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Calise, Paul (Paolo)

Calise, Paul (Paolo)

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Searching for info on Paul Calise. Not much to go on except he did live in PRovidence, Rhode Island. WIfe was Giovanna Matarese.
Before coming to America he lived in
Furia D'Ischia. Probably married before 1900.
Came to America late 1800's. Please Email me

Background on Paul Calise

RAENA (View posts)
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I'm looking for a Paul Calise who lived in Providence, RI at least from 1946 - ? He was married, had three children whom he abandoned. He was somewhere in California last I knew.


C. Calise (View posts)
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I do not know about your Paul Calise, but my family also came from Ischica ( that might be spelt wrong, probably is) I will dig out my information, I attempted to email you but could not find the addy, mine is

Paul Calise

Antonio Calise (View posts)
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My name is Antonio and I live in Forio d'Ischia, not Furia, in the gulf of Naples in Italy.
Sorry but I don't know Paul Calise.
Regards Antonio

C. Calise

Antonio Calise (View posts)
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I'm from Forio, in the island of Ischia I'm very happy to know that you would like to have information about yoour relatives.
If you want to write me my e-mail is
I would like to know where are you from?

calise name

francesca Calise (View posts)
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Hello Antonio,
My name is Francesca Calise I am searching for information on my Family. I know very little as my Father Franco Calise died when I was only six week old. I know my Grandfather was Gennaro Calise from Ischia, he married Gabriella Cariello from napoli he died shortly after the war when my Father was about eight years old. My Father owned a restaurant in Milan called "La Rustica" My Father died in Milan in 1967, my Mother is Called Josephine, she is English which is why I grew up in England with her family. I am now married and have children of my own. I would dearly love to find some relatives. I tried to E-mail you but was unsucsessful. i look forward to hearing from you. Francesca


kevin (View posts)
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I have visited Forio on Ischia several times to
visit and stay with family. My grandmother was
Concetta Iacona her mother being Carmina Calise.
The Monti, Iacona, Morgera, Di Maio, Pascale families
are all relatives.However if possible I would
like information on the Calise family. Can you

Paolo Giavannia Calise

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I was doing research at the RI Historical Soc. this past weekend for my daughter-in-law whose grandmother was a Calise from Providence, RI. I photo-copied several indexes from the Providence Birth-Marriage-Death indexes.
Children of Paola & Giavannia Calise
1. Andrea, b. 18 Sept. 1907
2. Annina, b. 23 May 1909
3. Teresa, b. 1 Jan. 1905
4. Gaetano, b. 12 June 1914
5. Immacolata, b. 7 Dec. 1912
6. Vincenzo, b. 28 July 1911
7. Marianna, b. 16 Apr. 1928

Here are a few entries not sure if they the same people above.
Calise, Giovanella, wife of Paolo, d. 31 May 1924, age 49 yrs.

Calise, Paolo, of Francesco P. & Filomea, d. 31 Aug. 1927, 59 yrs.

Calise, Immacolata married Pasquale Prata, 19 June 1914.

Calise, Teresa married Vincenzo B. Calise.

From the Providence, RI 1908 City Directory.
Calise, Paolo, laborer, house 14 Sutton St.

Calise, Crezenzo, laborer, house 37 Sutton St.

Calise, Francesco, weaver, house 79 Sutton St. I think this is my daughter in laws ancestor. Her great granmother was a Matarese.

Hope this has some help.



Mark Quinn (View posts)
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Dear Francesca,
My grandfather was John G. Cariello. He died during 1916-1918 in World War I fighting for the USA. His son, my Dad, was a baby and never knew him. Dad was later adopted and changed his name.

My grandfather, John, was married in Seattle, Washington, USA.

We may be no relation, but I thought I would write. My father, Jack Quinn, died in 1984. I am 48 years old and wish to know my father's family.

Calise Family History

Sandra Montecalvo (Calise) Celona (View posts)
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Hi, Geri, Hi, Raena, Hi, Robin, Hi, Karen!!
Your family's catching up with you....Geri, I know
you're not in our family, but would like to know
more about your daughter-in-law....
We are Calises (my mother) and my Cousin Barbara (who is
with me now---her grandfather was a Calise from the original
family you located.

However, some of your information is wrong...
Paolo and Giovanina were my grandparents and Barbara's

There were 11 children, 7 sisters and 4 brothers in their

I DO know more of the history...write me and I'll return
with a response.

And, Raena and Robin...just in case you're both reading this
just want you to know that aka Phankaren is your cousin in the
Ashton/Lincoln area and is your 4th cousin...

Her mother is Auntie Annie's daughter, Camille. Auntie Annie was
the 4th from the last child.
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