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Thomas Wood SR (b.1760'sVA-living 1842 Clarke/Oconee Co GA)

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Thomas Wood SR (b.1760'sVA-living 1842 Clarke/Oconee Co GA)

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I am trying to sort out the Wood family of early Clarke/Oconee Co GA. Warning: this definitely contains some educated speculation. Can anyone prove or disprove that the following were children & grandchildren of Thomas Wood SR who was listed in the Clarke Co tax digest from 1802 to 1842?? And where in Virginia did he come from?

All additions & corrections welcome

Thomas Wood SR
(b.1760's-living 1830) married ???????? (B.1760's-living 1830). Listed
in the Clarke Co Ga tax digest 1802-1842. Some online sources say he
came from Buckingham Co or Mecklenburg Co VA. Some online sources say
he died in 1839, but he is listed in the tax digest through 1842. There
are two Thomas Wood listed in the 1840 Clarke Co GA census but neither
is old enough to be Thomas SR. Thomas Wood SR is listed in the 1827 GA Land Lottery as Revolutionary soldier.

1820 Oglethorpe Co GA census
Wood, Thomas 1m16-18 1m16-26 1m>45 1f10-16 1f>45

1830 Clarke Co GA census
Wood, Thomas SR 1m<5 1m5-10 1m15-20 1m60-70 2f<5 1f15-20 1f20-30 1f60-70

1840 Clarke Co GA census
Wood, Thomas 1m<5 1m10-15 1m20-30 1m50-60 1f15-20 2f20-30 1f40-50
NOTE: Thomas should be in his 70's in 1840. Tax digests indicate that there were only two Thomas Wood in Clarke Co from 1839 to 1842 (Jr and SR)

I suspect that Thomas Wood SR had two brothers:
1)William B Wood (b.1780-85VA-d.1850's Clarke Co GA) md Lydia ____? Ten children listed in estate records.
2)John "Jack"Jackson" Wood (b.1775-80VA-living 1860 Clarke Co GA) married ???? (She died between 1840 & 1860. No children.

Believed to be children and grandchildren of Thomas Wood SR:

1)WILLIAM WOOD (b.pre-1791--d.pre.1827) md 1809 Clarke Co Ga to
Elizabeth Sims (b.1780's-living 1848)
-1810 tax digest indicates that Thomas Wood transferred land he owned in Wilkinson Co to William Wood.
-Last found in 1818 Clarke Co tax digest in Ga Factory District. Is Betsy Woods listed in 1820 Clarke Co census his wife??
-minor children of William Wood (father absent) won land in 1827 lottery.
-1830 tax digest: Thomas Stewart paid tax as agent for orphans of Elizabeth
Wood (land won in 1827 lottery)(Georgia Factory District)

1830 Clarke Co GA census (includes my GUESSING as to who each person is)
Wood, Elizabeth
1m<5 (Wm J T M Stewart, son of Lucinda Wood)
1m10-15 (William Rosson Wood (b.1815)
1m20-30 (Thomas Stewart, husband of Lucinda Wood)
2f<5 (Kittie E Stewart (Lucinda Wood's stepdaughter) & Permelia A Wood (Lucinda's daughter)
1f5-10 (Hannah Stewart (Lucinda Wood's stepdaughter)
1f10-15 (Mertis Ann Wood)
1f20-30 (Lucinda Wood-Stewart)
1f 40-50 (Elizabeth Sims-Wood)

Lucinda Wood (b.abt.1808-living 1860) married 1829 clarke Co Ga to
Thomas Stewart (b.abt.1801-d.1854-1855). Was Beechey Wood, age 87,
listed with Lucinda Stewart in the 1860 census, Elizabeth Sims Wood??

William Rosson Wood (b.abt.1815-living 1880) md 1835 Clarke Co Ga to
Martha "Matilda" Kines (b.abt.1816-living 1870), daughter of Martin
Kines and Elizabeth WOOD. In 1880, his wife is called Susan. Is this
Matilda' s middle name or is she a 2nd wife?

C. Mertis Ann Wood (b.1815-19)-d.1851-1860)) md 1834 Clarke Co Ga to David Royster (d.1854/5).

D. John Wood (b.abt.1809-d.1883 Oconee Co Ga) md:
1)1831 Clarke Co Ga to Martha Brightwell (b.1810-15--living 1840)--divorced 1839
2)1839 Clarke Co Ga to Fanny Kelley (b.abt.1812-living 1880)
I am less confident that John was William's child


2)ELIZABETH WOOD (b.abt.1793VA-living 1850) married 1810 Clarke Co Ga to Martin Kines (b.abt.1786VA-living 1850).

