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anyone else out there a Babaja?

anyone else out there a Babaja?

Sonia (View posts)
Posted: 971205721000
Talk to me.

Looks like Babaja

Michael Babayco (View posts)
Posted: 982161945000
Well, I'm not sure which nationality Babaja is but my last name, an Americanized
Yugoslavian name, was spelled Babajko and probably had a "vich" on the end of it before
my great grandparents brought it over to America.


Sonia (View posts)
Posted: 982166023000
Hi Michael: Babaja" is a Croatian name though everyone thinks it is a Spanish name. I'm first generation born in the U.S.A. It sounds like your family has been here a while- you said your great-grandparents came to the U.S.A. Write back. Sonia


Michael (View posts)
Posted: 982167340000
What I can remember off of the top of my head (which means that osme of this might be incorrect...) is that my mother and brother
traced "Babayco" (or Babajko) back to a small island off the Dalmatian coast called Ist. I was told that the name means "oldest woman
settler"(???) I was also told that my family (including uncles, aunts, cousins) are all related to my great grandparents (Greatgrandfather's
name was Tony (?) who first came to Napa Valley, California in the 1890's. From there, the family spread to Sacramento, CA, San Pedro, CA, and
San Diego, CA. Now there are only a few male Babayco's to carry on the name. Where does Babaja come from and what does it mean? Do you have
more family here? Do you know of any other variations of Babayco/Babaja?


Roz (View posts)
Posted: 991730359000
Hi Sonia.......could the name be Polish?..My g-grandfather's family changed their name (from what I'm told."Babiaj" to Babbie in the late/early 1900's when they came to Canada......I've been told Babiaj doesn't even exist in the Polish I'm not even sure if that is the correct spelling of the original name.......maybe you have some info that might be of help.....hope so....if not, I'll just keep looking........there are so many names out there that are extremely hard to track down.....

your last name

Sonia (View posts)
Posted: 991760012000
Hi Roz: I don't know about your last name but my last name is Croatian. But I guess the names are similar because Polish and Croatian are also very similar languages. Since I speak Croatian I can get the gist of what Polish people are saying. Sonia

Re: Babaja.....

Sonia (View posts)
Posted: 997758621000
I don't know about your name Roz. I know that mine is Croatian. Sorry I could not help you. Good luck.

Re: Babaja.....

Sonia (View posts)
Posted: 997758624000
I don't know about your name Roz. I know that mine is Croatian. Sorry I could not help you. Good luck.

Re: Babaja.....

Roz (View posts)
Posted: 998166497000
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Thanks anyway Sonia.

Re: anyone else out there a Babaja?

Iris Babaja (View posts)
Posted: 1029753125000
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Prezime Babaja je iz Hrvatske (Croatian) .
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