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family tree

family tree

david barcan (View posts)
Posted: 946141233000
I am seeking Barcans ( or similar spellings) as part of research. Name comes from Jews from Eastern Europe.

Family tree

David Barkan (View posts)
Posted: 951369994000
I am also a Jew who's amcesters come from Europe.

Barkon family

Michael Moshe Gans (View posts)
Posted: 957971518000
Dear David

My Grandmother's last name was Barkon- probably came from Bar-Cohen. My family was from Lithuania. We ar Jewish. My grandmother married into the Gans family. My father was Elias Gans. My Barkon relatives in Elmira, NY are called Barkus. We are probably all related some how?!? Please feel free to contact me. Thanks- Michael M. Gans

Barkon family

Michael Moshe Gans (View posts)
Posted: 957971602000
My Grandmother's family name was Barkon. I have relatives in Elmira, NY- Barkus. My family was from Lithuania and we are Jewish. If you would like to discuss feel free to contact me.

family tree

david barcan (View posts)
Posted: 958081184000
Michael moishe gans:
Greetings. Yes, my family name means bar cohen, and i am a cohen. I believe that I read an autobiography written by your barcus grandfather. wrote that he was from lithuania, settled in elimira, changes name to barkus and wrote that the family name originated in spain prior to the inquisition in toledo, from a woman named ida bar cohen.
Sound familiar?
Please respond.

david barcan

Perhaps, we're family?

david barcan (View posts)
Posted: 958137148000
Dear David;

I can't believe your e-mail! I have a copy of that family history. I had been in contact with our relatives in Elmira- Col Sanford Barkus who supplied me with the family history. I would love to get a chance to further discuss this with you. Where do you live? I live in NYC! If you would like- you can call me directly at 212-677-9371 (home) or we can continue to e-mail. I am very interested in my family's history in Lithuania and have gone to Lithuania twice to complete a documentary on my father and the family during the holocaust. i don't know if you would be interested in it? Anyway, I am delighted that you e-mailed me and I look forward to either speaking with you or receiving another e-mail.

Best Regards,
Michael M. Gans


moshe gans (View posts)
Posted: 958945083000
i think that we are family. i would like toknow how to contact to colonel in elmira. The book had a reference to an Ida bar Cohen in Toledo Spain in the late 1300's, and to a fountain that exists in Toledo in her honor. I am trying to find out how to research this person and this fountain.
if you about it, or how to contact the family of the mand who wrote the book, please contact me.


David barcan
(215) 848 -3729
134 West Upsal Street
Philadelphia, Pa. 19119
Posted: 960124709000
Edited: 1056157190000
My Father (Harold) was born a Barkan in NY in 1924. His mom's name was Anya and I don't know fathers first name, possibly Abraham. His dad died when he was a child and he was adopted which is why I know next to nothing about the Barkan history, but your story sounds very familiar. Does anyone know about a Barkan who had a son in 1924 and then passed away shortly after ??

your search for a Barcan who fathered a child in 1924

barkan (View posts)
Posted: 960498584000
I read your message. I know that there was a Barcan/barkan who was a member of the Polotsk grou in New York in the 1920's. There was a Sam Barcan who died. The record of the Polotsk group is kept in YIVO files (in NYC.). A saw a picture and name in the material when I looked it last summer. Good luck in your search.

David Barcan

Cemetery Listings ??

Posted: 960710946000
Edited: 1056157190000
Thank you so much !! My mother thinks he is buried at Mt. Lebanon cemetery on LI. He would have died between 1924 and 1937. Possibly in the Workman's Circle Section. Is there any way you know of I can check on that ??

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