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Basel (Basset) Warren b. 1818, found 1850 census Laurel County, KY

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WARREN Families of Laurel and Knox counties Kentucky

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I hope your knowledge of the WARREN family can help me straighten out a puzzle dealing with Joel Jasper WARREN.

First, there is a 7 year old Joel WARREN listed on the 1850 Laurel county census as a son of Bassett WARREN and his wife Mahala (ADAMS). They are listed in dwelling #2, family #2.

The 1860 Laurel county census shows a 16 year old Joel J. WARREN son of Bassett WARREN and his wife Mahaley. They are listed in dwelling #424, family #404.

Now the real fun begins!!!!!

A Joel Jasper WARREN marries a Mary Eveline HODGE on 29 December 1864 in Laurel county and has the following children:
1. Martha Bell WARREN born October 1865 who weds John David HALE on 29 November 1888.
2. Mahala Annie WARREN born Bet. 1867 - 1868
3. Lavinia F. WARREN who weds Jasper REYNOLDS during February 1884.
4. William Bassett WARREN born during November 1870 who weds Betty WALTERS on 25 December 1895.
5. Thomas WARREN born July 1872.

PROBLEM #1 - This family unit cannot be located on the 1870 census.

PROBLEM #2 - He is not listed with the family on the 1880 census. Evaline and the children appear in Stepping Rock precinct in Laurel county as dwelling # 209, family #209. The document is extremely faint and blurred, but she is listed as the head of the family with the following children:
1. Martha B. age 14 daughter
2. Mahala A. age 12 daughter
3. Lavina F. age 10 daughter
4. Wm. B. age 8 son
5. ? age 7 son
Where is Joel WARREN?????

Mary Eveline HODGE is the daughter of Shadrach HODGE, Jr. and his first wife Mahala BUNTON.

The family is together again for on June 6-7 for the 1900 census in Pittsburg in Laurel county appearing in dwelling #238, family #242 on Sheet 13B, starting on line 63:
1. Joel WARREN born Nov 1841 age 58 married 37 years father born in Tennessee mother in Kentucky
2. wife Evaline born Jan 1843 age 57 married 37 years mother of 5 children, 4 still living
3. son, Thomas born July 1872 age 27 single

Elsewhere .!.!.!.!
The 1900 census Independence in Laurel county enumerated on June 13th shows appearing in dwelling #237, family #227 on Sheet 17A, stamped page 279A, starting on line 24:
A. Joel J. WARREN born Apr 1843 age 57 married 26 years father born in Virginia, mother in Kentucky
B. wife, Mary K. born May 1860 age 40 married 26 years, mother of 10 children, all still living
C. son, Columbus born Mar 1878 age 22 single
D. son, Jos. H. born Sept 1880 age 19 single
E. daughter, Mary E. born Feby 1884 age 16 single
F. son, Prince A. born May 1888 age 12 single
G. son, Jno. S. born Mar 1891 age 9 single
H. daughter, Laura E. born Mar 1893 age 7 single
I. son, Otis S. born Mar 1895 age 5 single
J. son, Gay N. born Jan 1898 age 2 single

According to the Knox county Book S page 17 of marriage certificates Mary C. HODGE and Joel J. WARREN were married on 23 March 1880 and both listed their address as Knox county KY. It is also reflected on page 54 of in marriage book BB as J. J. WARREN and Mary C. HODGE 25 March 1880. Apparently the first document was the application for the license and the second was were it was recorded after the cermony took place.

Mary Melvina Catherine HODGE wsa the daughter of William A. HODGE and Adaline ENGLEHART.

PROBLEM #3 - if they were not married until 1880 why does the 1900 census show them as being married for 26 years?

PROBLEM #4 - if they were not married until 1880, who are the parents of Columbus? See my notes on the 1870 census below.

PROBLEM #5 - who are the missing 2 chlidren that had died before the 1900 census and when were they born?

To further complicate matter Evaline and her family unit cannot be found on the 1910 census.

