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Squire Humphrey Tiffany born 4 Jun 1630 St John, Hackney, London, Middlesex, England

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Squire Humphrey Tiffany born 4 Jun 1630 St John, Hackney, London, Middlesex, England

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Surnames: Tiffany
Information I have found regarding Squire Humphrey Tiffany:

Taken from on August 7, 2002 -

Descendants of Humphrey Tiffany
Generation No. 1
1. SQUIRE HUMPHREY1 TIFFANY was born 04 June 1630 in London (Middlesex Co.) England, and died 15 July 1685 in Bet. Swansea & Boston, Massachusetts. He married ELIZABETH ? Abt. 1666 in ?. She was born 1645 in Swansea (Bristol Co.) Massachusetts, and died Unknown in ?.
The following information is taken from the article, "Consider Tiffany (1733-1796), author of 'A Tory's View of Colonial America', His Background, History and Genealogy". Researched and prepared by George Bradford TIFFANY; Revised March 2000, Center Harbor, New Hampshire. Full credit is given to Mr. TIFFANY and is only repeated here to inform later members of the TIFFANY lineage of its existance.
Squire Humphrey TIFFANY was born in London, England on 4 June 1630 and christened on the same date in St. John, Hackney Parish, London, England. As an adult, he served as a Justice of the Peace and emigrated to America sometime around 1660.
The title of SQUIRE indicates a man of good birth and independent means with a coat of arms granted by the College of Heralds -- from whence comes the TIFFANY Coat of Arms. The TIFFANY escutcheon pictured a knight garlanded with oak leaves, his visored helmet surmounted by the head of a greyhound biting a stag's foot. A chevron and three lions were emblazoned on his breastplate above the motto, 'Patria Fidelis'. A huntsman and a patriot, in short, Squire TIFFANY was a gentleman. But whether he left England to protect his faith, his pocketbook, or both, is not known.
Squire Humphrey and his wife, Elizabeth, were first recorded on the ledgers of the Plimouth Colony of Massachusetts Bay in 1660. Presumably they had arrived from England shortly before that date, thus placing him in his late 20s when he arrived in America. If so, like their Mayflower predecessors, they may well have been fleeing Anglican persecution, for Oliver Cromwell had died in 1658 and his Puritan Roundheads were in rout. On the other hand, if Squire Humphrey had arrived in America during Cromwell's rule, it is also possible, even probable, that he was fleeing the economic chaos that the politically inept soldier had wrought. 1.
1. This and the previous paragraph paraphrase material contained in "The Last Tiffany" by Michael John Burlingham, published in 1989 by Atheneum of New York. The dates were not authenticated.
A mention of Squire Humphrey occurs in the "Records of ancient Rehoboth (Massachusetts) dated 22 January 1663 showing "Humphrey TIFFANY permitted to be a sojourner and to buy and hire." The Latter-Day Saints Ancestral Files show the birth of the couple's first child, Ebenezer(2), as occuring in Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, in 1663 and the birth of their second child, James(2), as occuring in Milton, Massachusetts, in 1666. 2. Squire Humphrey thus appears to have relocated to Milton, Massachusetts, sometime between 1663 and 1666.
2. The Town of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, then encompassed the present towns of Attleboro, Rehoboth, Seekonk, and parts of Swansea, Massachusetts and Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
The Records of Milton, Massachusetts, show the third child, Thomas(2), was born on 11 June 1668. 3. Humphrey was listed on the 1678 Tax List in Milton as "Umphrey Tifiny." On 21 October 1680, the Reverend Peter Thacher brought Humphrey's son James(2) to live with him " perfect him in reading, and to teach him to write." James(2) would have been about age 14 at the time. A daughter, Elizabeth(2), was born in Milton on 11 April 1680. Humphrey and his wife, Elizabeth, among several others, were Thanksgiving dinner guests of the Rev. Thacher on 25 November 1680 at the Rev. Thacher's home in Milton. 4. A second daughter, Sarah(2), was born to Humphrey and Elizabeth in Swansea, Massachusetts, on 6 July 1683, leading to the presumption that Squire Humphrey had left Milton by 1682. 5. He was killed by lightning in Swansea, Massachusetts, on 15 July 1685 at the age of 55. 6.
3. The birth dates given for Squire Humphrey's children were taken from Page 62, "Milton Records -- Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1662-1843", Town of Milton, Massachusetts. Published by Alfred Mudge & Son Printers. Boston, Massachsetts, 1900.
4. References from the Journal of Rev. Peter Thacher, incorporated as "Appendix B" in "The History of Milton, Mass., 1640 to 1887", edited by A.K. Teele.
5. On 6 November 1681, the Rev. Peter Thacher, first pastor in Milton, baptized Squire Humphrey's sons Thomas(2), Hezekiah(2), Ebenezer(2), and James(2), who were then all over the age of 11, and the older brothers of William(2), age 9, Consider(2), age 6, and Ephraim(2), age 4, who were not baptized at that time. Squire Humphrey and his wife were clearly members of Rev. Thacher's church. It is interesting to note that Rev. Thacher was a Congregational (Puritan) minister and a colleague of the activist minister, Rev. Cotton Mather. How then, or why, Squire Humphrey's great grandson, Consider(4), became such a rabid member of the Anglican Church to whom Congregationalists were an anathema is a total mystery.
6. Many dates and places noted herein were abstracted from "The Tiffanys in America" by Ella F. (Tiffany) Wright, published by Idylwood, Mattatuck Press, Waterbury Blank Book Mfg. Co., Waterbury, Connecticut, 1904.
Cause of Death: Struck by lightning
Christening: 04 June 1630, St. John, Hackney Parish, London, England

i. EBENEZER2 TIFFANY, b. 1663, Rehoboth (Bristol Co.) Massachusetts; d. Unknown, Unknown.
ii. JAMES TIFFANY, b. 1666, Milton, Massachusetts; d. Unknown, Unknown.
On 21 October 1680, the Rev. Peter Thacher brought James to live with him..."to perfect him in reading, and to teach him to write." (From the Journal of Rev. Peter Thacher, incorporated as "Appendix B" in "The History of Milton, Mass., 1640 to 1887", edited by A.K. Teele.
iii. THOMAS TIFFANY, b. 11 June 1668, Milton, Massachusetts; d. Unknown, Unknown.
iv. HEZEKIAH TIFFANY, b. 18 August 1670, Milton, Massachusetts; d. Unknown, Unknown.
v. WILLIAM TIFFANY, b. 23 February 1671/72, Milton, Massachusetts; d. Unknown, Unknown.
2. vi. CONSIDER TIFFANY, b. 14 June 1675, Milton, Massachusetts; d. 1708, Prob. Lyme (New London Co.) Connecticut.
3. vii. EPHRAIM TIFFANY, b. 26 December 1677, Milton (Norfolk Co.) Massachusetts; d. 15 July 1727, Lyme (New London Co.) Connecticut.
viii. ELIZABETH TIFFANY, b. 11 April 1680, Milton, Massachusetts; d. Unknown, Unknown.
ix. SARAH TIFFANY, b. 06 July 1683; d. Unknown.

Taken from on August 7, 2002 -

I. Humphrey Tiffany, birth = 1630, marriage = unknown, death = 15 July 1685, children = James
sp:Elizabeth, birth = 1645, marriage = unknown, death = Dec 1685

Taken from -

Humphrey TIFFANY (Squire)
1632/1661 - 15 JUL 1685
* TITLE: Squire
* ID NUMBER: 448
* BIRTH: 1632/1661, St John Hackney,London,Middlesex,England
* CHRISTENING: 4 JUN 1630, St John Hackney,London,England
* DEATH: 15 JUL 1685, Swansea,Bristol,Massachusetts
Father: Henry TIFFANY (Bef 21 AUG 1603 - 30 OCT 1638)
Mother: Elizabeth --- (Abt 1606 - ____)

Family 1 : Elizabeth --- (Abt 1645 - ____)
1. +James Sr. TIFFANY (1666 - Abt JUL 1732)
2. Sarah TIFFANY (6 JUL 1683 - ____)

Taken from -

GENEALOGICAL SKETCH OF THE TIFFANY FAMILY. By Ella F. Wright. 92 pages, indexed, originally published in 1904 at Waterbury CT. Reproduced on one microfiche 1987.

This genealogy traces some of the descendants of Humphrey Tiffany, who was at Rehoboth Massachusetts by 1663. Some allied lines include: Alling, Atwater, Bartlet, Bandin, Beach, Berry, Broas, Brown, Case, Child, Cowart, Crane, Decker, Fee, French, Gardner, Giddings, Gidman, Groome, Hart, Hicks, Hill, Huntley, Ingraham, Jones, King, Kirby, Lord, Mills, Mitchell, Osborn, Pierce, Pratt, Reed, Rogers, Shields, Stetson, Tryon, Van Inwagen, Warner, Wheeler, Wilder, Wright, Wood, and many more.

Taken from personal ancestral file on July 29, 2002 -

Husband's Name
Humphrey TIFFANY (AFN:8M10-MX) Pedigree
Born: 4 Jun 1630 Place: St John, Hackney, London, Middlesex
Christened: 4 Jun 1630 Place: St John, Hackney, London, England
Died: 15 Jul 1685 Place: Swansea, Bristol, Ma
Buried: 15 Jul 1685 Place:
Married: 1665 Place: , , Ma
Father: Henry TIFFANY (AFN:8M10-FW) Family
Mother: Elizabeth (AFN:NV8T-4F)
Wife's Name
Elizabeth TIFFANY (AFN:8M10-N4) Pedigree
Born: 1645 Place: Of Swansea, Bristol, Ma
Died: 27 Feb 1710/1711 Place: Bristol Co., Attleboro Co., Ma
Married: 1665 Place: , , Ma
Father: Unknown TIFFANY (AFN:12FW-QLQ) Family
Mother: Unknown TIFFANY (AFN:12FW-QMX)
1. Sex Name
F Consider TIFFANY (AFN:N8ML-97) Pedigree
Born: Abt 1672 Place: <Milton, Norfolk, Ma>
2. Sex Name
U Consider TIFFANY (AFN:2181-XT3) Pedigree
Born: 1672 Place: <Swansea, Bristol, Ma>
3. Sex Name
M Ebenezar TIFFANY (AFN:N8ML-82) Pedigree
Born: 1670 Place: <Milton, Norfolk, Ma>
4. Sex Name
M Ebenezer TIFFANY (AFN:8M10-RM) Pedigree
Born: 1678 Place: Swansea, Bristol, Ma
Died: 10 Feb 1747 Place: Barrington, Bristol, Ri
5. Sex Name
M William TIFFANY (AFN:8M10-T0) Pedigree
Born: 23 Feb 1672 Place: Milton, Norfolk, Ma
6. Sex Name
F Elizabeth TIFFANY (AFN:8M10-XH) Pedigree
Born: 11 Apr 1680 Place: Milton, Norfolk, Ma
7. Sex Name
M Thomas TIFFANY (AFN:8M10-QG) Pedigree
Born: 11 Jun 1668 Place: Milton, Norfolk, Ma
Christened: 11 Jun 1668 Place: Norfolk Co., Milton, Ma
Died: 7 Mar 1734 Place: Ashford, , Ct
8. Sex Name
M Consider TIFFANY (AFN:8M10-V5) Pedigree
Born: 14 Jun 1675 Place: Milton, Norfolk, Ma
Died: 23 Jan 1753 Place: Ct
9. Sex Name
F Sarah TIFFANY (AFN:8M10-ZN) Pedigree
Born: 6 Jul 1683 Place: Swansea, Bristol, Ma
10. Sex Name
M Hezekiah TIFFANY (AFN:8M10-SS) Pedigree
Born: 18 Aug 1670 Place: Milton, Norfolk, Ma
Died: 4 Dec 1685 Place: Swansea, , Ma
11. Sex Name
M James TIFFANY (AFN:8M10-P9) Pedigree
Born: 6 Nov 1681 Place: Milton, Norfolk, Ma
Christened: 6 Nov 1681 Place: Milton, Norfolk, Ma
Died: 15 Jul 1685 Place: Attleboro, Bristol, Mass
12. Sex Name
M Ephraim TIFFANY (AFN:8M10-WB) Pedigree
Born: 26 Dec 1677 Place: Milton, Norfolk, Ma
Died: 15 Jul 1727 Place: Lyme, New London, Connecticut

