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If you''re an Agostini or know one write me!

If you''re an Agostini or know one write me!

Nicole Agostini (View posts)
Posted: 937676331000
I'm curious to learn about my family history and living relatives. If you are an Agostini decendant or know the family history (or how I can find out about my family history) please e-mail me.
Nicole Agostini


walter agostini (View posts)
Posted: 941022333000
my name is walter agostini i live in hamilton ontario canada

To: Nicole Agostini

Annamarie Lucia Agostini (View posts)
Posted: 943581407000
Hi, my name is Annamarie Agostini. My dads
name is Stophono John Agostini. I am from
Fremont, CA. But I live in Modesto. My
grandfathers name is Dominic Agostini. My
grandmothers name is Lucia Agostini. I have a
brother named Dominic, Stephen, and
two sisters named Linda and Renee. Write back
and let me know if maybe you are related to
any of us. P.S. most of the Agostini's live
in Pennsylvania

Dominic and Lucia Agostini

Stephen Agostini (View posts)
Posted: 944483693000
Your father Stephen John Agostini was my Uncle. His brother Peter is my father and both lived in West Philadelphia, PA. There is a brother Joe and sister Yolanda both alive and well in the Philadelphia area. Ask your step-sister Linda about me......Steve

Reply to your message

Annamarie Agostini (View posts)
Posted: 944607711000
Hi this is Annamarie. I got your e-mail. So is
Linda your cousin? And do you live in Ohio. Does
Yolanda live in Dominic and Lucia's house. her
parents home? My mother just passed away Nov,
26, 1999. And was Stephen your uncle married
to Maxine? My sister has recently talked to
Yolanda in Philadelphia. But I have never
talked to them. So please write me back and
let me know more.


Stephen Agostini (View posts)
Posted: 944631571000
Yes, I am your cousin. Yolanda still lives in our grandparents house however her son Bill lives in Ohio, I live in New Jersey as well and your father's brothers Dominic and Joseph. My father Peter and our Aunt Mary have passed on in the last 5 years. Your father's has a cousin, Maria Stella, who lives in the Valley Forge area and another of his cousins, John, lives in Philadelphia. I never met you or your sister or mother, but I do remember Diane and Linda. Linda and I converse via email from time to time. I have a piture of Renee which her husband, Ron, sent me over the internet......Steve


Annamarie (View posts)
Posted: 944661317000
Hello. I got your message. I look very similar
to Renee but I'm taller. Do u have any pictures
of the family from over there? I have not met any
of the family from my fathers side but I wish
that hopefully one day I can get to know my whole
family. How old are you? I'm 24. Do you e mail
Renee a lot? Does Yolanda have an e mail
address? If so can I have it I would love
to talk to her. Well write back.


e mail address

Annamarie (View posts)
Posted: 944661998000
What is youe e mail address?. mine is

photo''s etc.

Stephen Agostini (View posts)
Posted: 944726904000
I will attempt to scan in early images of your father in his US Navy uniform, also I have a picture or two of him in the South Pacific. As for Yolanda having an email address, LOL, I think she still has a rotary phone. Let's be real, she is over 70 years of age......I have photos of Dominic and Lucia, and photos of the rest of the cast...It will take some digging but I will get them together and send them off. As information, Your sister Renee looks like the rest of the Agostini's. She is very much similar in appearance to both of my for my age, I believe I am two years older than Ron.....Steve

Agostini Name-Nicole Agostini

Posted: 945506947000
Edited: 1137027241000
Hi, Agostini is common to the Tuscany are of northern Italy. It is also to be found in the northern part of Corsica. MY family is originally from Corsica. Many of the Corsican Agostini s moved to Puerto Rico and some other parts of Latin America. There is a big gourp of Agostini s in Puerto Rico. Many have migrated to the US mainland and found in the areas of NY and FL. regards Hector Agostini
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