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Johannes(John) BERNARDS and his wife Anna van den BROEK went from the province Noord Brabant in the Netherlands to the USA with 8 of their 10 children after 1858.

The children married in Oregon and Wisconsin with Goemans, Peters,van der Velden,Jaspers, van Dijk, Copp, de Groot, Hermens, Joosten

Descendants from 3 of the 8 children are Baeten, Verboort,Janssen, Roscoe,Henderson, Donnelly, Cashman, Bur,Quinley, Roemer,Shinners,Osmond,Coffeen,Davidson,O'Connor, Buckley, Brian, Juenemann, Anderson, Devlin, Johnston, Ackerman, Ferschweiler, Smith, Barone, Grassman, Moore, Schmidlkofer, Bishop, Totta, Bulger, Manzi, Riordan, Grainger, Gajeski, Camerlingo, Roherty, House, Killackey, Ziegler, Hamel, Wong, Russell, Hyder, Hayward, Rutschman, Lund, Brian,Fosmore, Givas, McLeod,Reece, Chrusoskie, Caillier, Wilson, Graves, Blanco, Vandyke, Vanderzanden, Schalk, Foltz, Schneider, Urlings, Reininger, Westbrook, Helms, Meijer, Flager, Sawyer,Brantley, Dersham, Merck, Burris, Martin, Wardrop, Strutz, Haneberg, Roberts, Reese, Sieber, Coussens, Heinrich,Sheets, Bell, Cop, Geurts, Cornette, Page, Scofield, Duffy, Moody, Lake, Coady, Srearns, Mosimam, Clack, Shelton, Brown, Houghtan, Augustine, Horton, Kemper

I like to know more about the descendants from the other 5 children

Killackey descendants of a Bernard

Ed Killackey (View posts)
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Doing some part-time research into the Killackey surname. Curious of the Killackey connection with the Bernards, shown on the Ancestry web site. Could you provide any details to me at your leisure? Will let you know what I may find out relative to your tree and Killackey in the future. My cousin and I are assembling a web site to pool Killackey data.
Best regards,
Ed Killackey (Boston area)

Bernard Family

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There were two Bernard sisters, Joy (Joyce) and Ann (1897-1976) who married to Stoskopf brothers, Alfred and Lawrence. They lived in Minnesota. I'm not sure of their family history, but the time seems to fit with yours. Do we have a match?
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I responded to the wrong message. Please read my response to the 5/28 Killacky message for what I intended to send to you. Sorry for the mix up. Thank you.

Confused in Colorado

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Disregard second message. I got it right the first time. SORRY! I'm really not this flakey!


Scott Warner (View posts)
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I am also researching the FERSCHWEILER family. I would like to know which branch you're connected to.

Killackey descendants

Ed Killackey (View posts)
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Any information you could share on the "Killackey" descendant would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Family name

Terri J. Killackey (View posts)
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My name is Terri J. Killackey-Moore. I reside in California. I have a great great grandfather by the name of Bernard Killackey who lived in Canada if this helps

Killackey, O'Connor, Goemans, Hahn, Bernards, Litjes, van den Broek, Huijbers, van de Boom, van den Oever, van Rixtel, Jansen, Snijders, Verhallen, van de Laar, Geenen

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a Killackey in New York married an O'Connor.
next generation, the parents; O'Connor-Goemans
next Goemans-Hahn
next Goemans-Bernards
next Goemans-Litjes and Bernards-van den Broek
next Bernards-Huijbers and van den Broek-van de Boom
next Bernards-van den Oever and Huijbers-van Rixtel and van den Broek-Jansen and van den Boom-Snijders
next Bernards-Hermens and Huijbers-Verhallen and van Rixtel-van de Laar
next Hermens-Geenen
Hope you are connected.

Ferschweiler, Bernards, Vanloo

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Leo James Ferschweiler 1910-1996 married Petronella Catherine Bernards 1911-1998 daughter of Francis Bernards and Charlotta Vanloo
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