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Fransis Weimman/Milwaukee, WI (and others)

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Fransis Weimman/Milwaukee, WI (and others)

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Fransis Weimman, son of Albert and Appoloni
Weiman married Veronica Weimman, daughter of
Joseph Weimann and Maria Heim on 11 Feb 1907

Any information about the people related below
would be greatly appreciated...

Any clues appreciated.
Thank you,

Extracted from the Catholic Church records:
of St. Joseph's from Milwaukee, Wisconsin...
Your surname appears in one of these records...
If you connect with any of these people,
please contact me:
Thank you...

Barbaram OTT, d/o Joanne Ott and Anna Ehrenstraus; born 19 March 1887; baptized April 10, 1887; Godparents:Barbara
and Josephus Kingler

Martinum Ott s/o Joanne Ott and Marargetha Bis born: 8 Sept 1887; baptized: 25 Sept 1887; Godparents: Martinus and
Dorothea Ott

Josephinam d/o Martino Ott and Dorothea Leikamp; born: 25 Dec 1888; baptized: 15 June 1888; Godparents: Joanne and
Josephina Ott

Annam Ott d/o Joanne B. Ott and Catharina Jermann; born 30 Dec 1887; baptized: 22 Jan 1888; Godparents: Anna Michels
and Luis Germann

Friedericum Sebatiano Ott s/o Friederico Ott and Sophia Wolf; born: 26 March 1888; baptized:8 April 1888; Godparents:
Sebastian Wolf and Rosina Hartmann

Eduardum Alexandrum Ott s/o Joanne Ott and Maria Ott ; born: 8 Feb 1888; baptized: 12 Feb 1888;
Godparents: Josephus and Theresia Bauer

Friedercum Sebastiano Ott s/o: Friederco Ott and Sophia Wolf ; born: 26 March 1888; baptized: 8 April 1888
Godparents: Sebastian Wolf and Rosina Hartmann

Theresiam Ott d/o Joanne Ott and Margaretha Ries; born: 30 Jan 1889; baptized: 17 Feb 1889;
Godparent: Theresia Roth

Margaretham Ott d/o Joanne Ott and Margaretha Bis; born: 9 Dec 1890; baptized: 6 Jan 1891
Godparents: Margaretha and Stephanus Kim

Dorotheam Ott d/o Josepho Ott and Maria Bartscher; born: 24 Dec 1890; baptized: 7 Jan 1891
Godparent: Dorothea Ott

Reginum Boehm d/o Sebastiano Boehm and Carolia Schmi{dkinz (?)}; born: 26 Aug 1891; baptized: 13 Sept 1891;
Godparent: Regina Kraus

Mariam Ott d/o Jacabo Ott and Margaretha;born: 20 Jan 1892; baptized: 24 Jan 1892
Godparents: Joannes and Maria Knepker(?)
*married Jonne Mueller at St. Boniface in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 7 March 1912

Elizabetham Ott d/o Martino Ott and Dorothea Leickam; born: 16 Oct 1892; baptized: ?? 6 Oct 1892
Godparents Elizabeth and Nicolaus Goetz(?)

Phillipum Ott s/o Joanne Josepho Ott; born: 20 Feb 1893; baptized: 12 March 1893
Godparents: Philippo and Elisabetha Grego (?)

Claram Josephinum Ott d/o Josepho Ott and Clara; born: 5 Nov 1893; baptized: 3 Dec 1893
Godparent: Josephina Ott

Mariam Evam Schaefer d/o Josepho Schaefer and ???; born: 4 Aug 1894; baptized: 19 Aug 1894
Godparents: Eva and Josephus Linger

Annam Ott d/o--no info except born 1887 and marriage note: married Otto Klippel 29 Nov 1917 in Ecclesia St. in Hubertus,
Wisconsin Rev. Ph. Wagner

Alicia Theresiam Ott d/o Josepho OTT and Maria Butzl (looks like umlat over U); born: 5 July 1895; baptized: 29 Oct 1895;
Godparent: Theresia Roth; ** married John Morone 20 May 1961 at St. vincent de Paul--chicago, 14, Illinois

Laurentium Adam Schottler c/o: Conrad Schottler and Julia Scheerman; born: 12 Nov 1895; baptized: 17 Nov 1895;
Godparents: Lautentius Adam Stern and Anna Jaeger

Mariam Ott d/o Martino Ott ex loco Milwaukee; and Dorothea Leikamp ex loco Milwaukee; born: 9 Feb 1898;
baptized: 20 1898; Godparents: Joseph and Maria Manegart

