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Surnames: Williams
None of the names you mention are familiar to me. However, since they were in the same area of SC at about the same time, they might be related. Here's a summary of my ancestry. Please keep in mind that it is only a working theory at this point, though much of it is documented. It begins with the fourth generation back from me (In generations 1-3, there are still living family members whom I chose not to list for privacy reasons).

Fourth Generation

Joseph Oscar WILLIAMS was born on 25 Sep 1881 in Vernon, Alabama. He died on 8 Feb 1966 in Vernon, Alabama. Buried at Mt. Zion beside an unnamed infant son (1902) born to him and his wife, Laura F. Pennington Williams (she is buried at Shiloh Pinhook). In an anonymous Williams Family tree list, found in Odus A. Williams' family tree information, J.O. Williams' birthdate is listed as September 25, 1881. This date is corroborated by at least one other source--a letter from someone named "Virginia" to Odus Williams written in 1964. The date of September 22, 1881 is on his gravemarker at the Mt. Zion cemetery.

I have a copy of Joseph Oscar Williams' and Laura Frances Pennington's marriage certificate stating: "This certifies that Joseph Oscar Williams and Laura Frances Pennington of Fernbank, Alabama were united by me in the bonds of holy matrimony at the home of Aaron Pennington (Laura’s father who was a well-respected Baptist minister), Fernbank, Alabama on the 24th day of October in the year of our Lord 1901 in the presence of Aaron Pennington and Baily Pennington." It also bears Joseph's and Laura's signatures.

Laura Frances Pennington WILLIAMS was born on 28 Nov 1881 in Vernon, Alabama. She died on 16 Jan 1967 in Vernon, Alabama. She was buried at Shiloh Pinhook Cemetery in Hightogy with two of her children, Ola F. Taylor and Paul Williams. She and her husband, Joseph Oscar Williams, were buried at separate cemeteries because they eventually divorced one another and were never reconciled.


1. An infant child (b. and d. 1902)
2. Curtis Theron Williams (b. June 6, 1904; d. Oct 26, 1997)
3. Odus Aaron Williams (b. Jan 31, 1906; d. Jan 4, 1984)
4. Joseph Ardus Williams (b. Oct 11, 1907; d. May 1980)
5. Ola Williams Taylor (b. March 21, 1909; d. July 28, 1990)
6. Ernest Pinneger Williams (b. April 10, 1911; d. Jan 21, 1999)
7. Luther Williams (b. March 1, 1913 and still living)
8. Preston Williams (b. Oct 14, 1914; d. Dec 10, 1992)
9. Oscar Mervin (Mutt) Williams (b. Nov 10. 1916; d. Oct 1983)
10. Edith Maureen Williams Rector (still living)
11. Deward Belmont Williams (b. Oct 7, 1921; d. unknown)
12. Paul Williams (b. June 19, 1922; d. Jan 7, 1928)

Fifth Generation

Theron Theodore WILLIAMS was born on 25 Sep 1857 in Vernon, Alabama. He died on 31 Jul 1924 in Vernon, Alabama.

He appeared in the census in 1900 in Lamar County, Alabama. Lamar Co., AL, Page 162B, Beat 18 Ridge, June 8:

Thiron Williams, Sept 1857, AL NC NC, married 19 years, farmer, owns farm free of mortgage
Lydia R. Williams, May 1859, AL AL AL, wife, 10 children, 9 living
Joseph R. (Oscar) Williams, Sept 1881, AL AL AL, son
Sarah F. Williams, Aug 1883, AL AL AL, daughter
George C. Williams, Aug 1884, AL AL AL, son
John B. Williams, April 1887, AL AL AL, son
William P. Williams, Nov 1889, AL AL AL, son
Dara J. Williams, Oct 1891, AL AL AL, daughter
Mary C. Williams, Aug 1893, AL AL AL, daughter
Rufus R. Williams, Sept 1895, AL AL AL, son
Lydia A. Williams, Jan 1897, AL AL AL, daughter

Theron Theodore WILLIAMS and Lydia Rebecca WILLIAMS were married on 23 Dec 1880 in Vernon, Alabama. Marriage performed in Lamar Co., at B. L. Falkner’s home by Minister of the Gospel M. R. Seay, OS Page 338.

