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The US relatives of the Van Roekel-family

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The US relatives of the Van Roekel-family

Jaap van Steenbeek (View posts)
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Surnames: Vanroekel; Van Roekel; VanRoekel
First of all I have to apologize because my English isn’t very good. I am from the Netherlands and living in the town Bennekom near Ede. I try to find out the complete descendants of Willem Dercksen Backer, who lived here in Bennekom in the year 1700. All his grandchildren were later named Van Roekel or Vanroekel. I have found over 2,200 descendants born as Van Roekel in the Netherlands or VanRoekel and Vanroekel in the US. Of course there are also descendants with other names. I did not count them, but statistical there are far more. The total data-base contains nowadays information about more then 18,000 people. It contains also other family’s (my own ancestors) and (if possible) the names of (parents of) those who married a descendant of Willem Dercksen. At least I can say: “I’ve got thousands”.
I became interested, because both my parents and the parents of my wife are descendants of this Willem. It also helped knowing that lots of the Van Roekels lived in my hometown and were baptised or married in our church. In 1991 some people published a book about these Van Roekels. I think they did not know that Willem Dercksen is the ancestor of all Van Roekels. Looking for the marriages in the 19th century I found out that all Van Roekels had a link to this Willem Dercksen. They only searched in the Netherlands. In those days for example Internet was not common. They also collected the information as given. Nowadays there are more computer programs to correct the mistakes and find more information in the archives. (It even helps me with this English text. Nevertheless it stays difficult to find the right expressions.)
In the Netherlands we have a strict law to protect ones privacy. So I can’t find much information about living Van Roekels, but the marriages between 1810 en 1920 are documented in a ratter complete internet-archive ( For the rest I searched the archives of and Also Mr. Gijs van Roekel from Oudekerk a/d IJssel – nowadays living in Maarn - in the Netherlands handed me much information about the relatives who live(d) in the US.

At this moment I’ve got more or less information about the descendants of:
• Rijkje van Roekel and Cornelis Hulstein (moved to the US in 1871). Lots of descendants known.
• Geurt van Roekel and Jantje Pothoven (left for the US in 1892). Lots of descendants known.
• Jan Harmsen van Roekel (married Grada Jansen who died in 1861) left with his children for America 21-12-1865. Lots of descendants known.
• Rut van Roekel and his wife Goudje van de Pol (emigrated in 1858). Lots of descendants known.
• Willem van Roekel (emigrated in 1857) married between 1870 and 1880 Janneke NN (widow of De Kraay and had already four children). Willem en Janneke had a daughter named Willemtje who was born in 1879. I’ve got no further information about Willem and Janneke or their child(ren).
• Hendrik van Roekel (emigrated in 1858) and married Henriette Klein 20-04-1864 in Pella, Iowa, US. Lots of descendants known.
• Geertruida van Roekel and Geurt Bennink (emigrated in 1869) I’ve got no further information about Geertruida and Geurt or their child(ren).
o Jan Harmsen, Rut, Willem, Hendrik and Geertruida came from one family (father Barend van Roekel).
• Jantje (Jane) van Roekel born 14-04-1875 in Wageningen Jane married Doris Bennink 21-02-1900 in Pella, born 14-01-1867 in Pella. Lots of descendants known.
• Cornelis van Roekel (emigrated from the Netherlands on 23-07-1892) born 22-02-1840 in Bennekom. Cornelis married Gerritje Veldhuizen 27-3-1875 in Ede, born 10-02-1849 Barneveld.
Although the family’s of Geertruida and Willem seems not to be complete, I think I can’t find further information about these people.

Still; some Van Roekels who left for the USA are “missing”. In my records I found some information (follows below) about these Edward and Willem (William?). On the other side; the Social Security Index gives 52 Vanroekels which I can’t match to other Van Roekels (see enclosed file). Probably they are descendants of these Edward or Willem.

