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Scott Co. Winchester newspapers

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Scott Co. Winchester newspapers

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Surnames: Bailey, Carlton
I’ve transcribed some old Scott county, Greene county and Morgan county newspapers. I was looking for information on relatives, and the newspapers were either not available or not in existence at the library. Some of the Scott and Greene papers were on a miscellaneous roll of microfilm, that included odds and ends starting with the Watseka newspaper, in alphabetical order., so I thought I would just look through these odd papers just in case. The dates of the papers are not in order. They range from 1840’s to 1917. I copied mostly the Winchester, Scott county IL papers because that’s the location of my ancestors.
I’ve included ads and events along with personal columns because I felt it may help to lead to a clue of where a relative lived at a certain time. Also, some of the information is just interesting due to the way it is said or spelled.
Spelling: I’ve double checked all spellings of names before and after typing. I believe that some of the names listed by the writer are misspelled, but I have transcribed verbatim. If you feel a name or place is misspelled, write me to see if I made the error or if it is printed that way originally...but I am careful to spell everything exactly as it appears in the paper.

Some papers are listed here with no information except title and publisher and dates. That was for my reference to remember what was on the roll, that I didn’t have time to transcribe and to show how many different papers have been published in Winchester, Scott county and how the names have changed. I plan on transcribing these papers at some point in the future.

February 16, 1842 BATTLE AXE, Devoted to the Useful and Pleasant—The Detection of Falsehood—And the Discovery of Truth
August 19, 1843, PEOPLE’S ORACLE AN POLITICAL REFORMER, Winchester, Scott, Illinois. James M. Ruggles, publisher and printer
February 22, 1845, WINCHESTER REPUBLICAN, Knapp & Ruggles publishers
April 5, 1845, WINCHESTER REPUB., a large article about the extension of the limits of Cass County.
There is mention of a John Arens, and Joseph H. Berry, Atty.
April 21, 1854 ILLINOIS VALLEY REGULAR, T.S. Ellis, Editor
Wm. Coultas, administrator for Wm. Rigg dec’d public notice posted March 1854, court date June 1854
Sept, 28, 1861
WINCHESTER DEMOCRAT, W. W. Chapman, publisher
Dr. E.A. Casey, Homeopathic physician
May 29, 1865 WINCHESTER DEMOCRAT HERALD, Frank Glossop, publisher

