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William Taylor of Virginia

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William Taylor of Virginia

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This Taylor family moved from Virginia to Texas.

William Taylor of Taylors line in Lunenberg County, Virginia:

On 1 Dec 1779 acreage signed Richard Winn wit/Wm. Taylor to John Bruce of Mecklenburg County in Virginia (these neighboring counties located just above North Carolina); the land came from Lord Granville colony grant recorded in deed book 13, page 325. This William Taylor circa 1701 to 1778 is father of John Taylor and a marriage to Mary Margaret Bruce who has 6 lines of descent from nobility. Taylor surname derives from Hanger Taliafereo who saved Julius Caesar's life in Gaul 58 BC and other cadet or branch sept surnames are Tayloe, Tyler, Tolliver, Talbot, Tellefar, & Teller.

John Taylor, 1753 - 1834 in Orange County, Virginia or Caroline County, Virginia, married into Bruce clan, daughter of David Bruce or Robert Bruce since a John Bruce kin purchased estate lands of the Taylor clan in Lunenberg County; John Taylor served in American Revolutionary War as Lt. Colonel and in Virginia Legislature and in U S Congress; his biography by H H Simms, 1932, title LIFE OF JOHN TAYLOR.

I. Thomas B. Taylor born circa 1772 or circa 1785 died 1845 near Gilmer, Texas; wed, first time, Olive Pryor born circa 1790 in Alabama or Tennessee and she died before December of 1832 because on file 6 Jan 1840 Republic of Texas is a 26 Dec 1832 dated marriage certificate to a Mary Ellen Stokely (no children recorded this marriage). This Thomas B. Taylor and Olive Pryor had at least 3 sons to come to Texas (reputed to have had 5 by some kin and 7 according to others); Thomas Bruce Taylor also said to have fought at Battle of San Jacinto; his 3 known sons in Texas are John R. Taylor, Nehemiah Harvey Taylor, and M. M. M. Taylor.

A. John R. (Richard) Taylor died 1854, wed Betsy H. Nelson 12 Oct 1837 and had . . . :

1. Thomas W. Taylor

2. Francis M. Taylor

3. John R. Taylor, Jr.

4. Mary Jane Taylor, wed a Garrison

5. Jonnah Taylor, wed a McKinney of Sherman and a daughter wed a Lewis, to have John Lewis of Houston, who sells antique Jewelry with brother in Austin.

B. Nehemiah Harvey Taylor, 1826 to 1915, married 1850 Susan Stokely who is a sister to Sarah Stokely who married brother M. M. M. Taylor (these brothers had double first cousin children who all lived within 25 miles of each other for decades and attended Stokely-Taylor annual reunions at Greenville, Texas City Park on July 4th week-long celebrations.

C. M. M. M. Taylor, 1820 (in Mississippi) to April 1865, married 11 May 1844 Sarah Stokely, 9 April 1829 to 14 Feb 1897; she died at Winnsboro, Texas, and buried in family cemetery on homestead named Cherrywood north of Winnsboro (toward Sulphur Springs); Sarah Stokely-Taylor's father, Thomas W. Stokely, 26 July 1789 in Warren County, North Carolina, wed Mary Ellen Axley and he died 21 April 1836 in Battle of San Jacinto and widow died 1880 in Winnsboro, Texas (all 9 Stokely children came to Texas); Thomas W. Stokely also fought in War of 1812 in Del Rio, Tennessee; his father, Jehu Stokely, born 1747 (in Wales) died 1816 Cocke County, Tennessee, wed Nancy Neal and served in Revolutionary War in decisive Battle of King's Mountain. All Stokely kin in U.S. descend from Sir Samuel G. Stokely, a baron of Admiral's fleet that defeated Spanish Armada 1588 and he wed a first cousin of Queen Elizabeth I (Tudor). Stokely name spelling deviations: Stockleye, Stock, Stubbs, Stocly, and Stekly.