Taken from personal ancestral file on July 29, 2002 -

Humphrey TIFFANY (AFN: 8M10-MX) Pedigree
Sex: M Family
Birth: 4 Jun 1630
St John, Hackney, London, Middlesex
Christening: 4 Jun 1630
St John, Hackney, London, England
Death: 15 Jul 1685
Swansea, Bristol, Ma
Burial: 15 Jul 1685
Father: Henry TIFFANY (AFN: 8M10-FW) Family
Mother: Elizabeth (AFN: NV8T-4F)
Spouse: Elizabeth TIFFANY (AFN: 8M10-N4) Family
Marriage: 1665
, , Ma

Re: Tiffany-Dodge doubts, St Johns, Hackney
Posted by: julie otto Date: April 15, 2000 at 13:14:40
In Reply to: Re: Tiffany-Dodge doubts, St Johns, Hackney by G. Bradford Tiffany of 614

Hello G.,

Thank you for the note on Humphrey's movements, and especially the Thanksgiving reference. While we don't have actual records of the births of the first two boys I suspect that a Rehoboth birth for Ebenezer in the early 1660s (to be of age, ae. at least about 21, by 27 March "1682", per Plymouth COLONY Deeds 5:253-54] is about right, and somewhere in the mid-1660s for James -- whether in Rehoboth or Milton is not clear. Humphrey's first appearance in Milton town records (owing a day's work to the town) apparently does not occur until 1670 (THE AMERICAN GENEALOGIST 10 [1933-34]: 138), and he isn't on the minister's rate list, and the rate list "for the use of the towne," until 30 Dec. 1674 (MILTON TOWN RECORDS [1930], p. 343). True, young Thomas's birth appears in Milton VRs in 1668, but I can't believe that thrifty Yankee town fathers would ignore an able-bodied potential taxpayer / candidate for town work for as more than a year or so! It would not surprise me if H's lovely wife Elizabeth ---- had ties to Dorchester/Milton, as several other families went back and forth between there and Rehoboth/Swansea/Bristol (haven't found any links though!). The last date he appears in Milton town records is 22nd day, 12 mo. 1680, which if I am calculating it correctly would be about 22 March 1680/1, and he's off by the 1681/2 list.

Humphrey retained some right at Rehoboth, since "Humphrey Tiffany heirs" were on a list of proprietors of Rehoboth not resident there, 7 Feb. 1689 (which may be 1689/90) (J.N. Arnold, VITAL RECORD OF REHOBOTH, 1642-1896 [Providence, 1897], p. 917).

You are right, the town minister [Congregationalist] Rev. Thacher baptized some but not all of the kids ("Goodman Tiffany's children Ebenezer & James & Thomas & Hezekiah") 6 Nov. 1681 (Teele's Hist. of Milton, p. 647). There were several others then living (William, ae. 9; Consider, ae. 6; Ephraim, ae. almost 4; and [if she was then alive] Elizabeth ae. 1). The baptismal status of the younger kids baffles me, since Congregationalists then and now practice infant baptism. (God knows what a bunch of apparently Congregationalist Tiffanys did for church arrangements in the Baptist town of Swansea; will have to check in Worthley's book on Mass. Cong. churches). Perhaps the Tiffanys had already moved or were in process, and the younger ones were at home with Mom at the new place? I understand however that Teele published Rev. Thacher's diary only in extract and it would be interesting to see if the real thing contains any more.

Also, the date on which Rev. Thacher arranged with Humphrey to teach James was 21 Oct. 1680, not sometime in 1681 (Teele, p. 644). Beware the siren call to quote from memory... :)

Finally here is the actual date and citation (27 March "1682," Plymouth COLONY Deeds 5:253-54) for the deed young Ebenezer witnessed. This date could be 1682 or just possibly 1682/3, although double-dating was only supposed to last 1 January-25 March (Lady Day, the Feast of the Annunciation), a holdover from the medieval church calendar practiced until 1752. Said deed was executed two days after the cutoff, so if it was indeed 1682 and not 1683, that could indicate a birth by ca. 1661 rather than by ca. 1662. (As a typical early Tiffany, he couldn't do things at an unambiguous time of year. Oh nooooo.)

Tiffanys in deeds of Plymouth COUNTY (to 1799) are mainly limited to Recompense3 Tiffany (Thomas2, Humphrey1) (one in vol. 31, another in vol. 32) and his heirs (by 1786, flung across various unrecorded areas of New England, which makes said deeds even sweeter) (65:39 and several pp. following, 66:125). Ebenezer and James appear prolifically in Bristol Co. Deeds, but much to my frustration (since Ebenezer is my ancestor) nowhere the wonderful quitclaim that identifies a wife.

Also peculiar is our inability to determine the origins of more early wives given the unusual names of some Tiffanys (e.g. Recompense, used only among descendants of Thomas2 and Hannah [----] Tiffany; the name appears first at Dorchester [Milton's mother town] in 1639 with the birth of Recompense Osborne, later of Long Island, and also in some branches of the Wadsworth family with no obvious links to the Osbornes, or to Mrs. Hannah Tiffany. Don't assume anything from this -- people of every age are notorious for copying cool names from the neighbors.

The second-generation Tiffany men certainly made a habit of marrying women with no last name, but they were simply following in the tradition of dear old Dad -- and Grandad, if you count Henry.

Thank you for the good ideas, and have a great weekend. Julie

Re: Tiffany-Dodge doubts, St Johns, Hackney
Posted by: G. Bradford Tiffany Date: April 15, 2000 at 09:35:47
In Reply to: Re: Tiffany-Dodge doubts, St Johns, Hackney by julie otto of 614

Humphrey's first child was Ebenezer (2) and was born in Rehoboth, MA, in 1663. His second son James (2) was born in Milton, MA, in 1666. Humphrey Tiffany was listed as "Umphrey Tifiny" on the Milton, Massachusetts Tax List of 1678. Humphrey and his wife, Elizabeth, were Thanksgiving dinner guests, among others, of the Rev. Peter Thatcher on 25 November 1680 at the Rev. Thatcher's home in Milton, MA. On 6 Nov. 1681, Rev. Thatcher baptized Humphrey's sons Thomas (2) [age 13], Hezehiah (2) [age 11], Ebenezer (2) [age 18], and James (2) [age 15]. (from the Journal of Rev. Peter Thatcher, Appendix B, The History of Milton, Mass. 1640 to 1887, edited by A. K. Teele.) Humphrey's daughter Sarah (2) was born on 6 July 1683 in Swansea, MA. So following the thread, Humphrey must have left Rehoboth, MA, between 1663 and 1666, lived in Milton for some 18 years, and then returned to Rehoboth (Swansea was then part of Rehoboth) circa 1682. Does this help the puzzle any?

Re: Tiffany-Dodge doubts, St Johns, Hackney
Posted by: julie otto Date: April 14, 2000 at 16:12:13
In Reply to: Tiffany-Dodge doubts, St Johns, Hackney by julie otto of 614

Whoops, in that list of young Tiffanys baptized at Milton 1681 by Rev. Peter Thacher, I inadvertently left out William Tiffany, b. at Milton 1672 and duly noted in that town's VRs, and last heard of in New Shoreham (Block Island) town records in 1695, as someone on the list of men required to kill their quota of crows. Rev. Thacher did indeed baptize William, and he belongs between Hezekiah (1670-1685) and Consider (1675-1707/8).

I've long wondered if Hezekiah, who drowned in the Swanzey River 4 Dec. 1685 "near Night," might have been the boy "was holding the Cloak" over Frances Low (Anthony Low's daughter, whom Humphrey was escorting to her father in Boston, and who was killed with him), according to Sewall's account of the lightning strike (which I suppose he heard from Anthony Low); this unnamed boy being "Stounded [i.e. dazed or stunned] but not killed"? Many of us here in New England have been caught suddenly in similar midsummer weather, when a really violent storm blows up out of nowhere and people (instantly soaked) are driven to the nearest shelter. In this case, with disastrous results, it was indeed that wide-branching, lone tree they were all huddling under, a mile and a half past Billings' farm, on the road from Swansea to Boston. (Now again, Hezekiah could have drowned simply due to shortcutting across a stretch of ice that LOOKED solid on a cold raw day, which 4 December is apt to be in any century.) 1685 must have been a rotten year in the Tiffany family and the survivors must have been both sad and glad to see it end.

Some years ago I read a most interesting work, A MATCH TO THE HEART by the naturalist Gretel Ehrlich, which chronicles the author's own near-death and recovery from being hit by lightning on a Western ranch. Apparently the electrical violence of a lightning strike can do hidden damage to the electromagnetic timing of the heart/nervous system and lightning survivors often die within a few months, with the cause not suspected due to the delay.

Re: Tiffany history book
Posted by: Alan Sherman Date: January 30, 2002 at 19:21:16
In Reply to: Tiffany history book by Jayne Buchanan of 614

There are two "Tiffany" Books of note.
Nelson Otis Tiffanys; The Tiffanys of America, a nice volume, but filled with inaccuracies appears on the used market occasionally and sell for $100 + depending on condition. I have seen it as a reprint(or Photocopy) but not lately.
Ellla Wright Tiffany produced a thin volume deals with the Humphry, Ephraim, Consider, Consider branch of Hartland CT. It is accurate, and is available in reprint for about $20.00 from Tuttle Books in VT. www.Tuttlebooks.Com
I own Both and will do limited lookups for anyone interested, but please understand, these volumes barely scratch the surface of the family history. I cannot copy pages as both of the books are the orig. and are very fragile, being a century old

