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Arthur Washington Vandeveer/Vandiveer 1850-1911 Miami Co., OH-Wabasso, FL

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Arthur Washington Vandeveer/Vandiveer 1850-1911 Miami Co., OH-Wabasso, FL

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Classification: Biography
Surnames: Vandiveer, Vandeveer, Treon, Pieble,Scoby,Schobey,Bird,Bunnell
Arthur Washington Vandeveer/Vandiveer was born to William B. {Barcalow?] Vandeveer and Lydia Schobey/Scoby. He was their fourth child. His father died when he was age 4. After the death of his father his guardian was Arthur A.Vandeveer. Who is believed to be his father's brother. All of his siblings were also under the same guardian. Like the rest of his family, he also suffered from TB all of his life. He moved with his mother and his siblings to a home built by Arthur A. Vandeveer with some of the money and proceeds from William B. Vandeveer's estate, which is evidenced by the settlement accounts recorded at the Miami County courthouse. After his mother's death when he was 6 years old he went to live with David and Elizabeth {Vandeveer?]Bird and can be found in their household for the 1860 census at age 10. At the age of 20 he is found in Jeremiah and Henrietta Preible's household listed as a farm hand, this household is just a few doors down from the Henry and Sophia Treon farm which he bought with his share of money from his father's estate which was still controlled by guardian, Arthur A.Vandeveer. Settlement records show the deducted amount. His only surving sister, Althea Vandeveer Derr [widow of Charles F. Derr whom she had married just 5 months earlier] died of consumption [TB] in November of 1870. Arthur married Laura Belle Groby Christmas Day 1870, over the objections of her mother (Susan Billman Groby) because of his illness. They had a successful marriage that lasted 41 years and three children, Cora Alice "Allie", Charles Pearson "Charlie" and Clarence Arthur "Caddie". His wife took great pride in her care of him as he suffered from the effects of TB. He often had terrible bouts of coughing which she learned to sooth. She also had to keep her children from contracting the disease, which she successfully did through her cleanliness and by providing a sterile environment. This was quite remarkable for the time. Arthur was a noted hunter and a famous wing shot and attained a skill at wing shooting that few shots have ever equaled. He was a Methodist and continued to follow that religion throughout his life but changed from the Methodist Episcopal to the Mitchell Crossroads Progressive Brethren Church in 1900. He moved from Ohio in 1908 to Wabasso, St. Lucie now Indian River County, FL where he built a home and planted orange groves, some of the first of many citrus groves to be planted in Indian River Co., FL. He also had extensive vegetable gardens including pineapple which was a lucrative crop during that time in St. Lucie County. He enjoyed a his new neighbors and had many social gatherings in Wabasso. He also found an abundance of game to hunt and fish were easily caught within walking distance of his large home. At his death he still owned a fertile tobacco farm in Montgomery Co., OH. Which was sold shortly after his death by his wife. That farm became the airport and is still there today. His son, Clarence Arthur Vandiveer managed their citrus groves and farming interests after his death and cared for his mother in the family home until she passed away in 1936.

source: 1850 Miami Co., OH Census (Head of household: William B. Vandevere, age 38, miller, b. OH with wife, Lydia age 24, and 3 children, Sarah Ann age 4, Sydney age 3, and Elizabeth age 2)
Note: Arthur Washington Vandevere/Vandiveer was not listed on this census but he was b. 4 Jul 1850.

source: Copy of Packet of Account & Vouchers dated Feb-Sep 19th 1857 Advertised Nov 18 1857 Settled March 31st 1858 from Miami County, OH Courthouse Recorded Book A pg. 457 RE: # 2350 2490 Wm B. Vandeveer's Heirs Arthur Vandeveer Guardian

source: 1860 Elizabeth Twp. Miami Co., OH Census (Head of household: David Bird, MD age 54, with wife, Elizabeth age 46, Mary Bunnell 29, William Sharp 25, Eleanor Sharp 17, and Arthur Vandaveer age 10)

source: 1870 Washington Twp., Montgomery Co., OH Census (Head of Household:Jeremiah Peible age 32, farmer with wife, Henrietta age 28, and two children, Charles 11, and Clara 9 months. Arthur Vandiveer age 20, farm hand is also in household.)
Note: Arthur is living on a farm just a few doors down from the farm he ended up buying from Henry and Sophia Treon/Trone

source: Copy of Settlement records from Miami County courthouse: Arthur A. Vandiveer Guardian of Arthur Vandiveer minor heir of William B. Vandiveer decd in account with his said ward.
May 24 1862 to Balance in hands of Guardian $372.25
" Interest to March 5th 1864 39.75
Feb 12 1863 1/5 of 27 Bu oats at 56 cts 3.03
" Interest .06
Oct 18 1863 1/5 of crop of Barley 18.61
" Interest .40
Oct 19 1863 1/5 of 19 Bu 26 lbs oats at 60 cts 2.38
" Interest .05
Dec 11 1863 1/5 of 51 Bu 28 lbs wheat at $1.20 12.61
" Interest .17
Jany 5 1864 1/5 of amt received for flax seed 2.93
Feb 25 1864 1/5 " " corn sold 33.41
" Wards share of the estate of Sidney Vandiveer 44.61
Received of John Hart
" Wards share of the estate of Levina Elizabeth
Vandiveer decd 111.98+642.23

June 18 1862 Wards portion of Tax 1861 -2.69
" Interest -.27
June 20 1862 " " Tax 1862 -2.83
" Interest -.28
Dec 17 1862 " Taxes -2.00
" Interest -.15
Jul 16 1863 Wards portion of Tax 1863 -2.00
" Interest -.08
Paid J. Pearson making of s -2.00
Probate Judge fee -2.00
Services of Guardian -20.00=$607.93
Balance in hands of guardian

source: Probate Court Records: Miami Valley, OH
Arthur A. Vandeveer applied for settlement of his guardianship of Arthur Washington on 6 Jul 1871 (Miami Co., Ancient Records)
source: Original Marriage License (Presided over by Rev. George Hollar, and held at his residence.)

source: Vandiveer Family Bible Dated Dec 1870 (In my possession)

source: Original Land Deeds from Miami Co., OH and Wabasso, FL (from various real estate transactions)

source: 1900 Montgomery Co., OH Census (Head of household: Arthur Vandiveer age 49, with wife, Laura age 44, son, Clarence age 18, son, Charles age 24, daughter-in-law, Bessie age 22, and grandaughter Hazel age 9 months)

source: 1910 St. Lucie Co., FL Census (Head of household: Arthur Vandiveer age 59, fruit grower [oranges] with wife, Laura age 55, and son, Clarence age 27, also listed as a fruit grower)

source: Copy of Original Death Cert., FL

source: Fl Death Index Indian River Co., FL

source: Obituary, 1911 St. Lucie Co., FL Tribune

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