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Thunder from Ireland

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hallo Bill
I do have a fair amount of information, which I give below, some of the spelling is wrong as the writing on the Thunder part of the pedigree was difficult to read. The pedigree on the descendants of Frederick FitzGerald and Annie Thunder was given to me by Renaud du Mes de Paysac who is connected to her descendant, the descendants of Andrew Thunder was research by Desmond Seward a descendant of Andrew.
The first record of arms born by a Thunder is that of Francis thunder, merchant of Dublin in a funeral certificate of 1619. However the famiy held lands at Ballehy Co. dulbin from a much earlier dat. Ath the end of the 18th century they acquired Lagore in Co. Meath and about two thousand acres. Balahy being retained as a dower house. They served as deputy lieutenants for Co. Meath several times, but finally sold both Lagore and Ballahy in the 1940’s
The cadet branch of Thunder of Ballycanew stems from Andrew Thunder (1788-1847) a grandson of Michael Thunder of Ballahy, who purchased 1700 acres near Gorey in Co. Wexford in the 1820’s. Captain A.F Thunder was forced to sell the land in the 1920’s

Henry Thunder of Ballahy died 1720 married Mary Dodd, the daughter of Richard Dodd

Their son
Michael Thunder of Ballahy 1712-22/5/1780 married Ellen O Rorke

they had three sons
1. Patrick Thunder
born 1744
of Ballahy
(see Burke’s landed gentry
of Ireland Thunders of Lagore
2. Henry Thunder died 1825 married 1781 Ellen Savage died 10/9/1801
3. third son

Children of Henry Thunder and Ellen Savage
1. Michael Thunder
2. Andrew Thunder of Boley, Bollinready and Ballycanew 14/10/1788-20/12/1847 married firstly Miss Clinch and secondly in 11/10/1818 Eleanor Ging 1795-30/12/1868(the daughter of James Ging merchant of Dublin
3. Patrick Thunder

Children of Andrew Thunder and Eleanor Ging 1.James Thunder died 7/11/1851 unmarried
2.Andrew Thunder of Boley, Bolinready and Ballycanew Co. Wexford 29/10/1824-25/11/1902 married 26/6/1862 Anne FitzGerald 26/6/1837-4/3/1919 (Annie Catherine Helene daughter of Richard Albert FitzGerald M.P of Muckridge House Youghal Co. Cork and of Garnavill and Rathkeven Co. Tipperary.)
3.Ellen Thunder b.1826 married 1851 Michael O Farrell BL of Park Youghal
4.Annie Thunder 1828-7/6/1885 married Frederick FitzGerald (of Imperial Austian Army brother of Richard Albert FitzGerald M.P)
5.Mary Thunder 25/3/1830-6/5/1907 unmarried
6.George Thunder 1832-14/71864 unmarried
Capt. Michael Henry Thunder of Coolnagloose, Co. Wexford 5/7/1836-7/7/1880 married Frances Murphy(daughter of James Murphy D.L of Ringmahon Co. Cork see Burkes Irish Family records, 1976)

the children of Andrew Thunder and Annie FitzGerald
1. Pt. Andrew FitzGerald Thunder of Boley, Bolinready and Ballycanew Co. Wexford 24/4/1864-17/2/1939 married Margaret Brough 1880-17/3/1965
2. Eva Mary Thunder 26/8/1866-Dec.1945 married 14/5/1890 William Arthur Seward Merchant of Melborne Australia 1854-29/3/1896
3. Ernest Henry Thunder 11/9/1868-9/10/1917
4. Harold Richard Nagle Thunder 10/12/1871-2/5/1873
5. Cyril Ormond Thunder 28/12/1878-mar 1895

the children of Andrew FitzGerald Thunder and Margaret Brough
1. Gerald Thunder 1906-23/8/1913
2. Cecil Francis Thunder Lieut. RNVR 11/5/1910-1/1/1943 unmarried

the child of Eva Thunder and William Seward
1. Major William Eric Louis Seward M.C 6/7/1891-11/10/1932 married 1932 Eileen Mary Bennett born 7/5/1912 (daughter of William James Bennett Merchant and Cotton Broker) and their son is the last of the line of Andrew Thunder and Annie FitzGerald

Children of Ellen Thunder and Michael O’Farrell of Park, Youghal Co. Cork

1. Sir Edward O’Farrell, KCB 6/12/1856-18/8/1926 married Dorothea Flora Buntury (I am not sure if I have the right spelling of the surname-the daughter of W. Richardson Buntury of Busselion, Western Australia see Richerson Buntury Basthot in burkes Peerage and Bartonetage.) they had a son and a daughter, Ensign Hugh Archibold O’Farrell and Margaret O Farrell
2. A. George O’Farrell Stockbroker married Rose N….. and had a daughter Kathleen O’Farrell who married William Butler Lloyd BL (of Shelton hall Shrewsbury son of Geoffrey Butler Lloyd MP) and they had a daughter Helen Butler Lloyd (see Burke Landed Gentry 1925)
3. Helen O’Farrell
4. Michael O’Farrell Stockbroker