**found conflicting information in the information found below -- which is information found on a webiste at:

1 HUMPHREY TIFFANY b: June 04, 1630 in LONDON, ENGLAND d: July 15, 1685
2 EPHRAIM TIFFANY b: December 26, 1677 in NORFOLK, MILTON, MA d: Bef 1734 in LYME, CT
+NAOMY COMSTOCK b: 1707 in NEW LONDON, LYME CO., CT d: May 29, 1743
4 CONSIDER TIFFANY b: March 15, 1733 in LYME, CT d: June 19, 1796 in LYME, CT
+SARAH WILDER b: August 13, 1738 in LYME, CT d: November 07, 1818 in HARTLAND, CT
5 LEVI TIFFANY b: April 23, 1766 in HARTLAND, CT d: November 20, 1851 in BARKHAMSTEAD, CT
+EUNICE WHETMORE b: October 04, 1766 in MIDDLETOWN, CT d: March 28, 1830 in BARKHAMSTEAD, CT
*2nd Wife of LEVI TIFFANY:
+FANNY SLADE b: December 24, 1782
5 JEMIMA TIFFANY b: October 12, 1756 in LYME, CT d: July 24, 1784 in HARTLAND, CT
5 EPHRAIM TIFFANY b: November 08, 1758 in LYME, CT d: April 07, 1818 in BARKHAMSTEAD, CT
+ANNA HARGER b: 1758 d: December 17, 1724 in BARKHAMSTEAD, CT
5 DOROTHY TIFFANY b: June 19, 1762 in HARTLAND, CT
5 CONSIDER TIFFANY b: March 12, 1769 in HARTLAND, CT d: September 04, 1859 in HARTLAND, CT
+MILLIE REESFORD b: March 05, 1772 d: May 16, 1849
5 BETSEY b: February 25, 1772 in HARTLAND, CT d: February 16, 1837 in BATH, OH
+ASHER HUNTLEY b: March 01, 1767 d: March 03, 1849 in FAMILY MOVED TO NY STATE
5 INFANT TIFFANY b: November 13, 1777 d: November 13, 1777
5 MARY WILLEY TIFFANY b: April 01, 1775
4 LUTHER TIFFANY b: April 15, 1734 in LYME, CT
4 NAOMY TIFFANY b: December 28, 1737 in LYME, CT
4 SAMUEL TIFFANY b: July 13, 1740 in LYME, CT d: March 1822 in TOMPKINS, NY
+ABIGAIL CURTIS b: in CT d: March 1820 in TOMKINS, NY
5 PHEBE TIFFANY b: August 22, 1781 d: in OHIO
+NATHAN S. STEWART b: March 07, 1771 d: August 07, 1866 in OHIO
5 MARY TIFFANY b: June 13, 1777
*2nd Husband of MARY TIFFANY:
+DANIEL WHIPPLE b: August 27, 1779 in WINDHAM, VT
5 SAMUEL TIFFANY b: October 21, 1761 d: April 21, 1851 in DELAWARE, NY
5 GEORGE TIFFANY b: May 08, 1776 in LITCHFIELD, CT d: February 13, 1887 in ALAMO, MI
+MARY MASON b: in IRELAND d: March 16, 1840 in OHIO
5 AMY TIFFANY b: December 08, 1783 d: December 17, 1857
+ISAAC DARROW b: September 11, 1781
4 UMPHREY TIFFANY b: March 02, 1742 in LYME, CT
4 TIMOTHY TIFFANY b: November 24, 1755 in LYME, CT d: 1841 in BARKHURST, MA
5 DANIEL TIFFANY b: August 20, 1779 in HARTLAND, CT d: May 23, 1782
5 TIMOTHY TIFFANY b: October 03, 1781 in HARTLAND, CT d: April 27, 1816
5 MARY TIFFANY b: October 23, 1783 d: September 12, 1787
5 EPOPHRODITUS TIFFANY b: April 17, 1787
5 ASA DAVIS TIFFANY b: May 14, 1791 d: 1871
+ABIGAIL SCOTT d: Abt 1823
5 MARY TIFFANY b: February 17, 1793 d: March 21, 1854
4 TITUS TIFFANY b: May 09, 1754
3 SAMUEL TIFFANY b: April 07, 1701 in NEW SHOREHAM, RI
3 HUMPHREY TIFFANY b: February 07, 1706 in NEW SHOREHAM, RI
2 HEZEKIAH TIFFANY b: August 18, 1670 in NORFOLK, MILTON, MA d: December 04, 1685 in SWANSEA, MA
2 JAMES TIFFANY b: July 16, 1675 in BRISTOL, SWANSEA, MA d: July 1732 in ATTLEBORO, MA
3 JONATHAN TIFFANY b: June 21, 1714 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: September 13, 1717 in ATTLEBORO, MA
3 KEZIAH TIFFANY b: July 29, 1716 in ATTLEBORO, MA
3 NOAH TIFFANY b: February 24, 1720 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: January 1745
*2nd Wife of JAMES TIFFANY:
+BETHIAH d: February 27, 1711 in ATTLEBORO, MA
3 ELIZABETH TIFFANY b: April 16, 1689 in SWANSEA, MA d: Bef 1732
+ELIZABETH ALLEN b: 1704 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: August 01, 1796 in ATTLEBORO, MA
4 BETHIAH TIFFANY b: September 23, 1727 in ATTLEBORO, MA
4 ELIZABETH TIFFANY b: November 17, 1729 in ATTLEBORO, MA
4 JAMES TIFFANY b: January 24, 1732 in ATTLEBORO, MA
5 LOAES TIFFANY b: May 24, 1754 in ATTLEBORO, MA
5 JOEL TIFFANY b: February 07, 1757 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: in SCHOHARIE CO., NY
5 CHLOE TIFFANY b: January 21, 1759
5 JAMES TIFFANY b: November 10, 1760 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: March 25, 1823 in SOUTH BRIMFIELD, MA
+MARY HOWE b: 1750 d: March 18, 1823 in SOUTH BRIMFIELD, MA
5 SAMUEL TIFFANY b: September 01, 1762
4 EBENEZER TIFFANY b: June 26, 1734 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: October 03, 1817 in ATTLEBORO, MA
+MARY CARPENTER b: 1738 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: September 18, 1825 in ATTLEBORO, MA
5 COMFORT TIFFANY b: October 24, 1758 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: June 02, 1759 in ATTLEBORO, MA
5 WILLIAM TIFFANY b: June 01, 1760 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: November 02, 1789
5 EBENEZER TIFFANY b: August 27, 1762 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: 1846
+CYNTHIA TINGLEY b: May 22, 1765 d: December 23, 1813
5 JOSEPH TIFFANY b: October 05, 1763 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: December 13, 1850 in ATTLEBORO, MA
+CHARLOTTE CAPRON b: December 27, 1764 d: January 30, 1842
5 OTIS TIFFANY b: May 09, 1767 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: in MO
5 CONTENT TIFFANY b: February 10, 1770 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: October 10, 1789 in ATTLEBORO, MA
5 PHILENA TIFFANY b: February 16, 1774 in ATTLEBORO, MA
5 COMFORT TIFFANY b: February 14, 1777 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: December 22, 1843 in BROOKLYN, NY
+CHLOE DRAPER b: June 13, 1781 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: November 15, 1852 in BROOKLYN, NY
5 MOLLY TIFFANY b: May 11, 1779
+JACOB CUSHMAN d: November 14, 1802
*2nd Husband of MOLLY TIFFANY:
+ARMAN READ d: September 21, 1822
*3rd Husband of MOLLY TIFFANY:
5 SYLVESTER TIFFANY b: August 09, 1759 in NORTON, MA
5 LUCINDA TIFFANY b: August 10, 1761 in NORTON, MA d: August 14, 1814 in CANADA
5 OLIVER TIFFANY b: June 20, 1763 in NORTON, MA d: May 17, 1835 in ANCASTER, CANADA, UNMARRIED
5 GEORGE TIFFANY b: June 20, 1765 in NORTON, MA d: January 02, 1842 in ANCASTER, CANADA
5 LUCY TIFFANY b: August 21, 1767 in NORTON, MA d: September 27, 1785 in HANOVER, NH
5 CATHERINE TIFFANY b: December 29, 1769 in NORTON, MA d: 1840 in NY
5 GIDEON TIFFANY b: June 28, 1774 in KEENE, NH d: August 29, 1854 in DELAWARE, CANADA
+HANNAH TOMLINSON b: June 08, 1781 d: June 1836
5 ISAAC HALL TIFFANY b: October 16, 1777 in KEENE, NH d: February 23, 1859 in FULTONVILLE, NY, UNMARRIED
5 SARAH TIFFANY b: April 20, 1786 in KEENE, NH d: February 07, 1864 in LAWYERSVILLE, NY
+GENERAL THOMAS LAWYER b: October 14, 1785 in SCHOHARIE, NY d: May 21, 1868 in LAWYERSVILLE, NY
4 DANIEL TIFFANY b: February 28, 1739 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: May 04, 1817 in STURBRIDGE, CT
+MARY WOODCOCK b: March 15, 1745 d: April 06, 1787
5 DANIEL TIFFANY b: April 01, 1764 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: November 06, 1855 in WEBSTER, MA
+PARMELIA PERRY b: June 05, 1782 in BRIMFIELD, MA d: June 21, 1850 in AUBURN, MA
5 SALLY TIFFANY b: March 12, 1766 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: August 23, 1847
5 MARY TIFFANY b: August 25, 1768 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: 1850 in KILLINGLY, CT
5 EDMOND HODGES TIFFANY b: December 06, 1771 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: May 22, 1854 in WEST WOODSTOCK, CT
+MARY HOWLETT b: September 17, 1770 in WOODSTOCK, CT d: October 03, 1813 in WOODSTOCK, CT
5 ALLEN TIFFANY b: December 14, 1773 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: July 11, 1833 in ASHFORD, CT
5 LUCINDA TIFFANY b: April 07, 1885 in ATTLEBORO, MA
5 HANNAH TIFFANY b: July 11, 1777 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: November 11, 1849
5 DAVID TIFFANY b: May 03, 1780 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: October 06, 1849 in WEST WOODSTOCK, CT
5 JONATHAN TIFFANY b: June 20, 1782 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: December 12, 1865 in HARTFORD, CT
+EXPERIENCE CHAMBERLAIN b: June 18, 1789 in POMFRET, CT d: July 31, 1861 in HARTFORD, CT
5 NATHAN SENECA TIFFANY b: March 20, 1785 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: June 05, 1828 in LENOX, PA
+ANNA PELLETT b: June 28, 1787 in CANTERBURY, CT d: March 02, 1856 in GIBSON, PA
*2nd Wife of DANIEL TIFFANY:
+PHOEBE ADAMS b: March 22, 1753 in BROOKLYN, CT d: May 08, 1825 in STURBRIDGE, MA
5 LUCINDA TIFFANY b: August 16, 1790 in NOBLE, NY d: February 06, 1886 in DANIELSVILLE, CT
+BEMAN STEADMAN b: August 16, 1790 d: June 12, 1865 in EAST BROOKLYN, CT
4 BENJAMIN TIFFANY b: April 09, 1741 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: October 28, 1825 in RANDOLPH, VT
+SARAH CARR b: September 06, 1743 in PROVIDENCE, RI d: October 27, 1830
5 BENJAMIN TIFFANY b: August 16, 1763 in HANOVER, NH d: in INFANCY
5 JAMES TIFFANY b: June 30, 1766 in HANOVER, NH d: April 18, 1830 in DARIEN, NY
+RUTH DURKEE b: May 03, 1769 d: January 15, 1830 in JAMESTOWN, NY
5 BENJAMIN TIFFANY b: August 16, 1768 in HANOVER, NH d: May 28, 1854 in GRIMSBY, CANADA
+ACHSAH MANLEY b: May 09, 1776 in HARTFORD, CT d: 1823 in ALDEN, NY
5 JANE TIFFANY b: October 01, 1770 in HANOVER, NH d: November 24, 1793
5 SALLY TIFFANY b: March 12, 1773 in HANOVER, NH d: April 09, 1809
5 NANCY TIFFANY b: September 27, 1779 in HANOVER, NH d: March 30, 1869 in UNMARRIED
5 BETSEY TIFFANY b: February 04, 1782 in HANOVER, NH d: February 21, 1871
+SURPRISE H. ARNOLD b: February 21, 1778 d: May 25, 1851 in PROVIDENCE, RI
