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Barbusci family

Barbusci family

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Surnames: barbusci greco salvatore raimondo
The Barbusci family (mine!) moved from Montorio Nei Frentani in the province of Campobasso in Italy in the mid-1950s.

They came to Montreal in the province of Quebec in Canada.

My grandfather Pasquale Barbusci b.1905 (Larino) married Vittoria Greco b.1903 (Montorio). They had 4 children, Carmella b.1927, Michele b.1930, Antonietta b.1933 and my father Domenico b.1943. (All moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada around 1954)

My grandfather's father Michele Barbusci was married Carmella Salvatore. They had at least 3 children, Giovanni, Pasquale and Carmine.

My grandmother's father Domenico Greco was married to Antonietta Raimondo.

So, any information about ancestors - dates (birth, death, marriage) brothers, sisters etc.. would be greatly appreciated.

Dominic Barbusci Jr b.1968


Sally Reynolds (View posts)
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Here is what I found so far...tell me if you are interested in any particular person. I am still working on it...



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Hi Sally,

This is extremly interesting!

Of course I'm still interested! But, I'm in no rush. I know we have to be very patient for these things to surface!

I have 15 individuals on which I'd like to know more. All theses surnames are still part of my family today!

Here they are (from the web site you sent me):

With a particular preference to the ones marked with an (*) before their YoB.

Year of birth Last name First name Birth Record #

1874 Barbusci Lorenzo 123
1874 Barbusci Lucia
1875 Barbusci Irene 81
1875 Barbusci Antonio 5
1875 Barbusci Raffaele 136
1875 Barbusci Clementina 100?
1875 Raimondo Teresa 28
1875 Raimondo Angela 66
1876 Greco Antonio 181
*1876 Barbusci Domenico 31
*1877 Barbusci Antonio 132
**1877 Barbusci Michele 204
1877 Greco Primiano 90
1879 Barbusci Carmela 84
1880 Barbusci Angela Maria 64

Michele was my great-grandfather and Domenico & Antonio his brothers.

So, anything related (marriage, death, birth, parents, children, the usual ;-) to these 3.. is most important.. the rest will be as interesting. Of course, the more you have the better!

Thanks a million!
Dominic Barbusci Jr.


Sally Reynolds (View posts)
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Surnames: BARBUSCI
Hey Dominic,

I'm glad I could help you find someone. I'm not sure if I will have a chance to go back this week, but when I do, I will copy the birth certificates for at least those three people and see what I can do about the others. I am still wading through one of the films and I have another one that I haven't even gotten started on, so it may take awhile. But don't worry, I won't forget, and I will be in touch.

The main issue is that the library is only open tues, wed, and thursdays. I am a stay-at-home mom and so I can only go in the evening from 7-9:30pm when my husband is home to watch the kiddo. Some evenings I have meetings or other things and can't get over there. If I could go on a Saturday or just have a full day there, things would move along a lot faster, so I'm sorry. But thanks for understanding and being patient. I'm glad I was able to find something for you and I will be in touch!


Re: Barbusci family

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If you are still looking for info on your family name you should contact your social club, MONTORIO NEI FRENTANI SOCIAL CLUB. They also have a annual pic-nic will be held first Sunday of July(2007) Good luck

Re: Barbusci family

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I'm always looking but not as intensively as I use to. Sally Reynolds did provide some good leads (that I have still not really investigated).

And, that social club's annual pic-nic.. is it in Montorio? if not, where is it? (Country, City).


Re: Barbusci family

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Hi Dominic sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. The pic-nic is held in Montreal on the july 1st long weekend. I hope you have a chance to go.

Objet : Barbusci family

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Surnames: Barbusci
Bonjour Dominique,

Ton demi-cousin de Belgique te dit bonjour... ;-)

Re: Objet : Barbusci family

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Bien le bonjour à toi (ou est-ce bonsoir, à cette heure?) ;-)

Dis-moi, je ne savais pas que j'avais des "demi-cousins" Belge!

Est-ce que tu as plus d'information sur nos racines communes?

Au plaisir!
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