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Need to find my family

Need to find my family

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I am Sue Ann father is Ellsworth married to Florence Ruth Maresca-boerckel, Granddaughter of Chester Arthur boerckel and Florence E. White-Boerckel, Great Grandaughter of John W. Boeerckel and Bica Ball-Boerckel and James Luther White and Helen Turner-White. I know we have veterans in all wars and also know that I had an aunt Rose in Maryland who was married to my fathers brother who researched the family. We also are related to Winfield Boerckel in West Islip New York. I have heard all knids of stories and would like to find the missing pieces...I am a teacher and extemely interested in family and history...please help me!

trying to find family members

Katherine (Grigg) Stewart (View posts)
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I am the granddaughter of John Theodore Boerckel.
He was raised around Alhambra IL. He married Edith
Simpson, they lived their married life in Sorento
IL. They had 12 children. John had a brother by
the name of William, sisters by the names of
Frances, Amelia. If anyone has any information
related to this family I would greatly appreciate
hearing from you.
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My maiden name is Boerckel. I was born and raised in New york. My father is Ellsworth Boerckel, son of Chester Boerckel who is the son of John Wesley Boerckel, Who is the Son of John Boerckel who immigrated from Germany prior to the civil war. There was an Uncle who fought with the 2nd New York, 1862 and then mustered out moving to Indiana. Most of the Boerckels are from New york...there was a William in the family who died violently. My Uncle Lincoln still lives in New york also. The Boerckels who father was John Wesley Boerckel were mostly railroaders, at least Chester and Winfield were. I have all immigration papers, licenses and everything..John Wesley Boerckel was married to Bica Ball...they lived in Brooklyn and are buried in Evergreen Cemetary. He also was a soldier. Keep in touch!

Illinois Boerckel

Katherine Grigg Stewart (View posts)
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Thank you for your reply. I find this all very
interesting. You see my grandfather John
Theodore Boerckel also worked on the railroad
here in Sorento IL. I don't quite remember what
job he had, I just know that he worked for the
railroad. I will try to speak to one of my
aunts and see if they can tell me anything.
If we keep digging who knows we may be related.
My father's family "Grigg", someone did a book
on them that goes from 1732 to 1997 and there
are 4,936 decendants in 10 generations.
Keep in touch!
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When I get a chance, hopefully this weekend, I will look up the place in Germany that they came from. I do know that they had to give up their loyalty to the Kaiser in the 1850's according to their immigration papers to become American citizens....I do believe that the John boerckel (Indiana, Civil War Soldier, Bull Run 1862)had a wife named Ann or Anna. I also have a brother in florida named Dennis. There are also Boerckels in Georgia, where I now live, and several relatives of mine in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. I will keep in touch.

Family of Boerckel

Carolyn Thomas (View posts)
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My grandfather Theodore Boerckel married Amelia Wisnaski. They leved in Granit City Ill. I can not find anything on my Grandfather or Grandmother can anyone help. They had children names. Caroline,Francine,Irene,Elizabeth,Amelia,Clara and William. Clara married Harry Edward Jones, and William married Nellie Irene Alexander.

more information

Carolyn Thomas (View posts)
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Let me give more information.My mother Clara Boerckel married Harry Edward Jones they lived in Granite City Ill They had 12 children.Harold,Earl,Doris,Betty,Norman,Jim, Harry,Clarence,Jane,Judy,Carolyn,Elizabeth My Grandmother-Amelia Winaski married Theador Boerckel, their children are Caroline, Francis,Irene,Elizabeth,Amelia,William In the state of Ill William married Nellie Irene Alexander their children are Virginia, Janette,Judy, Jaqueline Brooks

more information

Katherine (Kay) Stewart (View posts)
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I believe that you are a cousin to my late mother, Marilyn Boerckel Grigg. I also believe that your mother Clara is a sister to my grandfather, John Theodore Boerckel. Because he had siblings by the names of Francis, Irene, Elizabeth, Amelia and William. I believe this because William and Nellie Boerckel, with children by the names of Virginia, Janette, Judy and Jaqueline were my mothers cousins. If this is the case you have over 225 relatives from John Theodore and Edith Simpson Boerckel. They had 12 children. There names are John, Mamie, Harriet, Viola, Donald, Clarence, Marilyn, Charlotte, Ruby, Melvin, Wilma and Charles. If you find that any of this is so please e-mail me, I would love to get to know more.
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I have the following info on Boerckel Family in New York....

John Boerckel 1860 census...Hessen Darmstat(immigrated from here)
Margaret (wife)Prussian
Mary Ann....daughter

John Wesley and Bica Boerckel(son of John)
Civil War pension records
Edna died young....Florence...died young

John W. had a sisiter Louise and a brother Wille

Alzey, Germany a province of Rheinland is where the family name is located...This is info I have on the family...any help would be appreciated...Sue Ann (Boerckel) Falco

Re: Family of Boerckel

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Please email to of last name different but pronounced the same.
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