5 OTIS TIFFANY b: March 14, 1784 in HANOVER, NH d: 1795
5 JOHN TIFFANY b: August 21, 1786 in HANOVER, NH d: January 08, 1871
+EUNICE HEBARD b: 1792 d: August 30, 1823
*2nd Wife of JOHN TIFFANY:
+LYNDA PIERCE TEMPLE b: February 25, 1790 d: January 13, 1869
5 EBENEZER TIFFANY b: December 14, 1791 in HANOVER, NH d: March 1845 in UNMARRIED
+MARY RICHARDSON d: December 30, 1772 in ATTLEBORO, MA
+MARY BALCOM d: January 15, 1815
5 ESTHER TIFFANY b: October 24, 1763 in ATTLEBORO, MA
5 DANIEL TIFFANY b: June 25, 1765 in ATTLEBORO, MA
5 SARAH TIFFANY b: June 25, 1765 in ATTLEBORO, MA
5 CHARLOTTE TIFFANY b: February 04, 1767 in ATTLEBORO, MA
5 CHLOE TIFFANY b: April 22, 1770 in ATTLEBORO, MA
5 BENJAMIN TIFFANY b: July 22, 1773 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: November 05, 1795
4 SAMUEL TIFFANY b: July 10, 1739 in ATTLEBORO, MA
5 NANCY TIFFANY b: November 23, 1769 in ATTLEBORO, MA
5 POLLY TIFFANY b: May 20, 1777 in ATTLEBORO, MA
4 JAMES TIFFANY b: December 26, 1737 in EAST GREENWICH, RI d: in UNMARRIED
4 THOMAS TIFFANY b: February 03, 1739 in WARWICK, RI d: February 23, 1820 in GRISWOLD, CT
+WAITE ARNOLD b: Abt 1739 d: March 23, 1820 in GRISWOLD, CT
5 JAMES TIFFANY b: March 24, 1763 in WARWICK, RI d: October 04, 1848
+ELIZABETH CARD b: January 16, 1770 d: November 06, 1859 in WARWICK, RI
5 ELIZABETH TIFFANY b: March 15, 1766 in WARWICK, RI d: October 23, 1799
5 BENJAMIN TIFFANY b: August 25, 1767 in WARWICK, RI
5 LUCY TIFFANY b: September 03, 1769 in WARWICK, RI d: September 11, 1853 in PROVIDENCE, RI
+SETH BURKE b: October 29, 1764 d: April 18, 1855 in PROVIDENCE, RI
5 JONATHAN TIFFANY b: September 19, 1772
5 STEPHEN TIFFANY b: October 29, 1780 in WARWICK, RI d: in GRISWOLD, CT
5 DANIEL TIFFANY b: May 23, 1784 in WARWICK, RI
4 ASSA TIFFANY b: Abt 1743
+JONATHAN TIBBETTS b: May 06, 1745
4 BENJAMIN TIFFANY b: 1745 d: April 12, 1801 in CAMBRIDGE, NY
+MARY OLIN b: March 15, 1742 d: February 1812 in CAMBRIDGE, NY
5 STEPHEN TIFFANY b: May 05, 1771 d: March 21, 1813 in POMPEY, ONONDAGA CO., NY
+MERCY HODGES b: October 10, 1772 d: September 06, 1845
5 HENRY TIFFANY b: 1773 d: October 30, 1777 in CAMBRIDGE, MA
5 SARAH TIFFANY b: 1776 d: October 03, 1777 in CAMBRIDGE, MA
5 HENRY TIFFANY b: January 12, 1779 d: December 29, 1848 in POMPEY, ONONDAGA CO., NY
+MIRIAM HODGES b: September 24, 1779
5 BENJAMIN TIFFANY b: 1781 d: May 29, 1801 in CAMBRIDGE, MA
5 MARY TIFFANY b: April 12, 1783 d: February 12, 1824 in WHITE CREEK, NY
4 BEAL CASWELL b: January 21, 1739 in NORTON, MA
4 MARCY CASWELL b: May 02, 1743 in NORTON, MA d: October 03, 1743
4 DAVID CASWELL b: January 30, 1745
4 JOSEPH CASWELL b: May 28, 1747
4 JOHN CASWELL b: August 16, 1749
4 KEZIAH CASWELL b: October 31, 1751
4 SAMUEL CASWELL b: January 31, 1756
4 MOLLY CASWELL b: August 09, 1758
3 JOHN TIFFANY b: September 01, 1710 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: January 10, 1788 in ATTLEBORO, MA
4 ESTHER TIFFANY b: February 18, 1737 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: February 02, 1820
+CALEB RICHARDSON b: June 26, 1739 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: May 02, 1823 in HARTFORD, PA
5 CALEB RICHARDSON b: December 16, 1762 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: April 30, 1838
+HULDAH HATCH b: April 03, 1764 in BOSTON, MA d: June 20, 1849 in HARFORD, PA
+EZEKIEL TITUS b: June 08, 1769 d: February 25, 1846
4 DELIVERANCE TIFFANY b: June 25, 1741 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: 1744
4 MARTHA TIFFANY b: April 19, 1743 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: December 26, 1829 in HARFORD, PA
5 THOMAS WILMARTH b: March 06, 1774 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: September 24, 1841 in HARFORD, PA
+SARAH PERRY b: October 29, 1776 d: January 05, 1851
5 HEPSIBETH WILMARTH b: 1776 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: March 18, 1846 in NO CHILDREN
+JACOB BLAKE b: 1774 d: October 09, 1849
5 WALTER WILMARTH b: April 20, 1780 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: December 08, 1851
+MARIA PERRY b: June 19, 1791 d: March 12, 1864
4 ANN TIFFANY b: July 04, 1745 in ATTLEBORO, MA
4 JOHN TIFFANY b: October 16, 1747 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: 1825
+RUTH CLAPP b: 1758 in MANSFIELD, MA d: February 19, 1839 in WALWORTH, NY
5 CHANDLER TIFFANY b: September 02, 1782 in ATTLEBORO, MA
5 JOHN TIFFANY b: August 10, 1784 in ATTLEBORO, MA
+SALLY BIGELOW b: March 29, 1784 d: September 02, 1848 in MOUNT PLEASANT, PA
*2nd Wife of JOHN TIFFANY:
+REBECCA SLAYTON b: 1785 d: April 02, 1869 in WALWORTH, NY
5 LEONARD TIFFANY b: April 10, 1796 in MOUNT PLEASANT, PA d: Bef 1880 in GIBSON, PA
+LAURA WHITNEY b: November 13, 1787 in WALLINGFORD, CT d: October 11, 1880 in SUSQUEHANNA, PA
4 HUMPHREY TIFFANY b: January 19, 1750 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: in UTICA, NY
5 ISRAEL TIFFANY b: March 14, 1807 in ONEIDA CO., NY d: November 28, 1863 in JAMESTOWN, NY
+LUCENA COOK b: June 02, 1810 d: January 10, 1855 in JAMESTOWN, NY
5 SUSANNA TIFFANY b: February 28, 1774 in PROVIDENCE, RI
5 WILLIAM TIFFANY b: 1781 in NORTH ADAMS, MA d: October 12, 1886 in NORTH NORWICH, NY
+ZERRIAH JONES b: 1780 in RI d: August 06, 1858 in KINGS SETTLEMENT, NY
+JONATHAN BROWN, JR. d: April 28, 1839 in MILAN, OH
5 HUMPHREY TIFFANY b: September 13, 1788 in NORTH ADAMS, MA d: June 24, 1870 in SOUTH NEW BERLIN, NY
+HANNAH MATHEWSON b: May 20, 1791 in RI d: July 29, 1865 in KNOXVILLE, PA
4 NOAH TIFFANY b: July 07, 1752 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: July 19, 1818 in BROOKLYN, PA
+HANNAH CARPENTER b: 1761 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: August 28, 1785 in ATTLEBORO, MA
5 JEMIMA TIFFANY b: August 02, 1782 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: April 21, 1874 in HARFORD, PA
+ELIAB FARRAR b: June 18, 1773 in WALTHAM, MA d: October 29, 1858 in HARFORD, PA
5 HANNAH TIFFANY b: December 16, 1783 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: March 14, 1874 in HARFORD, PA
+WELLS STANLEY b: December 20, 1782 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: February 03, 1838 in HARFORD, PA
5 ARUNAH TIFFANY b: August 08, 1785 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: December 22, 1863 in GIBSON, PA
+LUCY FOLLETT b: August 29, 1791 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: May 06, 1836 in GIBSON, PA
*2nd Wife of ARUNAH TIFFANY:
+CLARISSA BRONSON LAWRENCE b: June 23, 1801 in EAST WINDSOR, CT d: December 24, 1885 in GIBSON, PA
*2nd Wife of NOAH TIFFANY:
+MARY OLNEY b: 1759 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: March 1837 in GIBSON, PA
5 OLNEY TIFFANY b: 1787 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: May 07, 1831 in GIBSON, PA
5 MARY TIFFANY b: September 15, 1789 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: March 25, 1819 in BROOKLYN, PA
+CHARLES PERIGO b: May 03, 1784 in LITCHFIELD, CT d: August 13, 1867 in BROOKLYN, PA
5 AMEY TIFFANY b: August 09, 1791 d: March 01, 1808
5 NOAH TIFFANY b: May 10, 1793 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: December 25, 1878
+CHARLOTTE SEAVER b: November 11, 1795 in MEDWAY, MA d: December 14, 1886
5 JOHN TIFFANY b: May 22, 1795 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: January 1863 in CANTON, IL
5 CLARISSA TIFFANY b: 1796 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: January 22, 1869 in HARFORD, PA
+DAVID WATERMAN d: September 14, 1864
5 LORIN TIFFANY b: June 20, 1798 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: October 24, 1805 in ATTLEBORO, MA
5 MELINDA TIFFANY b: October 16, 1801 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: December 16, 1891 in BRIDGEWATER, PA
+MYRON W. LINDSEY b: December 07, 1804 in OTSEGO CO., NY d: January 16, 1857 in BRIDGEWATER, PA
4 HOSEA TIFFANY b: July 22, 1854 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: April 22, 1833 in HARFORD, PA
+ANNA WILMARTH b: June 17, 1757 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: March 31, 1838 in HARFORD, PA
5 NANCY TIFFANY b: April 10, 1780 in ATTLEBORO, MA
5 HOSEA TIFFANY b: September 03, 1782 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: December 09, 1836 in HARFORD, PA
+POLLY SWEET b: December 04, 1788 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: May 23, 1866 in HARFORD, PA
5 AMOS TIFFANY b: April 22, 1785 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: December 09, 1836 in HARFORD, PA
+RACHEL TIFFANY b: in ADAMS, MA d: May 22, 1857 in HARFORD, PA
5 PEDDY WILMARTH TIFFANY b: August 02, 1796 in HARFORD, PA d: November 1830 in HARFORD, PA
+JOSHUA KNIGHT ADAMS b: January 1794 in CANTERBURY, CT d: February 07, 1876 in HARFORD, PA
4 THOMAS TIFFANY b: May 31, 1756 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: May 12, 1835
+MELETIAH TINGLEY b: October 05, 1762 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: May 07, 1835 in HARFORD, PA
5 LORINDA TIFFANY b: January 31, 1780
5 ALFRED TIFFANY b: December 18, 1781 d: February 26, 1860 in BROOKLYN, PA
+LUCY MILLER b: July 24, 1784 in GLASTONBURY, CT d: April 11, 1817 in BROOKLYN, PA
*2nd Wife of ALFRED TIFFANY:
+FANNY MACK b: April 11, 1798 in LYME, CT d: December 04, 1850 in BROOKLYN, PA
*3rd Wife of ALFRED TIFFANY:
+PATIENCE VANCE b: October 04, 1794 in WINDSOR, NY d: in HARFORD, PA
