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Johannes Van Sicklin

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Dear Roberta,
I personally have doubts as to whether or not Johannes actually left any descendants. I'd love to hear from anyone who could answer any of the questions in the following OR in any other way expand on what has been previously published about this Johannes. The following was published in the most recent edition of the "New Netherland Connections" Laurie

Johannes Van Sicklen
Married With Children - Or Not?
by Laurie Lightfoot

On 20 April 1712, Johanes Van Sicklen "son and Heir" was granted Letters of Administration on the estate of his father, "Ferdinandus Van Sicklen, late of Flatbush."(1) Johannes had also been named as one of four executors in the will of his brother, "Reyneer Vansycklyn of Gravesend", dated 18 Nov 1703.(2)

In regard to this Johannes Van Sickelen, Teunis G. Bergen(3) states the following:
of Flatlands
(sup) m. Jannetje _____
resided in Gravesend in 1694
resided on the Raritan in 1699
issue: Reinier, bp Apl 12, 1716, in NJ and Johannes, bp May 29, 1726, in NJ.

John W. Van Sickle, in his compilation of Van Sickle descendants,(4) states of this Johannes:
He married (about 1694), Jannetje ____, of Gravesend.
He removed to New Jersey, and settled in the valley of the Raritan river prior to 1699.
Issue: Reynier, baptized April 12, 1716, RaritanRDC, married Christina or Stijntje.
Issue: Johannes, baptized May 29, 1926, RaritanRDC, married Margrietje _____
Probable issue: Ferdinand, who married Margrietje Laan; Abraham who married Elizabeth _____; and Jannetje, who married Jan Marlett.

Other than the two baptismal records, no sources are cited for the statements above. On what record does Bergen base his statement that Johannes resided in Gravesend in 1694? In the c1698 census of Kings County, Johannes does not appear as a head of household. In fact, it would appear that he was probably one of the five 'children' then counted in his father's household. His brother Reinier was listed as "Rymer", head of a household at Gravesend; his sister Margarietje had married in 1691 and his sister Eva had married in 1693. His brother Ferdinandus had not yet married and the other three children in the household would have been sisters Cornelia, Susanna & Antje.(5) Is there a Long Island record which shows that this Johannes was married to a woman named Jannetje? Is there a record that gives evidence that this Johannes ever lived "on the Raritan"?

On January 12, 1747, "Susanah Van Sickelen of Flatlands...single woman" made a will in which she directed her estate to be divided into six equal parts, these to go to the children of her brothers Reynier and Ferdinandus and the children of her sisters Margaret, Eve, Anne, and Cornelia.(6) Susanah did not mention her brother Johannes which leads to speculation that he had predeceased her and had left no living descendants.

Although many early New Jersey records have been lost or destroyed, enough sruvive to identify the children and probable children credited to Johannes, son of Ferdinandus, by Bergen and Van Sickle. In doing so, it would appear that four of the five were descendants of his brother, Reinier. Reinier's widow, Jannetje remarried c1706 to Araien Lane and this couple, with children from first marriages, were among the earliest settlers of Somerset County, New Jersey.(7)

The earliest record cited by Bergen and Van Sickle is a baptismal record, a transcript of which reads:
[1716, April 12] "Sickler, Johannes and wife - Reynier; witnesses: Arjaen [Adrian] Laen and wife."(8)
The name of the child and the fact that the widow of Reinier Van Sickle and her last husband were witnesses suggests that the father of this baptism might be the son of Reinier and Jannetje, baptized in 1695 at New York Reformed Dutch Church as "Jan". Jan/Johannes Reinierse Van Sickle married Lena/Helena Van Leuven and settled near his mother and step-father in Somerset County New Jersey. As "John Van Sickle of Readington, Hunterdon County, New Jersey"(9a), the son of Reinier and Jannetje left a will dated 25 January 1769 which names his wife "Leana", sons Reineer (to receive 200 acres purchased from Adrian Lane); Andrew, deceased (his children: John, Leah, Lenah and William to receive £120); William (to receive £120); Abraham, deceased (his children John, William and Elizabeth to receive £120); John (to receive "land where I live and 1/2 grist mill"); James (to receive "land where he lives plus 40 acres of the corner lot bought of Adrian"); and daughters Mary (to receive £100) and Jane, deceased (children, not named, to receive £100).(9) Although not specified, it would appear that John's will names at least the sons in order of their births. If so, the eldest son was born prior to Andrew who was baptized as "Andries" on 29 July 1718 at RaritanRDC.(10)
Furthermore, the Reynier who married Christina/Styntje [Sudam] was a nephew to Jan Reinierse Van Sickle, son of Ferdinandus and Mary (Lane) Van Sickle of Long Island.(11)