Children of Captain Michael Henry Thunder and Frances Murphy
1. Herbert Thunder 1876-10/7/1911 married Violet Woodmes?died 21/3/1918 (she married 2ndly Bissal Thomas)they had a daughter Irene Thunder who married 1943 Colonel General de Chair
2. Cecil Thunder 1879-30/11/1909 d.s.p 3. Edith Thunder 1877-1903 married 1903 Brigadier General Carlos J. Hickie 1872-1959 of Slenyre? Co. Tipperary and they had a son Brigidier William S. Hickie O.B.E of Slevyre? who married 6/9/1938 Pauline Mary Phillips and they had
1. William Carlos Hickie born 25/3/1941 married 1969 Jennifer Hales they had at least two children
2. Jane Mary Hickie born 15/7/1943
3. Arthur Gordon Hickie born 2/3/1946 married 1975 Caroline Salmi and had at least one son

Arms, confirmed to descendants of Michael Thunder of Ballaly Co. Dublin-Argent, on a chevron engraved between three trumpets sable a mallet of the first. Crest: a cubit arm proper grasping a trumpet sable, motto: certavi et vici

Children of Annie Thunder and Frederick FitzGerald
Frederick FitzGerald inherited £2000 in father’s will He was in the Imperial Austrian Army, Capt. Frederick Official will copy improved will 8/5/1860, Will lodged 3/4/1908 T12147 married Annie Thunder of Lagor (sister to Andrew Thunder who married Frederick’s niece Annie FitzGerald) and had one daughter that I know of (I have a photograph of her)
A. Ruth Géraldine/Géraldine Ruth FitzGerald
(1856-1928), married 1889 Guy comte de Bouteiller
1863- 1931 {the son of Henri comte de Bouteiller
d.1865 and (married 1857) Isabelle de
Vathaire.1834-1914{the daughter of Joseph Eugène de
Vathaire 1802-1876 and Amélie Claude Gabrielle de
Montarby 1805-69 [sister to Antoine de Montanby]}
and had:
i. Bertrand de Bouteiller born 1889, married
1917 Yvonne Talbert d’Arc
ii. Anne de Bouteiller 1890-1897
iii. Guy de Bouteiller 1892-1958 married 19--
Marthe de Malibran died 1934
a. Guy de Bouteiller 1920 –1930
b. Marthe de Bouteiller born 1921 married 1946
Pierre Bischup and had
(i). Hélène Bischup born 1946 married
1stly monsieur Cunchon and 2ndly
monsieur Dijon and had
three children
(ii). Pierre Marie Bischup born 1948
married 1970 and had two children
(iii).Dominique Bischup born 1953 married
Leon Dorent and had three children
(iv). Alain Bischup married twice and had
two children in his first marriage
and one child in his second
c. Charles de Bouteiller 1923-47 married 1947
Alice Nicolas s.p
d. Alain de Bouteiller 1924-89 married 1948
Anne Marie Ladroite
(i). Marie Madeleine de Bouteiller born
1949 married 1970 François Courtot
and had two children
(ii). Jean Francois de Bouteiller born 1951
married 1974 Martine Simon and had
two children
(iii) Elisabeth Marie de Bouteiller 1952-52
(iv) Bernard de Bouteiller born 1953
(v). Hubert de Bouteiller 1954-55
(vi). Rémy de Bouteiller born 1955 married
1stly N… and 2ndly Martine Cassan and
had two children
(vii).Marie Ange de Bouteiller born 1956
married Gerard Metge and had three
(viii)Yves de Bouteiller born 1961
(ix). Marie Armelle de Bouteiller born 1963
e. Jean de Bouteiller born 1926 married 1stly
1947 his cousin germaine Françoise
de Colleville 1919-1983 and 2ndly 1992
Marie Therese Peron and had from his first
(i). Thierry de Bouteiller born 1948
married 1972 Marie Josée Selva and
had three children
(ii). Gilles de Bouteiller born 1949
married 1975 Annie Selva, and had
three children
(iii).Denis de Bouteiller born 1952 married
1974 Odette Voute and had two
f. Helene de Bouteiller 1931-79 married 1958
Hubert Pierson and had
(i). Anne Pierson born 1959 married 1980
Dominique Landie and had two children
(ii). Guy Pierson born 1960 married Laure
Bernier and had three children
(iii).Elisabeth Pierson born 1961 married
Michel Stuber and had two children
(iv). Christine Pierson married Henry Dupuy
and had a son
g. Hervé de Bouteiller 1934-35
iv. Yvonne de Bouteiller 1894-1958
v. Amaury de Bouteiller 1895-1957 married 19--
Marie Thérèsa de Colleville s.p
vi. Géraldine de Bouteiller 1896-1958 married
1915 Maxence de Colleville died 1953 and had
a. François de Colleville 1919-1983 married
1947 her 1st cousin as his first wife
Jean de Bouteiller [this family moved to
paraquay, see above for their family]
b. Rollon de Colleville 1921-71
c. Maxence de Colleville born 1921 married
Alfonsine Flecha
(i). Isabelle de Colleville born 1957
married 1990 Alain Mosin and had a
(ii). Emmanuel Marie de Colleville born
1963 married and had two children
(iii).Raoul Marie de Colleville married
Laura Cabrera and had a son
(iv). Phillippe Marie de Colleville married
and had a son
d. Guillaume de Colleville married and had
e. Eric de Colleville married and had issue
f. Michel de Colleville married and had issue
g. Robert de Colleville born 1937 married and
had issue
vii. Etienne Gerald de Bouteiller 1899-1941
married Claire Mauricette Macaigne
and had
a. Arlette de Bouteiller
b. Phillippe de Bouteiller
c. Nicole de Bouteiller
d. Michele de Bouteiller
e. Yves de Bouteiller
So that is what I have on the Tunders and their descendants I hope it adds to your knowledge and research
Aoife FitzGerald
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