But, our second family unit appears in dwelling #44, family #46 of Independence precinct in Laurel county on Sheet 3A, stamped page 123, starting on line 13:
A. Joel WARREN age 60 something blurred out married 1 time 30 years father born in Kentucky <sic>, mother in Kentucky
B. wife, Mary age 50 married 1 time 30 years, mother of 11 children, 10 still living
C. son, Prince age 21 single
D. daughter, Edna age 17 single
E. son, Ottis age 16 single
F. son, Guy age 12 single

The length of marriage on this census is consistent with the marriage license found in Knox county.

OBSERVATION #1: census records show Bassett WARREN was born in Virginia

OBSERVATION #2: the 1900 census for Laurel county KY shows James H. as being born during January 1841. Since the 1850 and 1860 census are consistent showing the son Joel as being 7 and 16 respectively, it would seem to indicate that the Joel WARREN born during April 1843 was the son of Bassett WARREN and Mahala ADAMS.

PROBLEM #6 - So who is the Joel WARREN born November 1841, husband of Mary Eveline HODGE? Who were his parents? Why does he keep disappearing from the census? When did he die? Where was he buried?

To further complicate matters:
- Knox county death certificate #14166 shows a Joel WARREN died on 22 April 1919 at age 78
- and a tombstone is found in Ellison Cemetery near Gray, Knox county KY showing WARREN JOEL 4/06/1845 <sic> 4/26/1919 <sic>
- in the same cemetery is WARREN MARY C. w/o Joel 5/07/1860 4/10/1943 <sic>

PROBLEM #7 - The age of 78 would imply 1841 as a year of birth. Does that mean he was really the Joel WARREN born during November 1841? Then the headstone murkies it all up once more by indicating 1845 as a year of birth. Was this really one person living a split life with two families?

Both women are found in the 1920 census records.

Mary E. WARREN widow age 76 is residing with her eldest daughter, Martha B. and her husband listed as John D. HAIL. They appear on Sheet 3B in Pittsburg precinct as in dwelling #52, family #52. She died a couple of years later and was buried in A. R. Dyche Memorial Park in London, Laurel county KY. Her tombstone in Section E reads WARREN, Evaline 1-12-1844 6-6-1922.

Polly WARREN widow age 61 appears on Sheet 1B in Precinct 7 Messer as dwelling #126, family #130, line #99. Residing with her is (1) Mat WARREN a single 43 year old whose relationship was listed as "Hired"; (2) Elighia SLUSHER a 22 year old single nephew; (3) Mathew SLUSHER an 8 year old single nephew; and (4) Margrett HELTON a 28 year old single whose relationship was listed as "Servant".

She is next seen on the 1930 census in Magisterial District #6, Gray precinct of Knox county KY Sheet 3B on line #97 in dwelling #57, family #57. Mary E. WARREN , mother-in-law, widow age 69 is residing with her daughter, Lina M. age 54 and her husband listed as William N. NELSON.

The 1940 census data is not yet available for researchers.

Knox county death certificate #6831 shows Mary WARREN died on 10 March 1943 at age 82. As shown above she was buried in Ellison Cemetery near Gray in Knox county with a April shown on the tombstone for the death month.

So who was this daughter she was residing with in 1930. Records indicate that a Marie Adeline WARREN born Abt. September 24, 1875 was married to William Newton NELSON on 20 Oct 1900. Going back to the 1880 census and adding more to the confusion we find on hand written page 40D in Barbourville Magisterial District of Knox county appearing in dwelling #361, family #376, starting on line 13:
A. George WARREN age 34 father born in Ky, mother in Ky
B. wife, Mary age 20 father born in Ky, mother in Mo
C. daughter, Eliza J. age 6
D. daughter, Mariah A. age 4
E. son, Columbus age 2

PROBLEM #8 - So who was George WARREN and when were they wed? This marriage is not recorded in Knox county KY.

It would appear that Lina M. of the 1930 census is the same individual as Mariah A. on the 1870 census. This would make it appear that Mary had her first child, Eliza, when she was about 14 years old. Not unheard of in the hills of Kentucky especially considering her mother Adaline ENGLEHART was wed to William A. HODGE when she was only 13 years old and he was 11 years older than she.

My interest is the HODGE women and trying to determine whether there were two Joel J. WARRENs approximately the same age in the same area OR was there only one. Was there a divorce? Can you help straighten out this mess?

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