Eleanor B. Ruark, Admin. of est. of John H. Ruark (spelling is Roark in all later info about John W. Roark)
THE INDEPENDENT, April 14, 1882
AD: Drs. W.C. & J. L. Day, Surgeons and Physicians.
Office—west side Square, Winchester, Illinois, Up Stairs, Hainsfurthers’ Store. April 15, 1881. 1y.
AD: E.G. Miner, Robert Frost, C.B. Hubbard
MINER, FROST & HUBBARD, BANKERS, Winchester, Illinois
AD: Master in Chancery for Scott County, Illinois
Office—Northeast corner of the Court House, the room formerly occupied by the Sheriff of said county.
AD: JAMES CALLANS, Attorney At Law, Winchester, Illinois
Office-East Front Room, up-Stairs Neat’s Block, South side Public Square- September 17, 1880
AD: JULIUS STARRETT, Attorney At Law, Winchester, IL.
Office-Northwest corner of the Square, Frost’s Building.
AD: EVANS & WATT MEAT MARKET, Caleb Evans & John M. Watt.
Train Schedule: the above freights carry passengers between Beardstown and East St. Louis. Stock shippers will find it to their interests to ship stock on No. 10 and 11. There are also stock trains north and south at 9:45 p.m. T. H. Mc NEVIN, Agent (if you are interested in the listing and timetable of the trains , let me know)
Geo. H. Roney, the Meredosia restaurant man, has sold his business and returns to our midst, welcome George
Sam Hanback left yesterday for St. Louis to purchase spring goods.
B. McEvers has received such a large stock of goods this week and has so much more coming, that he declares he will be compelled to extend his business house 20 to 30 feet. He has the largest stock of wall paper ever brought to Glasgow and well selected.
V. M. Coats (or M. M. Coats) little girl Lillie has been quite sick but is better. Dr. Taylor attends her.
Mr. Simons will leave for the East soon to purchase his mammoth spring stock of dry goods and clothing.
Mr. Jas Clarton’s ( I wonder if this is misspelled, could be Carlton) little boy , who has been lying at the point of death for two weeks is getting stout again, so says Dr. Taylor
John Adams is building a new dining room, John and Doe Clanton are the carpenters.
Mrs. John Ward is visiting today. This is the first time she has been out of her sick chamber for two months, this speaks for her Dr.
Mrs. S.A. Coats, who has been quite ill, is better.
Some of Glasgow’s young ladies and gentlemen were visiting the great scene of water over the bottoms and also the great bluffs, Sunday eve.
Horse trading is good in our city now.
Great deal of excitement over the election at present.
Rob’t Young resigns his office as township treasurer, who will be next.
Election to be held by school directors for the purpose of electing a new director, W.B. Wilson’s time expires.
Our band entertains us by their good music these beautiful evenings.
Miss Equala Coats returned from Winchester yesterday where she has been visiting.
Sabbath school is progressing well under the able supervision.
(The following names are listed in the tax roles in the paper under the town, I thought this may be helpful to confirm or find a relative in a town at this time)
Town of Glasgow E. Cumby
Town of Alsey: Geo. Ebey, Henry Barnes, Chas Stewart.
Town of Bridgeport; T. H. Flynn
Town of Mary Ann; M.A. Richardson
Town of Exeter: Pat Ratigan, Geo. W. Edwards, Martha Arnold , Louise H. Dutro, John Alderson, Julia Jones, John Moses, E.M. Dunham, Apphia Clark, Able Whitlock
Town of Oxville: John Henry heirs
Town of Bluffs: Jesse H. Carver, George Quelch
Town of Naples: W.W. Hart, A.A. Wheelock, Jos. Berry, John Hardy, H.H. McNeal, Joseph Zieler, M.A. Irland, Thos. Hollowbush, John Abrams. J.M. Green, Emily Grible, Wm. Mappin, W. W. Chapman

Thursday, August 2, 1917, SCOTT COUNTY HERALD (this is a large excerpt from this paper that I transcribed)
(The war with Germany takes up many pages of this paper.)
JOHN W. ROARK (notice spelling of last name) PASSES AWAY.
John Wilson Roark was born Dec. 4, 1844 in Winchester and spent his entire life in this place. He was the youngest child of Timothy and Mary Hodges Roark, they were of Scotch Irish decent, but came to this locality from Kentucky in 1828, at which time there was but one .(?).. store in Jacksonville. He was married July 17, 1864 to Martha J. Summers. She died July 20th, 1910. There was born to them four children, Ella (?) ..died January 1916, Bertha.(?)..died a number of years ago, Joseph T. of Winchester and Mrs. A. E. Marshall of Hurdsville, N.D. remain. He was a soldier in the Union Army being a member of Co. I. 10th Ill. Infantry. For thirty years he followed jewelers and watch making business in Winchester, occupying a store on the west side (?)...years ago he suffered a stroke of apoplexy from which he never recovered. The cause or his decease was arterial schleroses,(their spelling) resulting in softening of the brain, he has not recognized his friends and family for months, and passed quietly away on Sunday at 1:00 a.m. One sister, survives, Mrs. Julia Biernhauer of this place. Funeral services were held from the home of his son, Joseph on Wednesday afternoon conducted by Rev. C.W. Caseley, interment in Winchester Cemetery.
(?) indicates that the information was too badly smeared or torn and unable to read.

Onedia Tribe
We are in receipt of program of the Jacksonville Chautauqua which begins Aug. 17 and closes Aug. 26. In looking over it we find that some splendid talent has been secured this year. Some of the most noted lecturers and musicians on American Chautauqua platforms are listed. Among them are the Boston symphony sextette, the Oxford Company, The Lyceum Art Club Orchestra, Dixie Jubilee Company, The Famous Kilties Band of Canada, Chief Caupolican , Father J. M. Cleary, Arthur Walwyn Evans, noted humorist, Dr. Edward A.Steiner, author and educator, Margaret Stahl, reader and other excellent entertainers.
Winchester people need have no fears about being entertained and as it is only a “step in the road” and a nice pleasant auto ride, we see no reason why we should not be well represented...
Under the new postal order it will be possible to send your discarded magazines to the men in the trenches, and on shipboard in the navy by paying one cent postage. The ruling requires a special printing on the cover the magazines and will appear on the covers....

