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any Bier,Bieri or Beery relatives w/info

any Bier,Bieri or Beery relatives w/info

TIMOTHY BEERY (View posts)
Posted: 929395584000
I am trying to trace my ancestry back to the
first immigrant to the U.S...
Apparantely our descendants came from Berne,
Switzerland in the 17th century..I believe
Nicholas was the first to arrive (don't quote
me) but I am not sure of the date. I also believe
that our name Beery (currently U.S.) was de-
rived from either Beer or Bier (not sure).I do
know that Bieri was definately the surname prio
to Beery...
Is there anyone who can help me with some info
such as dates, actual migration site (Ohio, I
think)? Thanks alot...


David Bieri (View posts)
Posted: 939758768000
in short this is what i know about my branch.
BIERI ==> BIERIE (french) + BIERE (german)
family name considered a place name (family was named for the area or region they came from) in this case an area that was disputed over and occupied by both the french and german countries. Supposedly there is a "famous" Prussian general in the family as well as a "moderately successful" composer.
there exists a coat of arms in both the french and german name variants (german one seeming to be of older origin) the family was enobled in the 1500's and confirmed in their nobility in the 1700's (most likely the coat of arms and crest was granted for service to whomever was King or some such.)
family motto (french) is reported to have been "COURAGE SANS FEUR" (COURAGE WITHOUT FEAR).physical trait associated with the family is the "crown" pattern baldness passed down through the men (an unusual trait im told supposedly to do with the weight of authority ,or crown, causing the loss of hair through the middle of the head)
could be true or not...but the coat of arms is on file with the scottish heraldric institute or some such.....
pass on any info you would be appreciated
Posted: 953505655000
Edited: 1036218540000
I am looking for any information on Bernhard Bieri who was married to Margaret Amacher. They lived in Brienz Switzerland and had a son named Peter Bieri. Peter was born in Switzerland and later moved to Minnesota. I would like to find parents for both Bernhard and Margaret and Birth and death dates for both. Any info would be helpful.

bieri family

dawn paintner (View posts)
Posted: 962576938000
I am also looking for bieri info. My greatgrand mother
was Lena Biery ( I have also seen it as Bieri). Her parents
were John and Lena Biery. I know they came from Switzerland and
then Monroe Wisconsin. Lena married Antone Kluser also from
Switzerland. Please let me know if this is a match.

thank you dawn

Beery Family

P.Beery (View posts)
Posted: 962873753000
Looking for any info on the Beery family. All I know at this point is that they settled in Kansas - Grandmother(SARAH-first name) came from Cork County, Ireland. Grandfather(Beery) not sure still searching
Just starting my search ---Any help help would be greatful

Peter Bieri Ida Haskins

Christine Bieri Hare (View posts)
Posted: 964474747000
I am looking for any info regarding the ancestry of Ida Haskins. Where did she come from?

Peter Bieri Ida Haskins

Christine Bieri Hare (View posts)
Posted: 964476942000
I am looking for any info regarding the ancestry of Ida Haskins. Where did she come from? Contact me at

Bieri Family

Pamela Foster (View posts)
Posted: 967404472000
A group of Bieri family members from the Bern area moved to Lowell, Michigan in the late 1800s. Their history is on the following web site

Bieri or Berie

Nancy (Berie)Rectenwald (View posts)
Posted: 980886055000
My great grandfather, Johann Andres Birri or Bieri, (U.S. surname was Berie) migrated from Zeihen, Switzerland in 1850 to New Berlin, PA. He married Rachel Kerr of New Berlin, PA. My grandfather, Edward R. Berie migrated to Clyde, OH where my father, Erving Charles Berie, was born. My grandfather had a twin brother, Charles Berie.

Nicholas Beery The Immigrant 1727

Nicholas Newell Beery (View posts)
Posted: 986134308000
I have a history book that was updated in 1976. Nicholas was the son of John & Catharina Bieri from Berne Switzerland.And were driven out of Berne in 1711 to Palatinate Germany. Nicholas came to Pennsylvania in1727 October 16. He then moved to Codorus Creek a mile or so North ofthe present city of York DiedOct. 1 1762
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