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grandparents Ellen Genarose Aud and Lawrence Armond Sapp Sr.

grandparents Ellen Genarose Aud and Lawrence Armond Sapp Sr.

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Surnames: Aud, Sapp, Duvall
My mother Juretta Virginia Sapp was the daughter of Ellen Genarose Aud who married Lawrence Armond Sapp Sr. Her parents were Atha Aud Virgina Lee Duvall.
They lived in Kentucky, Muhlenberg County. Need information on other family members. There are some still living in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Sapp - Aud connection

Thomas L. Aud (View posts)
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Surnames: Aud, Duvall, Sapp
Ellen Generose Aud was the daughter of Atha Aud and Virginia Lee Duvall. Ellen was born Mar. 13, 1890 in Daviess County, KY and died Mar. 24, 1969 in Muhlenberg County, KY. She married Lawrence A. Sapp on Jan. 28, 1908 in Daviess County, KY. He was born July 13, 1886 in Whitesville, Daviess County, Ky and died Jan. 21, 1967 at Whitesville, Daviess County, KY. They had a son, Joseph H. Sapp, born Dec. 18, 1912 and died Oct. 11, 1913 and is buried in Whitesville, Daviess County. KY.
Have much more on Ellen's sisters, brothers, and their families. Nothing else on the Sapp line, but am interested in sharing information about and and all Auds and their descendants. Thomas L. Aud

Ellen's children

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Gerald Anthony Sapp born 01/04/1909 whitesville KY married 1931 died 03/15/1978 St. Petersburg, FL
Juretta Virgina Sapp born 01/21/1911 Owensboro KY married 08/06/1932 Warrick County Booneville Indiana, died 05/09/1972 Inverness FL
Joseph Henry Sapp born 12/18/1913 Whitesville KY died 09/1914 off a year by your notes
Margaret Baine Sapp born 02/09/1920 Whitesville KY married 06/24/1939 died?
Lawrence Armond Sapp Jr born 01/18/1922 Habit Davies KY married 05/21/1944 died?
James Virgil Sapp born 06/24/1925 Habit, Davies County KY married 06/24/1949 lives in Indiana
Amelia Generose Sapp born 07/17/1928 Owensboro married 06/20/1948
Adria Jane Sapp born 05/17/1930 Owensboro married 11/07/1959 lives in Owensboro
Martin(PeeWee)Francis Sapp born 10/19/1934 Owensboro married 08/1954 lives in Brooksvill, FL

Juretta Virgina Sapp married Robert Henry Wall of Curdsville Kentucky. Children
Babara Ann Wall born 08/25/1933 in Owensboro married 09/30/1950 5children
Martha Lou Wall born 09/09/1936 in Owensoro married 01/26/1957 died 07/02/1997 of Cancer in Riverview Fl 4 children
Roberta Lee Wall born 08/04/1938 in St.Petersburg married 06/25/1959 died 02/05/1993 of Cancer St.Petersburg 4 children
Delores Jean Wall born 10/15/1940 in St.Petersburg married 5 times 4 children
Robert Michael Wall born 08/08/1949 in St.Petersburg married 01/29/1993 Seminole 2nd marrage 2 children
Juretta Lynn Wall born 11/14/1952 in St. Petersburg married 12/01/1969 in Alabama 4 children

I would like to get information on Grandma's family I have the same information on her. I have a copy of her death certificate.
I'am unable to seem to locate the next generation back. Awhile back we talked with Robert Palmer Aud of Whitesville Kentucky and I believe he said that greatgreat grandma was from Texas.
But not sure of her first name Lura Lightfreed ??
We will be in Kentucky the end of the month in Whitesville to see Robert P. Aud if you are related to him contact them. We won't be able to stay long for we have to be in Chicago on 9/30/99 to see our youngest daughter graduate from boot camp.
Hope we can meet with you, its a long drive from Florida.
Juretta Lynn Stephenson

Ellen Aud Sapp families

Thomas L. Aud (View posts)
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I have added what you sent (thanks) to my FamilyTree Maker file and can print out or attach in an e-mail the genealogy file from Athanatius Aud and his second wife, Virginia Duvall. Let me know to my address directly ( if you want it. The Robert Palmer Aud you referred to was Ellen Generose's first cousin. I have quite a bit on his families. He was the son of John Wellington Aud and Maude Leibfried (she was born in Texas). Am more than happy to share all of these with you before you go to KY. I live in Jackson, TN but most of my Aud family is still in KY, especially near and in Owensboro. My oldest brother and his wife moved to florida earlier this year. Hope to hear from you soon.