August 2, 1917 SCOTT COUNTY HERALD, from another page of the same paper:
AD: American Fence at Townsend’s
The Red Men of Alsey will hold their first picnic Wednesday, August 8th.
Dr. W. U. Kennedy of St. Louis was a professional caller in our city Thursday.
Russell Hamilton, after a short visit with his mother and sister left Thursday for Peoria.
Miss Hattie Sheppard, who has been the guest of Miss Dean Kincaid, returned to her home in Orleans Friday.
Misses Belle and Shirley Henderson left Wednesday for a visit with their sister and other relatives in New Jersey.
Carl Markillie, son of A.T. Markillie, has shown his patriotism by joining a company of the national guards in St. Louis.
Do not get mixed up concern.(?)..the date. The big Methodist Burgoo Picnic is on the 16th of August all day long.
The event of the season will be the burgoo picnic and chicken fry to be given by the ladies of the Christian Church Thursday, Aug. 9th. Bill, Mary says meet me there.
Chas. Wilmot left Sunday night for a visit in Chicago.
Dr. H. H. Fletcher was a professional caller to St. Louis Friday.
G.W. Wills of Alsey is reported as down with the typhoid fever.
Mrs. Fred Woodall spent Friday in Roodhouse with her parents.
Keep in mind that the Christian Church Burgoo will be on Aug. 9th
Bert Thompson, after a visit here with home folks, returned to Quincy Monday.
Dr. W. U. Kennedy of St. Louis was a professional caller to our city Monday night.
Dr. J. W. Eckman and R.H. Sperry attended the Red Men’s lodge at Alsey Monday night.
Dave Harris of Roodhouse returned to his home Monday after a visit with friends here.
Joe Gaither left Sunday for Jacksonville, where he will visit with relatives and friends.
Mrs. Clyde Dixon and daughter of Pekin arrived Friday for a visit with relatives and friends.
Allen Stuart of St. Louis is spending this week here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Stuart.
Miss Alta Jackson of St. Louis arrived Sunday night for a visit with her friends, the Wilson sisters.
Mrs. D. E. Little, who has been visiting relatives and friends in Palmyra, returned Saturday night.
Lucile Shillinger, who has been visiting her uncle, Ed Collier and family in Peoria, returned home Saturday.
Dave Watt, Jr., went to Springfield Saturday to bring back his father’s car that had been left there for repairs.
Don’t forget the big burgoo picnic and chicken fry to be given by the ladies of the Christian Church, Thursday, August 9th
J. W. Beadles and Almond Walker left Monday for Wesington, S. D., where they expect to follow the harvest and see the country.
E.G. Miner, who has been visiting with his father, Dr. James Miner and Sister Miss Bertha, returned to Rochester, N.Y., Monday.
Dr. A.R. Obermeyer, wife and family of Arcadia, spent Sunday here the guests of the doctor’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Obermeyer.
Misses Vera and Thelma Wieser of St. Louis arrived Sunday for a visit with their uncle, S.L. Wieser and wife and other relatives and friends.
Miss Margaret Morris returned to her home in Springfield Wednesday, afternoon, after a pleasant visit with her friend, Miss Nellie Ring.
Dr. Josephine Milligan and Miss Mable Potts of Jacksonville motored to our city Wednesday afternoon in Dr. Milligan’s car and was the guest of friends.
Mrs. W.C. Gates and daughter, who have been visiting relatives and friends here for the past several weeks, returned to their home in Baylis the last of the week.
Judge Bowman of Carrollton was assisting in the defense of the case of the THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS vs. DR. C.S. BOWMAN in the County Court here Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Misses Irene McCullough, Helen Frost, Grace Leach, Janice Taylor and Dean Kincaid were guests of Miss Alma McCullough at the beautiful country residence of her parents, Mrs. And Mrs. Elmer McCullough near Riggston, Wednesday last.
Now is the time to swat the fly.
Karl Claywell was a Jacksonville visitor Sunday.
For a real good time attend the Red Men’s picnic at Alsey August 8th.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Wright and children of Riggston were Winchester visitors Saturday.
A party of tourists, .(?)..from Ohio to Kansas, passed through our city Saturday.
Miss Edith Watt, who has been the guest of friends in Springfield, has returned home.
Mrs. R.R. Renne of Ft. Worth, Texas, arrived Thursday for a visit with her grandmother, Mrs. Susan Stainsby.
Quite a number of farmers took advantage of the coolness of last Saturday evening and came to town to do their trading.
Mrs. Mary Berger and children of Beardstown, visited with her grandmother, Mrs. Susan Stainsby, Thursday and Friday of last week.
Remember the Big Red Men’s Picnic at Alsey August 8th. Make arrangements to be there as there will be something doing all the time.
Mrs. Alfred Schultz and children of Beardstown arrived Saturday for a visit with her mother and sister, Mrs. C. H. Condit and Mrs. S. G. Smith.