Lydia Rebecca Falkner WILLIAMS was born on 29 May 1859 in Lamar County, Alabama. She died on 29 Jan 1940 in Vernon, Alabama. According to one family history list, her death was 1-31-1940, two days after what was listed on her gravemarker. Perhaps this family history list mistakenly listed her funeral date as her death date. She died during a big snow storm. Her father, Burrell Falkner, was the first probate judge for Lamar County when it was formed just after the Civil War. He was a stalwart Republican, and was appointed by the U.S. President to this position.


1. Joseph Oscar Williams (b. Sept 25, 1881; d. Feb 15, 1968)
2. Sarah Frances Williams Johnson (b. Aug 10, 1883; d. Nov 8, 1904)
3. George Cleveland Williams (b. Aug 17, 1884; d. Mar 9, 1970)
4. Catherine Williams
5. Narcissus Susan Williams (b. Nov 23, 1885; d. June 5, 1886)
6. John Burrell Williams (b. April 6, 1887; d. Sept 4, 1961)
7. William Polk Williams (b. Nov 13, 1889; d. July 26, 1983)
8. Dora Irene Williams Sisson (b. Oct 12, 1891)
9. Mary Christina Williams Conner (b. Sept 5, 1893; d. Sept 25, 1962)
10. Rufus Theodore Williams (b. Sept 23, 1896; d. July 2, 1903)
11. Lydia Icybell Williams Rogers (b. Jan 13, 1897; d. Sept 24, 1990)

Sixth Generation

John WILLIAMS was born on 29 Jan 1826 in South Carolina.

He appeared in the census in 1850 in Spartanburg, S.C.. Spartanburg Co., SC Census, AI#44:
John Williams, 29, farmer, b. SC; Narcissa, 18, b. SC. They were living next door to James and Christena Williams, and Silas and Mary Williams.

He received a land grant in AL Lamar, Tuscaloosa 34787 AL2880__.371 S1/2 SW 9/ 16-S 15-W Huntsville AL Lamar on 1 Jun 1858 in Lamar County, Alabama. He also received a land grant AL Lamar Tuscaloosa 37204 AL2940__.087 SESW 8/ 16-S 15-W Huntsville AL Lamar on 2 Jul 1860 in Lamar County, Alabama. (Note: Once he arrived in Alabama, he did not move even though in the various censuses, it shows him as living in three different counties: Fayette, Sanford, then Lamar. The county he lived in changed names three times.)

He appeared in the census in 1860 in Fayette County, Alabama (Western Division) Census. John Williams, 34, farmer, b. SC, value of real estate $150.00, personal $150.00;
Narcisse, 28, b. SC;
Nancy, 9, b. SC;
James, 7, b. SC;
William, 5, b. SC;
Thenia (Theron), 3, b. AL;
Peter, 1/12, b. AL.

Living next door (alone) was James Williams (his father), 53, ditcher, b. SC.

He appeared in the census in 1870 in Sanford County, Alabama. U.S. Federal Census, Alabama, Sanford County, Wilson Beat, AI#3:
John Williams, 48 farmer, b. SC, value of real estate $500.00, personal $300.00;
Narcissa, 38, b. SC;
James B., 17, works on farm, b. SC;
William D., 16, works on farm, b. SC;
Thirron T., 13, works on farm, b. AL;
Catherine, 19, b. SC;
Joseph, 6, b. AL;
Phelan P., 4, b. AL.
Son, Peter, 11, was shown in the household of William A. and Blanche Williams, apparently relatives.

