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artison family reunion 2000

artison family reunion 2000

kim artison petty (View posts)
Posted: 937151362000
if you know anyone whose last name is artison we are looking for them. If you missed the 1999 reunion in Mesquite, Texas you missed a great time. Please e-mail me ask as possible.

family reunion

arbrie l. artison III. (View posts)
Posted: 938356569000
Hi Kim,
My last name is Artison and I am in search of family that I may have across the U.S. Our last name is not so common and anyone who spells it like this MUST be related some how. I would like to get in contact with you about this...maybe we are long,lost relatives. Look forward to hearing from you.
If you are a relative, I wouldnt miss the reunion for anything in the world!

possibly related

arbrie l. artison III. (View posts)
Posted: 938356911000
Hi Kim,
I realized that I should have at least told you a little bit about our family. We are the Artisons in Memphis, TN. My grandfather was Arbrie Lee Artison, Sr., my father is the JR and I am the third. My grandfather was married to Clara Neal of Collierville, TN. He had about 7 children, one of which is my father. They are originally from Collierville, TN .
If any of this information indicates that we may be relatives, I would really love to hear from you. It is important to me that I know all of my relatives.

reply to arbrie l artison lll

kim artison petty (View posts)
Posted: 938358745000
hi arbrie,
yes, we are relatives my aunt Claudetta Artison-Boyd mentioned you before. Are you the minister and do you live in Tennessee. I live in California. My grandfather was Arthur Artison Sr. he was born in Tennessee but moved to Indiana. The next reunion is in South Carolina in Aug, 2000. we recently found Artisons there. will please write and share this web site with others.


Arbrie Lee Artison III (View posts)
Posted: 939137679000
Hi Kim,
Thanks for replying to my email and I am glad to know that we are related!Yes my father is the minister and he is Arbrie Lee Arti0son, Jr. I am his youngest son. I can't wait to spread the good news. I also heard from someone that my father spoke to in the family, that the surname "ARTISON" comes from France. That may be a helpful tip to find more of our relatives.If you can, I would love for you to send some pictures of you and your family. This is very exciting to me! As soon as I can, I will send you some pictures of my family that you can hopefully share with other relatives. By the way, what part of California do you currently live in? I am in Memphis, TN. I am looking to relocate to Texas and I was wondering if you knew of any relatives that we have there. If you do, please let me know at your earliest convenience.I am sorry that it took me so long to get back with you, but I have been very busy lately. Here is my address and telephone number. You are welcome to call and/or write whenever you want to.
Arbrie Lee Artison III
1628 Vicky Lane
Memphis, TN 38127
Love your relative,

I've been waiting for this one special day that I would find more family and you have brightened my day!
Contact me soon.

family reunion

Angela M. {Artison} Taylor[reeree] (View posts)
Posted: 966003900000
Hey Kim,
How are you? Fine I hope. Well where is new reunion being held or did I already miss it?
In case you are confused I am your chubby cousin.
Posted: 968079806000
Edited: 1009427449000
Hi I have relatives that are artison's I thought that this was a made up family name because I could not find any any where other than Spartanburg SC. My grandmother was an artison. here is how the family tree started on my side. Sarah and Amdrew mills begot Melissa mills. Melissa Mills married Ellison Artison. Ellison was the son of the Reverend Preston Artison and alley Norris Artison. ellison and Melissa begot my grandma sarah artison webb. do you have any of these names in your family tree.


angela artison [taylor] (View posts)
Posted: 968313419000
My name is Angela Artison Taylor, my father is Arthur Artison Jr.,his father was Arthur Artison sr. his mother was Ethel Artison,he has suviving sibling who live in Menphis and Minneapolis. His father is from the Menphis area.Please share any and all info that you have about our family. did your family attend the Artison family reunion in Menphis on Labor Day? please reply.
Posted: 968350090000
Edited: 1009427449000
I don't have much information on the artison's. Sarah and Andrew mills begot melissa mills. Melissa married Ellison Artison. Ellison was the son of the Rev. Preston Artison and Alley Norris Artison .Melissa and Ellison gave birth to Sarah Artison Webb My grandmother.I donot know where the Artison's moved from. Seem like my grandmother said Kentucy or tenn.
hope this help.

family reunion

Posted: 968350193000
Edited: 1009427449000
No I didnot attend
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