1820 Clarke Co GA census
Kines, Martin 2m<10 1m26-45 5f<10 1f16-26 1f26-45

1830 Clarke Co GA census
Kines, Martin 1m<5 1m5-10 1m15-20 1m40-50 2f<5 3f10-15 3f15-20 1f40-50

1840 Oglethorpe Co GA census
Kines, Martin 1m5-10 1m10-15 2m20-30 1m50-60 1f10-15 2f15-20 1f20-30 1f50-60

A. John Kines (b.1810-15--living 1831)

B. Thomas Kines ((b.1810-15-living 1846) md 1839 Clarke Co Ga to Frances
Wood (b.abt.1820-living 1889), daughter of Mary "Polly" WOOD. ONE
Thomas Kines paid taxes in Fulton Co Ga in the 1850's; same Thomas???

C. Sarah Kines (b.abt.1810-living1850)-single

D. Quillion Anne Kines (b.abt.1813-living 1860) md 1833 Clarke Co Ga to Elijah Bradshaw (b.abt.1808-d.(1860-70))

E. Martha "Matilda" Kines (b.abt.1816-living 1870) md 1835 Clarke Co Ga to
William Rosson WOOD (b.abt.1815-living 1880), son of William WOOD and
Elizabeth Sims.

F. Jane Kines (b.pre-1820) md 1835 Clarke Co Ga
to William Allen. There is a William (36) and Jane (35) Allen listed in
the 1850 DeKalb Co Ga census; is that them??

G. Susan Kines (b.abt.1820-living 1850)-single

H. Elizabeth Kines (b.abt.1820--d.1885 Bartow Co Ga) md 1839 Oglethorpe Co Ga to Alexander Bowling (b.1815-d.1862)

I. Louisa Kines (b.pre-1825--living 1840) md 1840 Clarke Co GA to John W Deal

J. Henry Martin Kines (b.1829-living 1880) md 1849 Newton Co Ga to Elizabeth Wheeler (b.abt.1833-living 1880)

K. Ishmal Wooldridge Willard Kines (b.1833Ga-d.1909AL) md 1852 to Sarah "Sally" ______.

L. William Kines (b.abt.1842)--was he a grandson???


3. MERRITT WOOD (b.abt.1794VS-d.1854AL) married:
A)1818 Clarke Co GA to Catherine Garner (b.pre.1803-d.1825)
B)1826 clarke Co GA to Nancy Jeffries (b.1812GA-d.1877AL)
Listed in census: 1820 Clarke Co GA, 1840 Newton GA, 1850 Benton Co AL.

1820 Clarke Co GA census
Wood, Merit 1m<10 1m26-45 1f16-26

1830 Clarke Co GA census
Wood, Merit 2m5-10 1m10-15 1m30-40 1f<5 1f10-15 1f15-20

1840 Newton Co GA census
Wood, Meret. 2m<5 1m 40-50 2f5-10 1f10-15 1f20-30

A. Jeremiah M Wood (b.1819)
B. Eliza "Loser" Wood (b.1821)
C. Willis L Wood (b.1823)
D. Miles Wood (b.1825)

E. Mary A Wood (b.1827-d.1834)
F. Matilda Wood (b.1832)
G. Dora Wood (b.1833-d.1901)
H. Lydia Wood (b.1834)
I. Martha Jane Wood (b.1836)
J. Francis Marion Wood (b.1837-d.1902)
K. Anderson Merritt Wood (b.1838-d.1862)
L. Thomas Jefferson Wood (b.1841-d.1910 Arkansas)
M. Wiley Wood (b.1843-d.1844)
N. Frances Elizabeth Wood (b.1845)
O. Nancy Ann Wood (b.1847)
P. Andrew Jackson Wood (b.1849AL-d.1897TX)


4.THOMAS WOOD JR (b.abt.1799GA-d.1878AL) md 1823 Clarke Co GA to Nancy Garner (b.abt.1790VA-living 1850AL)

1830 Clarke Co GA census
Wood, Thomas JR 1m<5 1m5-10 1m30-40 1f<5 1f30-40

1840 Clarke Co GA census
Wood, Thomas 1m10-15 1m30-40 1f10-15 1f15-20 1f30-40

A. Jane Wood (b.abt.1826GA-liv 1850AL)
B. Owen Wood (b.1830GA-d.1907AL) md Mary Ann Boozer
C. William Wood (b.1820-25--living 1860) md Nancy Agnes Wilson-Boozer (1805-1882)


5.JOHN L WOOD (b.abt.1796VA--d.1869-70 Clarke Co Ga) married:
A.Ruth ____? (B.abt.1800 SC/TN--d.(1850-58))
B.1858 Clarke Co GA to Elmira Jones (b.1836-d.1924 Barrow Co GA)

1820 Oglethorpe Co GA census
Wood, John L 1m<10 1m16-26 1f16-26

1830-can't find??