He appeared in the census in 1880 in Lamar County, Alabama. U.S. Federal Census, Alabama, Lamar, AL Page #634B, Township 16, Beat 1, District 134, AI#2:
John Williams, 1825, SC SC SC, self;
Narcissa Williams, 1832, SC SC SC, wife;
Catharine Williams, 1851, SC SC SC, daughter;
Thirron T. Williams, 1857, AL SC SC, son;
Josiah N. Williams, 1864, AL SC SC, son;
Fielding P. Williams, 1866, AL SC SC, son;
Scynthia C. Williams, 1871, AL SC SC, daughter;
Rufus A. Williams, 1876, AL SC SC, son. He died on 10 Feb 1899 in Vernon, Alabama.

The following information was found in a letter from Lydia Williams to Odus Williams in 1976: John Williams entered all of S.E. 1/4 of Sec 3, 16 S, 15 R.W.; S.E. 1/4 of S.W. 1/4 of Sec. 3. Dec 31, 1855. No. 37204 and Dec 10, 1855. No. 34707. This deed was signed by President James K. Polk.

John Williams was one of four deacons at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in the Hightogy Community south of Vernon, Alabama (1882). He was buried in the church cemetery beside his wife, Narcissa C. (probably Seay, her maiden name) Williams and three children: John L.; Nancy; and an unnamed infant (5-13-1863--6.27-1863).

In the 1880 Lamar County Census, he indicated that both of his parents were born in South Carolina, as well as his wife's parents. John WILLIAMS and Narcissa Seay WILLIAMS were married in 1849 in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Narcissa Seay WILLIAMS was born on 7 May 1831 in South Carolina. She died on 27 Feb 1904 in Vernon, Alabama.


1. Nancy Williams (b. Aug 11, 1850; d. Jan 31, 1884)
2. Catherine Williams (b. 1851)
3. James Jefferson Barton Williams (b. Nov 20, 1852; d. June 9, 1913 in Latimer County, OK)
4. William David Williams (b. c. 1853)
5. Theron Theodore Williams (b. Sept 25, 1857; d. July 31, 1924)
6. An infant child (b. May 13, 1860; d. June 27, 1860)
7. Peter Williams (b. 1860, perhaps a twin the infant above)
8. John L. Williams (b. Feb 10, 1862; d. Feb 7, 1863)
9. Another infant child (b. May 13, 1863; d. June 27, 1863)
10. Joseph Nathaniel Williams (b. 1864)
11. Fieland Pinkney Williams (b. Feb 11, 1867; d. Aug 29, 1923)
12. Cyntha Christena Williams Strickland (b. 1871)
13. Rufus Lonzo Williams (b. Sept 26, 1875; d. March 6, 1937)

Seventh Generation

James Robert WILLIAMS was born in 1806 in Chester County, South Carolina. In the 1860 census of Fayette County, Alabama, James Williams was listed as being 53 years old with the occupation of "dotcher" (ditcher?). In addition, he is listed as having been born in South Carolina. In the 1880 Lamar County Census, John Williams gave information indicating that both of his parents were born in South Carolina. He died in 1872. In the 1850 Spartanburg Census, his occupation was listed as "farmer."

In a family letter written in 1944, it was stated that he was known as "Jim Williams," and that he married a "Miss Berry." His death is listed as 1872, but no birth date is given. It indicates that he was married twice: first to a Miss Berry and had 7 children with her, then to Harriet Malinda (Nix) Funderburg who was widowed with two children from a previous marriage. He had 2 children with her. James Robert WILLIAMS and Christena Berry (?) WILLIAMS were married in 1825 in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Christena Berry (?) WILLIAMS was born in 1802 in South Carolina.


1. Sally Williams Brown
2. John Williams (b. Jan 29, 1826 in Spartanburg, SC; d. Feb 10, 1899 in Vernon, AL; m. Narcissa Seay in 1849 in Spartanburg, SC)
3. Silas Williams (b. c. 1827)
4. Anne L. Williams Honeycutt (b. 1828)
5. Joseph (Joe) Williams (b. 1832; d. 1860 in Civil War)
6. David R. Williams (b. 1833; d. 1928)
7. James O. (Jim) Williams (b. 1839)
8. Martha Williams Caples (b. 1841)

Harriet Malinda Nix Funderburg was married to James Robert Williams April 18, 1861 in Monroe County, MS. Her birthdate and date of death is presently unknown.