Chester Cowper, who has been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cowper for the past two weeks, returned to his home in Muskogee, Okla., Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Hawk of Jacksonville visited with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Lashmet and Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Hawk, the latter part of last week.
Chas. G. Clark, of Ohio who has been visiting with his sister, Mrs. D. W. Ligon, left Saturday for Beardstown and Springfield where he will visit with relatives before returning home.
Thos. Hardwick and daughter, Mrs. Ralph Simpson and children of Peoria, who have been the guests of relatives in Merritt, arrived Saturday for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Edward Leach and family.
The lawn social given on the Baptist Church lawn Saturday evening was a grand success and was certainly enjoyed by all present. Refreshments were served under the large maple trees where it was cool and refreshing after a hot sultry day.
Somebody, between the hours of five and four, Monday morning broke into George Thomas’ ice box and stole a roast of beef, two pounds of butter, some eggs and probably would have taken more but George arose and started for the back porch and they made their get away leaving the ice box open. They opened a basket of peaches but left them, as he no cream to eat with them and they probably don’t like peaches without cream.
Sunday afternoon we were asked by Mr. and Mrs. J. A. McKeene to join them in an auto trip. We went south to Glasgow and then took the bottom road into Hillview and from there to White hall, Roodhouse, Manchester and home. The trip was an enjoyable one and the outlook for a bumper crop was never better. Wheat and oats have been cut and the shocks in the fields were thick and large. We may not be good at estimating but from appearances we see no reason why wheat should not make from 25 to 30 bushels to the acre. Parties with whom we have talked tell us that this year’s oats crop will be a record breaker. We also passed the apple orchards in the Hillview district and from the appearance of things there should, be an abundant crop of apples, and here’s hoping.
Mrs. H. S. Reavis left Sunday for a visit to East Alton.
Matthew Chance was a business visitor to Belleville Sunday.
Mrs. Cora Rickart visited her grandmother of Drake Tuesday.
William Gray and wife visited with relatives in Merritt Sunday.
Walter Cline, wife and daughters were St. Louis visitors Sunday.
Bert Thompson of Beardstown visited with home folks here Saturday.
Dr. J. W. Dace left Sunday for a visit with his parents in Rushville.
John Pieper and wife and son, Ed. Pieper were Jacksonville visitors Tuesday.
Clyde Osterlie after a visit here with friends returned to St. Louis Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cohagan of Jacksonville spent Thursday in our city the guest of relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Newton Moore and children and Miss Tash of Bluffs were Monday visitors to our city.
Mrs. J. W. Balsley returned Sunday from a visit with her sister, Mrs. W.O. Northern of Greenfield.
A. L. McCauley and wife visited with their daughter, Mrs. Wm. Peak and husband in Greenfield Sunday.
Make your arrangements to spend all day Thursday the 16th of August at the Big Methodist Burgoo Picnic.
Things worth while at the Big Methodist Burgoo picnic. Remember the date Thursday Aug 16th all day.
Jack Hudson, wife and baby of Markham visited with the latter’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Tankersley, Sunday.
Mrs. Omar Castleberry, (my great aunt was Mrs. Oscar Castleberry of White Hall, s may be a typo) who has been visiting relatives and friends here, returned to her home in White Hall Sunday.
James Wainright of Whiting, Indiana is spending his summer vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wainright of this city.
Mrs. A.E. Marshall and two children of Hursdville, N.D. arrived Tuesday night, being called here by the death of her father, John W. Roark.
Mrs. Geo. Haymaker of Chapin arrived Saturday for a visit with home folks. She was accompanied by her niece Helen Groce, who had been visiting.
Avoid kissing if you would have a beautiful mouth says Lillian Russell. But, Lillian, it is mostly beautiful mouths that are kissed. No harm in that, is there?
Your attention is called to the page advertisement for W.C. Kuechler in this issue, there is new of vital interest to you if you are needing anything in his line.
Speaking of the trouble in East St. Louis, we are reminded that we just recently waxed eloquent in advice to Great Britain as to the settling of the Irish question.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cohagan, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Clemins and daughter, Leana, and Mr. French of Jacksonville were guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Cohagan Sunday.
Mrs. H.A. McKeene of Springfield and Mrs. And Mrs. Charles Obermeyer and children of Chicago and Mrs. And Mrs. Dwight Obermeyer and children of Kansas City, visited with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Obermeyer, the past week.

