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Brandi Jauregui (View posts)
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We share a common problem

Marcello (View posts)
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I have the same problem. Five family members of the same father use at least four different spellings for Jauregui. All my life my family used Jaurigi, while my aunts and uncles use: Jauriqui, and Jaurigue. To settle the issue on the correct spelling for my family and the 800 or so decendents and extended family members, I obtained my mother's birth records where my grandfather's name was spelled Jauregui, from Nochistlan Zacatecas. I still need to visit Nochistlan to make sure that his birth records actually use that spelling. In his name, a 'Marcelo jauregui' family reunion will take place next year where family members will be informed of those findings. Some have already indicated they want to use the correct spelling, when found, by use of legal name change remedies. In other words, to standardize the name so that we all use the same last name of the same grandfather. At least 300 Jauregui decendents are expected to attend the reunion as in past events. In addition to Clovis CA where your father was born, Reedley, a half hours drive from Clovis also has many Jauregui's using potentially misspelled names. Good luck in your search!


f.jauregui (View posts)
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The name JAUREGUI is of Basque (bask) origin. The Basque people are from the Western Pyrenees and adjacent Atlantic coastal areas of Northern Spain and Southwestern France. The Basque language is not Spanish or French and it has no close affinity with any other language.

From what I have read, and gained knowledge of over the years is that the two most common pronunciations of the name "JAUREGUI" are the Spanish "HOU-REH-GHE" and the French "ZHO-REH-GHE". Because 85 percent of the Basque people reside in Spain the Spanish pronunciation is the most common. Descendents of the French Basque Provinces and others whom have assimilated to the American culture and language prefer the Americanized "JAH-REH-GHE" pronunciation. Confused yet? In summation any of the above would be correct, depending on ones ancestry, cultural influences and of course family history.

I am an American of both Spanish and French Basque ancestry (origin). I have traced my relatives back to Bayonne, France, Bilbao, Spain, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Havana, Cuba, Nevada and California. Most Americans of Basque ancestry settled in California, Nevada and Idaho.


Pablo Jáuregui Araluce (View posts)
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Dear Sir,
In our case, Jáuregui is pronounced Háureghe
with accent in the first vocal, Maybe this is only in the Basque Country in the part of Spain.
Our family comes from Amorebieta (Vizcaya). We may have relatives in California or somewhere else in the USA.
Please, write us some time. Thanks. By the way I am 13.

looked up my name

Lizeth Jauregui (View posts)
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looked up my name

Lizeth Jauregui (View posts)
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Brandi Jauregui (View posts)
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Most of my family lives in Clovis, CA. My
grandfather's brother Arturo Jauregui and his
sister Berta Jauregui live there. Are you
familiar with them. Could we possibly be
related? My grandfather's name is Herberto
Jauregui and lives in El Paso, TX.

Randy Jauerqui, Jauergui

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On behalf of my friend Randy Jauerqui who uses the name Martinez. Does anyone know about this name please email Randy at Thank you


RANDY (View posts)
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Can you please tell me how to find my ancestors? I have clicked on different sites but my surname is not there. Also Do you know wht Location Jauerqui came from Can you please email me with information Thanking you in advance. RANDYOOMPAHED@AOL.COM

The Jauregui Name

Maura Jauregui (View posts)
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I am very interested in where my family originated. My grandparents are Maximiliano Jauregui and Petra Romo Jauregui. They are from Zacatecas, Mexico where they still reside. If anyone has any info or feedback, let me know.
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