9. Catherine Tubb
10. Mary Tubb
11. Ambrose Williams (b. 1868)
12. Johnny L. Williams (d. 1874)

Eighth Generation

Robert WILLIAMS was born in 1766 in Kershaw County, South Carolina. He served in the South Carolina Militia in 1780 during the Revolutionary War. Pension issued for three years beginning in 1842 in Itawamba County, MS. He died on 4 Oct 1845 in Fayette County, Alabama. He owned two land grants 1837 and 1839 in Fayette County, Alabama. Robert Williams married Mary Horton c. 1785 (Mary b. c. 1765 and d. before 1805 in Greenville County, SC). They had nine children. Robert WILLIAMS and Margaret Sims WILLIAMS were married on 20 Dec 1805 in Chester County, South Carolina. They had six children.

Mary Horton Williams was born c. 1765 and died between 1802-1805 in Greenville County, SC.

Margaret Sims WILLIAMS was born in 1781 in South Carolina. She died after 1853 in Chickasaw County, Mississippi.

Children of Robert Williams and Mary Horton Williams:

1. Jesse Horton Williams (b. before 1790, Lancaster County, SC; d. after 1870, Henderson County, TX)
2. Rhoda Williams Murphy (b. before 1790, Lancaster County, SC; married a Murphy)
3. Lemuel Moses Williams (b. 1790, Chester County, SC; d. before 1860, Fayette County, AL)
4. Isaac Williams (b. 1792, Chester County, SC; received land grant on 10-2-1826 in Fayette County, AL; d. after 1850, Shelby County, AL)
5. Thomas N. (Nathan?) Williams (b. c. 1794, Chester County, SC)
6. John R. “Jack” Williams (b. Dec 5, 1798, Chester County, SC; d. Dec 20, 1873, Chesterville, Itawamba County, MS)
7. Alfred Joseph Williams (b. c. 1800, Greenville County, SC; d. 1866, Stewart County, GA)
8. Hiram Williams (b. c. 1800, SC; d. after 1850, Pontotoc County, MS)
9. William A. Williams (b. c. 1802, Greenville County, SC; received land grant on 9-20-1839 in Fayette County, AL; d. Sept 22, 1873, Big Pond, Sanford (Fayette) County, AL)

Children of Robert Williams and Margaret Sims Williams:

10. James Robert Williams (b. 1806, Chester County, SC; d. c. 1872)
11. Samuel Williams (b. c. 1810, SC; d. before 1840, Fayette County, AL; received a land grant on 9-20-1839 in Fayette County, AL)
12. Peggy Williams (b. between 1811-1814, SC or TN; married a Jackson or Jefferson)
13. Benjamin Williams (b. Jan 27, 1815, TN; d. Oct 27, 1883, Carroll County, MS)
14. Rebecca Ann Williams Cook (b. June 8, 1822, Lawrence County, AL; married a Cook; d. June 2, 1912, Live Oak County, TX)
15. Jane Williams Pate (b. c. 1826, Lawrence County, AL; married a Pate; d. after 1860, Chickasaw County, MS)

Ninth Generation

Nathan WILLIAMS Jr. was born about 1728 in VA. He died in 1782 in Camden District, SC. Nathan WILLIAMS Jr. and Selah/Celia WHITEHEAD were married about 1764 in Isle of Wight County, VA.

Selah/Celia WHITEHEAD was born about 1745 in Isle of Wight County, VA. She died in 1818 in Richland County, SC.


1. Joel Williams (b. c. 1765, Camden District, SC; served in the War of 1812, Anson County, Second Regiment, Camden District, SC)
2. Robert Williams (b. 1766, Kershaw County, SC; served in the Revolutionary War, South Carolina Militia; d. Oct 4, 1845, Fayette County, AL)
3. Eley Williams (b. c. 1770)
4. Green Williams (b. c. 1772; d. Sept 4, 1840, Richland County, SC)

Tenth Generation

Nathan WILLIAMS Sr. was born about 1700 in Southampton County, VA. He died in Jul 1758 in Nothampton County, NC. Nathan WILLIAMS Sr. married Rebecca ELEY.

