hair. Myself and my one of my sisters have the middle name Anne, although mine has an e on the end. My mother was of Romanian and polish decent. Had hazel eyes, 5'8'", but all of the daughters are 5'10" or taller. My mother had light olive skin.but her sisters had very light skin. The father was named Dick Young, possibly Irish.
I would love to open conversation with you and see if this is a possibility. Please contact me at
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