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Bechaud family France to Wisconsin c1850

Bechaud family France to Wisconsin c1850

Peg Jones (View posts)
Posted: 966293071000
Jean-Pierre Bechaud and his wife Josephine
emigrated from Belfort, Alsace, France mid-
19th century, settled Fon du Lac area. All
4 of their sons--Adolph, Armand (my great-
grandfather), J.Bates, and Rudolph--served
in the Civil War. I know I have Bechaud cousins
out there--let me hear from you! I am slowly
building our family tree.


Quinn W. Martin (View posts)
Posted: 972764112000
Adolph Bechaud born in 1840 and died in 1919 had nine children. Louis had one child Adolph who has no issue. Lottie (Charlotte) had one child who is living in Fond du Lac Joan Setser, who has one child John. Elizabeth (Petrie) had two children, Ross in Oshkosh Wisconsin and Marcia who has died. Marcia (Martin) had two children Marquinn and Quinn. Adolph the son had two adopted children, both died. Frank had no children. The other children were Rose, August, and Alfred that died at birth. We have records that go back to 1570's and can give you information about the other branches as well, including those in France and those in California. The person with the full history is Ross Petrie.

Bechaud family

Peg Jones (View posts)
Posted: 972814031000
Hi Quinn,

Great to hear from you. I have Jean-Pierre's
the Immigrant)lineage going back to 1500s France, we must
have the same information. Mine is on a huge wheel researched and developed by Jacques Bechaud, a cousin of my mother's, who lived (lives?) in Versailles.
I appreciate your supplying me Adolph's descendents. I understand he was a company commander during the Civil War.
I would appreciate knowing about our California cousins.
I will be most happy to share Armand's descendents (my line) with you or Ross if you are interested.
My e mail is

Margaret ("Peg") Jones
Plainfield, IN

bauchaud brewing company

shelly hebel (View posts)
Posted: 983389927000
Hi, I was so surprised to find your family tree! I believe I am living on the land the Bauchaud Brewing company owned called Bauchaud's Second Addition. Lated it wassold to August Wenzel in 1902. Who in turn built a huge Queen Anne house I now live in. I am looking for anything and everything to the man named A. G. Bechaud and F. H. pictures of them would be AWESOME. Let me know if there is anything we can talk about. shelly


Peg Jones (View posts)
Posted: 983707541000

Re: Bechaud family France to Wisconsin c1850

Paul Steffen (View posts)
Posted: 1044202234000
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I saw your post re: the Bachaud family. My great Aunt Laura was a Bechaud and lived with our family in CA until her death in Dec of 1967. My paternal Grandmother, Mamie, maiden name was Bechaud. My father Ralph has extensive history re: family Bechaud. He also has glasses from the brewery that are etched "family use only". He also owns land in Montana that was inherited from his mother Mamie, that was originally purchased by one of the Bechaud brothers for cattle and/or oil venture. My father grew up in Fond Du Lac and that is where I was born.

Re: Bechaud

Paul & Ralph Steffen (View posts)
Posted: 1044224784000
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Re: Frank H. Bechaud, if that is who you are refering to in your post. Frank (Franz) had three girls; Cora Emilie Bechaud, Mary (Mamie) Ella Bechaud and Laura Ada Bechaud. Mary was our grandmother and mother respectivley. She married Ralph Henry Steffen Sr. We have further if you are interested and can be contacted at this email address. Thanx

Re: Bechaud family France to Wisconsin c1850

ann poole (View posts)
Posted: 1044293511000
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Yes, you have cousins out there. I'm from the John Bates (Jean Baptiste) branch of the tree. John Bates had 8 children, one of whom was Armand, my father.
I hope this gets through to you. Ann

Re: Bechaud

ann poole (View posts)
Posted: 1044294485000
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Hello Cousin,

Can you tell me about the Ed Korrer family. They lived on First Street, west of Park Avenue. I think my dad said that Ed's wife was his cousin....??? and I believe they had an adopted son and daughter....??? Was his wife one of your mother's sisters? I think not, because I seem to remember that two Bechaud sisters (Cora and Laura) lived on south Main Street, vicinity of Lalis Drugstore. Does my memory serve we well or ill?

It was great fun when we found this site.
Hello to Carol. Ann Bechaud Poole

RE: Bechaud Brewing Company

Jean-Pierre Bechaud VI (View posts)
Posted: 1065475610000
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Hello- My name is Jean-Pierre Bechaud, VI (Jack) - I live in Marengo, IL 60152 - My father is Jean-Pierre Bechaud, V of South Elgin, IL 60177 and his father and mother were Robert & June Bechaud respectively. His father was August and grandfather Adolph. I have 2 aunts: Sharon Bechaud Bender and Deborrah Bechaud Garcia both of New York. My aunts both have the recipes from my grandfather's (Robert) Brewery in Fon Du Lac, WI.
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