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Breuninger Family History?

Breuninger Family History?

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Looking for Breuninger family members related to
Jacob Gottlib Breuninger b. February 11, 1834 married Sarah Schlumperger.
There were about 5 Breuninger's that came to the Philadelphia area. One owned a
milk dairy business. Do you have any relation related to this group? There is a
German Death Book that was kept up until the families came to America.


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Hi Roz,
My mother's maiden name was Brauninger (have found it spelled a couple ways). My Mother and Uncle once mentioned a "relative" that went by name of Breuninger and was connected to a dairy business or? You can contact me at - Dona


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As a kid I can remember seeing the Breuninger Dairy Trucks
in Philadelphia. I never lived there but went up there with my parents.
They are related to my family. The Spelling you had is not the spelling
they used when they came over on the ship. The Brauninger is more the German
pronounciation of the name. There were four or five brothers that came over. We have
the family tree back to 1565. There is a large department store and a street
in Sturgart( sp ) Germany and a street named after Breuningers.

Breuninger Family Tree

Angie Breuninger (View posts)
Posted: 949491045000

I am doing a family tree and have hit a road block on the Breuninger side. Hoping you have a tie-in here. My husband's Great Great Grandfather, Alfred Breuninger, came to New York from Germany as a kid. He was born in 1889. The only other information I know about him is that he had a sister Alice. The family believes that he had several brothers that came to the US and moved to both PA and FL. I also know that Alfred was married to a Dorathea Thorman. Can you help??? Thanks!!!


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Angie--Do you know if his family members came over at different times? I have a Georg(e) Breuninger, born in 1873, settled in Phila, PA. I found him along with presumed family members in the Wuerttemberg Emigration Index, application date was 1884. I don't know what their destination port was only says "United States." He applied at the same time as Gottlieb, Hermann Alfred, Jakob Karl and Julius Christoph Breuninger. I have not come across the name Alice yet, though. Does anything sound familiar?

Breuninger Family History

Angie Breuninger (View posts)
Posted: 950452414000

Thanks for responding. Actually, since I posted the message, I found out that Alfred's father was a George Breuninger. It sounds like the same family members. Let me know what you have. Are you a Breuninger?

Phila Breuningers

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Hi Angie. I was just waiting for the opportunity to post my Breuninger line online and you just gave it to me!

George Breuninger is my paternal great-grandfather. So far there does not seem to be a direct connection between you and me but one of George's sons was named George Alfred, so who knows? Here are my BREUNINGERS:

George - b: 7/1872 in Rudersberg, Germany
Married Mary SKINNER - b: 6/1879 in Phila
George Alfred - b: 8/10/1897 in Phila
Florence - b: 5/23/1913 (my grandmom)
Edna - b: 12/1898
Julius - b: 2/21/1902
Madeline - b: 1907
Dorothy - b: 1912
Clara - b: 1916
Amelia - b: 1918

If I come across anything for you, I'll definitely let you know. These Phila Breuninger seem elusive and we could all use any help we can get.

Phila Brueninger

LoriC (View posts)
Posted: 959811668000
I am in the process of starting a family tree and came across your message while searching for info on the Breuningers of Phila. I had a grandmother named Emile who was born in Oct of 1917, and I know she had a brother George and a sister Clara, but they are the only two I can remember ever meeting. If we are talking about the same family, Emilie died about 4years ago, but my Aunt Clara is still living in Phila. The only thing that has me confused is that I remember my grandmom saying that she was from a family of thirteen, but you only listed the names of eight children, however I do know that she was the youngest of them all. I would love to hear back from you with any info you have.

Phila Breuningers

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Hi LoriC--About giving you the info on this family, that pretty much is all I have right now, I think, but please bear with me a bit--My files are a major mess and I can't go through them as I'm getting ready for vacation (yay!). I will get back to you. By the way, is one of your family surnames HOCKER? Did your Clara ever live in NJ?

Julius Breuninger

marc breuninger (View posts)
Posted: 977385960000
I am the grandson of julius who was listed as george breuninger's son in your posting. i was wondering if you have been able to go back further? i am just starting this research and would love any help you could lend me.
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