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Taliaferro/Toliver, etc./Surname Background

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Taliaferro/Toliver, etc./Surname Background

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Surnames: Rowland, Taliaferro, Toliver, Ransdell, Ragsdale, White, Proctor, Thomas, Green, Taillefer, Roland, Rutherford, Rutledge
Thought you may want to see this. Ron Hughes
Please note that I am researching the Rowland surname. I have no direct connection to the Toliaferro family.

The "Heads of Families" list, compiled at the First Census of the United States, taken in the period of 1782-85, based upon state enumerations, shows the following families in the area of Virginia between the Pamunkey and Anna Rivers.

1. Hay Taliaferro, Francis Taliaferro and Lawrence Taliaferro.
The Taliaferro family is ultimately linked to some lines of the Rowland family, specifically in South Carolina and Georgia. (See more on the Taliaferro / Toliver? line, later in this report)

2. Jesse, and William "Ransdell", I insert this name because of its similarity to the name Ragsdale, and the possibility it is another one of those very common misspelling, mistakes that all researchers find.

3. Jonathan and Jeremiah White, they are listed because of the association of the White family to the Rowland family.

4. John, Uriah and John Proctor, listed because of the Proctor/ Rowland family line and last, but not least;

5. The handwritten list of Thomas, Rowland; where he mentions Rowland Thomas, and Rowland Thomas Jr. Note these names are not Thomas Rowland but the inverse Rowland Thomas. I do not know if this was a mistake, or if a Thomas surname existed in the same area, somehow related to the Rowland family. What I do know is Thomas was used a lot. TALIAFERRO/ TOLIVER/ TAILLEFER AND THE ROWLAND FAMILY

It now an interesting time to insert some information about the Taliaferro family. This family is linked in some lines of the Rowland family, and the links appear to begin in Virginia, they appear again in Georgia and possibly into Mississippi. On the Internet I found a site entitled "Taliaferro Surname". In this site I found the following information which makes the relationship of the Rowland family and the Taliaferro family, a mysterious and wonderful thing. Here is what I found.

In the, book, "A short History of the English People", by John Green, (my note, the Green family and the Rowland family have a number of intermixes)1916, page 145, the following is found regarding the Battle of Hastings: (my note again, the Battle of Hastings was the ultimate battle for Britain, the army of the Norman Vikings or Norman French, was led by, William, the Duke of Normandy, better known as, William the Conqueror.

(His army of Vikings and resident Franks, met King Harold, the king of the Angles/Saxons/Britons, etc., at the battle of Hastings in 1066 AD. The history of England and the world was forever changed as a result of this war / invasion and conquest.)

"A general charge of the Norman foot opened the battle, in front rode the minstrel Taillefer, tossing his sword in the air and catching it again while he chanted the song of Roland. He was the first of the host who struck a blow, and the first to fall."

In the Outlines of Medieval and Modern History, by P. V. N. Myers, pub., 1897 on page 173, the following is found regarding the Battle of Hastings.

"With the morning of battle opened--the battle that was to determine the fate of England. It was begun by a horseman riding out from the Norman lines and advancing along toward the English Army, tossing up his sword and skillfully catching it as it fell, and singing all the while the stirring battle-song of Charlemagne and Roland......"
The name Taillefer, was later transformed into Taileferro/Taliaferro/Toliver, etc.

Haywood, TN 1840 Federal Census (INDEX)

Heywood County is located Northeast of Memphis and Southwest of Carroll County, TN.
414 Roland, Geo pg0412.txt - George

399 Rutherford, Elizabeth pg0398.txt
400 Rutherford, Felix pg0398.txt
402 Rutherford, Thos pg0398.txt - Thomas

380 Rutledge, David pg0377.txt
379 Rutledge, J*****? pg0377.txt

420 Taliaferro, Jas pg0419.txt - James
382 Taliaferro, Jno. R., pg0377.txt - John- there is a John Taliferro in the 1820 Bedford Co., TN Census.
398 Taliaferro, Levisa ? pg0398.txt
422 Taliaferro, Louisa pg0419.txt
422 Taliaferro, Lyne S., pg0419.txt

392 Tally, Page pg0391.txt

John, Benjamin and Richard Talifero/ Taliferro were found in the 1820 Census of Bedford County, TN. CD#314. (Note, the Taliferro family remains nearby the Rowland) A John Taliaferro was found in the 1840 Census of Heywood Co., TN. RLH-2001

SHELBY COUNTY, TN - CENSUS - 1850 Census Index

FANT 202B-203A
FREEMAN 34B-39B-112A-129B-130A-157B-185A
GARRETT 4B-55A-63A-101B-102A-110A-112A-118B
HARDAWAY 114A-114B-195A

TALLY 162A-180A
WEBB 60B-65A-97A-97B-184A-184B-185B-193B

Cemetery Records of Marshall County Mississippi

The McClatchey Cemetery is about five miles west of Holly Springs and is on top of a hill, 150 high, adjoining Pigeon Roost Bottom. It is located near the center of Section 8, T4S, R-3-W. William TALIAFERRO owned all of Section 8 when the cemetery was begun. He sold all but the cemetery to Mr. RHINE in 1860. The following are among those buried in this cemetery. This burial section contains two names familiar to us by now, the Ragsdale family and the Taliaferro family.

RAGSDALE, Essie, buried ?,
RAGSDALE, Maynard, buried ?
RAGSDALE, Mrs. William, buried ? Could this be Nancy Short Ragsdale?
RAGSDALE, William, buried ? Could this be William H. Ragsdale?

TALIAFERRO, Mary Amanda, buried after 1867
TALIAFERRO, Mary Amanda, 1834 AL - 18 Nov 1894
TALIAFERRO, William A., 1841 MS - 1851, Note, in MS by 1841, in Al 1834.

Living just six houses down from the William Thomas Rowland family compound in the 1840 Marshall County Census of Mississippi are two Ragsdale familys. They are Robert or Hobert Ragsdale and Jamison? Ragsdale. On page 31 of the 1840 Census is a listing for William Toliver. Toliver would be a common spelling or mispelling of Taliaferro. Since his name was William, maybe we can assume he may have been the father of William A. Taliaferro above. Note our Rowland family was on page 28 of the same census, probably not far away.

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