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Broglins in MO, TN, and ARK

Broglins in MO, TN, and ARK

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I am looking for anyone related to the following
Grover Cleveland and Loretta Snyder (parents)
Ethel Leonna Broglin-Shipley-Nichols (Louis Nichols)
Grover Broglin
James Melvin (JR)Broglin
J.E. Broglin
Andrew Broglin
Carniece Broglin

Grover Broglin and Reely (may be Crook)(parents)
Louise Broglin
Juanita Broglin
Helen Broglin

Grover was full blooded Indian, Reely was 1/2, not
about Loretta.

If you have any ties to these people, please
contact me!

Broglin's TN, ARK, MO

Tammy Ray (View posts)
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I am interested in the information that you
have, I also have information on the Broglins
is these same places, we might be related or
maybe I can help in another way

Broglins of TN, AR, and MO

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What I have on the Broglins is:

Grover Broglin (b. abt. 1885)
m. Loretta Snyder

Ethel Leonna
Grover Cleveland
James Marvin

second marriage of Grover to Reelly Aldridge

All the kids appear to be born in TN but... I know that Ethel lived in Arkansas in 1933 since she married my grandfather ... Homer Shipley.
Andrew married a woman named Betty - they lived in Michigan.
J.E. married (first wife) Judy and they also lived in Michigan. They were divorced and I do not know the second wife, but they divorced before he died so he could come back to Michigan to die near his children.

I have more information on the kids of Andrew, J.E. and Ethel if you need it. I also know more on the family, but can not write a book here *laffin*.

Ethel had a daughter by another marriage (?) named Thelma. Both lived in MO. at the time of their death.

Does any of this help?

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I have information on Helen Broglin, we talked with her on the phone tonight. I think that between the two of us we might be
able to figure some things out
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Tammy, Helen is alive? That is great. Does she know her father? Any siblings?
I was told Grover was supposed to be Indian...but what tribe?

I would really love to get the Broglin branch of my family tree.
It would make my mother happy, since she never
got to know her mother. In fact, Ethel's daughter, Thelma was a few
years older then my mother, and she never mentioned having a sister
to anyone - not even her husband. It was a secret she took to her
grave. We believe it was because Ethel did not want anyone to know
she had 2 daughters she abandoned.

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If we are talking about the same Broglins
This will be in Lauderdale Tennessee
Her name is Helen Broglin Jones
she lives in Gates Tennessee her parents were
James and Lillian Broglin, they are
buried in South Fork Cemetary in Chestnut Bluff. They have no markers, but I can show
you where they are. Jim and Mary had these
children: Helen , Jr, and Sammy Darryl Broglin. There is more if you need it and
this is the same family.
I would also like to know if anyone has any
information on Toy Dotson Broglin or Molly
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Tammy, I have a James Marvin Broglin who is the son of Grover Cleveland Broglin.
I know nothing about his spouse or kids. I do know he has a half sister named Helen
though. This family was from Tennessee and are Indian. The children may not look it
(your Helen may be fair skinned) but her father would be dark compected.
I am sure he is dead, I found a James Broglin who died in April of 1977. I can not swear
that is the same one I have listed though.

Ask Helen if her father was James Marvin Broglin. She might even know her grandfather.
If his name is Grover, then we have a connection. Even if her father is James Marvin Broglin,
then I am sure we have a match.

Let me know....Karen
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The Helen that told you about, her fathers name is James Ewell Broglin and her mothers name is Lillian Broglin. She also has a brother named J.R. and Sammy Darryl.
I don't think that we are talking about the same Helen, but we may still have a connection.
Have you ever heard of Jime E. Broglin and Mary Broglin.
Have you ever heard of Toy Broglin, I think that he may be Jim's brother?

Re: Karen West & all Broglins: Native American or Spanish roots?

Rebecca Yates (View posts)
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Surnames: Addington, Yates, Lonon, Aylor
My great grandmother was Emily Missouria Broglin. She was born about 1872. She married Henry Addington. She may have been born in Atlanta and may have married there. She and Henry and a number of kids lived in GA, Ark, and OK. My grandfather, John Addington claimed that she was Spanish and Indian. She certainly looked it in pictures and I saw pictures of Native American Ancestors when I was about 10. The pictures disappeared after his death in the early 70's so I can't go back to them 30 years later. Does anyone have any information on this branch of the family = some rogue relative that took a journey way down south. Missouria is certainly illusive! As was my grandfather as well. Do we have a barnch who is Spanish or married someone Spanish? What about the Native American blood? Broglin or Missouria's mother's side? Any info you can give me would be helpful. Please put info on this site and email me too = Thanks.

Re: Broglins

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Surnames: Broglin
Helen is alive, I have never met her. She lives in Gates Tn which is about 5 miles from my house. She does know alot about her family.

I noticed where there were two people asking about Broglins in
Lauderdale County Tennessee. I have alot of information and alot of questions too. I live here so I know where alot of them are

I think that the "Bud Broglin" that I have seen in the notes real name it Toy Datsun Broglin. Bud is only a nick name. He is my
Great Great Grand father. I can't seem to find out alot about him
other than he was born in Mississippi. He is buried at South Fork Cemetary about four miles from my home.
I have alot of information and I am trying to get in touch with Helen as a write this note.
Please e-mail me when you see this.
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