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Jan Ragan (View posts)
Posted: 977263968000
Researching Aquilino, Leonardo (my grandfather) who came from Orsara, Foggia in the late 1800s-early 1900s. Married to Gelsomina Parisano, Had 8 children. Lived in South Phila. Any further info would be appreciated


Michele Aquilino (View posts)
Posted: 981018155000
My Grandfather Michael Aquilino came from Foggia
the late 1800's early 1900's. Settle in New Jersey
and had 7 father the youngest and
he's approaching 84. My Grandfather married
Lucy in Italy (I think).


Jan Troilo Ragan (View posts)
Posted: 981027272000
I think we might be cousins. My grandfather, Leonard Aquilino had relatives that came over with him. What was your father & mother's names? Did you have any relatives in South Philly?


Michele Aquilino (View posts)
Posted: 981090149000
My Grandfather's name was Michael, my father's name is Joseph James...Grand and Father came from Boonton, N. I don't know of
any relatives in Philly...but you never know.
I will ask my Father.....How many Aquilino's come from Foggia? You maybe correct, we maybe related.


Jan Ragan (View posts)
Posted: 981103434000

My grandfather was a barber. He married Gelsomina Parisano (also from Foggia) and had 8 children (2 boys & 6 girls). their names were: Lawrence, Lucy, Carmela (Millie), Louise (my mom), Marie, Julia, Romeo and Anna. My e-mail address is: if you want to contact me personally. Write soon.
Your "cousin", Jan

Aquilino family

Michele Aquilno (View posts)
Posted: 981104621000
I will email you directly.....

Aquilino - response

Michele Aquilino (View posts)
Posted: 982158874000
Jan - not sure if you rec'd my direct email so here's what I found
My Aunt Roxie is the only one that knows anything about the family
and she's 94 and recently became ill to the point
where she needs constant care. So info maybe sparse.
But I will's nice to find another Aquilino anyway,
cause I'm the last one. My other cousins come from
my Dad's sisters.....

My Grandfather had 1 brother and 2 sister
Donato (Donna)(just found out
the other two sisters never came over)
and settle in Acken, Ohio
Brother Rocco and he lived in Boonton, NJ by my Grandfather.

My Grandmother Lucy (DeSantis) had 1 Brother who settle in Brooklyn, NY
My mother tells me my Grandmother traveled to relatives in Philly......

My Dad's info
Joseph James (he'll be 84 in May)
one brother Alfonse (he actually had a small part in the original GodFather movie :) ) Deceased - 1975
Pat (Mary)
Lena (Angelina)(deceased)
Daisy (Annotte) (deceased)
Jennie (deceased)
Margaret (deceased 2000)

keep searching and keep in never know.



Aquilino (View posts)
Posted: 989170129000
I am researching my family, I am 16. My great-great grandfather was Michael Aquilino and came over from Orsara, Foggia in 1909. He settled in Ohio. I believe I know Leonardo Aquilino.


Michele (View posts)
Posted: 989218711000
Hi - I'm Michele Aquilino from New Jersey.
My Grandfather was Michael and settle in
Boonton, NJ in the early 1900's. He had one brother Rocco. My grandfather married Lucy
DeSantis also from Foggio. My Grandfather's sister, Donna settled in's a small world. Keep in touch.

Re: Aquilino

Kimberley (View posts)
Posted: 1141161038000
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Hi, I'm Kimberley (Kim) Hannaman Taylor from Virginia originally. I knew a Michele Aquilino from Annandale Springfield Country Day School in the 1970s. We were best friends as kids and I've been watching Classmates etc to see if she turns up so I could say hello and see what she and her family have been up to, but so far no luck. You have her exact spelling, so I thought I'd give it a shot.
If it's not you...sorry for bugging you but it can't hurt to try! If this is you, you may reply to my email at:
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