M. M. M. Taylor served in Confederacy with Captain Henry Banta and initials only used officially but Manson Madison Maxwell Monroe Taylor (also reputed name to be Manil Manson Malachi Mason Marion Granson Taylor) and had . . . :

1. Nimrod Taylor born 1845 to Oct, 1867, married a ?? Cook; he died in a public shoot-out feud on downtown streets of Winnsboro during Federal Occupation disputes and then his son, Nimrod Taylor, Jr, born a few weeks after the killing avenged - at age 9 - by shooting first of the murderers of his dad and by age 12, in 1880, shot dead all 9 of the killers who were never arrested by the "shirt-tail-sheriff" relative to the killers as Miz 3-M Taylor said (or Sarah Stokely-Taylor) called her son's brutal killers.

2. William Jackson Taylor, born 18 Dec 1846 to 23 April 1934; married Meliosa Kennedy and had 3 children; he owned hardware and Livery plus being one of the founders for getting land for Mayo Normal School that became East Texas State University of Commerce, Texas; his children are:

(1) Mary Virginia Taylor, born 1877 to 1966; wed Hugh Douglas Wynn, a banker and they had (a) Marian Wynn who wed an Anderson; and

(b) Dudley Wynn

Mary Virginia Taylor-Wynn listed as first official student of new college in 1894.

(2) Jessie Taylor, born 1879 to 1963; wed Samuel C. Price (children not known)

(3) John Taylor, born circa 1881. died 1915; wed Lillian Adams

The two daughters buried in Rose Mound Cemetery in Commerce near their dad.

3. Thomas N. Taylor, born 1848 and nothing else known of this family branch but some say this is same as Nimrod who died in 1867 shootout.

4. Isaac A. Taylor, born 1849; wed Jenny Sullivan (a sister to Laura Estelle Sullivan who married youngest brother George W. Taylor, adding more double first cousins to the clan). Jenny had Bennie Ike Taylor and a daughter, Sally Taylor, living in Buffalo, New York, years later. But Jenny died in child-birth during a late mountain blizzard 1893 in Indian Territory and thus buried in unmarked grave. This Uncle Ike told about his escapades for gold seeking in Indian Territory and wild Indian tribe encounters at family reunions at Greenville, Texas; Isaac married a second time in Commerce, Texas but no children.

5. "Dove" Helen Taylor, born 1853, married twice; first to a Whitehurst and had Will Whitehurst who was a manager in Sanger Brothers Department Stores in Dallas, Texas (the town Whitehurst named for this clan); her second marriage to J. M. Steed and had three more children:

(1) Betty Steed married ?? Garvin and had Sarah Garvin who taught at East Texas State University for decades;

(2) Laurie Steed wed a ?? Leftwich whose family settled on Spanish land grant by the league which is 4,438 acres in Houston city limits now;

(3) Sally Steed wed a ?? Byrd and had (a) son Skillman Byrd of Sulphur Springs and (b) daughter Sally Byrd; wed a ?? Robinson & she taught school for years in and around Sulphur Springs area.

6. Doug Taylor, born 1854, married Dove Steed and little else known about this line

7. Laura Ellen Taylor, born 17 Jan 1856 to 28 May 1928; married 20 Nov 1872 Henry Jameson (?) Mitchell and had 8 children; this Laura Ellen Taylor-Mitchell was an excellent spinner of tales and had an inner chuckle from her portly 300-pound form while relating ghost stories and/or family lore; her children:

(1) Minnie Estelle Mitchell, born 16 Aug 1873, died 19 Jan 1960; wed 2 Aug 1891 W. W. Warwick and he died 18 July 1930 and they had only Annie Warwick who died 14 Feb 1923; Minnie wed (second time) to Samuel Turpin 20 May 1938 and divorced and third marriage to Roland Duke 13 Aug 1946.

(2) Maud Adel Mitchell, born 28 Feb 1876 to 27 June 1972; wed 2 Aug 1894 Sylvester Taylor (he is not a known Taylor kin) but he was killed in accident 23 Nov 1908 and had 5 children: (a) Greta Lee Taylor, born 3 June 1897; married John Mathis and 5 children; (b) Bessie Maurice Taylor, born 8 Feb 1899, married Richard Vehle and 2 children; (c) Roy Melton Taylor, born 1 Jan 1901 and wed Ruby Hanson; (d) Maynard Francis Taylor, born 4 Dec 1902 to 22 Oct 1922; and (e) Flora Adele Taylor, born 4 Dec 1904, died 12 Dec 1904 (many Taylor kin carry the RH Negative factor that has caused a quick death of second or later children).

