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Rufus Cawthon of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Rufus Cawthon of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Brenda (View posts)
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Surnames: CAWTHON
I am looking for information about Rufus Cawthon -born about 1921 and died about 1967. He was my father. His father was a preacher, Church of Christ, also Postmaster in Mt. Juliet. His wifes name was Margaret. They had six children, Mary Poe, Vesta, Nancy, Jamie and another daughter who died, plus my father, Rufus.

Rufus Cawthon My Father Also

Alexandra (View posts)
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Hi Brenda. Rufus Cawthon the younger was my father also. Same C of C grandfather. I am his illegitimate daughter, birthname Sandra Joe Gibbons, birth mother Betty Gibbons, although she seemed to have been known as Willie (or approximately) Gibbons. I haven't been able to find her yet. My adoptive uncle was also a Church of Christ preacher, Victor Edward Gregory. He went to Rufus Sr. and tried to get the family to acknowledge me, but RC refused.

Interesting. This is pretty amazing. Looks like we could have one whopping family reunion.

Betty, my mother, apparently married, California maybe, and her husband didn't know about me.

I have only this week submitted my information to birthfamily, and my information isn't posted yet.

I certainly look forward to hearing from you. That's so exciting: a sister! Wow.


Rufus's birthdate

Alexandra (View posts)
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Surnames: CAWTHON
Incidentally, Rufus the younger was born 10/17/1918, died 11/1976, zip code 37122 Mt Juliet, Wilson County, TN, ss# 410-09-1003. Rufus Sr. was born 3/23/1880, died 10/14/1971, ss# 411-82-2849.

I'm so happy! This is pretty funny. Nothing like a preacher's son. Further comments refrained from.



I found another sister!

Brenda (View posts)
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Hi Alex, It looks like we are indeed sister's. Wow, this is unbelievable! I haven't visited the Cawthon page for some time and today something told me to go there. My dad, Rufus, married my mother, Mildred Irene Davis, and I was born in Lebanon April 2, 1942. I don't know when they got married but I know they were divorced and we come to Washington State in about 1944 and mom worked in the shipyards. I have an older brother but he has a different father, William D McDonald. My brother, Robert D. McDonald was born Sept. 4, l939 and he lives in Arizona. Rufus married Frances (I can't remember her last name) and they had three children, Judy, Barbara and Rufus, Jr. I have been in contact with Judy and Barbara (Bab's) but it has been several years since they have written to me. I think Rufus, Jr., lives in Florida. I have been in contact with my cousin, Leanne, daughter of Nancy, and she is trying to help me with the Geneology. I sent her the pages that I got from the registry. What I have been trying to find out is about my Indian Heritage. Grandmother (Dovie T.) Cawthon was a direct descendant of Pochahontas (forgive the spelling--it doesn't look right). I understand that a lot of papers were destroyed in a house fire. Anyway, I didn't know my father very well. Mom died in 1958 and my Grandfather Davis arrived in Seattle to see her but she died the day before he got there. I was 16 at the time. I decided to go back to Tennessee with him and is wife for a while. I didn't like him and his wife so I stayed with Aunt Mary Poe Williams, then Dad and Frances arrived to see me and I went with them to Kentucky. They were both alcoholics and all they wanted me for was to take care of the children. I stayed there nine days and called Aunt Poe and said I was getting on a bus back to Mt. Juliet. She met me at the station. I stayed with a family in Mt. Juliet for a while. I came back to Seattle after another month or so. My sister, Beverly Erickson, was four when mom died and she was adopted and the people were my Guardians. Mom was married five times and died of Cancer when she was 37. Rufus never paid any support for me as mom didn't want anything from him. He did send me $30 for my 16th birthday. I wrote to him a few times but he never wrote back. He died of rectal cancer, from what I know. This is really hard to write and make sense--so many things are going around in my head. That's all for now. i hope you read this and contact me. Brenda

Re: Rufus Cawthon of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

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Surnames: DAVIS
I hope I haven't submitted this already. Got excited over finally doing now what I didn't do when I should've.

Hey, Brenda. Bad-Girl Alex finally surfaces. With apologies. And ashamed looks.

I've had many adventures--most of which involving losing my stuff--Greyhound did a massive mistake and purged my tapes, backup box, on-and-on, because I didn't pick it up at the Dallas, Texas, office--because it was supposed to have been shipped to West Palm Beach. Sob.

