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Julia Sophia Cadd b. 1862 CA

Julia Sophia Cadd b. 1862 CA

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Looking for ancestors and descendants of
Julia Sophia Cadd b. 8/1862 in San Bernardino,
CA m. Charles Frederick Martin 7/28/1881
in San Bernardino.

All Cadd and Martin connections appreciated.

Cadd family

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I have a lot of information on the Cadd family especially in San Bernardino. In fact, if I type San Bernardino in my family history again,I think I will scream.
Who were her parents I am not in my family history right now but I could at least help you out in some way.

Cadd Family of San Bernardino, CA

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According to information just received, Julia's
parents were John "Joseph" and Sophia Elizabeth
Lambrick Palmer Cadd. Natives of England, looks
like Joseph and Sophia immigrated to California
from Australia on a Mormon convert ship in 1857.

Thanks for your offer to help. You can email
me at .

Julia Sophia Cadd b.1862 San Bernardino

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Debbie...your last name is Martin? Does this
mean that Julia Sophia Cadd Charles F.
Martin also had sons? I had traced a "Myrtle
Martin" who married "Shay", but could not find a "Shay" descendant!

Although this is not a direct Cadd line for
my husband's ancestry (He descends from Thomas Cadd, John Ann Bedford Cadd's OTHER
SON) through Richard Bedford Cadd, David
Evans Cadd.) I have long been interested in
this family. Joseph Sophia Cadd had 8
children...2 girls, Julia Sophia who m.Martin,and probably an "Elizabeth" who died
very young about 1858. There were 6 sons,
Adolphus Henry b.1856 South Australia, Heber
Edward b.1857 aboard the ship "Lucas" enroute
to San Pedro from Sydney Aust, William b.1860
San Bernardino, James Frederick b.1864 San
Bernardino, John Joseph Jr. b.abt.1866 San
Bernardino, and Jesse Andrew b.July 8,1868
in San Bernardino. All six sons, as well as
"Elizabeth", are in the San Bernardino
Cemetery along with their parents..but I have
not yet located a single CADD who is a des-
cendant of any of these boys. James F. and
Jesse Andrew died single of natural causes...
but could find no record of the other four.
I probably have other information you would
be interested in...such as several genera-
tions of Cadds beyond Joseph Sophia. Contact me at at #67
Leisure Park Circle, Santa Rosa, Calif.95401.


Julia Sophia Cadd

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Julia Sophia Cadd and Charles Frederick
Martin had one surviving child, Myrtle Martin
Shay. My husband descends from Charles'
brother Clarence "Adolphus" Martin.

I'll contact you by email to share more info.


Julia Sophia Cadd/ Charles Frederick Martin

Debbie Martin (View posts)
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Please contact me !!! I am the great granddaughter of Julia/Charles Martin.

My addresss is
Wynne W. von Saspe

Julia Sophia Cadd/ Charles Frederick Martin

Wynne W. von Saspe (View posts)
Posted: 969053572000
Hi Debbie,

I was having trouble sending you a message.
I have allot of information on the Cadd's and the Shay's. My mother was a Shay.

I even have a picture of Julia/Charles Martin
It looks like something out of an old western movie..


Julia Cadd Charles Martin

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How exciting!

I'm contacting you at your email address.


Re: Julia Sophia Cadd b.1862 San Bernardino

Wynne W. von Saspe (View posts)
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Surnames: Cadd, Martin, Shay
I hope this reachs you ...I am a great granddaughter of Julia Cadd and Charles Frederick Martin. My mother was Dorothy Ann Shay her mother was Myrtle "Mike" Sophia Martin. Her father was Clifford Alexander Shay from San Bernardino, California

Contact me at your earliest convience and I can forward you a picture of them...I just scanned it today and put in into my family tree genealogy. So we may exchange photos and information .

Thanks, Ms. Wynne W. von Saspe [Sept 2004]

Re: Julia Sophia Cadd b.1862 San Bernardino

Lin Cadd (View posts)
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My husband is a descendant of Thomas Cadd, one of the two CADD brothers who lived in the San Bernardino area in the late 1800's. Thomas' brother Joseph Cadd married Sophia Lambrick Palmer in Australia and migrated with other members of his family to San Bernardino in 1857. They had
six sons and one daughter (Julia Sophia) who married Charles Frederick Martin. All the sons were alive in the 1880
census, and all but two disappeared before 1900. Two died
single of natural causes...and the other four appear to have
also died single, since they are in the San Bernardino Cemetery without wives. I have found no record to date of
"Cadd" issued from these six sons. Julia seems to have
been the only child who married and had children (child?).
I have the story from the San Bernardino paper about the
"outlaw years", and would very much appreciate the picture
you mentioned. My home address is #67 Leisure Park CIrcle,Santa Rosa, Ca..95401, if you would prefer to contact
me by mail.

looking forward to hearing from you.

Lin Cadd
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