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Wiley Family History

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Wiley Family History

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Surnames: Wiley
I have been going through information which my great-grandmother Grace Wiley Drake aquired and found this family history. This was sent to her from her cousin Arthur E. Morgan from his personal family information. I understand his entire collection of papers are located in a Library in Yellow Springs Ohio, I hope to get there soon to view his collection. What follows is his information, I have no documentation to support it, I hope this helps somone.

The name and family of Wiley/Wilie/or Willey

The name of Wiley Wylie Willey or Willy was of local origin and derived from the residence of the first bearers at the place of that name in England. It was found on the ancient records in the various forms of Wylie Wyly Wileye Willeye Wilie Willie Wylie Wyleye Wyle Wyley Wylly Wylley Weyley Weylie Wyllie Wylie Wiley Willey Willt and others of which the last four mentioned are the froms most generally known in America today.
Families bearing this name were to be found at early dates in the English Counties of Northumberland, Hants, Hereford, Worchester, Wilts, Cambridge, bedford, Salop, Shropshire, Sumerset, Heartford and London as well as in various parts of Scotland. They were for the most part of the Landed Gentry and Yeomanry of Great Britain.
Probably the earliest line of the family in England was decended from William DeWilley of Shropshire in the early thirteenth century. he is the father of a son Varian who married Petronilla DeKenley and had issue by her of Andrew who was the father of Burgo or Burga who maried Richard DeHarley, Sheriff of Shropshire in 1301.
Among the other early records of the family are those of Nicholas DeWyly of Wiltshire in the time of King Henry the Third and Edware the First. Richard DeWileye of Cambridgeshire in 1273, Rodger De Wyley of Bedfordshire about the same time, Hugs DeWyly of Wiltshire int he time of King Edward the First. Edmund Willie of Somersetshire in 1595, Elizabeth Wylley of Westminster in 1614, and Francis Willy of Hertfordshire in the early seventeenth century.
While it is not definitely known in every case from which of the many illustrious lines of the family in England the first emigrants of the name to America were descended, it is generally thought that most if not all of the Wileys, Wylies, Willeys and Willys derived from a common ancestor at a remote period.
Probably the first of the name in America was Jojn Wiley or Wylie of Reading Massachusetts about 1635 who appears to have come from England. He was the father of Susanna, Sara, and Timothy and possibly others as well evidences indicate he was the Ancestor of Ebenezer Wiley or Wylie who was living at Reading in the early eighteenth century.
About 1640 one of Isaac Willey or Willy came, probably from Wiltshire, England, to Boston whence he later removed to Charleston, Massachusetts and thence to New London, Connecticut. By he first wife Joanna he was the father of Isaac, Hana, Sarah, Mary, John, Abraham, and Joanna.
Of the sons of the emigrant Isaac, Isaac had no children by his first wife Francis Burcham whem he married in 1660, only a few years before his death. John was married at New London about 1668 to Miriam Allen Abel by whom he had issue of Isacc, Isabel, Jojn, Miriam, Allen, Abel, and Mary. Abraham was the father by his wife Elizabeth Mortimer of Thomas, Abraham and Jane.
Thomas Will<e>y or Wiley of Dover, New Hampshire emigrated from England about 1648. he was the father by his wife Margaret of Stephen, Samuel, John and possibly William.
Of the sons of emigrant Thomas; Stephen maried Abigail Pitman and hd issue by her of at least one son William and probably of others as well. Samuel was the father by his wife Mary of Samuel and others. John and William left no record of any descendants they may have had.
Others of the name who emigrated to America in the seventeenth century but left few records of themselves and their families were Allen Willey of Boston in 1634 who had a wife Alice. Edward ob Boston at an early date. Richard of Boston who married Elizabeth Willis and probably had a daughter named Ruth, and John Wiley of Charleston Massachusetts about 1678.
In the following century many others of the name settled in America among whom were Joseph Wiley of Oxford Massachusetts before 1719, who was the father by his wife Jane of John, Joseph, Sarah, Rebecca, Margaret, Moses, Elizabeth and Robert.
John Wyllie or Willy (of Scotich ancestry) who came from Ireland to Warren Naine about middle of the eghteenth century and ws the father by his wife Jane Harkness of Walter, Captin John, James, Robert, Thomas and Elizabeth and Samuel Wylie or Wiley (of Boston decent) who came from Ireland to Maryland or Virginia in 1759 and was the father by his wife mary, of Jane, William, Ann, Samues and james.
The descendants of there and probably other branches of the family in America have spread to pratically every state of the union and have aided in the groth of the country. As their ancestors aided in its founding they have been noted for the energy, industry, ambition, integrity, piety, perserverance, fortitude, loyalty, courage and leadership.
Among those of the name who fought as officers in the War of the Revolution were Lieutenant Aldrich, Major John and Ensign Wile of Massachusetts. Captin Robert Wiley of Pennsylvania, Catian Lieutenant John Willey of Connecticut and Captian Thomas Wylie of Pennsylvania.
William, Isaac, John, Abrahm, Thomas, Samuel, Richard, Edward, Joseph, Robert, and James are some of the Christian names most highly favored by the family.
A few of the many memvers of the family who have distinguished themselves in America in more recent times are:
William T. Willey 1811-1900 of Va, Statesman.
Robert Wylie 1839-1877 of the Isle of Man and America, Artist
Harvey Washington Wiley 1844-1930 of Indiana, Chemist

From the records of Arthur E. Morgan
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