Eduard (Edward) van Roekel, was born 19-04-1847 in Bennekom, Ede, Gelderland, Netherlands. He left for America in 1892. (His sister Rijkje and her husband Cornelius Hulstein left Bennekom 20 years earlier. They first went to Pella and some time later they went to Sioux Center.) Edward died 18-04-1902, 54 years old. He has been buried in Memory Gardens Sioux Center IA. The date of birth on his gravestone: 19-04-1848.
(1) married (05-08-1871 in Ede) Jacobje van Harn, born 02-06-1849 in Ede. She was a daughter of Gerrit van Harn and Woutertje van Veldhuizen. Jacobje died 17-11-1873 in Ede. She was only 24 years old.
(2) married (07-11-1874 in Ede) Maria Schuurman, born 28-07-1852 in Apeldoorn. She was a daughter of Hendrikus Schuurman and Gijsbertje Goorhuis. Her parents died before this marriage. Maria died in 1940 at the age of 87. She is buried at Memory Gardens Sioux Center IA. On her gravestone they wrote born 1851.
Children of Edward van Roekel and Jacobje van Harn:
1 Johanna van Roekel, born 08-12-1871 in Ede. She married Jan van den Brink 14-03-1891. Jan was born about 1867 in Ede and was the son of Willem van den Brink and Gerritje Wolfswinkel. They stayed in the Netherlands and became one son named Eduard (called after his grandfather. It is rather usual to give your children the same name as there grandparents in the Netherlands. The first boy is often named after the fathers father and the first girl after the mothers mother. The second boy after the mothers father and the second girl after the fathers mother.).
2 Gerrit van Roekel, born 04-05-1873 in Ede. I did not find any marriage in the Netherlands. He probably went (age:19 years old) whit his father to the US. I did not find any further information about Gerrit (Garret?).
Children of Edward van Roekel and Maria Schuurman:
3 Willem van Roekel, born 20-10- 1875 in Bennekom. Willem died 25-10-1884 in Bennekom, only 9 years old.
4 Gijsbertje van Roekel, born 11-01-1878 in Bennekom.
5 Steven (Stephen) van Roekel, born 31-07-1881 in Bennekom. Stephen died 25-05-1933, buried at Hope Cemetery Hull, Iowa, USA. On his stone they found “father”, so he has been married and had at least one child. He possibly married: (1) Winnie; born 22-07-1885. Winnie died 29-01-1917, 31 years old. She is buried in Hope Cemetery, Hull. (2) Johanna C.; born 24-12-1884. Johanna C. died 20-10-1943, 58 years old. She is also buried in Hope Cemetery, Hull. It is possible, that Stephen married both.
6 Hendrika van Roekel, born 07-04-1884 in Bennekom.
7 Willempje van Roekel, born 08-01-1887 in Bennekom.
8 Willem van Roekel, born 23-05-1889 in Bennekom. Willem died 9-11-1912, 23 years old. He is buried in Memory Gardens, Sioux Center.
Probably Stephen is the only one who had children which became Van Roekel’s. Still I am interested in all the children and grandchildren of Edward van Roekel.

Willem (William) van Roekel was born 23-06-1902 in Ede. He was a son of Johannes van Roekel en Jantje van Laar. He left the Netherlands for the US in 1920. William died in November 1975. The last known place of residence is Doon, Lyon, Iowa, USA. He is buried in Valley View Cemetery, Rock Valley. William married Willemina, born in 1910. Willemina died. She is buried in Valley View Cemetery, Rock Valley. William’s Social Security Number: 480-46-7298 was issued in Iowa (state).

On the other hand I found a Van Roekel as the wife of Jason Wade Davelaar. I don’t know her ancestors. So she belongs to the enclosed list. I would like to have some more information about her to collect the link to Willem Dercksen: Misty VanRoekel married (13-12-1991) Jason Wade Davelaar, born 23-11-1972. He is a son of Wayne Galen Davelaar and Janice Beth Moss (this mother was a daughter of Bernice VanRoekel).
Children of Misty and Jason Wade:
1. Cody Jason Davelaar, born 24-05- 1992.
2. Paige Nicole Davelaar, born 02-03-1994.
3. Alexis Morgan Davelaar, born Easter Monday 08-04-1996 in Rock Valley, Sioux, Iowa, USA.
4. Bradyn Scott Davelaar, born 28-06-2000 in Sioux Center, Sioux, Iowa, USA.

I hope you can help me. I thank you in advance. Otherwise I hope you can give me an Email address of someone who might help me. I would be pleased with any information about members of the family Van Roekel (Vanroekel), even when I have already some information, because I will be able to complete (dates and places or new-born members of the family) or correct my files.

With kind regards,
Jaap van Steenbeek

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