If you were not too busily engaged this week and had looked in the rear you would have noticed our pink-whiskered senator, Jayham Lewis, waving a white flag. Some one ought to tap both him and “Billy” Mason just back of the ear with a p.e. club.—Greenfield Argus.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sterling East St. Louis are the guests of relatives here.
Mrs. Goldie Edwards, who has been visiting relatives and friends here, has returned to East St. Louis.
Roy Welch, wife and little daughter, who have been visiting relatives here returned to Wood River.
Mrs. Virgie Rennie and son left Tuesday for Hillview where she will visit her brother Ira Violett for a few days before returning to her home in Ft. Worth Texas.
If you have borrowed this paper from your neighbor be sure to return it when you have finished reading it. He subscribed because he wanted it.
Mr. and Mrs. George Cohagan in company with Mrs. Cora Rickart and Mrs. R.R. Rennie and son John Hughes were visitors to Hillview and Drake Tuesday afternoon.
Ed Ritche, who for the past twenty-five years or more has been in the employ of the Burlington R.R. in this city, retired from active work Tuesday on account of ill health.
Among the charges against a southern sheriff whom his constituents are trying to remove from office, is he smokes cigarettes. The cuss should cultivate a few real vices.
Miss Francis Coultas entertained several of her friends at a dinner party Sunday evening in honor of her brother, Wilson who is soon to leave to join his company in the Missouri National Guards.
Mrs. Samuel Bailey, who has been with her daughter, Ruby, who recently underwent an operation at Passavant Hospital Jacksonville, returned home Sunday. She reports Miss Ruby as doing nicely.
The case of the PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS vs. C.S. BOWMAN was given to the jury Saturday night. After several hours of deliberation they returned sealed verdict which was opened Monday morning and found to be “we the jury find the defendant guilty as charged in the indictments.”
James Crabtree was a passenger for Wood River Monday.
Too much Denman, too much Goethals, too few ships, get busy!
Henry Pfenninger of Alsey was a visitor to our city Tuesday night.Mr. and Mrs. Dick have returned from a visit with relatives in Bloomington.
Wanted—a girl for general housework, Call in person on Mrs. Harve Overton.
Mrs. Otis Dawson left Tuesday for Chapin where she will be the guest of home folks.
Miss Mildred Fair, who has been the guest of friends here, returned to White Hall Tuesday.
Big cow sale at Chapin, Saturday, august 4. If you need a good milker now is your opportunity.
Mr. and Mrs. N.B. Getty returned to their home in Quincy Wednesday after a visit here with relatives.
Miss Elsie Dyer, who has been visiting with relatives and friends here, returned to Hillview Tuesday.
Quite a number of young folks left here Wednesday morning for an outing on Little Blue River in Pike County.
Mrs. Charles Townsend left Tuesday for Canton, where she will visit with her daughter, Mrs. Vivian Fortenbauch.
Mrs. Bluford Haffner and children of East St. Louis are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Evans and other relatives here.
Rev. G.E. Prewitt, who has been enjoying a vacation, will be home and preach, at the Christian Church Sunday morning.
Mrs. Ira Flynn, son Herman and daughter, Mabel, Mrs. Chas Friday and Mrs. Cora Rickart were Jacksonville visitors Wednesday
An exchange protests against the proposal to make men’s garments without pockets Piffle! Editors have no use for pockets, anyway.
Correa & Co. of Manchester hold one of their big cow sales at the livery barn in Chapin, Saturday, Aug. 4. 30 head of cows to be sold. A chance to get a good winter cow.

