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Looking for information on John and Minnie BRINKERT born 1843/1846 from Germany, emigrated to Grand Haven, Michigan 1876. They had 8 children -- Charles of Grand Haven b: 1871, John of Hopkins b: 1876, Anna (Walsh) of Grand Rapids b: 1878, Elizabeth (Miller) of Grand Rapids b: 1880, Minnie (Anderson ?) b: 1881, Carrie (McQuay) of Flint, Fred of Chicago, and Augustus of Alaska. Any help is appreciated.

I have info to share on many on other BRINKERTs who may or may not be related.


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Surnames: Brinkert
I was so very excited to find your Post!
I am the grandaughter Carlyle Phillip Brinkert, who is the son of George D Brinkert. Both lived on Logan Street, in Battle Creek, Michigan. Grandpa Phill just died on April 13th of this year. I remember Grandpa George, and his wife, Grandma Elsie (Root). They didnt pass away until the 70's when I was a teenager, so I had plenty of time to get to know them.
I remember that Grandma Elsie was a quilter, and that they lived on a large farm. I believe they were Menonites, and that Grandpa George was a Deacon at the chruch as well as an Elder.
I dont have dates of birth, marriage or death....just memories, and I sure dont want to forget them, or miss out on opportunities to document my ancestors for my children (4)and now grandchildren (6)
My husband is only trying out this web site for a I am trying to make hay while the sun shines.
I can be reached at
can you guess that Grandma Elsie and Grandma Emily have taught me to quilt? :-}
thanks for any help you can give me,


Chuck Brinkert (View posts)
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Found your listing through a Google search. I think I'm the great grandson of Charles C Brinkert. My grand father is Lester C. born in Hopkins November 1905, and father Robert L., born Grand Haven 10-4-1936. I also have a cousin in Grand Haven doing similar research. please send me an email measage.


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Surnames: Brinkert
I have gathered quite a bit on Brinkerts that came from Ontario, Canada...and migrated to Michigan in the United States...and am willing to share this information.
Over the summer, my husband and I made the thousand plus mile journey to Michigan, visited with relatives, and gathered copies of records, and photographs. While I cannot claim that these photos are all labeled, and have some ideas of who they are and a time line.

Still trying to gather more information on the lets do stay in touch.


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Surnames: BRINKERT
Mary - I still have not found any link between our 2 families, although both ended up relatively close to each other in west Michigan. My BRINKERT family lines are from Mecklenburg, Germany (northeastern tip) directly to USA. I believe your family was from Saxony, Germany (southern part) to Canada to USA.

Descendants list for John and Elizabeth Brinkert started (Abraham)

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Surnames: Brinkert/Brinkhart
I have spent quite a bit of time this last year, researching the Brinkert tree from my end of things, and have gathered a case of paper worth of information that I still have to go through.
My paid membership will expire in March 2004, and that will slow down my progress...and access to new data considerably. Have thought greatly about all those who may in the future, start researching this sirname...and think that perhaps I should start posting information on the message board, as access to it is free.

I think that for the time being, my most thorough method of doing this would be a descendancy list.

my oldest know ancestor of the Brinkert name so far is John Brinkert/Brinkhart. He was born in Germany and died
1 Oct 1923...I am assuming that he died and was burried somewhere in Canada, as that is where he migrated to.
John Brinkert married Elizabeth Steffer who was born in Canada. They had three children:
Jacob J Brinkert b:1 May 1846
Abraham Brinkert
Willamina Brinkert

now following Abraham's line: wifes name unknown
children were 7:birth order and dates unknown.
Edward, Katie, Katherine, Elizabeth, Sophie, John, Wilhemina

the only child known in that next generation is the daughter of Edward, her name was Margarite.

I have no further information on any of these individuals at this time.

descendants list of John & Elizabeth Brinkert (Jacob J)

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Surnames: Brinkert/Brinkhart
Jacob J Brinkert was born 1 May 1846 in Guelph/Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
he died: 15 Jan 1921 in Waterloo City, Ontario, Canada

on 18 Nov 1872 he married Margaret Imlay in the Free Church Parich of Methlick, Aberdeen Shire, Scotland.
she was the daughter of Alexander Imlay and Jean Erb.
the following is the very short Pedigree I have for Margaret Imlay, as it relates to so many of the Brinkerts that I have information on so far:
Alexander Imlay b:7 Feb 1837 Craden Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland d:4 Oct 1911 Scotland
married 18 Jan 1856 in Scotland to Jean Erb
Jean Erb b:2 April 1832 Tarves Parish, Aberdeen Shire, Scotland. d:12 Jan 1908

together they had 4 children:
Margaret Imlay b:2 April 1857 Tarves Aberdeen Shire, Scotland d:26 Feb 1925 Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan, United States