My Aud family

Michael Gene Aud (View posts)
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Surnames: Aud
Hello there,
I am the son of Billy Gene Aud of Poplar
Bluff, Missouri. His father was Prince Albert
Aud, also of Poplar Bluff. I currently live
in Bastrop Louisiana with my wife and two
daughters. I am glad to hear there are other
"ODDS"(ha) out there:))

Your mother was my Aunt

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Juretta - My dad was Lawrence A. Sapp Jr. He married Juanita Snellen Sapp.
The following children are still living from the Ellen Aud - Lawrence Sapp Sr. marraige:
Rose Sapp Beard - IRVIN KY
Jane Sapp Yenner LOUISVILLE (Germantown) KY
Martin Francis Sapp "PeeWee" - BROOKSVILLE FL
Aunt Margaret lived in Owensboro and passed away approximately 13 years ago.
My father Lawrence Sapp Jr died in 1985 - he and my mother had 10 children.
Lawrence Sapp III - deceased 1973
Ellen Nareen Sapp Hamm LOU KY
Linda Sapp Corum TOLEDO OH
Shelia Sapp Johnson MURRAY KY
Michael Patrick Sapp LOU KY
Susan Sapp Dever LOU KY
Judy Carol Sapp LOU KY
Ina Gale Minks Sapp LOU KY
Anthony Wayne Sapp LOU KY
My mother, Juanita Sapp, is still living in Louisville KY
Shirley Anns children (Shirley was Margarets daughter that dies of a cerebral hemorage)
all live in Owensboro and that surrounding area.
I recently met a lady by the name a Carol Aud who lives in Louisville and her husband Richard Aud was from Owensboro but we have never confirmed whether or not there is any relation
Glad to have found you

Ellen Aud

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I am Ellen Aud Sapp's granddaughter. My father was Lawrence A. Sapp Jr. he married Juanita Snellen and they had 10 children.

I have met a Carol Aud who lives in louisville KY Her husband is Richard Aud from whitesville. I do not know whether or not there is any connection
but she has told me that when Guy Aud died they were called to the reading of the will.
Any information you have on the Aud's would be appreciated
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I would appreciate anything that you could e-mail me -
My grandmother was Ellen Generose Aud Sapp - She married Lawrence A. Sapp Sr.
My father was Lawrence A. Sapp Jr. he married Juanita Snellen Sapp and they had 10 children
from that marraige.
Lawrence A. Sapp III - deceased 1973 1 Child
Ellen Nareen Sapp Hamm - LOU KY 3 Children
Bonnie Sapp Hunt - LOU KY 2 Children
Linda Sapp Corum LOU KY 2 Children
Shelia Sapp Johnson - MURRAY KY 3 Children
Michael Patrick Sapp - LOU KY 2 Children
Susan Sapp Dever - LOU KY 4 Children
Judy Carol Sapp - LOU KY No Children
Ina Gale Sapp Minks LOU KY 3 Children
Anthony Wayne Sapp LOU KY 2 Children
Juanita S. Sapp still lives in Lou KY My father passed away in 1985
I would appreciate any information that you have regarding my fathers family.
Thank you

Juanita Lawrence Children

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Following are Lawrence Jr Juanita's children. I told my mom I found this on the internet and she said she had heard from you at Christmas.
If you are coming to Whitesville you may want to come on up toLouisville to see some of them
Juanita Snellen Sapp(Mom)
Lawrence Sapp Jr. III deceased 1973
Ellen Nareen Sapp Hamm -
Bonnie Colleen Sapp Hunt -
(Bonnie spent a great deal of time with Margaret right before she died in 1986)
Linda Corum - unable to communicate. Has had 2 brain aneurysms - but is functional with the exception that she cannot speak
Shelia Sapp Johnson -
Michael Patrick Sapp -
Susan Sapp Dever - no e-mail
Judy Sapp -
Ina Gale Minks - no e-mail
Anthony Wayne Sapp - no e-mail
Also, if you want to get in touch with the Aud directly I met a Carol Aud through my work.
She is married to Richard Aud - he teaches at U of L medical school and his family is from Whitesville.
They may be some direct relation.If you make it to Louisville call my mom - we'd love to see you.
Also, Jane Sapp Yenner - lives in Louisville,
Rose Sapp Beard lives in Irvine KY and
James V. Sapp lives in Charlestown IN

aud family

janet ebersole (View posts)
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Hello from Missouri. I was trying to look up our family history and your web page caught my eye. If I learn anything, I will let you know. Also, let me know how you and your family are doing.
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