August 2, 1917 continued from another area of that issue:
J. A. Young is on the sick list at this writing.
William Farrington of Jacksonville was on our streets Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Howard were Winchester visitors Friday.
Edrie Zyph of Greene County has been visiting here with relatives.
Dr. Houghton was called to Harley Blair’s Saturday to see a sick mule.
John Todd and family spent Sunday here with Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Todd.
Clay Sherwin of White Hall was greeting friends on our streets Sunday.
Charles Leitze and wife of Manchester are visiting here with relatives.
Several from here attended the boat excursion to Beardstown last Thursday.
The play entitled “Star Bright” given in the hall Saturday was well attended.
Mrs. James Welch returned home Tuesday from a visit with relatives in Green County.
Fay Swartz of Montezuma is spending a few days here with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith.
Mrs. L. Wilkinson and children of Patterson spent Thursday here with M.G. Price and wife.
Albert Cumby spent a few days of this week with his son Harvey Cumby and family of Pearl.
Russell Woodall of Manchester...... (End of column at top half of paper, lower wasn’t copied by me at this time)

Top of next column of paper, at top half of page...grandmother, Mrs. Auida Dunn Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Miller of Meredosia visited friends here Saturday.
Mrs. Ed. Berry is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Loyd Yeck of Arenzville.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Smith spent the week end visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Orchard.
Mrs. Molly Deuton, Mrs. Homer Krews and children left here Wednesday for a visit with relatives in Petersburg.
Mr. G. R. Berry and children Marie and Alec visited Louise N. berry Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Whitlock.
Mrs. Sidney Bouesteel returned to her home in Winsdale, Ill., last Tuesday after an extended visit with relatives and friends here.
Mrs. Howard Peak and daughter, Mrs. Luke Whitlock visited at the home of Mr. Jacob Peak Sunday, who is very low. He is suffering with a stroke of paralysis.
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Whitlock and Louise N. Berry arrived home last Monday after a visit with friends and relatives in Waverly, Auburn, Springfield, Decatur and Lathaw.
Leouora Ward arrived home this week from Normal, where she has been attending school. She expects to visit home folks until Sept. 1st when she will return to Clinton, Ill., where she has been employed to teach the primary grade the coming year.

(Skipped to next column top half of page of paper):
Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Hatfield went to St. Louis to take Meynard and Littian Hatfield home. From there they went to Mr. Hatfield’s farm in Kansas for an extended visit.
George White and daughter, Edith, came down from Jacksonville to spend Sunday with Mrs. Josephine Hatfield. Mr. White returned home Sunday but Edith will stay about two weeks.
Mrs. Will Meyers, south of town, entertained one day last week for her daughter, Frieda, the Sunday School class of girls with Miss Beulah Hatfield the teacher, also Rev. and Mrs. Haas, Leita Hatfield and Gladys Cannon were present and spent a very pleasant afternoon. Delicious refreshments were served.

Estate of Lide Rhodes, deceased.
The undersigned, having been appointed Executrix of Estate of Lide Rhodes, deceased, late of the County of Scott and the State of Illinois, hereby gives notice that she will appear before the County Court of Scott County at the Court House in Winchester at the September Term on the first Monday in September next at which time all person s having claims against said Estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having the same adjusted. All to make immediate payment to the Undersigned.
Dated this 28th day of June A.D. 1917
Flora A. Smith. Executrix

The sixteen suffragettes who were sentenced to serve sixty days in the workhouse for a violation of law in the District of Columbia would get little notice or sympathy if they were men. Being women, they pose as martyrs and expect the full measure of notoriety which their natures crave. They ought not to get the columns of publicity they pine for, nor ought they to be.... (Top half of paper ends here)