5 THOMAS TIFFANY b: February 15, 1784 d: May 07, 1848 in HARTFORD, PA
+CHLOE TINGLEY b: March 29, 1788 in HARFORD, PA d: May 07, 1811 in HARFORD, PA
*2nd Wife of THOMAS TIFFANY:
+RUTH TRUESDELL d: October 07, 1819
*3rd Wife of THOMAS TIFFANY:
+ESTHER WILLIAMS b: 1793 in CT d: December 06, 1865 in HARFORD, PA
5 PELETIAH TIFFANY b: September 12, 1786 d: August 27, 1862 in BROOKLYN, PA
+HANNAH MILLER b: February 06, 1793 d: October 31, 1839 in BROOKLYN, PA
5 TINGELY TIFFANY b: October 28, 1788 d: December 15, 1866 in HARFORD, PA
+ACHSAH T. CARPENTER b: March 09, 1798 in HARFORD, PA d: July 09, 1868 in HARFORD, PA
5 DALTON TIFFANY b: October 10, 1791 d: June 29, 1867 in HARFORD, PA
+LUCRETIA POTTER b: November 14, 1790 d: June 09, 1866 in HARFORD, PA
5 LEWIS TIFFANY b: May 21, 1793 d: June 20, 1860 in HARFORD, PA
+ELIZABETH McMILLAN b: October 17, 1794 d: May 28, 1871
5 PRESTON TIFFANY b: April 20, 1795 d: October 28, 1876 in DIMOCK, PA
+ELIZA MACK b: May 06, 1796 d: September 30, 1829 in DIMOCK, PA
5 MILTON TIFFANY b: September 05, 1797 d: February 04, 1799
5 BETSEY TIFFANY b: September 17, 1799 d: November 27, 1829
+NATHANIEL NORRIS d: January 05, 1836
5 MELA TIFFANY b: March 14, 1802 d: September 27, 1866
+CALVIN CORSE b: September 23, 1794 d: May 11, 1881
5 ORVILLE TIFFANY b: December 08, 1805 d: April 22, 1876 in NICHOLSON, PA
+POLLY MARCY b: December 10, 1809 in NICHOLSON, PA d: December 25, 1884 in NICHOLSON, PA
4 ZECHARIAH TIFFANY b: April 09, 1758 in ATTLEBORO, MA d: Abt 1782
4 HEZEKIAH TIFFANY b: November 10, 1760 in ATTLEBORO, MA
2 THOMAS TIFFANY b: June 11, 1668 in NORFOLK, MILTON, MA d: March 07, 1734 in ASHFORD, CT
+HANNAH d: March 07, 1734 in ASHFORD, CT
3 ELIEZER TIFFANY b: April 30, 1690 in SWANSEA, MA
4 BETHYAH TIFFANY b: October 24, 1735 in ASHFORD, CT
3 THOMAS TIFFANY b: May 22, 1692 in SWANSEA, MA d: January 29, 1768
+MERCY REED b: 1699 d: in ASHFORD, CT
4 ABIGAIL TIFFANY b: August 10, 1720 in ASHFORD, CT
4 BETHYAH TIFFANY b: November 18, 1721 in ASHFORD, CT
4 ANNIE TIFFANY b: July 07, 1723 in ASHFORD, CT
4 EZEKIEL TIFFANY b: December 31, 1725 in ASHFORD, CT d: July 30, 1795
+MARY KNOWLTON b: June 14, 1730
5 SARAH TIFFANY b: November 26, 1749 in ASHFORD, CT d: March 22, 1814
5 SIMEON TIFFANY b: May 29, 1751 in ASHFORD, CT
+ESTHER CLARK b: August 12, 1754 d: August 17, 1806
*2nd Wife of SIMEON TIFFANY:
5 WILLIAM TIFFANY b: July 30, 1753 in ASHFORD, CT
+MOLLY CLARK b: August 14, 1755 d: July 03, 1778
+ANNE PETTES b: November 12, 1754 d: January 05, 1791
5 MARY TIFFANY b: December 01, 1755 in ASHFORD, CT
5 EZEKIEL TIFFANY b: March 12, 1763 in ASHFORD, CT
5 EZRA TIFFANY b: June 27, 1765 in ASHFORD, CT
5 AMASA TIFFANY b: November 06, 1767 in ASHFORD, CT d: April 17, 1850 in BENNINGTON, VT
+SARAH JOHNSON b: 1771 in ASHFORD, CT d: February 08, 1868 in BENNINGTON, VT
5 CALVIN TIFFANY b: November 05, 1772 in ASHFORD, CT
+ABIGAIL WALKER b: August 08, 1771 in ASHFORD, CT
4 MARY TIFFANY b: November 24, 1726 in ASHFORD, CT d: February 10, 1741
4 THOMAS TIFFANY b: December 30, 1728 in ASHFORD, CT d: May 30, 1778
5 SELINA TIFFANY b: July 30, 1778 in ASHFORD, CT
4 SIMEON TIFFANY b: August 24, 1732 in ASHFORD, CT d: September 21, 1742
4 HANNAH TIFFANY b: November 11, 1735 in ASHFORD, CT d: October 13, 1742
4 SARAH TIFFANY b: June 27, 1736 in ASHFORD, CT d: October 30, 1748
3 ISAIAH TIFFANY b: February 22, 1697 in BRISTOL, RI d: 1780 in LEBANON, CT
+ANN LYMAN b: January 28, 1731 in LEBANON, CT d: in LEBANON, CT
5 ANN TIFFANY b: March 29, 1749 in LEBANON, CT d: in INFANCY
5 ISAIAH TIFFANY b: May 29, 1751 in LEBANON, CT d: April 29, 1757 in NORWICH, CT
5 ASA TIFFANY b: April 14, 1753 in LEBANON, CT
+LUCY MASON b: December 10, 1782 d: November 16, 1869
5 WILLIAM TIFFANY b: September 13, 1754 in NORWICH, CT d: August 28, 1756
5 ANNE LYMAN TIFFANY b: October 23, 1757 in NORWICH, CT
+JOHN ROBINSON b: April 24, 1760 in LEBANON, CT d: May 02, 1832 in LEBANON, CT
4 JOHN TIFFANY b: November 11, 1727 in WOODSTOCK, CT d: 1766
5 EDWARD TIFFANY b: January 30, 1749 in LEBANON, CT d: in INFANCY
5 EDWARD TIFFANY b: June 24, 1750
5 JOHN TIFFANY b: January 08, 1753 in LEBANON, CT d: in INFANCY
5 JOHN TIFFANY b: April 03, 1755 in LEBANON, CT d: Abt 1781 in LOST AT SEA
5 ELIZABETH TIFFANY b: December 26, 1756
5 ISAIAH TIFFANY b: February 16, 1759 in LEBANON, CT d: December 12, 1800 in NEW CANAAN, NY
+ANNE WHITING b: February 08, 1762 in NORWICH, CT d: May 17, 1830 in COOPERSTOWN, NY
5 MARY TIFFANY b: March 27, 1761
5 LUCINDA TIFFANY b: January 17, 1764
5 ALPAME TIFFANY b: May 24, 1765
4 ELIZABETH TIFFANY b: June 18, 1736 in WOODSTOCK, CT d: March 26, 1790
5 EBENEZER BUSHNELL b: September 13, 1757 d: August 03, 1800
5 ISAIAH BUSHNELL b: February 16, 1759
5 MARY BUSHNELL b: March 27, 1761
5 LUCINDA BUSHNELL b: January 17, 1764
5 ALPAME BUSHNELL b: May 24, 1765
5 JERUSHA BUSHNELL b: June 16, 1768 d: January 16, 1833
+DANIEL STRONG b: April 23, 1752 d: July 05, 1826
4 ASA TIFFANY b: October 19, 1738 d: 1762
4 PERSIS TIFFANY b: October 19, 1738 d: 1779
*2nd Wife of ISAIAH TIFFANY:
4 KEZIAH TIFFANY b: June 02, 1727 in ASHFORD, CT
5 ZERIAH TIFFANY b: July 16, 1753
5 SYBIL TIFFANY b: October 29, 1756
5 NATHANIEL TIFFANY b: March 25, 1759 d: Bef 1760
5 NATHANIEL TIFFANY b: February 13, 1760 in SOMERS, CT d: June 30, 1835
+LUCY b: 1768 d: March 23, 1796 in SOMERS, CT
5 RHODA TIFFANY b: July 21, 1762
5 SAMUEL TIFFANY b: April 13, 1769
5 CHARLES TIFFANY b: July 20, 1771 d: Bef 1772
5 BETSEY TIFFANY b: February 20, 1774
5 CHARLES TIFFANY b: August 03, 1776
4 NATHAN TIFFANY b: May 04, 1733 in ASHFORD, CT
5 MARY TIFFANY b: October 09, 1758 in SOMERS, CT
5 AZUBAH TIFFANY b: March 31, 1763 in SOMERS, CT
5 NATHAN TIFFANY b: July 12, 1765 in SOMERS, CT d: May 07, 1857 in LYME, CT
+LOIS LORD b: in HADLYME, CT d: March 14, 1866 in HADLYME, CT
4 JOHN TIFFANY b: December 10, 1741 in SOMERS, CT d: September 20, 1742 in SOMERS, CT
4 MARY TIFFANY b: March 14, 1744 in SOMERS, CT
4 JOHN TIFFANY b: November 17, 1747 in SOMERS, CT
3 EDWARD TIFFANY b: January 20, 1706 in BRISTOL, RI d: June 29, 1770 in ASHFORD, CT
4 HANNAH TIFFANY b: March 28, 1727 in ASHFORD, CT
4 EDWARD TIFFANY b: December 16, 1728 in ASHFORD, CT d: September 19, 1742
4 DAVID TIFFANY b: March 16, 1732 in ASHFORD, CT d: September 06, 1742
4 LOIS TIFFANY b: October 06, 1734
4 EDWARD TIFFANY b: August 25, 1748 in ASHFORD, CT d: November 27, 1748
4 MARY TIFFANY b: July 09, 1747
2 EBENEZER TIFFANY b: 1663 in NORFOLK, MILTON, MA d: February 10, 1747 in BARRINGTON, RI
+ELIZABETH b: 1665 d: March 07, 1749 in BARRINGTON, RI
3 EBENEZER TIFFANY b: February 02, 1695 in BARRINGTON, RI d: July 29, 1723 in BARRINGTON, RI, UNMARRIED
3 HEZEKIAH TIFFANY b: July 27, 1697 in BRISTOL,BARRINGTON, RI d: June 12, 1779
+SARAH b: 1700 d: May 26, 1772
4 SARAH TIFFANY b: February 19, 1728 in BARRINGTON, RI d: June 14, 1774 in BARRINGTON, RI
3 CATHERINE TIFFANY b: March 05, 1699 in BRISTOL, RI
*2nd Husband of CATHERINE TIFFANY:
3 ELIEZER TIFFANY b: July 03, 1702 in BRISTOL, RI d: January 22, 1753
4 NEWDIGATE ADAMS b: 1754 d: January 05, 1798
3 EPHRAIM TIFFANY b: February 04, 1704 in BRISTOL, RI d: February 27, 1771
+ESTHER VIALL b: 1715 d: March 19, 1792
4 ELIZABETH TIFFANY b: January 22, 1745 in BARRINGTON, RI d: March 22, 1767
+MATTHEW ALLIN b: 1744 d: May 10, 1794
5 ELIZABETH ALLIN b: March 10, 1767
4 RACHEL TIFFANY b: September 22, 1748 in BARRINGTON, RI d: September 18, 1838
+SIMON SMITH b: 1748 d: 1780 in LOST AT SEA
5 SAMUEL SMITH b: November 23, 1779 in BARRINGTON, RI
4 MOLLY TIFFANY b: June 10, 1751 in BARRINGTON, RI d: May 15, 1840
4 EBENEZER TIFFANY b: June 10, 1753 in BARRINGTON, RI d: April 04, 1826
+MARY ANN BULLOCK b: September 17, 1758 in REHOBOTH, MA d: December 17, 1848 in BARRINGTON, RI
5 ELIZABETH TIFFANY b: October 14, 1784 in BARRINGTON, RI d: November 13, 1874 in BARRINGTON, RI
5 SARAH TIFFANY b: January 27, 1786 in BARRINGTON, RI d: March 14, 1869 in UNMARRIED
5 ALTHEA TIFFANY b: February 26, 1788 in BARRINGTON, RI d: May 12, 1848
+TIMOTHY PHINNEY IDE b: August 19, 1789 in SEEKONK, MA d: May 26, 1861 in SEEKONK, MA
5 MARY ANN TIFFANY b: February 17, 1790 in BARRINGTON, RI d: August 02, 1862 in UNMARRIED
+SULLIVAN MARTIN b: 1788 d: May 27, 1863
5 SUSANNA KENT TIFFANY b: February 13, 1793 in BARRINGTON, RI d: April 05, 1803
5 EBENEZER TIFFANY b: July 13, 1795 in BARRINGTON, RI d: June 04, 1864
+MARY RICH b: September 13, 1810 in NORTH BRIDGE, MA d: April 08, 1883 in BARRINGTON, RI
5 LYDIA TIFFANY b: March 23, 1798 in BARRINGTON, RI d: January 09, 1892
+FRANCIS WOOD b: April 08, 1798 in UXBRIDGE, MA d: October 29, 1874
5 HEZEKIAH TIFFANY b: January 18, 1800 in BARRINGTON, RI d: January 29, 1872 in NO CHILDREN
+ELIZA RICH b: May 20, 1817 d: August 20, 1880
5 LEMIRA TIFFANY b: February 03, 1802 in BARRINGTON, RI d: September 30, 1888
+EDMUND CARPENTER b: January 02, 1806 in SEEKONK, MA d: November 30, 1873 in EAST PROVIDENCE, RI
3 SARAH TIFFANY b: June 13, 1709 in BRISTOL, RI d: January 22, 1743
3 SETH TIFFANY b: January 04, 1705 in BRISTOL, RI d: April 03, 1743
3 WILLIAM TIFFANY b: August 29, 1710 in BRISTOL, RI d: January 02, 1728 in LONG ISLAND SOUND
3 ELIZABETH TIFFANY b: February 23, 1696 in NEWPORT, RI
3 NATHAN TIFFANY b: June 14, 1701 in NEWPORT, RI d: May 30, 1750 in LYME, CT
3 SARAH TIFFANY b: March 05, 1699 in NEWPORT, RI
2 WILLIAM TIFFANY b: February 23, 1672 in NORFOLK, MILTON, MA

