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Loret Joseph Bourg

Loret Joseph Bourg

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I am lokking for any ancestors of Loret Joseph Bourg or a connection between him and Antoine Bourg.

Louisiana Bourgs(Antoine Bourg)

Gay Marquette Bourg (View posts)
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My husband is related somewhere down the line. His grandfather,(Gerson Paul Bourg was a nephew of Antoine.) They migrated from NovaScotia. I have more info. written down will get to it later.

Antoine Bourg

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Hi there,
I have information on Antoine and Antoinette Landry/Bourg.
If you would like something in particular- just ask.

YOur Acadian cousin from the Maritimes,

About Antoine Bourg

Andy Reaume (View posts)
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Hi Louise,

My mother is Therese Bourque, daughter of Ernest Aime Bourque, only son of Aime Bourque and Justine LeBlanc.
My mother's research indicates Antoine Bourg who married Antoinette Landry in 1642, to be her ancestor.
My mother was born in the Shediac area of New Brunswick and later married my father in Chelmsford, Ontario, a town near Sudbury in northern Ontario.
My mother claims that Antoine Bourg was somehow related to Louis XIV, King of France. Whether this is the truth or not, I will find out sooner or later. Though I have a complete genealogy chart of the French Royal Family, I fail to see any connection to her assertion, however I will continue searching.
I also have a complete genealogy chart of all the Royals of Western-Europe tracing their roots to the house of Judah (one of the 12 sons of Israel), all the way back to 4000 years ago; an unbroken line of Jewish kings spanning 4 millenia to the present day. The original chart is displayed at Windsor Castle in England.
If Antoine Bourg is of Royal blood, then he definitely is of Jewish stock, hence my interest in seeking as much info. about him as possible.
We the "white caucasian" race of people can trace our lineage back 2700 years ago when we crossed the Caucasus Mountains from Assyria and migrated north-west into what is now known as Europe, thereby becoming Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian and Celtic peoples (from which the French also derive from), all being Israelites and descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel.
As for the Kings of Europe, being of the house of Judah, they can trace their migration from the time when the Israeli's were captives in the land of Egypt a few centuries before the birth of Moses, when the Egyptian Pharaoh's persecuted the elite class among the enslaved Judahites, forcing them to flee the land of Egypt, while the remaining Israeli's were forced to stay.
Some of the elite Judahites who escaped founded the ancient cities of Troy, Greece and Rome, while others migrated westward to colonize the isles of Ireland, Scotland and England and also rule over the European mainland of that time period, 4000 years ago. Before London was named, it was originally called New Troy by these same Judahite rulers and Kings.
It was to be 1300 years later that the 12 tribes of Israel migrated in waves (as white-caucasian) to the European continent and be ruled by their ancestral Kings who had arrived there via Egypt, centuries prior.
The story all told, we are the people of the Bible, to whom God had promised many things. According to God's own prophecy, Israel was to become a multitude of nations, ruling over the entire world (planet), before the 2nd coming of Christ; and this has happened under the British Crown since the last 300 years. Another prophecy fulfilled was that Solomon would always have a descendant to rule over the whole house of Israel; and that is still being fulfilled through the Royal House of Windsor.
All European Royalty trace their lineage to the House of Judah, of which Solomon is also a part of.

Part of the Bourg family crest is a rampant crowned red lion, a definite indication of being of the house of Zarah; Zarah being 1 of 2 sons of Judah, 4000 years ago.
Judah also had 11 other brothers, who were to become the multitude of nations that Israel today comprise of.

I am currently seeking a few missing links relating the Bourg lineage to the French Crown, if any can be found; and I know that the truth is out there somewhere.
Please be so kind to divulge whatever you know about Antoine Bourg and his lineage.

Hope to hear from you soon, Louise.

Andy Reaume
Ottawa, Ontario

P.S.: Although I have read the entire Bible and have done much study in ancient history, and being religious, I am neither Catholic or Protestant, nor do I belong to any earthly church, but am a true christian.
I believe in the scriptures mainly because God has proven Himself to be in control of history and of our very own lives because of the 1000+ prophecies which have come to pass, recorded in past history and being fulfilled as we speak, in modern history.
God is the Author and Fulfillment of all things, and in Him is my trust.

Antoine Antoinette

Brian Burke (View posts)
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I am a direct descendant of Antoine Bourg and Antoinette Landry and was wondering if you could pass the info you have on them on to me. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. My email is BBAGX@CS.COM

Re: Antoine Antoinette

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Surnames: Bourg,Bourque
Most impressed at the lengths you have gone to get information. I too am a descendants of Antoine & Antoinette Landry Bourg. Here is my lineage lines Simon-Antoine-Francois-Alexandre-Joseph mar. Marie Landry-Joseph marr. Marie LEblanc-Amedee-Evariste-Ovide and his dau. Marie Nela Bourque who lived in Asc. Par.,La. I am searching for anyone for is well versed in this family due to the facts of names rolling over repeatly in the same families. It's quiet confusing at times.My email is live in Asc. Par.,La. and have found quiet a bit of information but always looking for cousins.Any help would be appreciated.
Shelia L. Ballard

Re: Loret Joseph Bourg

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I have info on Loret J Bourg. Antoine Bourg was his grate,
grate, grate, grate, grate, grate, grate, grate grandfather. Email me & I'll share what i know

Re: Loret Joseph Bourg

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Queen of France...on to King Louis and on to King Henri I

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Re: Queen of France...on to King Louis and on to King Henri I

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Sorry Antoinette Landry parents are UNKNOWN. Could we have your references for her parents? Do you have documents from that time frame?
All we know she had a sister Perrine and a brother Rene l'aine. (the older).
Is this just wishful thinking or an old guestimate/theory that has no basis?
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