ANOTHER SECTION OF THE AUGUST 2, 1917 PAPER Sometimes the personal info was repetitive in the same issue. Starts in the middle section of the column, the following covers the 3 columns adjacent to each other in the middle of the page.
Margaret and Kathleen Wilkinson of Patterson spent the latter part of the week here with relatives.
Mrs. Frank Orris of Alsey was here Saturday visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hardin Wilkinson.
Rev. Aylesworth of Springfield filled his regular appointment here at the Christian church Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Oma Edwards, who has been making an extended visit here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kirt Blair, returned Saturday to his home in Elgin, ILL.
Joe Ruby had the misfortune Monday of getting his foot badly crushed while at work bailing heavy. Dr. O’Reilly was called and he is now doing nicely.
William Smith visited Sunday with his little son, who in Jacksonville at the hospital. He reports him as being much improved, and will soon be able to be brought home.
Clyde Lewis and wife entertained the following at their home Sunday; Mr. and Mrs. Lennie Crabtree, Ruby Blair, Mrs. William Lewis, Misses Allie Watt and Fay Swartz and Clyde Lewis.
Miss Mary Ward spent the week end with home folks.
Mr. and Mrs. John Porter and family were Saturday callers here.
Miss Mary Berry left here for Chicago Saturday for a short visit.
Mrs. Ercil Hart, visited her..... (End of top half of paper and column, didn’t copy the bottom half yet, ran out of time)

Adjacent column, starts in the middle of the page;
John Stewart and family spent Saturday and Sunday with Jesse Stewart and wife near Winchester. (Other info was spelled STUART in this same paper, but may be another family)
Leo Daudy and family of White Hall spent the latter part of the week here, the guests of his brother, Roy and wife.
Fish are biting fine this week. Will Mayes is threshing this week.
Laurenite Man spent Friday in Naples.
Mable Gregory was a Bluffs visitor Sunday.
Harvey Green is sporting a new Cheverolet. (their spelling)
Clarence McCaleb was down Tuesday fishing.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Vanhyning visited here Sunday (I’ve seen spelled Van Hyning, but not here)
Mrs. J. Ritter visited Mrs. McCaleb at Bluffs last week.
Miss York of St. Louis is visiting at the home of C.E. Quintal.
C.M. Ritter has been attending court at Winchester the past week.
Mrs. Clarence McNear and children left Sunday for Niota, where they will spend the summer.
Quite a number of Naples people went to Pike County last week to attend the fair at Griggsville.
Mrs. Charles Shuley and daughters of Peoria have been visiting her sister, Mrs. James Chambers the past two weeks.
Earl Ritter is somewhat discouraged with matrimonial affairs, as he heard several divorce cases tried at court last week.
(My copy ends here in this column)

(adjacent column)
...lawbreakers have to put up with is just what these women need, to teach them respect for law and order. And until they have learned to obey the law they have no business with a ballot....
Estate of Andrew J. Madden, Deceased.
The undersigned having been appointed Executrix of the Estate of Andrew J. Madden. Deceased, late of the county of Scott and the State of Illinois hereby give notices that he will appear before the County Court of Scott County at the Court House in Winchester, at the October term on the First Monday in October next at which time all persons having claims against said Estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of the same adjusted. All persons indebted to said estate are required to make immediate payment to the Undersigned.
Dated this 21st day of July, A.D. 1917
Marten Madden, Executrix. (Even though it refers to “he” in notice, it also says “Executrix”, but I’m not sure if “Marten” is a male or female)

CATARRH CANNOT BE CURED... (Ad for cure of this “blood or constitutional disease”, “Hall’s Catarrh Cure”)
(Sold at local pharmacy)
Estate of Thomas K. George, deceased. The undersigned having been appointed Administrator of the October term on the first Monday in October next as which time all persons...
Dated this 21st day of July A.D. 1917
Oscar George, administrator.
(The dates on the probate notices, are the dates they were posted, not the date of this newspaper, they will appear in every issue until the court date)

End of this part of column...more copied soon
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