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Breitenbach - where in Germany?

Breitenbach - where in Germany?

Joan Allen (View posts)
Posted: 926348745000
My Father, Frederick William Breitenbach was born in the USA in Brooklyn on February 10, 1917 to another Frederick Breitenbach who was born in Germany in 1891 and came to the USA when only two years old. His birth records only say that he came from Germany, no specific place. His family settled in Ozone Park, NY and he married Emma Witz and they produced my father, an only child. He, has suspected that he had an older half-sister born out of wedlock and named Dorothea Breitenbach who was raised by the grandparents as their own. Looking for information about where in Germany my grandfather originated and if anyone has infomation about a Dorothea Breitenbach. I believe my grandfather had sisters, Dorothea may be their child rather than his as my Dad thought. My father had an Uncle Rudolph Breitenbach, too...from Queens. Any help would be appreciated.

Joan Allen : Re Breitenbachs location

Chris Breidenbaugh (View posts)
Posted: 936301962000
My GGF came from the Village of Weichersbach in the state of Hesse. His original name was Breitenbach. I know of other Breitenbachs from that town. He arrived in this country in 1864. You can reach me via e-mail at for further information.

Could you help me?

William Rowe III (View posts)
Posted: 942615716000
Hello, my mother's family name is Breidenbach, which has also been spelled as Breitenbach (differences based on no education way back when...).
My first ancestor immigrant to America is Edmund Hubert Breidenbach.
He was born in 1818, died 1890.
Married first to Catherina Schwab (1822-1850). She died enroute to the USA circa 1850, along with the rumored daughter.
Child is: Amiel Maximilian Breidenbach.
Married second to Mildred Ann Johnson (1820-1888).
Children are: Charles Ford, Katherine, Edmund H. Jr., Anna, Mathias Constantine, and Amelia.
I am wondering if this may be some relation to your ancestor?


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My grandmother was Helen Dora (Dorothea) Breithenbach, b-22 Jul 1897, Trenton, NJ. She had 2 sisters, Ethel Marie. Their father was Charles George Breithenbach,b-1871 Germany,d-1946 Morrisville, PA: mother was Mary Ritter, b-17 Mar 1876, Germany, d-1953 Morrisville, PA. George had a sister named Mary b-abt 1870 who we believe married a ?Sidder. I don't know if we connect or if this is any help. Good Luck in your search. Robin

Dorothea Breitenbach

Malissa Smith (View posts)
Posted: 945354989000
Hi Joan. Dorothea Breitenbach was my grandmother! And according to her was Frederick's child. They lived in Greenpoint, Brooklyn during her childhood. She was raised by Otto Wilhemena Brietenbach and had no contact with Frederick. Wilhemena was originally from Wraslaw,Poland (east Prussia during the time of her birth). I do not know her maid name. As I understand it, Otto came from either Bremen or Bremenhaven. Frederick also had a sister, Ameila Breitenbach (Amy) who was about 14 at the time of my grandmother's birth and essentially raised her. Please email me!

a few more details re: Dorothea Breitenbach

Malissa Smith (View posts)
Posted: 945355314000
Born 11/12/13 in Brooklyn, NY. Her mother was from Marseille in France and was brought to the states by Frederick. (We was a merchant sailor at the time?!? Least ways that's the story I've been told.)
My grandmother married John A. Smith in the early 30's and had two children: Jack Dorothea. She cut off contact with the Breitenbach's (with the exception of Amy) in the late 1940's.

email address:


Rudolph Breitenbach of Queens

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My grandfather was Rudolph Breitenbach from Queens. I'm unsure of his father's name, but his brothers were Frederick, Otto, and I believe Adolph. I think there was a sister Emma. I'll contact my mother for better information.

Frederick's half-sister

Dorothea (Jr) (View posts)
Posted: 953070524000
Hi! Malissa Smith, my neice told me a little about you. Dorothea Breitenbach was my mom. Indeed, short of DNA testing, your father's suspicians were true!
My father was John A. Smith, Malissa is my brother Jack's child. She lives in Brooklyn where most of the Breitenbach clan is inturned. I've urged her to visit the family plot and obtain records. I'm curious about the European backrounds of both Frederick Breitenbach Sr. and Wilhelmenia Rhode. And also, I want to trace my grandmother's roots. I do not even know her name, only that she was from France. Perhaps I will never know anything of her. Please reply to me at Email address and anyone else who has info. contact me also. Dorothea R. Smith

Joan Allen contact me.

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I just reviewed my mail to you and saw no Email address. Here it is again. I wonder if the service is deleting Email addresses. If so I will ask Malissa if she has yours. I also left a message for you in the Rhode message center. Take care.

Need to talk to you

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4/2/00....Diane, My Grandfather was Frederick, Rudolph's brother. Frederick is also Joan Allen's Grandfather. I thought I wrote you before but I don't see anything on the message page indicating that unless I missed it. Perhaps I pushed the wrong button or gave you a wrong email address. Your mother Barbette visited my parents Jack and Dorothea once. I think I was a toddler, or maybe not even born yet. I don't know. I have a photo of who I was told was Wilhelema Rhode Breitenbach but it doesn't resemble a photo of Wilhelmina Rhode Breitenbach which Joan Allen sent me. I though perhaps your mother, who is closer to the source could positively identify the women in the photo I have as possibly someone else, such as Wilhelmina's mother. I really need to know whose photo this is because I've bonded with it over the years. It was taken in East Prussia in a photo studio. She is standing, a robust woman of eighteen or so. Sitting down are who I believe to be her aunt and uncle. Please contact me. I'm planning on getting a scanner this week to forward photo.

do you know Joan Allen? I think you are a kind of cousin to me, and Barbette is an aunt. Please contact soon.


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