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William Wenban (brother of John)

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Re: William Wenban (brother of John)

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hello Jenny,
You clearly have access to much information.
I did know that my grandfather had married twice and that Frances was his daughter by his first wife Gertrude Schoenburg, but as she married b4 he died and my mothers half sister, I did not include her in the group dispatched after his death. I also knew about the firstborn son Henry, but as he died at birth, he was not one of the remaining 5 children. Rosa may have been a widower for 18 years, but she and John Hay had a daughter named Margaret born in the 20's i believe, so even tho they were not married they were living as such.
My mothers name was Lucia Veanie as far as I know and I have only ever known her as this.
When I went to Sydney as a 12 year old to meet the family I had never met before Uncle Boy (Percie) made contact with my mother, I met Phoebe and Bert Madden and one of their sons Stuart, and I met Jenny, Edna and Uncle Boy.
As far as I know mum married in 1947. I dont know about the other date. She turned her back on her family and relocated to Victoria in the 40's. One of the reasons she gave was that after splitting the family up after her father died, and having little contact with the children after that and they with each other,Rosa tried to re aquaint herself with them in the forties when Margaret Hay,mum's half sister, was an adult. My mum said she resented Rosa'a continual interference in her life and wanted nothing more to do with her.I gather she never forgave her mother, as she was only six when the father she adored died, and she and Phoebe were sent to live with the elderly scottish "Aunts" who ran a boarding school for girls. She did say that at least she and Phoebe had a better education than Percie, David or Phyllis.
Re incorrect date of my gr grandfather's death, thank you but Myles had already given me corrections. I have since found out that William and Mary (Odiam) came to Australia on the Cornwall in 1839 with their children, but 3 died en route. My gr grandfather also William was 17 at the time. I remember from a family tree Uncle boy copied for me that William and Catherine had many children, but 5 died. Twins Tryphena and Tryphosa died at birth, Catherine died at about 3 months, Mary died about 3 years (another Mary was born later) and a son Alfred died in his teens I think. The surviving sons were Joseph father of Ray and Ossie, Ebenezer think had several daughters and my grandfather William. I am aware he often appeared as Henry William but my mother said his name was William Henry, so that is what I called him. I used to have a photo of him beside a pennyfathing bicycle, but the photo disappeared many years ago. Uncle Boy kept an album in which he recorded the family history and it was he who told me about the family bible that for some reason was given to Phyllis. I would have thought Frances would have been a more logical choice. Uncle Boy passed his family tree album to cousin Ray Wenban, who gave it to Lorna, who took it to another level.
Aunty Phoebe told Mum when they reunited that Rosa Adela changed her name to Lucia a few years b4 she died and insisted she be called that. I found her death certificate with that knowledge. I also found that she had recorded her mothers name as Lucia when it was Rosa EJ wife of James Cornes.She had a sister called Veanie as far as I know, a few years younger. I know that my information is vague and coloured with my mothers perceptions, but I do know who my family is . Uncle Bert, Phoebe's husband led me down the aisle on my wedding day as my own father died in 1966.
I have very little knowledge of David, Phyllis or Frances or Margaret Hay, as I never met them. I do know Phyllis married a Norman Cheal and David married a Frances. I know that when David and Boy (Percie) were sent to Goulburn or Yass after their father's death that David stayed on in the area, whereas Boy went to work for the postal service, ending up in Sydney. He lived at Lane Cove until he died of cancer, I was told in 1972 or thereabouts.
Phoebe and Bert lived at Erina then relocated to Gosford after we visited them. They had two sons Mark and Stuart. All my cousins were adults by the time I met any of them and as far as I know, I am the youngest of that entire generation.
Regards Diana
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