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Wenzel family

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Wenzel family

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Surnames: Wenzel, Beckman, Ponto, Goodrich, Ritter, McIntire, Heyn, Teske, Krahn, Behnken, Wiltsey, Hollingshead, Hinck, Lutzi, Groth, Baker
William Wenzel was the first husband of Albertina Augusta Beckman (7/4/1855 Germany – 7/24/1919 Olmsted county MN; ). They lived in Wisconsin, and they had four children before William died.

*Clara Elizabeth Wenzel (12/8/1873 WI – 2/17/1941 Brookings SD; ) married Gustav August Ponto (8/2/1869 Germany – 7/11/1961 Volga SD; ) on 11/26/1891 in Rochester
* William August Wenzel (11/29/1876 Portage WI – 6/15/1950 Rochester MN; ) first married Jennie Maud Goodrich (Dec 1877 Olmsted county MN – 3/7/1904 Oronoco MN; ) on 1/11/1899 in Olmsted Cty and next married Mathilda H. Ritter (3/7/1879 Chicago – 4/25/1979 Pine Island MN; ) on 9/26/1906 in Olmsted Cty
* Minnie Kathryn Wenzel (3/24/1879 Portage WI – 2/26/1943 Rochester MN; ) married Ward McIntire (10/18/1858 Mauston WI – 2/11/1948 Rochester MN; ) on 12/10/1896 in Rochester.
*Emma G. Wenzel (10/3/1881 Portage WI – 8/20/1966 Rochester MN; ) married Edward Paul Heyn (9/28/1874 Elgin MN – 1/23/1937 Rochester MN; ) on 1/24/1901 in Olmsted county

The elder William and Albertina came to the US from Germany on 7/20/1872. William was purportedly born c. 1820, and died 9/2/1881 in Wisconsin, however I have been unable to find any records for him, and do not know where he is buried, but presumably somewhere in Wisconsin.

I received some information from a person who has been working on the Wenzel tree, and one thing she told me is that the Wenzel family lived in Chicago during the Chicago Fire and later moved to Portage WI. She indicated she knows there was a death record for William 9/2/1881 but was unable to find anything in Wisconsin records.

This could possibly be the family in 1880: The ages for all the people seem right, if you believe they got the wrong name for Albertina Augusta (Catherine?) and used the middle name of Clara (Elizabeth). If that is not them, then I have had no luck finding the Wenzel family in the 1880 census.

I do have obits for Albertina, Clara and Gustav Ponto, the younger William Wenzel and his wives Jennie and Mathilda, Minnie and Ward McIntire, and Emma and Edward Heyn, but I do not have an obit for the elder William Wenzel.

After William Wenzel died, Albertina married Julius Teske (1/20/1839 Germany – 10/29/1916; ) in 1882.

Julius had come to the US from Germany on 3/29/1881 with his daughter Edmunda (Amanda/Mandy). According to the information that was shared with me, his wife Agnes died on the way and was buried at sea. Amanda Teske (6/10/1871 Schielaus, Germany – 9/10/1948 Rochester MN; ) married Frederick Krahn (9/24/1854 Siegsdorf Bavaria Germany – 5/31/1929 Rochester MN; ) on 1/4/1898.

I do have obits for Julius Teske, and Amanda and Frederick Krahn.

Albertina and Julius had eight more children together; the first three were born in Wisconsin, and the rest were born in Minnesota after the family moved to Rochester MN in the late 1880s.