Idam Francisam Michels d/o Peter Michels ex loco Milwaukee and Rosa Gruber; born: 29 Oct 1898;
baptized: 6 November 1898; Godparents: Peter Schaarbach and Ida Schaarbach

Arthur Joseph Schaefer s/o Joseph Herman Schaefer; born: 18 Feb 1899; baptized: 28 Feb 1899
Godparents: Joseph Linger Dr. D. and Anna Linger

Georgium Gulielmum Ott s/o Giorgio Ott and Anna Pfluger; born: 24 July 1899; baptized:6 Aug 1899
Godparents: Gulielmus and Cath. Ott

Floriam Susanam Michels d/o Peter Michels ex loco Milwaukee and Rosa Gruber ex loco Milwaukee;born: 18 Sept 1900
baptized: 23 Sept 1900; Godparents: Joseph Gruber and Maria Blank/Blaute?

Laurentam Isabellam Linger d/o Josepho Linger ex loco Milwaukee and Anna Ott ex loco Milwaukee; born: 31 Oct 1900
baptized: 11 Nov 1900; Godparents: Aloysius Ott and Isabella Nasterholz

Ernam Antonum Eckhart s/o Eduard Eckhart acc. of Milwaukee and Johanna Gros(sow/old)? born 22 Dec 1901; baptised 5
Jan 1902; Godparent John Gro(fsow/sold)?

Raymundum Fransicum s/o Petro Michels of Milwaukee and Rosa Gruber of Milwaukee; born: 2 April 1903; baptised: 5 april
1903; Godparents: Frank Michels and susanna Michels--further notation: Married Erma Koenig in Essles
Lansi...Redemptorum in Milwaukee 8 April 1932

Hazel Annam Cath. Schottler d/o Martin Schottler of Milwaukee and Louisa Ott of Milwaukee; 12 May 1903;
baptized: 24 May 1913 Godparents: Joseph and Anna Linger

Arthurum Theodorum Eckhardt s/o Herman Eckhardt of Milwaukee and Maria Kleinert of Milwaukee; born:26 May 1904
baptized: 5 June 1904 Godparents: Theodore Kimple and Nellie Kleinert

Louisa Mariam Cath. Schottler d/o Marin Schottler of Milwaukee and Louisa Ott of Milwaukee; born: 22 Nov 1904;
baptized: 4 Dec 1904; Godparents: Alois Ott and Maria Jacobs

Charlotte Dorotheam Ott d/o Martino Ott, Jr. and anna Miller of Milwaukee; born: 3 June 1915; baptized: 13 June 1915;
Godparents: Walter Ott and Dorothea Ott of Milwaukee

Violam Mariam Ott d/o Mathias Ott and Emily Neuman of Germany; born: 4 Marh 1919; baptized: 9 Marhc 1919
Godparents: Michaelus Ott of Milwaukee and Maria Dreckmann of Milwaukee

Armileam Philomanam Ott c/o: Julii Neauman can't make out rest od record.Jan 13, 1920

Joann Orth s/o Adami and Eliz. Orth and Augusta Kilian d/o Adami and Eliz. Kilian;
married Oct or Nov 1867

Ferdinand Pimple (Pimpel) s/o Antono Pimpel and Cath. Nadler
and Aloysia Boehm d/o Martino and Cath Boehm
married 1867

Joann Ott of Bavaria s/o Theresia Ott and Josepha Gui(einar ?)
married Oct/Nov 1867

Joann Sebastian Wisman of Baveria s/o Seabatian and Barbara Wisman and Margaret Doriat of Baveria
married April 21, 1868

Fransiscum Paul Jual or Julius and Maria Anna Weismann d/o John and Anna Weismann
married 12 May 1868

Nicoulaus Wis.... s/o Joannis and Marg. Wis... and Theresia Platzer d/o Wolfgang Platzer and Marg Meyer
married Sept/Oct 1869

Carolum Reichert s/o Peter Reichert and Theresia Kapper/Keppar and Maria Boehm
married 27 Oct 1869

Joann Boehm of Bavaria s/o Casper and Marg. Boehm and Catharina Haubner d/o Joseph and Maria Anna Haubner
witness Antoni Gui(einar ?) married 7 Dec 1869

Joann Peter Heinstschill s/o Nicolaus Heinstshill and Louisa Feiders and Eliz Kepper d/o Wm and Gertrud Kepper
married Jan/Feb 1870

Joannum Ott of Bavaria s/o Adam and Marg. Ott and Josephine Kimm(ers/men) of Baden d/o Joann Kimmer and Fransica
(Gruber?) married 21 Feb 1870