A transcript of the next baptismal record cited by Bergen and Van Sickle reads:
[1726, May 29] "van Sickelen, Johannes and Jannetje -- Johannes" (no witnesses)
This one baptismal record may be the source of the claim that the elder Johannes (son of the immigrant, Ferdinandus) had a wife named Jannetje. It seems noteworthy that no other Van Sickle record in the Somerset-Hunterdon county area of New Jersey shows a wife named Jannetje in this time frame. Jan Reinierse and wife Lena had baptised a son Johannes at ReadingtonRDC on 30 Oct 1720.(12) However, if the sons named in the 1769 will were named in order of thier birth, then the "John" baptized in 1720 died young and another child of his parents was given the same name, and he would have been born after his brother Abraham who was baptized at ReadingtonRDC on 3 March 1723.(13) Thus the question is whether or not the mother's name is correct in the 1726 baptismal record. As shown by baptismal records, naming patterns and other records, John, the son of John and Lena, married Christina Sebring. The John who married Margrietje [daughter of Cornelis Dewitt] was baptized as "Johannes" at HarlingenRDC on 20 June 1728, the son of Reinier (Reinier, Ferdinandus) and Hannah (Van Leuven).(14a)

Noting that John had named a daughter "Jane, deceased" in his 1769 will, a search of Somerset County area churches revealed the following baptismal record at HarlingenRDC:
[April 12, 1733] child: Jannetje; parents: Jan van Sichle, Lena van Leuven; witness: "the mother" {"Helena van Leuven" had been admitted to membership at Harlingen on 14 October 1731.}(14)
A marriage license was issued in New Jersey for Jane Van Sickle of Hunterdon and John Marlatt of Hunterdon on 25 September 1752.(15) Baptisms of three sons of "Jan" Marlett and his wife Jannetje Van Sichellen are found at ReadingtonRDC: Abraham, baptised 7 October 1753; Thomas, baptized 27 November 1755; and Jan, baptised 8 June 1763.(16) In 1754, the widow of "Abraham Van Sicklan of Readington, Hunterdon County" was granted administration on her husband's estate. John Van Sickle "also of Readington" was appointed as fellow bondsman and the estate was inventoried by John Marlatt, Jr., and Harmen Lane.(17) These records suggest that the Jannetje Van Sickelen who married Jan/John Marlatt was a daughter of Jan/John & Lena Van Sickle rather than of his uncle Johannes as proposed by John W. Van Sickle in 1880.

Mr. Van Sickle also suggested that Ferdinand Van Sickle who married "Margrietje Lane" was a probable son of Johannes Ferdnandise Van Sickle. He states of this couple: "Ferdinand Van Sickelen (who was probaly the oldest son of Johannes, the I. and Jannetje) was born about the year 1700. He married Margrietje Laan. They had two daughters, Margrietje and Marytie, baptized in the Dutch Church of Marlboro, New Jersey, April 23, 1731."(18) He made no attempt to futher trace this line. However, a transcript of the cited baptismal record reads:
[1731] "7ber 23" (translated in a footnote as September 23), child: Marytie;
parentes: Hendrik Suydam and Marytie Van Siggelen; witnesses: Fernandus Van Siggelen and Marytie Laan.(19)
This is the baptismal record of a great-grandchild of Reinier & Jannetje (Van Horne) Van Sickelen, the witnesses being the child's maternal grandparents. It would appear that Mr. Van Sickle mis-transcribed the cited record.