So I didn't have addresses, computer[s], or files for an embarrassingly long time. Today I found one of the letters you had written me and I had made a copy of--hoorah!--and so I'm leaving messages all over the place, hoping you'll be prompted to look where I leave them.

I have a subscription to that has revolutionized my gealog-ing, and I've been hunting this afternoon for Mildred's information. I've been unhappy that I didn't have it, because's various search stuff makes a HUGE difference in being able to find and document people.

I have this that I hope might work: [If it's not right, somebody will be able to use it. I'm posting this message everywhere I find your posting. Then I'm going to start digging in Po-whatever towns in Washington. Wish me luck. Forgive me for disappearing--it's a bad habit of mine.] Alex

1930 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Clay > Ashland > District 6
April 4, 1930
Davis, Bob C., Rent $10/month; age 38, married at 19. He, his father, and his mother were all born in Alabama; the same for his wife Irene. He is a laborer on the county roads. He was not a veteran.
Irene R., 34 years old, married at 15. She is not employed.
Mildred I. is 15, born in Alabama.
Nellie R. is 9, born in Alabama.
Vastie M. Ray, age 32, sister-in-law; she's most likely Irene R's sister, since Irene is Irene "R"--probably not a middle name. and Vastie [looks like] is single.

I can't make out the street name. West Ly-something. I did a Yahoo map for Ashland and followed Talladega one-unch-at-a-time til it ended and couldn't find a street that matched. There are no house-street numbers listed with this census; just family numbers. Incidentally, in entering "Search Talladega Street" Yahoo said that it wasn't found. It is north and east of the center of Ashland. It basically ends at 2nd Ave N and W Main Street, and by that time is't probably in Lineville. The Yahoo map is hard to move around in.

The family before the Davises is probably Irene and Vastie's father, brother, and sister-in-law. Raymond M. Ray, head-of-household, owns his home, is 64, widowed, no marriage-age listed. He was born in Alabama; his parents were both born in Georgia. He is a "general farmer." He was not a veteran.

His son, Leroy F., is 35; married at age 23. He was born in Alabama, as was his father; now we see that his mother--Raymond M.' wife--was born in Alabama. Leroy is--I like this!--the proprietor of a lunch stand.

Leroy's wife--listed as Raymond's daughter-in-law--is Eunice E., I hope. She is 34, married at 22, unemployed. Which is surprising; she should be waitressing or cooking or something at Leroy's lunch stand. Eunice, her father, and her morhter were all born in Alabama. There are no children listed for this couple.

I don't see anyone else on this page that looks like kin

If you're still speaking to me, let's talk. I'm still at Got rid of hotmail address--too many porn spams.

Re: Rufus Cawthon of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

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Rufus was my uncle and Frances my aunt. Judy and Babs are my first cousins. Are you still looking for informatin?

Re: Rufus Cawthon of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

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Hello: I am researching my 3 great aunts who moved to Nashville Area. They were the daughters of Amanda Harris and Dr. Lenas Bolling of Buckingham Co, Va. The names would be - Talbot, Ford, McCulloch in Tennessee. Louisanna Steptoe Bolling married John Howard Talbot. They had 2 children, Dovie and Herbert - Dovie married a Cawthon - She had Vesta who married a Locke in Mt. Juliet. Would lke to hear from her family there. Patt

Re: I found another sister!

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Yes, Dovie Talbot Cawthon does have indian hertiage for she is a direct decendent of Pocohontas. Dovie's Mother was Louisianna Steptoe Bolling Talbot of Buckingham, Co Va. LOU's parents were Dr. Lenas Bolling and Amanda Harris Bolling. Lou had two sisters who lived in the Nashville Area also. Sallie Sara Bolling Ford and also Florence E. Bolling McCulloch.
Thier brother was Ivanhoe A. Bolling - My grandfather. of Buckingham Co. They belonged to Mt. Tabor Baptist Church.
Hope to hear from you. Patt

Re: Rufus Cawthon of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

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Re: Rufus Cawthon of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

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I am very very glad to hear from you Cousin!! Will you do some family history with me? Would you consider talking on the phone with me? Patt (Grand daughter of Ivanhoe Bolling of Buckingham Co. Va) He was the youngest child of that family. His three older sisters all moved to Tennessee

Sallie Sarah Bolling Ford
Louisiana Steptoe Bolling Howard
Florence Eveline Bolling McCulloch

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