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Looking For Cuzins

Looking For Cuzins

Clifford Cancienne (View posts)
Posted: 938989953000
I am doing research on a complete family tree on the Cancienne's.
I have found that the Cancienne's came from Venice Italy with (Giorgio Quinciay) George Cancienne and he and his wife Marquerita C. Yeane came to Louisiana in the late 1700's and settled in Plattenville, Louisiana.
They had a son Pierre Cancienne who married Jeanne Marquerite Landry and they both died in Plattenville, Louisiana.
They had to my knowledge 1 son Auguste Cancienne who married Elise Rosalie Blanchard in Plattenville.

The trouble I am running into is finding if George had more than 1 child and if Pierre had more than 1 child.

If anyone out there can help me with my reasearch please feel free to contact me with any info you might have on this matter


Canciennes in Louisiana

Steve (View posts)
Posted: 943710732000
Pierre had 8 children. I have some information on the kids and on the wife. E-mail me at and we can share information.


Regina Cancienne (View posts)
Posted: 946368595000
My grandfather always would tell me that story, and they use to pronounce the cancienne name as Cancienno..or something to that fact with an italian pronounacation. I am just starting to write my family tree down. We had the family tree from where the families came from Itialy and traveling down the mississippi river into the bayous but when my great grand mother died the families raided her house and stole all the antiques and most precious of all the family tree. So, with that.. my grandfather is not to close to his sisters family. So I am writing as much as I can down. I am not sure if this helps any.. but My grandfather was born in the early 20's the son of I think Theodore "I think is his name" Cancienne. He was killed in his grocery store while being robbed having his neck slit from ear to ear. My great grandmother ..I called her Memaw .. I think her name was Emile Accoin. They lived in Abbeville.

Family info

Cliff Cancienne (View posts)
Posted: 946371296000
I have been doing research on the Cancienne family.
The information you just gave me is the same information
my father Freddie Cancienne has given me.
My dad told me that his grandfather Theodule had a brother they called
Junior and that he was killed in a fight in which Junior died.
This is great and If you can share more I would be very thankful.
I have been contacted by a Charles Cancienne around Pardis,La. and he is going to send me some information
in which I can make some more connections to bind OUR Family Ties.
Thank you again
Cliff Cancienne


Regina Cancienne (View posts)
Posted: 962097590000
My grandfater's father was killed by two robbers in his store. His name
is Theodeaux Cancienne married to Elmire Accoin. My great grandmother Elmire (Memaw)
had a family tree from Italy's decedents to the recent families. It was lost when she died
and well someone has this tree and list of names. I am tring to put my tree together and my grand father
doesn't remember much of his father because he was at a very young age when his father died.
Please keep in touch of your findings.

Regina Cancienne

Theodule Cancienne Elmire Aucoin

Cliff Cancienne (View posts)
Posted: 963053792000
The person of Theodule Cancienne Jr. is correct about his death, but I do not have any info. on the Year of that death. I also did not know about Elmire Aucoin his wife, so if there is any info. you can supply about the marriage and siblings it would be greatly appricated. I do know that Theodule Jr. was known as Jr. because that is what My Father has told me. Again if you can supply any info about Theodule Jr. it would help alot. If you have not recieved an invitation to the Cancienne Family Website let me know and I'll send you an invitation to the site.
Cliff Cancienne


Regina Cancienne (View posts)
Posted: 963213452000
No I did not recieve an invatation. The Children are Thomas Adury Cancienne *Brother*, Maogrie, Esther, Elvester, June Cancienne.
I do not have any other information at this time.. but I will see if I can get more for you.

canciene information

Regina Cancienne (View posts)
Posted: 963213605000
I may get more info by this weekend. Thanks Regina

Invitation for you

Cliff Cancienne (View posts)
Posted: 963241995000
Regina please send me a separate e-mail to so I might get your e-mail addr. and I'll send the invitation to you for the site

Family info

Cliff Cancienne (View posts)
Posted: 963242313000
Can you tell me who your parents are and who are your grandparents were, birthdates, marriages if any, and any deaths that may have occured. This can be most helpful. Keep in touch.
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