(3) John Manson Mitchell, born 28 Oct 1878 to 30 Sept 1936; wed Minnie Cora Thompson on 23 Dec 1900 and had 6 children: (a) Laura Caroline Mitchell, born 12 Sept 19??; married Joe McCasland and two children; (b) Enna Bernice Mitchell, born 11 Jul 19?? and died 1992; married Richard Crawford and 2 children; (c) David Emmett Mitchell, born 10 Sept 1912 in Marshall, Texas and 2 children; (d) Dan Henry Mitchell, born 8 Dec 1913 and two children; (e) Mary Lou Mitchell, born 16 Oct 1916; married David Gunter 19?? and had one child; (f) Robert Lewis Mitchell, born 10 Dec 1918 to 1919 (flu death).

(4) Sallie Flora Mitchell, born 18 Oct 1880; wed John Robertson 23 Dec 1900; lived Sulphur Springs, Texas; after John Jackson Robertson died 1932, she married Walt Bryant and had one child; (a) Roy Mitchell Robertson, born 30 Oct 1902 and Addie ?? Robertson, born 10 Jan 1920 and Vickie Anne C lamon Robertson, born 10 June 1945.

(5) Laura Enna Mitchell, born 11 Feb 1885, died 1981, married Claude Cannon 18 Oct 1904; he was a merchant in Sulphur Springs and then in Sherman and four children;

(6) William Henry Mitchell, born 24 July 1887 to 25 Feb 1968; married Stella Anne Covington 20 Dec 1912 and two children: (a) Phyllis Mitchell wed Clovis Alton Ethridge 23 Aug 1936 and two daughters (6a) Cloann Ethridge Hanst and (6b) Sue Ethridge Rhoades and then (b) a brother born 1920 and died soon afterwards;

(7) Katie Lou Mitchell, born 21 Aug 1890 to 1979; wed Otto Vehle an Austrian immigrant with an older brother to Winnsboro where they learned bakery business then to Sherman where they had four children (this Otto Vehle kin to Richard Vehle who married niece of his wife; see Bessie Marie Taylor of the Maud Ade Mitchell marriage to Sylvester Taylor);

(8) Claude Lee Mitchell, born 16 Aug 1893 to 5 Feb 1923; never married;

8. James M. Taylor, born 1858, married Lou or Lula Reed and had two children: (a) Ralph Taylor who went to World War II and daughter (b) Faye who was a nurse in Shreveport, Louisiana. Uncle Jim Taylor owned a domino hall or social club in Commerce or first in Cow Hill which which was a livestock railhead stop where for days cattlemen had to wait for a freight train to arrive to load up, so a race track developed to entertain bored clientele but township was moved 2 miles and renamed "a place called Commerce" for goods ordered by a young medical doctor.

9. Josephine "Chuff" or "Chuffie" Taylor, born 1860, married Joe P. Pierson (or Pearson); her daughter, Lona Pearson, wed a Nabors who was head of the fruit growers cooperative in Winnsboro, Texas and later president of the association; finally, a member of the powerful statewide Texas Railroad Commission (in 1994, a Ruth Scott Nabors from Mount Pleasant, Texas ran for the Texas Railroad Commission seat); Nabors clan shipped peaches all over America from land grown on what was the Taylor plantation named Cherrywood.