Re: When Humphrey Immigrated
Posted by: julie otto Date: July 12, 2000 at 17:51:33
In Reply to: When Humphrey Immigrated by Sarah Haug of 614

There is no proof that any of the William Dodges of early New England were the same man who is supposed (on what evidence? do we have an actual church register?) to have been Humphrey Tiffany's stepfather. No marriage for Humphrey Tiffany is found in Salem vital records and there are no deeds or similar records linking him there.

There is no EVIDENCE that Humphrey Tiffany was in New England much before his appearance at Rehoboth in (I believe) 1663. A number of people, not confined to diehard Puritans, found New England an attractive destination given the fall in 1660 of the Puritan administration and the King's return. Detailed work in original, possibly not-yet-microfilmed, records in England (such as London tradesmen's organization records, etc.) will most likely be needed to find more about Humphrey's early life. Good luck to all of us!

Posted by: Susan Doran Date: November 06, 1999 at 13:12:02
of 614


I've started doing some family genealogy. My grandfather, John Mason TIFFANY, died in recent years. I'm just getting to his papers. Among them is a bundle of Tiffany stuff.

I have been researching other parts of his family (Shepard, Carter, Hotchkiss, Paine, Brewster), but am new to the TIFFANY line.

Can anyone corroborate the following information? Does it sound right to you? The notes I have seem quite thorough. I won't jot down everything I have because of space considerations. However, there is no documentation, so I have no idea where this info came from or whether it is accurate. I only know it was compiled in 1928.

Also, if anyone would like more info about what I have, please just let me know!

1. Squire Humphrey
2. Consider
3. Consider
4. Ephraim
5. Joel
6. Joel
7. George Steele
8. John Mason
9. Joan Frances Tiffany (my mother)

1. SQUIRE HUMPHREY Tiffany and his wife Elizabeth (Squire Humphrey died, 1685)
Lists their 6 children.

*The story from the diary of Samuel Sewell is included (with a citation) about Mistress, Lou, the lightening, etc.

2. CONSIDER was twice married. Name of first wife is not known. He married, second, in Lyme, CT, 23 Jan 1753, Mary DAVIS. Children by first marriage:

a. CONSIDER (see below #3)
b. Daniel
c. Samuel

(b. Lyme CT, 15 Mar 1730; d. 19 June 1796) married in Lyme CT, Sarah WILDER (b. Lyme CT,
13 Aug 1738; d. Hartland CT, 7 Nov 1818). They had 6 children:
a. Jemima
b. EPHRAIM (see below #4)
c. Dorothy
d. Levi
e. Consider
f. Betsy Wilder

Note: I have in writing--by my grandfather's older brother--an amusing reference about Consider's loyalty to the King during the Revolutionary War, and how he was marooned on his farm by his neighbors. When the war was over he was told he could leave the farm, and he said, "Damned if I will!" and stayed there until his death.

4. EPHRAIM married at Hartland CT, 27 Feb 1783, Anna HARGAR (b. 1758; d. Barkhamstead CT, 17 Dec 1824). They had eight children:
a. Timothy
b. JOEL (see below #5)
c. Sally
d. Ephraim
e. Philomen
f. Russell
g & h. daughters who died young

5. JOEL married in Barkhampstead CT 1804-05, Hannah WILDER (b. Barkhamstead CT, 18 Jan. 1783; d. there 20 Nov. 1853 (Litchfield Co.). They had 8 children:

a. Anna (married Osmund Case)
b. Henry
c. Elijah
d. JOEL (see below #6)
e. James
f. William
g. Anna Wallace
h. Hannah

6. JOEL (b. 6 Sep 1811) married first, Oct 1834, Cornelia Maria Tyron (b. Bethlehem CT, 4 Mar 1812; d. Painesville OH, 23 Feb. 1859). There were 6 [girl] children from this marriage (I won't list here).

Married, second, in Rochester, 22 Mar, 1860, Margaret MASON (b. 1 Aug. 1840; d. 1927). [note: I have a bunch of info about Margaret Mason's lineage). By this marriage there were 4 children.

Joel Tiffany attended Amherst College, and later practiced law in Medina OH. He knew George Steele of Painesville OH, and named his youngest son for him. I have more info on the following children, but will not include here, except for my forebear.

a. Frances Lord
b. Leon J. Tiffany
c. Wilder Mason

Note: I also have a fair amount of information about this Joel Tiffany. He was an a known writer, leading abolitionist attorney and author, and inventor, and quite involved with the early Republican party.

7. GEORGE STEELE (b. 6 May 1878; m. 31 Mar 1895 to Helen Emily CARTER (b. 7 Mar 1876 at Oberlin OH). They had 5 children:
a. Ned Carter Tiffany
b. George Steele Jr.
c. Helen Van Rennsselaer
e. David Hollis

8. JOHN MASON (b. 16 Jan. 1907 in Summit NJ; d. Aug 1995 in Winston-Salem NC) married 2 Feb 1929, in Summit NJ, to Margaret Virginia MELLON (b. 28 Jan. 1904 in Patton PA, d. 20 May 1994 in Winston-Salem NC).

Taken from - message posted by Lawrence Tiffany -

Posted By: Lawrence W. Tifffany Date Posted: March 20, 2002 at 11:53:33
In Reply To: claims to have chkd records in St. John's parish by Lawrence W. Tifffany on March 20, 2002 at 11:41:08
contents below...
Hi!!! Sunny!!! Mark!!! I'm another one of the Tiffany bunch. Just thought I'd share what info I have on Henry Sr. and Jr. and pool information. The info I have on Henry Jr and Sr. comes from the actual parish record from St. John's Parish Hackney, London, England.
Henry Sr.'s info is quite sketchy, but here goes.
Henry Sr. B. @1577 of Yorkshire, England
Md (?) @ 1602 Yorkshire, England D. England
Wife (?) B. @ 1581 Yorkshire, England, D. England Children:
1. Henry Jr. Chr 21 Aug 1603, St John's Hackney, London, England (all children Chr. here)Md. Elizabeth (?) 5 July 1629, St Johns, Buried 30 Oct 1638, St Johns.
2. Child (?) B and D. 1605 Parish register simply says "Child of Henry Tiffany , Born and died 1605."
3. Mary , Chr 19 Oct 1606, St Johns
4. Child (?) "Child of Henry Tiffany, Born and died 1607"
5. Child (?) "Child of Henry Tiffany, Born and died 1609
6. William (Yeoman) Chr 15 July 1610,St Johns, Will dated 22 Aug 1665 in St. Mary's Parish Islington, England
7. Child (?) "Child of Henry Tiffany, Born and died 1611"
8. Thomas (Tailor) Chr 9 Jan 1613,St. Johns Md Alice (Alece) Lawrence 9 June 1625, St Johns,
9. Bridget, Chr 26 Oct 1617, St. Johns, Md Mr. Finer.

Henry Jr. Chr 21 Aug 1603, St Johns, Md 5 July 1629 Elizabeth(?) St Johns, He was a Labourer. Buried 30 Oct 1638, St Johns
Elizabeth (?) B @ 1606 in Yorkshire, Md (2)
William Dodge 5 July 1639 St Johns. Died in Beverly, Mass.Children:
1. Humphrey, Chr 4 June 1630 St Johns, Md Elizabeth (?) 1665 Milton or Reboth, Mass. Died 15 July 1685, Swansea, Mass. (Killed by lightning)
2. Sarah (Sara) Chr 3 Aug 1645 St Johns
3. Henry, Chr 26 June 1636, St Johns
4. Christopher, Chr 31 Mar 1638, St Johns
5. Elizabeth, Chr 14 Apr 1639. Born after father died.

