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Arenivar Surname

Arenivar Surname

Armando Arenivar Jr. (View posts)
Posted: 964202038000
Does anyone have a clue as to what the Arenivar surname means?
My family comes from La Colonia Esperanza, Julimes, Chihuahua,
Mexico. We pronounce it with an accent on the letter "i". I explicitly
write an accent when ever possible. My grandfather is Manuel Arenivar Gonzales.

I know there are people from El Salvador with this surname.

I have seen variations such as Arenibar, Arenivas, and Arenibas.
Is this Arenivar indigenous to the new world? Is it Spanish?

Is it derived from Spanish word for sand,i.e., "arena"? Is it related to
the Italian surname "Areni"?

arenivar surname

Jorge Arenivar (View posts)
Posted: 965998832000
My family is originally from La Colonia Esperanza as well. My Grandfather's name is Panfilo Arenivar Gonzales. He is Manuel's brother. As far as the Arenivar surname, I too am unable to find any information.

Arenivar Surname

Armando Arenivar Jr. (View posts)
Posted: 966026914000
Hello Jorge,

We are definitely related. I know Tio Panfilo. I visited him
in January when my grandfather died. Who is your dad? Is it
Ubaldo? Tio Panfilo said he had a grandson named Eloy. Is he
your brother?


Jorge Arenivar (View posts)
Posted: 966069589000
My dad is Ubaldo and there are four in the family. Leroy is my brother and then there is Blanca and Angela. If you would like to contact me directly my e-mail is You have probably read about Angela and Leroy somewhere. I would like to try and trace back our roots but I hit a brick wall everytime. Maybe together, by correspondence through e-mail and research we can be successful. Plus getting to know each other will be a great benefit as well. Hope to hear from you soon. --- Jorge

arenivar surname

joseph arenivar (View posts)
Posted: 978710850000
I live in El Paso, Texas. My grandfathers name was Trinidad, who had two brothers pablo, and tomas. From what I've been able to find out is that our "ar" ending is arabic. This dates back to when the moors invaded Spain. My Uncle (and therefore his kids) spells his name Arenivas through some mix-up when he was in the army, so his records had to stay that way. As far as I know, all the Arenivars in El Paso are all related through those three brothers and now by marriage. My Father Alfredo had 6 kids. Those four brothers have spawned 5 sons with that last name. Let me know if you want to know more.
P.S. Where are you from?


Jorge Arenivar (View posts)
Posted: 978727072000
Thanks so much for responding. I am from Amarillo, TX but originally from Julimes, Chihuahua. I would like for you to share any information you may have about our last name. I have speculated that some Arenivars were part of a missionary group sent to Chihuahua. I have known of other Arenivars but you are the second of whom I can not establish any ties to. Please, feel free to email me and share all the information you have. My email is Again, thanks for responding and sharing.

Miguel Josef de Arenibar

Armando Arenivar Jr. (View posts)
Posted: 978728320000

Thanks for reminding me about this page. You mentioned a missionary. I don't know if this is of use, but in my search for information, I came across the name of a priest named Miguel Josef de Arenibar. I wonder if he is related.

You can find what is written about his history by going to

I hope this is beneficial to our cause.

Ar is Arabic? So what does it mean?

Armando Arenivar Jr. (View posts)
Posted: 978728742000
Hello Joseph,

I am Armando Arenivar. I am Jorge's cousin. You have my full attention. What else can you tell me about the etymology of our name? You can read other intries and speculations I have made in this page. I wonder if each sylable has a meaning?

Re: Arenivas

Arenibar (View posts)
Posted: 1007398369000
Classification: Query
I am also curious in regards to the Arenibar surname. My father "Manuel" told me stories of his father changing the v to a b. If anyone has any info on the following please let me know.


Re: Arenivas

sesa (View posts)
Posted: 1042692442000
Classification: Query
my father told me the same.....
who is your father related to?
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