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Looking for Infofmation on my GrandFather

Looking for Infofmation on my GrandFather

Angelee Modesta Murphy (Young) (View posts)
Posted: 945946339000
My Mother name it Toto but My GrandFather's name good ed be

Cappadona. Ia'm looking the Family

Re: Looking for Infofmation on my GrandFather

laura bremekamp (View posts)
Posted: 1010957382000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Cappadona
I remember my aunt once said that our family from Giosioa Marea, Sicily (Patti)-near Medina, went by the name Toto Cappadona before shortening the name to Cappadona. I hope this is helpful.

Re: Looking for Infofmation on my GrandFather

Posted: 1011635293000
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I have Cappadona in the research I've done in Montagnareale and Patti. Write to me with names and approximate years of birth and I will check my records to see if anything matches. Most of the names I have are from the 1750-1900.
Good luck in your searches.

Re: Looking for Infofmation on my GrandFather

Posted: 1018199564000
Classification: Query
Surnames: barbera, mallia, cappadona,ferlazzo
I am working on an old italian story (Barbera brothers story) and some people was Cappadona
sons of Antony Cappadona from Gioiosa Marea (Messina-Italy) 1884/1919.
My father from Gioiosa Marea was a cousin of Antony Cappadona.
I will glad to get news about you
giorgio ferlazzo ciano

Re: Looking for Infofmation on my GrandFather

Kim Capadona (View posts)
Posted: 1062631511000
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My father believes my great grandfather, Filippo Cappadona, was from Patti. Because Filippo died in his early thirties, we have hardly any information about him. I do know that he had brothers, and several of his cousins lived in Brooklyn, NY. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Re: Looking for Infofmation on my GrandFather

Posted: 1104031690000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Munafo, Cappadona
This post was deleted by the author on 17 Jul 2013 1:57PM GMT

Re: Looking for Infofmation on my GrandFather

Posted: 1104031933000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Cappadona, Munafo
The names I have are the following:

Carmelo Cappadona
Nunzio Cappadona- married to Maria Randazzo
Febronia Cappadona- 2 different ones
Antonino Cappadona
Vincenzo Cappadona
Giacomo Cappadona
Salvatore Cappadona
Giuseppe Cappadona
Filippo Cappadona

All of my Cappadona's were from Patti, Messina, Sicily. Febronia was my Gt. Grandmother. She married Antonio "Anthony" Munafo and had 9-10 children.

Thank you so much,

Eric Graham

Re: Looking for Infofmation on my GrandFather

Loni (View posts)
Posted: 1127321368000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Cappadona
The contact of Vincenzo Cappadona at Adam's Street (Hoboken) is a connection to my husband's grandfather, Antonio Bongiovanni. He had a house on Adams St. and was a point of contact for others from Montagnareale and Patti who were friends and family emigrating to America.

I agree with you that we are probably related as well as most families orignally from the Patti area. Seems many of them stayed there for hundreds of years.

Our direct connection with Cappadona was about 1800, when Serafina Cappadona (b. abt 1768) married Guiseppe Spasaro. Her father was Silvestro Cappadona and he was married to Antonia Barbera.

I found a Fabronia Cappadona who was born abt 1815 and d. 1881. Her parents were Basilio and Anna Cappadona. She was married to Antonio Lattanzio.

Mariuzza Cappadona b. abt 1790 d. 1881. Married to Guiseppe DeLuca. Her parents were Antonino and Teresa Ferlazzo.

I believe I have information on A Nunzio, Antonino, Guiseppe, Carmelo Antonio, and a Felippo fom the 1890's. I don't know if it was birth or death certificate. I just have the reference of data available.

I have more but it is handwritten notebooks (raw data) with no generational connections linked.When I get the full data I will write again.

Keep in touch with me directly, it will be faster than this board.


Re: Looking for Infofmation on my GrandFather

Posted: 1302221744000
Classification: Query
Hi Loni: I am Susanne Antista Visaggio and am doing research on my family from Patti Sicily. I saw that you mentioned Cappadona and your husband's grandfather, Antonio Bongiovanni, from Adams Street, Hoboken. When my grandfather, Giuseppe Crifo immigrated to the U.S., the Ellis Island records showed that he was going to his cousin, Antonio Bongiovanni in Hoboken. He arrived June 7, 1906 on the Citta di Genova. I think your husband is related to my family. Now, my great-grandmother was Carmella Cappadona and her daughter, Maria, who was married to Giuseippe Crifo. If you have information that would be helpful to me, please contact me at via email at I also probably have information that would be of help to you, too. Thanks, Sue Antista

Re: Looking for Infofmation on my GrandFather

Posted: 1346687310000
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I am a Cappadonna with relatives
in NY NJ and PA. My great grandfather was Michele aka michael from trip anti sicilly.
I found the name spelled capadona and Cappadonna
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