Finally, Mr. Van Sickle suggested that Johannes Van Sickle[n] and wife Jannetje had a son named Abraham who married a woman named Elizabeth and had two sons, Abraham and Jacob, baptised at Somerville, New Jersey, 22 October 1732.(20) Records ralting to this Abraham:
Baptized at RaritanRDC 12 Jan 1729, Abraham; parents: Abraham and Elysabeth Van Sicklen ---no witnesses recorded.(21)
Baptized at RaritanRDC 22 Oct 1732, Jakop: parents: Abraham and wife, Elisabeth Van Sicklen ---no witnesses recorded.(22)
An older child had been baptised on Long Island:
Baptized at New UtrechtRDC 5 May 1725 Marya; parents: Abraham Van Zickelen and Elizabeth ---witnesses: Abraham Hegeman & Marya Van Zicklen(23)

Abraham's will abstract and guardianship of minor sons:
1734 [probably 1744 (24)], Nov. 23. SICKLES, Abraham, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., yeoman; will of. Children--Abraham, Jacob (minor) and Mary Thickston. Real and personal estate.
Executrix--wife, Elizabeth. Witnesses--James Campbell, William Clawson, Tho. Broderwick. Proved Dec. 19, 1744---Lib. D, p.208(25)
1744, Dec 13. VAN SICKLES, Abraham, of Piscataqua, Middlesex Co. Inventory L91.6.2; made by James Campbell and William Clawson.(26)
1749, June 1. Account rendered by Elizabeth Rattan, formerly Van Sickles, widow of Abraham.---Lib. D, p.208.(27)
1749, May 24. VANSICKLE, Jacob, and Abraham, of Middlesex Co., upwards of 14 years, make choice of Micaiah Dunn and James Campbell, as guardians. Bond of same, both of Piscataway. Edmund Dunham and Jonathan Dunham, fellow bondsmen.-Lib. 5, p.306.

I can find no relationship between the people listed in the above records pertaining to Abraham Sickles/Van Sickle and any of the descendants of the immigrant Ferdinandus Van Sicklen. Also, the listing of his surname as "Sickles" in the will abstract leads one to suspect that this Abraham may be a descendant of the immigrant Zacharias Sickels of Albany. Some of the descendants of Zacharias were also known by the "Van Sickle" surname, at least in New Jersey and it appears that Lambert, son of Zacharias may have used the "Van" form of the surname on Long Island.

After consideration of all of the above, my question is: Did Johannes Van Sickelen, the son of the immigrant Ferdinandus, leave any descendants? If the reader can shed any information on the life of this Johannes or provide any further information or corrections to information above please contact me.

Laurie Lightfoot, 19 Woodland Cres., Tillsonburg, ON N4G 4G6, Canada

(1) Abstracts of New York City Wills, 1708-28. W. S. Pelletreau. p.104.

Courtesy to me from Richard A. McCool.
(2) "The Jan Cornelisen Van Hoorn/Van Horne Family of New York and New Jersey" George Olin Zabriskie. The Amercian Genealogist. Vol. 46. p.111. Cites: NYW1:453; NYGBR 47:231. Note that the abstract available on-line at lists only "brother John Van Horne" and "brother Garret Van Horne" as executors and the abstract posted to Dutch-Colonies- by Wayne McKean included a fourth executor: "brother, Jan

Albertse." (Jan Albertse being another brother-in-law, husband of

Margareitje Van Sickelen.)
(3) Register In Alphabetical Order, of the Early Settlers of Kings County,

Long Island, NY... Teunis G. Bergen. 1881. p.362.
(4) A History of the Van Sickle Family in the United States of America. John

W. Van Sickle. 1880. p.81.
(5) Both Bergen & Van Sickle indicate that Johannes had another sister,

Jannetje. However, it would appear that they mistook the bride listed

on the marriage license for Adriaen Laan [Lane]'s second marriage to a

daughter of the immigrant when she was actually a daughter-in-law, the

widow of Reinier. The marriage license listed her by her previous

marital surname rather than by her maiden name which was then the more

common practice.
(6) Abstracts of Unrecorded Wills, Vol. XI, Prior to 1790. pp. 117-118.

Posted to by Wayne McKean.
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Counties, New Jersey". Fred Sisser, III. Somerset County Genealogical

Quarterly. [Hereafter: SCGQ] Vol. 6:3, pp59-66.
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(9a) His residence has been further identified as located in Oxford Township

which is not located in present-day Hunterdon County.
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(24) Although the date is listed as "1734", it was obviously after 18 January

1741, the date a NJ marriage license was granted to Mary Van Sicklen of

Middlesex and Thomas Thickston.
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Vol. XXX; Calandar of New Jersey Wills, Administrations, Etc., 1730- 1750. p.433.
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