George Loggie Imlay b:31 Dec 1859 Pilkington County, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada
Christened: 31 Jan 1860
died:27 April 1899

Jane Imlay b:11 Feb 1862 Elora County, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada

John Alexander Imlay b:11 Aug 1869 Woolwich County, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada d:11 Jan 1917

that ends the pedigree for Margaret Imlay as recorded in the old Brinkert family bible.

now back to the family of Jacob J and Margaret Brinkert.
together they had 14 children:

Maggie Brinkert b:23 Feb 1873 Woolich Township, Ontario, Canada d:26 Feb 1925

Jane Brinkert b:24 July 1874 Waterloo Township, Ontario, Canada d:1954

John Alexander Brinkert b:20 Aug 1877 Waterloo Township, Ontario, Canada d:14 June 1955 wife:Jeri ilzel (left in lower case so you can discern the actual letters)

William Brinkert b:4 March 1879 Waterloo Township, Ontario, Canada

Mary Elizabeth Brinkert b:31 Dec 1880 Waterloo Township, Ontario, Canada husband:James Rowden

George Druipp Brinkert b:16 May 1883 Conestago, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada d:9 Sept 1972 Battle Creek, Calhoun County, Michigan, United States
burial:Memorial Park Cemetery, Battle Creek, Michigan
wife:Elsey Arletta Root b:7 Nov 1906 in Nashville, Barry County, Michigan

Jacob Brinkert b:18 Jun 1885 Waterloo Township, Ontario, Canada

James Brinkert b:21 Nov 1886 Waterloo Township, Ontario, Canada d:22 March 1924

Henry Brinkert b:30 June 1890 Waterloo Township, Ontario, Canada d:14 Dec 1953

Charles Brinkert b:27 Nov 1893 Waterloo Township, Ontario, Canada

Luella Brinkert b:18 Sept 1896 Waterloo Township, Ontario, Canada

Alice Brinkert 3 Dec 1897 Waterloo Township, Ontario, Canada d:6 Jan 1955 husband: O'Coner

Alfred L Brinkert b:3 Dec Waterloo Township, Ontario, Canada d: 9 Apr 1962. wife:Adriana Farrel m:5 Jun 1919
yes, Alice and Alfred are twins.

Ralph Brinkert b:6 Feb 1900 Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan, United States d:1979 Kalamazoo, Mich.
wife:Katheryn Brennam

this ends the information I have to date on this generation

Descendants list for John Alexander and Jeri Brinkert

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Surnames: Brinkert/Brinkhart
John Alexander Brinkert b:20 Aug 1877 Waterloo Township, Ontario, Canada d:14 Jun 1955
wife:Jeri ilzel

together John and Jeri had 6 children:

Kenneth Donald Brinkert b:28 Sept 1909 Nashville, Barry County, Michigan d:19 Feb 1998
wife:Arletta M Smith

Albert Brinkert b:1912 d:2001
wife:Winnifred Corstange

Wayne John Brinkert b:29 Jun 1915 Nashville, Barry County, Michigan d:16 Jun 1984 Kalamazoo, Michigan
wife:Marian Knobloch m:10 May 1944

Ilza Geraldine Brinkert b:23 Jun 1917
husband: Lawrence Weaver

Robert Lee Brinkert b:1923 d:2000

Florence Brinkert b:25 Oct 1924 d:13 July 1980
husband:john Grubka

this ends the information I have on this generation.

Descendants of Mary Elizabeth Brinkert and James Rowden

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Brinkert/Brinkhart
Mary Elizabeth Brinkert b:31 Dec 1880 Waterloo Township, Ontario, Canada
daughter of Jacob J Brinkert and Margaret Imlay

James Rowden

together they had 3 children:

Harold Rowden
Ruth Rowden....husband:Anderson
Mary Rowden

this ends the information I have on this generation

Descendants of Ralph Brinkert and Katheryn Brennam

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Brinkert/Brinkhart
Ralph Brinkert b:6 Feb 1900 Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan, United States d:1979 Kalamazoo

son of Jacob J Brinkert and Margaret Imlay

wife:Katheryn Brennam

together they had one child:
Evelyn Brinkert...husband:Mills

this ends the information I have for this generation
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