William Kepper s/o Wm and Gertrude Kepper and Margaret Fuchslach d/o Anton and Magd. Fuchslach
married 19 Feb 1870

Carolum Brehn of Baden s/o Joannis and Maria Brehn and Cath. Ott d/o Adam and Margaret Ott
married 1872

Henricum Dionisius and Augusta Kilian married 11 or 12 Oct 1872

Andreas Wolf (in parenthesis on record--Wissman) and Anna Wessling married 1870

Henricum Michels s/o Henrici and Marg Michels married Anna Orth d/o Jaonnis and Magd. Orth in May/June 1873

Josephum Schafer of Chicago s/o Joseph and Maria Schaefer and Augusta Schmid (t) d/o John and Margarat Schmid(t)
married 10 Feb 1871

Matthias Baecker s/o Peter and Susanna Baecker and Anna Catharina Michels d/o John Margret and Cristian Bre(urs ?)
witnesses: Henry Faber and Jacob Schimmels married 23 Sept 1873

Anton Braun and Magdelena Ott married 9 April 1873Jacobum Jung s/o Joann and Cath. Jung nat. Schend and Juliana
Michael (s) d/o Antoni and Madg Spitzer; witnesses: F. Lippert and Petrus Leo(h or k)le; married 13 Oct 1856

Benedictum Ott of Milwaukee s/o Joann and magd. Ott and Theresia Ulrich of Austria d/o Antoni and theresia Ulrich;
witnesses: Wolfgang Egel and Joan Lorn; married 17 Feb 1857

Martinus Ott s/o Joseph and Theresia Ott and Dorothea Leikam d/o Henrici and Dorothea Leicham
married 5 Nov 1883

Patr...Junicus s/o Jos and Cath Junicus nat. Ott and Teresa Breit d/o Jou. and Cath. Breit
married 20 May 1884

Fransicum X. Boehm s/o Fransiscum Jos. and Sophia Boehm nat. (Seuir ?) and Maria Oxford d/o Antonii and Gertrud Oxford
nat. Brick; married ? July? 1885

Philipp Ott s/o Adam and Marg Ott and Catharina Hoptri(ck or ch) d/o Henrici and Eliz Hoptri (ck or ch)
married 28 April 1885

Michaelum Boehm of (looks like Trunway Crulin, Lac Co., Ill) s/o Adam Boehm and Eliz. Boehm and Maria Diebald of (
looks like Trauway Ceulin Lac Co. Ill) d/o Geo. and Cath Diebald nat. Bastmann; married 12Oct 1888

Eduardum Eckhardt s/o Juli(us?) and Augusta Eckhardt nat. Schof and Margaret Grashold d/o Joseph and Maria Grashold;
witnesses: Fransiscus ...??? and H. Ebard; married 7 Oct 1892

Herman Joseph Eckhart s/o Julu and Augusta Eckhart and Maria Barbaras Kleiner d/o Peter and Margaret Kleiner nat. Sai or
Dai; witnesses: Juo Petrus and Anna Kleiner and Juo ...??? married 10 Jan 1893

Jacobaum Johanum Behm of Burlington s/o Jacobi Behm and Christinae Marlis and Henrietta Ineuran of Milwaukee d/o
Matthiam Ineuran and Theresia Koemling; witnesses Francis Henry Behm and Matthia Stark; married 23 Oct 1895

Georgium Ott of Milwaukee s/o Georgio Ott and catharina Bohn and Anna Pfleuger of La Crosse d/o Joannis Pfleuger and
Magdelena Simon; witnesses: William Ott, Andreas Reichert and A. Lefelv??; married 24 Oct 1895

Joanem Ellerbeck of Kiel, Wisconsin s/o August Ellerbeck and Catharina (Laferinge)?? and Maria Ott of Milwaukee,
Wisconsin (Manitowoc) d/o Antonii Ott and Francisca Maria (Builkey)??; witnesses: Wm Ott and Maria Sprang
married 29 April 1896

Georgiun Henricum Berle of Watertown, Wisconsin s/o Gerogio Berle amd Rosa Kleuk(er ??) and Rosa Runte of milwaukee,
Wisconsin d/o Adam Runte and Maria Buegel; witnesses: Albert Maughty and Theresia RUNTE
married 12 May 1896

Petrum Michels of Milwaukee, Wisconsin s/o Math Michels and Susanna Loher and Rosa Gruber of Milwaukee d/o Joanis
Guber and Fransisca Katzenberger; witnesses: Peter Gruber; eil Poppe; A. M. Michels and Maggie Kirsch
married 19 Jan 1897