1840 Clarke Co GA census
Wood, John 1m<5 1m5-10 3m10-15 1m15-20 1m20-30 1m40-50 2f<5 2f10-15 1f15-20 1f20-30 1f40-50

A. John W Wood (b.abt.1826-living 1870) md Catherine "Kitty" Elizabeth
Stewart (b.abt.1826-living 1870). Census: 1850 Clarke Co
GA, 1860-1870 Newton Co GA. 1880 Gwinnett Co GA??? Stepdaughter of
Lucinda WOOD Stewart.

B. Parthenia Wood (b.1828-d.1897)-unmarried-buried Greene Co GA.

C. Delilah Wood (b.abt.1830-living 1880 Oconee Co GA) married:
1.Thomas Y Booth in 1852 Clarke Co GA
2.______? Dawson
3.James O'Dillon SR in 1870

D. Anderson Wood (b.abt.1832-living 1850)--is this Anderson Wood (b.1832GA-d.1906) who's buried in Hillsborough Co FL??

E. Jane Wood (b.abt.1836-living 1850)--is this Lucy Jane Wood that md John Pendleton Grimes in 1854 Clarke Co GA?

F. Lorena Wood (b.1844-d.1908) md 1859 Clarke Co GA to Benjamin B Lanier. Buried in Greene Co GA. No children.

G. Kizzie Lucinda Wood (b.1846-living 1920 Oconee Co GA) md 1867 Clarke Co GA to Samuel Fielding

H. Thomas B Wood (b.1848-d.1915) md Delma Dial
(1862-1950). Buried Greene Co GA.

I. Almeda Evaline Wood (b.1859-d.(1870-1924))

J. Millard Fillmore Wood (b.1861-d.1938 Barrow Co GA) md abt. 1886 to Sarah F____ (b.Jan 1858-d.(1920-30))


6.MARY "POLLY" WOOD (b.abt.1801GA-d.1891 Oconee Co GA)-not married.
This is my line. I need to find PROOF that she was a single woman, rather than a widow (by 1850). In the 1880 Oconee Co census, she claims to be a widow. However, she is referred to as MISS Polly Wood in at least one record. In 1870, Ann Wood-Loyd was living with Mary Wood (her sister?). The Revolutionary War Pension of Joseph Garner contains a letter from Charles G Burger (b.1788), written in 1842, claiming that his son, Jacob Burger married "Poley Wood's daughter". In 1850, Benjamin McRee (age 83) gave six acres of land to Mary Wood for "natural regard and affection". He was not her father; were they related??

A. Frances Wood (b.abt.1820-living 1889 Oconee Co GA) md 1839 Clarke Co GA
to Thomas Kines (b.1810-15--living 1846), son of Martin Kines and
Elizabeth WOOD.

B. Martha Ann Wood (b.abt.1822-living 1897 Oconee Co GA) md 1841 Clarke Co GA to Jacob Burger (1820-1864)

C. William Wood (b.1825-d.1905 Clarke Co GA) md 1847 Clarke Co GA to Mary Loving (b.abt.1827-d.1914)


7.NANCY WOOD (b.abt.1806-living 1850) md 1826 Clarke Co GA to James Allen
(b.abt.1803-living 1850). Census: 1830-1840 Clarke Co GA, 1850 Cobb Co

1830 Clarke Co GA census
Allen, James 1m<5 1m20-30 1f<5 1f15-20

1840 Clarke Co GA census
Allen, James 2m<5 1m5-10 1m10-15 1m30-40 1f<5 1f5-10 1f30-40

A. James T Allen (b.abt.1832GA-liv 1850)
B. Sarah A Allen (b.abt.1833GA-liv 1850)
C. Absalom H Allen (b.abt.1835GA-liv 1850)
D. Joseph S Allen (b.abt.1837GA-liv 1850)
E. Nancy J Allen (b.abt.1839GA-liv 1850)
F. Martha W Allen (b.abt.1848GA-liv 1850)

8.ANN WOOD (b.1810-12--d.1885 Oconee Co GA) md 1837 Clarke Co GA to Lewallyn
Loyd (b.18__-liv 1840). Ann Loyd lived with her (sister?) Mary "Polly"
Wood in the 1870 census, and next door to her in 1880.
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