10. George Washington Taylor, born 22 Feb 1862 to 6 March 1950; wed 14 Feb 1882 Laura Estelle Sullivan, born 11 Feb 1864 to 13 Feb 1943, dying on a Friday the 13th, which was always bad for her as her daughter Opal backed car over her on a Friday, the 13th a few years before her death (Laura was a sister to Jenny Sullivan who married Isaac A. Taylor). George & Isaac Taylor were trailblazers or pathfinders for land seekers offering tour guides into Old Oklahoma, known as Indian Territory; Taylor clan also searched for gold strikes and took their families with them always. George Taylor from 1882 to 1901 was a guide and then his brother Isaac started a delivery service or dray business in Commerce, Texas; George next built wooden oil derricks for boom town gushers from 1901 to 1931 and then retired for 19 years at Commerce, Texas; George always said he was the 7th son of a 7th son of a 7th son; and so he had 7 children:

(1) William Hogg Taylor, born 20 Oct 1883 to 1970; wed Ida Salmon 1906 and had four children: (a) Elsie May Leona Taylor, born 18 Feb 1907 to May 1979; she wed 1925 Everette Winniford, who was a brother to Ella Winniford who wed Elsie's Uncle Tom Taylor; Elsie and Everette had only Ida Margaret Winniford, who wed Arlen Sparkman of Commerce, Texas; (b) "Bub" William Welden Taylor, wed Virgie Thomas of Sulphur Springs, Texas; their only child Elizabeth married Bill Ma??, who had kin in Commerce and they had two sons: (b1) Andrew Weldon Mayes, wed Pauline Highsmith; and (b2) Matthew Brian Mayes, unmarried (Bub was professor for decades at East Texas State and served on Commerce City Council and a national champion checker player who wrote books for game plays; (c) the 3rd child of William Hogg Taylor was Alonzo Leon Taylor who wed Dixie Lattimer and had 2 children: (c1) William Leon Taylor, who married Patricia (both Alonzo and younger Leon were colonels in U.S. Air Force) and second child (c2) is Sue Taylor of Commerce; and 4th child of William Hogg Taylor is (d) Nathan Wheeler Taylor, a retired Naval commander, wed Marguerite Smith and had two children: (d1) Sherry Taylor, wed Charles B. Bunting, having Garrick Bunting and Bryan T. Bunting and (d2) Tom Taylor wed Sandra Lee Trupp at Scottdale, Nebraska and had 2 children: Jeremy Nathan Taylor and Jennifer Lee Taylor;

(2) Nimrod Taylor, born 1886 and died as infant, named for Nimrod Taylor, Jr. who was named for his murdered father who in turn named for Sarah Stokely-Taylor's cousin Nimrod Axley, who married her Aunt Polly Stokely, born March 1794, thus making back then more double kin who settled into frontier Texas.

(3) Guy Taylor, born 1889 and died of tuberculosis in Lubbock, Texas in 1930; wed Beulah Thornton of Commerce (her dad owned a cotton gin); they had 4 children: (a) Renfor Taylor; (b) Larry Taylor; (c) Margaret Taylor who died of juvenile diabetes from constantly eating candied sweets and (d) Ruth. Guy was a tailor and a hatter in Commerce, Texas and at Lubbock, Texas;

(4) "Dude" or George Washington Taylor, Jr, born b. 22 Feb 1892 in Indian Territory on same date as his father; wed Ethel Evans 14 June 1917 of Commerce and had 6 children: (a) George William Taylor; wed Lucille Hawkins and had girls: (a1) Patricia A. Taylor, married Ken Boyard, having Rene Boyard who married Lee White to have son Aaron White; Billy Don Boyard, wed Kim Simpson and they had sons Justin Boyard and Toby Boyard; (b) second girl Glenda Taylor, wed a Richardson and had three: Donna, who wed Joe Kerby, to have Dusty, Kenay and Andy; Debbie wed Marty Townsend who had: Diana, Erwin and son Jerry. Jerry married Thrusa Erwin to have Alissa, Megan, Jacob, Garreth & Taylor Townsend; (c) third daughter of George William Taylor had Saundra Taylor, who wed Nolan Samuel Sunesac, to have Shanta;

(b) Laura Belle Taylor, wed ?? Martin or Martyin, of Dallas, Texas;

(c) Elsie Pearl Taylor married Charley Clayton to have: (1) Jimmy R. Clayton who had Marcie, Chadwick, Candy and Grace; (2) second child Charley G. Clayton wed Debra to have Cara-lyn Kate and Andra Michel; (3) Cherie J. Clayton deceased; (4) George P. Clayton wed Rhonda Duke, to have Paul and Brandon and (5) Cara Dawn Clayton who had Cory, Douglas & Cody Don;