Bernardum Ott of Milwaukee s/o Georgio Ott and Catharina Bohm and Margaretham Wahleu of Milwaukee d/o Nicolai
Wahleu and Sybilla L. Eaterholz; witnesses: Aloys Stehling, Joseph Kasterholz, Maria Wahleu and Eliz. Reichert;
married: 1 Sept 1913

Josephum Eckert of Bohemia/Austria s/o Joannis Eckert and Mary Eckert and Fransickam Reitmeier (Bohemia) d/o Caroli
Reitmeier and Theresia Baumann; witnesses Chas. Retimeier and Jos. Hobh, Mary eckert and Frances Ertl
married: 30 April 1904

Fransiscum Weimann of Milwaukee/Hungaria s/o Albert Weimann and Appoloni Himmelsbach and Veronica Wiemann of
Milwaukee/Hungaria d/o Josephi Wiemann and Maria Heim; witnesses Joe Mutter and Mari Thieman
married 11 Feb 1907

Joannes Michels of 663--29th, Milwaukee aged 23 s/o ??? Michels and Katharina Wilkin......and Theresa Stauber of 1329
Cherry, Milwaukee d/o Petro Stauber and Maria Weber aged 22; witnessess: Paul Rieger of 461--24 1/2 St., Milwaukee,
and Anna Michels of 663-29th St., Milwaukee; married 3 or 11 June 1908

Adamus Kessler of 674 or 679--7th Street s/o Petras Kessler and Theresia Weissb(art ?) aged 23, and Christina Ott of
753--7th Street d/o Antonio Ott and Elisabeth Bauer aged 18; witnesses: Casparus Ott of 653-7th St. and Maria Zeisler of
753--7th Street; married 27 Nov 1908

Fransiscus Zweig of 512--16th Street s/o Josepho Zweig and Magdalena Schneider, aged 24 and Anna Ott (of Hungaria?) d/o
Antonio Ott and Elisabeth Bauer aged 24; married ??10 Oct 1910

Albertus Ott of 767--9th St. s/o Antonio Ott and Mary Buckley aged 28 and Maria Hackl of 1226 Kneeland Ave, d/o
Fransisco Hackl and Maria Braedl; witnesses Josepha Brunner and Carolina Hackl; married 2 Sept 1911

End of Marriages extracted.

Joannem Ott s/o Joanne Josepho Ott and Anna Ehrenstraus; born: 15 Jan 1883; baptized: 28 Jan 1883;
Godparents: Joannis and Josephina Ott

Fransiscum Boehm s/o Martino Boehm ans Susanna; born: 13 Aug 1883; baptized: 19 Aug 1883;
Godparents: Fransisco Krarmer and Thomas Boehm

Petrum Bohlmann s/o Ferdinando Bohlmann and Barbara Scholl; born: 3 Jan 1884; baptized: 3 Feb 1884
Godparents: Petrus and Francusca Scholl

Philomenum Ott d/o Joanne Ott and Josephina Kraemer; born:2 April 1884; baptized: 20 April 1884;
Godparents: Filomena and Augustus Fischer

Agnesum Michels d/o Henrico Michels and Elisabetha Stein; born: 13 Jan 1886; baptized: 24 Jan 1886
Godparents: Matthias Zeimel and Agnes Michels

Josephum Ott s/o Joanne Ott and Margaretha; born: 13 March 1886; baptized: 11 April 1886
Godparents: Josephus and Theresia Roth

Josephinum Ott d/o Martino Ott and Dorothea Leikamp; born: 27 April 1886; baptized: 9 May 1886
Godparents: Joannis and Josephina Ott

Joannem Boehm s/o Eduardo Boehm and Emma Leschinski; born: 31 May 1886; baptized: 20 June 1886
Godparents: Josephus Horhmeister and wilhelmina Leschinski

Elisabetham Pfeiffer d/o Philippo Pfeiffer and Gertrude Roth; born: 13 June 1883; baptized: 17 June 1883;
Godparents: Petrus and Elisabetha Roth

Benedictum Georgium Boehm s/o Georgio Boehm and Catharina; born: 17 May 1882; baptized: June 1882
Godparents: Georgius and Magdelena Dierbeck

Joannem Oed s/o Michaeli Oed and Magdelena; born: 14 Oct 1882; baptized: 15 Oct 1882
Godparents: Catharina Ott and Joannes Oed

Josephus Ott s/o John and Magdelena Ott and Clara Michels d/o Jacob and Ludowia Micheels witnesses: Joann Ott and
Klie(s)? Sept 1866

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