Rebecca ELEY was born between 1700 and 1710 in Isle of Wight County, VA. She died in 1784 in Nothampton County, NC.


1. Eley Williams (b. 1726)
2. Nathan Williams, Jr. (b. c. 1728, Southampton County, VA; d. 1782, Camden District, SC; m. c. 1764 to Selah/Celia Whitehead (1745-1818))
3. Thomas Williams, 3rd (b. 1730, Southampton County, VA)
4. Martha Williams (b. 1732)
5. Jane Williams (b. 1734)
6. Lucy Williams (b. 1736)

Eleventh Generation

Thomas WILLIAMS was born in 1678 in Isle of Wight County, VA. He died in Nov 1759 in Southampton County, VA. Thomas WILLIAMS married was probably married to at least two women, one of whom was perhaps Susannah Blount (?) (b. c. 1680) and died before 1726 in Isle of Wight, VA. After about 1726, he also married Patience Gregory. The order of these wives may be reversed, and the maiden name of Susannah is highly suspect at this point.


1. Nathan Williams, Sr. (b. c. 1700, Southampton County, VA; d. July 1758, Northampton County, NC; m. Rebecca Eley (b. 1700; d. 1784)
2. Elizabeth Williams (b. c. 1702)
3. Anne Williams (b. c. 1704)
4. Mary Williams (b. c. 1706)
5. Thomas Williams, Jr. (b. c. 1707, Isle of Wight, VA; d. Nov 1766, Nottaway Parish, Southampton, VA)
6. Chaplin Williams (b. c. 1708; d. c. 1793?)
7. Patience Williams (b. c. 1708)
8. Benjamin Williams (b. c. 1710)
9. William Williams (b. c. 1711)
10. Joseph Williams (b. c. 1712)
11. Jacob Williams?

Twelfth Generation

John WILLIAMS was born in 1640 in Wales or Lower Parish, Isle of Wight County, VA. He died between 1691-92 in Isle of Wight County, VA. John WILLIAMS and Anne MOORE were married in 1671 in Isle of Wight County, VA.

Anne MOORE was born in c. 1637 in Isle of Wight County, VA. She died in Apr 1694 in Isle of Wight County, VA.

Documentation in my possession:

1. Anne Moore Williams made a gift of land to her children in April 1694, Isle of Wight County, VA. It may be assumed that she died shortly after that date.

2. John Williams made out his will in 1691, and it was probated in 1692.

3. John Williams was a planter and a Quaker preacher, Isle of Wight, VA according to Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, 1750-1930, Vol VI, Pagan Creek MM, p. 42.

4. Historical Southern Families, Vol XIX, Pitts of Georgia and Alabama, pp 161-163.


1. John Williams, Jr., (b. after 1671, Isle of Wight, VA)
2. Bridgett Williams Brown (b. after 1671, Isle of Wight, VA)
3. Elizabeth Williams Wright (b. 1672, Isle of Wight, VA)
4. Thomas Williams (b. 1678, Isle of Wight, VA; d. Nov 1759, Southampton County, VA; m. Susannah Blount c. 1700, Isle of Wight, VA; m. Patience Gregory c. 1726)
5. Mary Williams (b. 1682, Isle of Wight, VA)
6. Jane Williams (b. 1684, Isle of Wight, VA)
7. Nicholas Williams (b. 1686, Isle of Wight, VA)
8. William Williams (b. 1686, Isle of Wight, VA)
9. Richard Williams (b. 1688, Isle of Wight, VA; m 1710 to Sarah Daughtry (?); was a captain in some branch of the military or law enforcement—maybe a sheriff?)
10. Theophilus Williams (b. 1690, Isle of Wight, VA; died at a young age)

Prepared by: Dr. Keith Williams, Albertville, AL
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