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Rosalie C. Cardey

Rosalie C. Cardey

M. Evans (View posts)
Posted: 957638831000
Rosalie C. Cardey was born 26 Jun 1858, and resided in Lawton, Michigan. Does anyone have information about her family? Where was she born, and where did she die?
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I do have a Rosalie C Cardey b. abt 1860 in my db, shown as m. to Fred Newbre, but unfortunately I have nothing else on them and nothing in my notes as to source. Do you have any other Cardey names? I have hundreds of them in my db.

Maude A. BELL (Cardey) CA/USA

Posted: 974231414000
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I don't know about the name you posted but I curious if you have heard of Maude A CARDEY who married Fred T. BELL. Maude lives in California.


Maude A. BELL (Cardey)

Posted: 974231665000
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Hi Carl,

I'm looking for information on Maude A CARDEY. She married Fred T. BELL. Do you have Maude and her siblings in your database?

Feel free to Email me direct if you'd like.

Thank you,


Maude A Cardey

Posted: 974234795000
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Hi Carol, Yes I have Maude in my DB and a LOT of other Card(e)y's too. How do you fit in?

Switch over to my e-mail address.


Maude Cardey

Ron Wynn (View posts)
Posted: 974395073000
Hello Carl,
I sent Carol V. a list of All Maude Cardey's
sibling info. Her mothers name was Daisy Udelhopfen, her father was Almon Cardey.m.1896.Her Grandparents were Henry and Julia Cardey .
Posted: 974395478000
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Hi Ron,

You responded to a message I posted instead of one Carol posted. Today I sent one to myself in error. LOL

Carl is a swell person. I sent you a message from him with his Email address.


rosaalie newbre

alton a newbre (View posts)
Posted: 981507875000
i am new at this.
fred & rosalie were my grampaw's mother an dad.she is in the lawton cemeter,about i mi from where i live in the summer.we still put flowers on the graves onece a year.when i get home in april i will take pic of the site an send to you.
my grampa an grandma,my mother & dad are there too. the newbre home site is about 1/2 mi from the cemeter.i can give you there kids names downn to me an mine.
f&r newbre lived next to rr tracks over pass wich is still knowen as newbre's crossing.there is a small creek runing throu the home site that is still knowen as newbre creek.i will be glad to give all inf i can but my membery is not so good any more ,i will be 74 in aug. so keep in touch with me

Henry Cardey

Posted: 990742848000
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Hi Ron, I haven't looked in here in 6 or 7 months and just found your message. Henry Cardey is My GGF. His name was James Henry Cardey and I am curious why you called him Henry rather than James. I have heard from a couple 90+ year old brothers that they vaguely remembered a Henry, but that isthe only time I have heard it. On the other hand he was listed as Henry a couple times in the Civil War.
Posted: 990742928000
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Ron, Sorry, I goofed and got your name as sending my previous message.
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