Taken from on June 11, 2002 --

Humphrey TIFFANY b: Bef 22 Jan 1663 d: 15 Jul 1685
+ Elizabeth UNKNOWN b: Bef 22 Jan 1663
2 Ephraim TIFFANY
+ Leshia UNKNOWN
3 Samuel TIFFANY b: 7 Apr 1701
3 Consider TIFFANY b: 28 Apr 1703 d: 29 May 1743
+ Naomi COMSTOCK d: 29 May 1743
4 Naomy TIFFANY b: 28 Dec 1732
4 Consider TIFFANY b: 15 Mar 1733
4 Luther TIFFANY b: 15 Apr 1734
4 Samuel TIFFANY b: 13 Jul 1740 d: Mar 1822
+ Abigail CURTIS b: 17 Mar 1742 d: May 1820
5 Jemima TIFFANY b: 1763 d: 1848
5 William TIFFANY b: Abt 1765
5 George TIFFANY b: 7 May 1772 d: 13 Feb 1857
+ Mary MASON b: 1776 d: 16 Mar 1840
6 Abigail TIFFANY
6 Zilpha TIFFANY
6 George TIFFANY b: 14 Mar 1801 d: 21 Jun 1885
+ Almira WHIPPLE b: 13 Jun 1810 d: 4 Feb 1889
6 Lorenzo Roderick TIFFANY
6 Richard Mason TIFFANY
6 Daniel TIFFANY
6 Lurona TIFFANY
5 Daniel TIFFANY b: 1774/1775
5 Mary TIFFANY b: 17 Jun 1777 d: 15 Sep 1845
+ Daniel WHIPPLE b: 27 Aug 1779 d: 27 Sep 1839
6 Cynthia WHIPPLE b: 15 Jun 1805
6 Samuel WHIPPLE b: 21 Dec 1808 d: 9 Jan 1887
6 Almira WHIPPLE b: 13 Jun 1810 d: 4 Feb 1889
+ George TIFFANY b: 14 Mar 1801 d: 21 Jun 1885
6 Phoebe WHIPPLE b: 12 Aug 1813 d: 18 Nov 1846
6 Gerua WHIPPLE b: 12 Aug 1815 d: 18 Sep 1848
6 Nelson Wheeler WHIPPLE b: 11 Jul 1818 d: 5 Jul 1884
+ Susan Jane BAILEY d: 6 Jun 1856
+ Susan Ann GAY b: 13 Jun 1841
+ Rachel KEELING b: 10 Mar 1818
6 Sylvanus ALDRICH
6 Cynthia ALDRICH
6 Samuel ALDRICH
5 Emellason TIFFANY b: Abt 1765
5 Abigail TIFFANY b: Abt 1770
5 Nathaniel Curtis TIFFANY b: 1767/1768
5 Samuel TIFFANY b: 21 Oct 1761 d: 21 Apr 1851
5 Azuba TIFFANY b: 27 May 1779 d: 13 Nov 1865
5 Phebe TIFFANY b: 22 Aug 1781 d: 31 Dec 1855
5 Amy TIFFANY b: 8 Dec 1783 d: 17 Dec 1857
4 Umphrey TIFFANY b: 2 Mar 1743
+ Mary DAVIS
4 Timothy TIFFANY b: 9 May 1754
3 Humphrey TIFFANY b: 7 Feb 1706
2 Consider TIFFANY
+ Abigail NILES
3 Consider TIFFANY b: 15 Mar 1730 d: 19 Jun 1796
3 Daniel TIFFANY
3 Samuel TIFFANY b: 1740
+ Mary DAVIS
3 Titus TIFFANY b: 9 May 1754
3 Timothy TIFFANY b: 24 Nov 1755 d: 1841
2 Sarah TIFFANY b: 6 Jul 1683
2 Hezekiah TIFFANY d: 4 Dec 1685
4 Ebenezer TIFFANY
+ Anna YOUNG
5 Comfort TIFFANY
+ Chloe DRAPER
6 Charles Lewis TIFFANY
+ Harriet Olivia YOUNG
2 Thomas TIFFANY b: 1665/1670
+ Hannah UNKNOWN
3 Eliezer TIFFANY b: 30 Apr 1690
3 Thomas TIFFANY b: 22 May 1692 d: 29 Jan 1768
+ Mercy REED
4 Abigail TIFFANY b: 10 Aug 1720
4 Bethyah TIFFANY b: 18 Nov 1721
4 Annie TIFFANY b: 7 Jul 1723
4 Ezekial TIFFANY b: 30 Dec 1725 d: 30 Jul 1795
5 Sarah TIFFANY d: 22 Mar 1814
5 Simeon TIFFANY b: 29 May 1751
5 William TIFFANY b: 30 Jul 1753
+ Molly CLARK b: 14 Aug 1755 d: 3 Jul 1778
6 William TIFFANY b: 1776
6 Clark TIFFANY b: 20 Jun 1778
+ Submit BROWN d: 3 Mar 1866
+ Anne PETTES b: 12 Nov 1754 d: 5 Jan 1791
6 Almira TIFFANY b: 27 Feb 1784
6 Wealthy TIFFANY b: 15 Jan 1786
6 Anna TIFFANY b: 9 Aug 1788
6 Pettes TIFFANY b: 17 Dec 1790
+ Marjory La CORE
5 Mary TIFFANY b: 1 Dec 1755
5 Ezekial TIFFANY b: 12 Mar 1763
5 Ezra TIFFANY b: 27 Jun 1765
5 Amasa TIFFANY b: 6 Nov 1767 d: 17 Apr 1850
5 Calvin TIFFANY b: 5 Nov 1772
4 Mary TIFFANY b: 24 Nov 1726
4 Thomas TIFFANY b: 30 Dec 1728
4 Simeon TIFFANY b: 24 Aug 1732
4 Hannah TIFFANY b: 11 Nov 1735
4 Sarah TIFFANY b: 27 Jun 1736
3 Recompence TIFFANY b: 11 Mar 1694
3 Isaiah TIFFANY b: 1698 d: 1780
3 Edward TIFFANY d: 29 Jun 1770
3 Nathaniel TIFFANY

Posted by: John Tiffany
Message: It was common for Puritans [Humphrey Tiffany was a Puritan, born in England &
moved to Massachusetts Bay Colony about 1660] to use names like: Silent, Deliverance, & Love for females, and Comfort, Consider, Recompense, & Content for males; all of these names are ones that various Tiffanys had back then [along with many other Puritans. God knows what their nicknames were.

The father of Charles Lewis Tiffany, [who was Louis Comfort's father] was called Comfort. Comfort was born Oct. 24, 1758 in Attleboro, MA, & died June 2, 1759. Comfort's father was Ebenezer Tiffany, son of James, son of James, son of Humphrey.

Louis Comfort Tiffany was the third child of Charles Lewis Tifany, and the second male. His older brother was called Charles Lewis Tiffany. Louis Comfort Tiffany, by his second wife, had a son called Louis Comfort, who died unmarried.

TIFFANY, Louis Comfort, artist, was born in New York city, Feb. 18, 1848; son of Charles Lewis
and Harriet Olivia (Young) Tiffany; grandson of Comfort and Chloe (Draper) Tiffany, and of
Ebenezer and Anna (Burnett) Young, and a descendant of "Squire" Humphrey Tiffany, who came
to this country from England about 1060 and settled in Massachusetts. He studied art in New York
under George Inness and Samuel Coleman, and in Paris under Leon Bailly. He painted in oil and
water-colors, making a specialty of Oriental scenes. His principal canvases are: The Dock Scene
(1869); Street Scene in Tangiers (1876); Study of Quimper, Brittany (1877); Duane Street, New York(1878); the Cobblers at Boufarick (1888); Feeding the Flamingoes (1888); Market Day at Nuremberg(1892). His other important art works include the Tiffany Chapel exhibited at the Columbian exposition, Chicago, 1893, which was placed in the crypt of the New York Cathedral of St. John the Divine; and the electric fountain at the Pan-American exposition, Buffalo, N.Y., 1901. He discovered a new formula for making decorative glass, known as Tiffany Fertile glass. In 1879 he established a decorative and art glassware business known as the Tiffany Glass and Decorating
company, of which he was president and art director, and which became the leading American
house in the manufacture of decorative window and other church decorations. He established and
controlled the Tiffany Furnaces at Corona, L.I., and he became art director of the Allied Arts
company; 2d vice-president and trustee of Tiffany & Company; was elected an associate member
of the National Academy of Design in 1871 and academician in 1880; a member of the Society of
American Artists; the American Water Color society; the New York Society of Fine Arts; the
Architectural League; a member of Société Nationale des Beaux Arts; a member of the Imperial
Society of Fine Arts, Tokio, Japan. He received a gold medal and decoration of chevalier of the
Legion of Honor from the French government in 1900. He was married first, May 15, 1872, to Mary
Woodbridge, daughter of Levi Hart and Mary Wood bridge (Perkins) Goddard, Norwich, Conn.
(died, Jan. 22, 1884), and secondly, Nov. 9, 1886, to Louise Wakeman, daughter of the Rev. J. H. Mason and Louise (Wakeman) Knox of Philadelphia, Pa.

Taken from - on June 1, 2001 from the book -- Colonial Families in the US.

The earliest TIFFANY mentioned in colonial history is Squire Humphrey TIFFANY, who went to
Massachusetts Bay Colony about 1660. In the records of the ancient town of Rehoboth, ?Baylis
History of New Plymouth? Volume I, page 209, under the date of 22d January, 1663, it states
?Humphrey TIFFANY permitted to be a Sojourner and to buy or hire.? At this date he became a
citizen of the Town and was a Justice of the Peace. He was killed by a stroke of lightning on 15th
July, 1685, while on the way to Boston with a party of friends. The following quaint lines have
recorded the event: ?Humphrey Tiffany and Mistress Lowe, by a stroke of lightning into eternity
did go.? His wife was Elizabeth (surname not given). The four great branches of the family whose
descent is unquestioned, are his four sons.

I. James.

II. THOMAS, b. 1665-1670, of whom later.

III. Ebenezer.

IV. Consider.

THOMAS TIFFANY, b. 1665-1670, in Swansea, Massachusetts, about 1698 moved to Bristol, Rhode
Island, then to Ashford, Connecticut; 15th March, 1718, Thomas TIFFANY was admitted a Freeman of Ashford, Connecticut, and on this date he and his son Thomas, James TIFFANY and others, drew each 200 acres by lot, of the undivided public lands, the citizens having, at a Town Meeting held on 11th January, 1718, voted to distribute among themselves the surplus land by drawing lots. Records show that he bought a great deal of land in Ashford, was a man of substance and for those times a large land owner. From 1735 to 1741 he was a Selectman and Town Clerk and
with the exception of two years was Town Clerk from 1721 to 1748; m. Hannah (surname not
given); the records of the birth of his three oldest children are in Swansea and five were baptized in Christ Church, Bristol.

I. Eliezer, b. at Swansea, Massachusetts, 30th April, 1690.

II. THOMAS, b. at Swansea, Massachusetts, 22d May, 1692, of whom later.

III. Recompence, b. Swansea, Massachusetts, 11th March, 1694.

IV. Isaiah, b. at Bristol, Rhode Island, 1698; d. at Lebanon, Connecticut, 1780; Lieutenant Isaiah
TIFFANY, an officer in the American Revolution, was a gd. son of THOMAS TIFFANY of the second
generation and was also one of the Charter Members of the Order of the Cincinnati in the State of
Connecticut. ?He fought in eighteen battles of the Revolution, including Monmouth and Yorktown and was at Valley Forge. He was one of the forlorn hope in storming the redoubts at Yorktown.? Lieut. Isaiah TIFFANY'S grandson Henry Frederich PHINNEY, m. Caroline Martha COOPER, [p.460] a dau. of J. Fennimore COOPER, the novelist, at Cooperstown, New York, 8th February, 1849. Rev.
Frederich Trench TIFFANY another in this line was Chaplain of Congress, in 1845.

V. Edward, b. at Bristol, Rhode Island, d. Ashford, Connecticut, 29th June, 1770.

VI. Nathaniel, bapt. at Bristol, Rhode Island.

According to the book - Colonial Families in the US:

THOMAS TIFFANY, b. Swansea, Massachusetts, 22d May, 1692; d. 29th January, 1768; 7th
December, 1720, admitted an inhabitant of the Town of Ashford, Connecticut; in 1731 was a
Deputy to the General Court; in 1740 was appointed Justice of the Peace, of Windham County,
Connecticut, and reappointed until 1752; was a man of wealth and influence; m. 1719, Mercy
REED of Weymouth, Massachusetts; in 1756 he signed Congregational Church Covenant at
Ashford, Connecticut.

I. Abigail, b. 10th August, 1720.

II. Bethyah, b. 18th November, 1721.

III. Annie, b. 7th July, 1723.

IV. EZEKIEL, b. 30th December, 1725, of whom later.

V. Mary, b. 24th November, 1726.

VI. Thomas, b. 30th December, 1728.

VII. Simeon, b. 24th August, 1732.

VIII. Hannah, b. 11th November, 1735.

IX. Sarah, b. 27th June, 1736.

According to the book - Colonial Families in the US:

EZEKIEL TIFFANY, b. 30th December, 1725; d. 30th July, 1795; 1st December, 1760, was elected
Clerk and Constable of Ashford, Connecticut; 23d November, 1765, was elected Collector of the
Westford Society of Ashford, Connecticut; his son Capt. Stephen TIFFANY was a soldier in the War
of 1812, and was Captain of the Walpole Rifle Company; Ezekiel TIFFANY m. 19th March, 1749,
Mary KNOWLTON. Mary KNOWLTON, was a sister of Lieut.-Col. Thomas KNOWLTON of Ashford, Connecticut, Captain of KNOWLTON'S Rangers, who took part in capture of Fort Ticonderoga in July,1759; in battle of Breeds Hill, 16th June, 1775; commanded a Division at the Battle of Bunker Hill; in battle of Long Island, 27th August, 1776; in battle of Harlem Heights, 16th September, 1776,
where he fell mortally wounded; he was buried with military honors on the field of battle, now
143d Street, New York City. Mary (KNOWLTON) TIFFANY was also a sister of Lieut. Daniel KNOWLTON, also of KNOWLTONS' Rangers, who was in the Crown Point Expedition and in many
battles of the Revolution. Ezekiel TIFFANY in 1756 signed the Congregational Church Covenant at
Ashford, Connecticut, said Church founded 26th November, 1718.

