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Looking for any Daddario ancestry information.


Tony Daddario (View posts)
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Would appreciate any information that you have ref: Andrew Antonio Daddario.

Thank you.

Daddario Surname

Richard H. Greene (View posts)
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I am the Grandson of Roberto Donato Antonio Daddario (Alt. Spelling D'Addario) and Antonette (or Antonelle) D'Addario (nee D'Addario). Both were born in the 1880's in Salle, Abruzzi Italy, and emmigrated to Astoria, New York in the late 1890's or early 1900's. Interestingly, the branch of the family I was raised in was Methodist, thanks to some Waldensian missionaries. I remember visiting some cousins as a child who were Catholic though, so the conversion was hit and miss. There is a guitar string manufacturer marketing strings under the D'Addario name. Theier offices are on Long Island, possibly Farmingdale. Having D'addarios on both sides of my maternal grandparents' families means I'm distantly related to more than the average D'Addario. My mom kept in touch with some better than others and most of her generation is gone but some small matters of family lineage have come my way over the past few years. Some of my research has come via the genealogical library of the Mormon Church, too. They actually had a link to a man who had married in to the family and on chatting with him I found he had known my mom's cousin. I would be willing to share whatever I have with any interested party.
feel free to contact me via e-mail.
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I was wondering if you know of any Daddario relatives in Pa?

Daddarios in PA

Richard Greene (View posts)
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The only Daddario in PA that I know is my mom, Anita D'Addario Greene in a life care community in Doylestown. She moved there about 8 years ago from Astoria, New York. She is 87 years old and won't be of any help with geneology research due to her poor mental state (dementia). What aspect of family relations are you researching?

Daddarios in Pa

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The Daddarios that I am researching are my husbands family, which I would like to trace back as far as possible. My husbands grandfather was Dominick Daddario, born approx 1885. I do not know who his parents were yet, or if he had any siblings. He did have 5 sons though.

things Daddario

Richard Greene (View posts)
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Sorry, no direct info on Dominick D. My grandfather was born around the same time (1881) as your husand's g'dad. I don't know if he had any siblings. Antionette did have 8 sibs, 4 brothers and 3 sisters, but no Dominick. One of the sisters, Lurieda or Loretta, married Eligio or Angelo DiMonte, and they had a daughter Margareta who married a Dominick "D" (possibly D'addario)and they had three children, Salvatore, Angelina and Maria. Both of the other two sisters also married into the Dimonte family. If any of these names ring a bell, let me know.

FYI, there were, and continue to be some talented musicians in the family going back to Italy. A newspaper article about my grandparents 25th anniversary describes a Radio City broadcast in the late 1920's during which their cousins, who played in the studio orchestra, dedicated a tune to them.
on another subject, does your husband have any fondness for Pizzelles, the traditonal cookie from Abruzzi? I have a wife with a gift for finding the irons at garage sales and the recipe is quite simple. Let me know if you want it.


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None of your names ring a bell. And, yes, my husband's mother used to make pizelles for them


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None of your names ring a bell. And, yes, my husband's mother used to make pizelles for them


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None of your names ring a bell. And, yes, my husband's mother used to make pizelles for them
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