*Rose B. Teske (1/6/1883 Portage WI – 1/2/1961 Rochester MN; ) married Lewis C. Behnken (11/8/1877 Germany – 9/5/1956 Rochester MN; ) on 10/15/1902 in Rochester
*Charles Julius Teske (10/28/1885 Portage WI – 1/1/1970 Rochester MN; ) married Verna O. Witlsey (9/16/1892 Genoa MN – 4/21/1970 Rochester; ) on 11/3/1915 in Rochester MN
*Edward Frank Teske (1/30/1887 WI – 3/13/1969 Orange county CA; ) married Charlotta Catherine Hollingshead (7/16/1893 MI – 10/13/1973 Orange county CA; ) on 4/11/1953 in Hennepin county MN
*Henry Richard Teske (12/22/1888 Rochester MN – 8/31/1969 Rochester MN; ) married Katherine Hinck (3/13/1890 MN – 7/17/1982 Rochester MN; ) on 10/10/1915 in Rochester MN
*Emil Teske (11/5/1891 Cascade Township MN – 3/24/1980 Rochester; ) married Mabel Elsie Lutzi (2/10/1897 NE – 11/14/1994 Saint Louis Park MN; ) on 6/22/1920 in Rochester MN
*Edith (Mathilda?) Teske (10/9/1893 Olmsted county MN – 3/14/1945 Rochester MN; ) married Otto Herman Heyn (6/4/1886 Viola MN – 4/17/1943 Rochester MN; ) on 9/18/1912 in Olmsted Cty
*Frances A. Teske (7/15/1896 Haverhill MN – 5/4/1960 Rochester MN; ) married Carl H. Groth (10/10/1890 Fillmore county MN – 12/22/1968 Rochester; ) on 8/8/1917 in Olmsted Cty
*Elizabeth B. Teske (10/3/1898 Olmsted county MN – 10/3/1994 Pine Island MN; ) married Otto Calvin Baker (7/31/1886 Macon MS – 8/1/1975 Pine Island MN; ) on 9/12/1917 in Rochester

Here are Julius and Albertina Teske with their 8 kids in 1900: and 5 kids in 1910:

I searched on the Castle Garden website and found Julius (born c. 1840) and Agnes (born c. 1839) and Edmunda Teske (born c. 1872) arriving on 3/29/1881: Interesting though that Agnes is on the arrival list if she was supposedly buried at sea? The record does confirm she died on board though.

I do not know if there were be naturalization papers for William Wenzel, or Albertina and Julius Teske, but if there were that may provide more information for this family.

Charlotta was previously married, and I think Edward was previously married as well. There is a marriage record between an Edward F. Teske to a Catherine M. Nolan on 10/16/1929 in Hennepin county MN. If so, there is a 1930 census in Minneapolis with Edward F. "Taske" (born c. 1895 WI) and Katharine M. Taske (born c. 1903 MN), with a daughter (presumably from Katherine's first marriage) named Katharine M. Renquist Jr. (born c. 1924 MN), and a sister of the elder Katherine named Alberta A. Nolan (born c. 1906 MN): And if Edward's age in that one seemed off, it looks a lot better here in 1940 where we have Edward F. "Leske" (born c. 1888 MN), Catherine M. Leske (born c. 1903 MN) and stepdaughter Kathryn M. Renquist (born c. 1924 MN): Assuming we are on the right path, there is a marriage record between a Kathryn M. Renquist and a Carl E. Lewis on 5/1/1945 in Hennepin county MN. I expect this would be a memorial for Catherine M. Teske (1902 - 1948): but I do not see a death record for her to help narrow down that date. A possible death record for a Catherine M. "Feske" (d. 12/17/1948) in Hennepin county: and if she really was a first wife of Edward, that does make sense if she died and then he remarried to Charlotta. That death record also makes sense with the memorial I found. The trick before I link Edward to Catherine would be to prove that the same Edward really was married to both, although I am feeling pretty good about them. This birth record for "Nolan" in Minneapolis sure could be Catherine: especially when matching her up with that 1910 census:

The obit for Henry Teske notes that he married Katherine Hinck on 10/10/1915 in Rochester, although I thought I saw a record somewhere that said 1917. The obit for Katherine Teske notes that she was born in "Quincy County, Minn." although there is no such place as far as I can tell; a Google search tells me this is more likely Quincy Township in Olmsted county. It identifies are her as "The former Katherine Hinck", which agrees with her SS application, so I do believe that is her correct maiden name, although I think I have seen records that say Kinck instead. Katherine in the MN Death index:

The obit for Emil Teske shows that he would be cremated; since he has a headstone, it was likely a cremation burial. The obit for Mabel Teske notes that "In 1962, Mrs. Teske's son, Arnold and daughter, Mrs. Mary Yocum and her husband were killed in an auto accident near Colorado Springs, Colo. The Teske's took the responsibility of raising the couple's 10-year-old son, Larry."

The death certificate of Edith Heyn has her date of birth as 10/9/1892, but the tombstone and her obit have her birth year as 1893.

I do have obits for Rose and Louis Behnken, Charles and Verna Teske, Henry and Katherine Teske, Emil and Mabel Teske, Edith and Otto Heyn, Frances and Carl Groth, and Elizabeth and Otto Baker, but I do not have obits for Edward and Charlotta Teske.
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