I. Sarah, d. 22d March, 1814; m.--- STEBBINS.

II. Simeon, b. 29th May, 1751; at Lexington Alarm, served seven days.

III. WILLIAM, b. 30th July, 1753, of whom later.

IV. Mary, b. 1st December, 1755.

V. Ezekiel, b. 12th March, 1763; enlisted twice for service in the Revolutionary War.

VI. Ezra, b. 27th June, 1765.

VII. Amasa, b. 6th November, 1767; d. Bennington, Vermont, 17th April, 1850.

VIII. Calvin, b. 5th November, 1772.

According to the book - Colonial Families in the US:

WILLIAM TIFFANY, b. at Ashford, Connecticut, 30th July, 1753; m. there (firstly) 16th November,
1775, Molly CLARK, dau. of Lemuel CLARK, a soldier in the Revolution, and Mercy (BRIDGES) CLARK
his wife, b. 14th August, 1755; d. 3d July, 1778; m. (secondly) 30th April, 1783, Anne PETTES, b.
12th November, 1754, d. 5th January, 1791, dau. of Joshua PETTES and Elizabeth CROCKER, his
wife, of Norwich, Connecticut; m. (thirdly) 4th September, 1791, Marjory LA CORE, of Montgomery,

I. William, b. at Ashford, 1776.

II. CLARK, b. 20th June, 1778, of whom later.

I. Almira, b. 27th February, 1784, at Mansfield, Connecticut.

II. Wealthy, b. 15th January, 1786, at Mansfield, Connecticut.

III. Anna, b. 9th August, 1788, at Montgomery, Massachusetts.

IV. Pettes, b. 17th December, 1790, at Montgomery, Massachusetts.

I. Jared, b. at Montgomery, Massachusetts.

CLARK TIFFANY, b. at Ashford, Connecticut, 20th June, 1778; m. about 1798, Submit BROWN; he
died near Albany, New York, after an operation, about 1818; he was a farmer and landowner, his
wife d. 3d March, 1866, in Oneida County, New York, aged eighty-four years and was buried in the
cemetery near McConnellsville, New York; before his death the family resided in the Town of
Duanesburgh, Schenectady County (formerly Schoharie County), New York, and his widow and family continued to reside there for some years thereafter, when she moved to Oneida County,where one of her sons, Alanson TIFFANY, resided.

I. William, b. 22d October, 1801; m. Mary RECTOR, b. 14th February, 1802, d. July, 1865; he d. 1st
January, 1885.

II. Jonathan R., d. 23d October, 1843; held many public offices in the town of Duanesburgh; m.
Sally Ann (sumame not given).

III. Calvin.

IV. Alanson, b. 10th March, 1808; d. 1890; m. Catherine RECTOR, who was b. February, 1810.

V. JOSEPH, b. 1809, of whom later.

VI. Jared, b. 1st January, 1811; d. 30th October, 1887; m. 1st January, 1834, Margaret MOTT.

VII. Almira, m. Gideon WELLS.

VIII. Wealthy.

IX. Elizabeth.

X. Sarah, b. 1816; d. 6th August, 1877; m. Walton CLARK.

JOSEPH TIFFANY, farmer, b. 1809, at Oak Hill, Town of Duanesburgh, Schenectady County, New
York; d. 1849; m. early in 1827, Mary CORNELL, b. 28th April, 1809; he d. at Oak Hill and is buried
in the TIFFANY burial plot in the cemetery at Esperance, Schoharie County, New York; his wife
Mary, who survived him many years, lies beside him in the same plat.

I. WASHINGTON, b. 13th July, 1828; d. 9th November, 1886, of whom later.

II. Elizabeth Ann, b. 1829-1830; m. William EFFNER.

III. George, b. 1831; served through the Civil War; was Sergeant of Company A, in the 134th
Regiment of New York Volunteers, Infantry; d. unmarried in 1887; buried in the TIFFANY plot in the cemetery at Esperance, Schoharie County, New York.

IV. Eleanor, b. 1833; m. Charles HAVENS about 1893; d. about 1903, buried in the cemetery at
Esperance, with her mother and brother and father.

V. Sergeant Harvey J., served through the Civil War; was Sergeant of Company D, of the 134th
Regiment of New York Volunteers, Infantry; wounded in the Battle of Dug Gap, Georgia; now
(1918) living in Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer County, New York; m. Sarah GALLUP, b. 24th April, 1848.
Sergeants George and Harvey J. TIFFANY were actually engaged in the following battles of the
Civil War and went on SHERMAN'S march from Atlanta to the sea, viz.: Gettysburg,
Chancellorsville, Missionary Ridge, Knoxville, Atlanta, Resaca, Dallas Pine Knob, Lost Mountain,
Peach Tree Creek, Savannah, Goldsboro and Dug Gap.

WASHINGTON TIFFANY, b. at Oak Hill, in the town of Duanesburgh, Schenectady County, New
York, 13th July, 1828; d. at the Village of Quaker Street, Schenectady County, New York, 9th
November, 1886; was buried in the Friends Cemetery, in [p.463] that village; he was greatly interested in the cause of education; for some years was School Trustee in his town and was a
man of affairs, universally respected and liked and of wide influence; m. 3d November, 1850, Ruth
UNDERHILL, b. 8th October, 1828, in the Town of Rensselaerville, Albany County, New York, who is
still living, dau. of Daniel and Philena (TITUS) UNDERHILL

I. Ruth A., b. 16th September, 1851; d. 25th November, 1860.

II. Mary, b. 11th January, 1853; unmarried.

III. Orlando J., b. 1st June, 1855; d. 14th November, 1860.

IV. GEORGE, b. 22d July, 1859, the subject of this memoir.

V. William H., b. 6th January, 1862; m. September, 1887, Edith LEWIS.

VI. Elizabeth, b. 1863; d. 9th September, 1863.

VII. Philena, b. 31st October, 1865; d. 14th February, 1866.

VIII. Alice E., b. 29th August, 1867; m. (firstly) Charles CARTWRIGHT, 18th October, 1884; m.
(secondly) William LEVEY, 14th September, 1911.

IX. Florence A. L., b. 2d June, 1873; m. (firstly) Harry E. WICKHAM, he d.; m. (secondly) Sidney

Arms.?Argent, a chevron between three lions heads erased gules.

Crest.?A grey hound's head erased, in the mouth a stag's foot erased, all ppr.

Motto.?Patria Fidelis.

Residences.?No. 178 Hawthorne Street, Brooklyn, New York; (summer) ?Tarrymore,? Tyringham,
Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

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Subject: Squire Humphrey Tiffany
Posted by: Ann Langan
Message: Humphrey b.June 4, 1630 Hackney,London,Eng. d.July 15,1685 Swansea,Bristol,MA. m.1662 to Elizabeth? b.1645. d.1708. He was son of Henry Tiffany b.aug.21,1603 Hackney,Eng. d.Oct.30,1638 in Hackney. m.Elizabeth b.1606 in Yorkshire, Eng. d. in Beverly MA. <Ann>

According to the Tiffanys of America - History and Genealoby published by Nelson Otis Tiffany for and the in the interest of Charles Lewis Tiffany of New York City and the of the Tiffany Family - input on May 28, 2001.


Squire Humphrey is the earliest Tiffany mentioned in Colonial History and he is undoubtedly the ancestor of the majority of Tiffanys in America. The following notes copied from reliable records seem to fix the date when be became a citizen of the town of Rehoboth, Mass. (which town was incorporated in 1645, and contained the present towns fo Seekonk, Rehoboth, Attleboro, parts of Swansea, Mass., and Pawtucket, R.I.). The birth of a daughter, Sarah July 6, 1683; his death by lightning; the administration of his estate by wife Elizabeth; the death of his son, Hezekiah, the same year by drowning; ending with a record from the vital records of Rehoboth, which affirm his heirs in 1689 to be proprietors not inhabitants of property in Rehoboth, Mass.

Notes of Humphrey Tiffany --

Records of Ancient Rehoboth, History of New Plymouth, by Baylis, Vol I page 209. Jan 22, 1663, Humphrey Tiffany permitted to be a sojourner and to buy and hire.

the town o'Rehoboth, Mass., was incorporated 1645 and contained the towns of Seekonk, Rehoboth, Attleboro, Swansea, Mass., and Pawtucket, RI.

Att the General Court holden att Plymouth the first day of March, Anno Dorn 1663, Humphrey Tiffany made a complaint against an Indian for abuse received.

Humphrey Tiffany, Rehoboth, 1663, by wife Elizabeth had Sarah born July 6, 1683, and was an inhabitant of Dover for some time but killed July 15, 1685, on the journey between Swanzey and Boston by a stroke of lightning. -- Savage

From Mass. Historical Society, Vol 14., page 125, July 15, 1685, Humphrey Tiffany and Frances Low Travelling betwix Swanswey an Boston were slain with lightning.

Plymouth Colony Records, Vol 6, page 175. Att a General Court of hi Majtie att Plymouth, Oct, 27, 1685, administration is granted by this court to Elizabeth, the relict of Humphrey Tiffany deceased, on all the goods and chattles of sd., Tiffeney she bringing in true inventory there of and giving bond with two sufficient sureties for her administering according to law. Major John Walley is ordered the Court to give ye oath to the inventory of sd. Tiffeney and to deliver her the letter of administration granted by the Court, her having given a bond as afore sd.

Hezekiah, the son of Humprey Tiffinee and of Elizabeth his wife, was drowned in Swansey River on the 4th of December near night, anno 1685. From the Town records of Swansea, Mass., furnished by town clerk Henry O. Wood.

From the Vital Records of Rehoboth, page 917, Humphrey Tiffany's heirs are quoted as proprietors not inhabitants, Feb 7, 1689, of property in Rehoboth.

The emigration of the sons of Humphrey Tiffany was for a time limitied to short distances. We hear of James at Attleboro, Mass., 1693; Thomas his brother, first at Bristol, the at Ashford; Ebenezer another brother at Barrington, RI; Consider and Ephraim seem to have found their way to the town of New Shoreham, which town was admitted to the Colony as Block Island, May 4, 1664. Here per New Shoreham records funished by town clerk of New Shoreham -- Consider Tiffany and Abigail Niles were married and had children. Here also his brother Ephraim (of whose descendants this history deals), and wife Leshia, had issue.

Generation Second:

Descent: Humphrey (1), Ephraim (2)

Ephraim (2), son of Humphrey (1), and Elizabeth Tiffany m. Leshia -- and had issue, b. in New Shoreham, Block Island. 1. Samuel (3), b. April 7, 1701 2. Consider (3), b. April 28, 1703. 3. Humphrey (3), b. February 7, 1706. Ephraim (2) and his brother, Consider (2) bought a large tract of land in Lyme, Conn., June 11, 1701. Consider (2) Moved to LYme and made a number of transfers of real estate from time to time. Ephraim did not settle in Lyme till late in 1706 or the first of 1707, judging from an agreement between him and his partners, Ball and Banning. For a long time I find no transfers in his name but he was living in Lyme, Connecticutt, in 1724 and dided there previous to 1734. Was living in 1732.

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