(d) Christy M. Taylor, named for a baseball player, had Dwayne, Darrell and Darlene;

(e) Opal Lee Taylor wed James Brumley and had Barbra, Shirley and David;

(f) Ethel G. Taylor never married and called "Little Ethel" or Ethel "Junior;" she cared for her parents in their old age and sickness;

(5) Lissie (called Lissy-kissy) Taylor born 14 June 1893 on Flag Day in Indian Territory and died March, 1976; wed "Bud" Jack Love and had 10 children before his untimely death in Paris, Texas (Bud's devoted and and ever helpful mother was Mrs. Van-Gauwone of Paris, Texas where Bud is buried after dying young from lung disease). Aunt Lissie Taylor-Love always claimed to be the unclaimed child of Jenny Sullivan and Isaac A. Taylor but reared by Laura Sullivan-Taylor as their own even though Isaac Taylor remarried later so that Benny Ike Taylor could have a mother at more (more details told in family history); Lissie and Jack Love had 10 children: two sets of twins, which run in the Taylor family: (1) Mack Love; (2) Jack Love, Jr. wed Alfa Johnson; (3) son R.C. wed several times; (4) Louise wed ?? Baxter who was a policeman in Houston, Texas as is their son; (5)Thomas Love, a twin to Anna Laura and he has a daughter; (6) Anna Laura Love, a twin to Thomas, wed ??; (7) William or Bill Love is a Baptist minister in Corpus Christi, Texas; (8) Ray Love who owns Love Truck Line in Houston; (9) George Love is a twin to James and called Sassie for radio program at time of birth; then worked for Houston Natural Gas; and (10) James Love, and twin to George, called Honeyboy, worked at Bank of Southwest which merged with Bank of Commerce;

(6) Opal Taylor, born 28 May 1897 in Commerce, Texas and died 1980 at Galveston, Texas, wed jack Mackey and had Lauretta Mackay (when Great Depression began, husband Jack Mackey left and then divorced; Opal wed Victor Shauberger who was sheriff of Hardin County (near Houston); he was rancher, sawmill owner, farmer and owned auto agencies for Packard, Terraplane , Nash and Buick dealerships in Liberty, Texas, where his Buick car horns were devised to honk phrase "Better Buy Buick" that became a national oddity; Lauretta wed, first, Ray Cessna whose family owned a thousand sections of Big Thicket timberlands and oil fields and then second husband Carl Rye whose family owned a very small oil company; Aunt Opal Taylor-Mackey-Shauberger was national president of Woodman of the World Ladies Auxiliary and then listed in Marquis' WHO'S WHO OF AMERICAN WOMEN.

(7) Thomas Melton Taylor, born 17 April 1900 to 1 March 1982, wed 13 Dec 1924 Ella Lorena Winniford who was sister to Everette Winniford who married Elsie Taylor, making their children first cousins on Winniford line and second cousins on their Taylor line; they had two children: (1) Lynna Estelle Taylor, born 5 Nov 1926, who wed William F. Bergen, having Billy Bergen, Jr, 29 Sept 1946 with his marrying three time: first to Joyce ??, second to RayNay ??, and third to Robin Rivers; Rivers had two children from marriage to her cousin; Robin's father was medical director in the Texas Medical Center for whom Robin worked. The second child of Tom Taylor and Ella is Robert George Randolph Taylor, born 26 Feb 1934 in Commerce and he wed Mary Jacquelyn Buffington 12 July 1960 (all major dates in their marriage happened on Julius Caesar's recorded dated events).

Thomas Melton Taylor told championship winning liars bench tall tales with specific Texas locations for Taylor kin being there in these creative entertainments told at family reunions at Greenville, Texas City Park (Tom's tales or story-telling was inspired originally by his uncle Isaac A. Taylor's real-life stories of the experiences in old-time Texas and early Oklahoma days. Tom Taylor is buried in Cumby Cemetery in the plot near all the Winniford kin of his wife.

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