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Seeking information on Henry (Henri or Honore) Beaudoin, and his wife Adele Biron, both were born in Canada (do not know where specifically),
they migrated to the United States (Griswold), Jewett City, Connecticut. Their daughter Regina was born in Jewett City, Connecticut on June 13, 1889.
There were three other children born to Henry Beaudoin, and Adele Biron; Rose, George, and Virginia. Nothing else is known concerning the family. Other then Rose married Florian Rock, and they settled is St. Gabriel de Brandon, Quebec.
Regina married Felix Livernoche November 4, 1907, possibly in Ballouville, Connecticut.
If anyone has any information at all I would appreciate any help, and I thank you very much.
Joanne Morgan (

Beaudoin Family

Leona Smith (View posts)
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I too am looking for informatiion on the Beaudoin's. I don't know of any of them in the states. The ones I do know about are Cecil Beaudoin (Married Marie Defond), Lionel Beaudoin (Deceased 1971) Leonard Beaudoin Irene Beaudoin. I am looking for any information on my Granparents etc. we are all in Canada as far as I know. Originally from Bruce Mines Ontario? A few uncles are Joe Beaudoin, Ralph Beaudoin from Webbwood Ontario. Anyone with any information for me it would be greatly appreciated. Leona Smith (maiden name Beaudoin)

St. Gabriel de Brandon Beaudoin/Rock Marriage

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Leona, seeing your in Canada do you have any idea
where St. Gabriel de Brandon is? My Great Aunt
Rose Beaudoin, married a Rock from that area, and
I had hopes that maybe my Beaudoin, Henri may
also have been from that area, I don't even know if
it's Quebec Province, or Ontario. Henri married
Adele Biron (Byron?). If you have any suggestions
I would appreciate the help.


J. Bender (View posts)
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St. Gabriel de Brandon is about an hour outside
of Montreal. I know because I have family who
live there. It is definitely in Quebec. You
need to go to your geneology center at the LDS
church and order a film in that area during that
time and check out the marriages or whatever
you are looking for. Quebec has great records.
Have you done this yet. My mother was a Beaudoin
and I have my some twelve generations direct lines
though. I am interested in this research because
I love geneology. Hope this will help you for



Beaudoin, St. Gabriel de Brandon

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Any possibility you may be familar with a Rose Beaudoin,
Florian Rock marriage?

rose beaudoin

rose beaudoin (View posts)
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I,m sorry that I am unable to give you the
info, you might have been looking for.
I married a Raymond Beaudoin, There was also
a Rose Beaudoin who died a few years back.
She is buried at St. James, Cemetary in Lincoln, RI.
If this is of any help, glad I could be of

beaudoin family

rose beaudoin (View posts)
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I would like to get more info. on Joe Beaudoin.
I am a great granddaughter to a joseph born
in nov. 1888. married to an ella ledoux at
precious blood church in woonsocket, ri.
they have many children which are pretty
much deceased now. I would like to get to
know more of this lineage. Please write if
this coincides with your joseph beaudoin.
thanks. Karen Beaudoin
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Rose, thank you for responding. The Rose Beaudoin buried in RI is the wrong line, however you did not state who your husband
Raymond's Family line is, parents, grandparents? Is his family from Quebec to
Connecticut? My line is specific, Quebec to
If his family is from this area I would welcome hearing from you at:

Thanks again, Joanne


Beaudoin lineage?

Rose Beaudoin (View posts)
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Hi, Joanne,
I would like to give you more information.
My husband is Raymond Richard Beaudoin,
his father was also Raymond Beaudoin, and his
father Joseph Beaudoin. Where the lineage goes
after Joseph has been very difficult in obtain-
ing. Joseph married Ella Ledoux in 1907 at
Precious Blood, Woonsocket, RI. If you know
of this lineage I would appreciate help.

Beaudoin Quebec >CT

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Hi there wondering if our Beaudoin's have any connection
My grandmother Stella (Gladue) Poyerd was born and died in Taftville CT - Her parents were Hormidas Gladue and Josephine Dumas -
Josephine was born in Quebec (1875-1947)- her parents were Hubert Dumas and Matilda Beaudoin. I am just beginning my search and still trying to get more info on Matilda.
My email is
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