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Wrightsborough, a Georgia Quaker Colony {Stubbs]

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Wrightsborough, a Georgia Quaker Colony {Stubbs]

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This Might be my Family Connection to the Stubbs Family
Hagan And Stubbs
I have Collected Some Websites ;which both Hagan And Stubbs families............Listed Below
Father: John C. Hagan Birthplace: Kentucky Mother: Julia A. Stubbs Birthplace: Kentucky Name: Hamilton, Henry C. Date: Mar. 15 Sex: M Color: W Birthplace: ... ky/fulton/vitals/1874births1.txt
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Hugh HAGANS 1 died in Madison Co., Ky. Letters written by Hugh Hagans, Jr., ... of the American Revolution Publication: DAR Library, 1776 Constitiution Ave, ... Jessamine%20County%20Kentucky%20Families/b154.htm - 63k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages
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/ky/fulton/clock/jul161925.txt [0.935648]
Hickman Courier - "Turning Back the Clock" July 16, 1925 Obituaries 1. John A. Stubbs 2. Mrs. Charles Hagan 3. Nannie Henderson 4. Fay Price
Date: 2005-12-31 05:54:07 Size: 162
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Willis Briggs HaganWillis Briggs Hagan born 9 Dec 1819. For more information on this line see below. ... Willis Briggs Hagan (son of John Hagan and Piety Strait) was born 9 ... - 4k - Cached - Similar pages
Confederate Hill
During the 1870's, Maryland soldiers were brought here from battlefields in the ... METTEE, Charles H., --, 2nd MD Art. (Baltimore Light), died 6.21.1916. ... - 68k - Cached - Similar pages
[[****STUBBS, R. B., --, Co. C, 18th TN, died 7.29.1914. B-44. Age 78.
/ky/fulton/census/1850/kyfuindx.txt [3.51294]
Fulton, KY 1850 Federal Census - Surname Index This Census was transcribed by Lee Ann Workman and Has Not Been Proofread Yet for the USGenWeb Census Project, Copyright 2000 by Lee Ann Workman <LWORKM... (Sun Jul 23 18:31:10 2000) , 200787 bytes
114B 6 Stubbs Berry 1
115A 17 Stubbs Dennis 70
114B 1 Stubbs Elizabeth 12
115A 18 Stubbs Elizabeth 71
115A 19 Stubbs Elizabeth 41
114B 4 Stubbs Emila C.
6 114B 2 Stubbs James H. 10
114B 3 Stubbs John
8 114A 42 Stubbs Lucinda
32 114A 41 Stubbs Moses
39 114B 5 Stubbs Porter 4
. /ky/fulton/marriages/1870-74.txt [3.4741]
FULTON COUNTY, KENTUCKY Marriages, April, 1870 - January, 1874 Indexed by Kim Mitchell ( to be published in these archives. W. F. Adams Virginia Worsham Feb 12, 1872 James R. Alex... (Wed Nov 26 15:37:07 2003) , 16395 bytes
John A. Stubbs Nannie King Jan 22, 1873
Berry C. Stubbs Frances Hawkins Sept 22, 1870
. /ky/fulton/census/1850/pg0110a.txt [3.46185]
Fulton, KY 1850 Federal Census (File 1 of 4) This Census was transcribed by Lee Ann Workman and Has Not Been Proofread Yet for the USGenWeb Census Project, Copyright 2000 by Lee Ann Workman <LWORKMAN... (Sun Jul 23 19:47:20 2000) , 103105 bytes
Name: Hagan, Sylvester
Date: Oct. 27
Sex: M Color: W
Father: John C. Hagan Birthplace: Kentucky

41 67 67 Stubbs Moses 39 M Do. Ky
42 67 67 Stubbs Lucinda 32 F Tenn X
1 67 67 Stubbs Elizabeth 12 F Ky X
2 67 67 Stubbs James H. 10 M Do. X
3 67 67 Stubbs John 8 M Do. X
4 67 67 Stubbs Emila C. 6 F Do. X
5 67 67 Stubbs Porter 4 M Do.
6 67 67 Stubbs Berry 1 M Do.
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. /ky/fulton/deaths/vitals.txt [3.44146]
State Archives - Kentucky Vital Statistics - 1852-1860, 1903 Fulton County - Deaths of Persons over Fifteen Abbott, J. C. - age 22, d. Sept. 27, 1858 of fever; b. Fulton Co.; Parents: A. L. & S. A. Abbott. Atwood, Havey - age 36, d. Jan. 18,1852 a... (Fri Mar 25 10:41:47 2005) , 14972 bytes
State Archives - Kentucky Vital Statistics - 1852-1860, 1903 Fulton County - Deaths of Persons over Fifteen
Stubbs, Dennis - age 83; d. 9 Aug. 1858 of old age; b. Fulton Co. Parents: M. And L. Stubbs
STUBBS, Belle L b: ABT 1859 in Kentucky
STUBBS, Berry b: ABT 1849 in Kentucky
STUBBS, Dennis b: ABT 1780
STUBBS, Elizabeth b: ABT 1838 in Kentucky
STUBBS, Emila C b: ABT 1844 in Kentucky
STUBBS, James H b: ABT 1840 in Kentucky
STUBBS, John b: ABT 1842 in Kentucky
STUBBS, Julia b: SEP 1851 in Fulton Co., Kentucky d: 11 JAN 1930 in Fulton Co., Kentucky
STUBBS, Katie b: ABT 1862 in Kentucky
STUBBS, Moses b: ABT 1811 in Kentucky d: BET 1863 AND 1870 in Kentucky
STUBBS, Porter F b: ABT 1846 in Kentucky
CENSUS YR: 1850 STATE or TERRITORY: KY COUNTY: Fulton REEL NO: M432-200 PAGE NO: 114A ========================================================================================================================= LN HN FN LAST NAME FIRST NAME AGE SEX RACE OCCUP. VAL. BIRTHPLACE MRD. SCH. R/W DDB
41 67 67 Stubbs Moses 39 M Do. Ky 42 67 67 Stubbs Lucinda 32 F Tenn X REMARKS: Deaf
1 67 67 Stubbs Elizabeth 12 F Ky X 2 67 67 Stubbs James H. 10 M Do. X 3 67 67 Stubbs John 8 M Do. X 4 67 67 Stubbs Emila C. 6 F Do. X 5 67 67 Stubbs Porter 4 M Do. 6 67 67 Stubbs Berry 1 M Do.
Residents and Associated Families of Wrightsborough

Wrightsborough, a Georgia Quaker Colony
The story of the Quaker colony at Wrightsborough, near present day Thomson, Georgia, begins in 1767 when Jonathan Sell and Joseph Maddock, both · Save
Wrightsboro Inhabitants
On the following page Index of Wrightsboro Inhabitants and Other Related Families I have tried to make up as complete a list as possible of all the people who were part of the Quaker colony of Wrightsborough (later Wrightsboro). This is an on-going process, since many of the people known to have lived there are not listed in Quaker records for one reason or another, and placing them in the community is possible only through the efforts of descendants in many parts of the country who have or acquire evidence of their ancestors stay in this small town. Many thanks to the many who have contributed to this list! If you have Wrightsboro ancestors, please help out by filling out the form below or writing to me at:
Three Stubbs brothers, John, Thomas (both married to daughters of Joseph Maddock, and Joseph (married Ann Mooney) were prominent early members of the Wrightsboro colony. The Stubbs Family by Henry Stubbs descendant Dan Stubbs also includes Wrightsboro residents Joseph Maddock, John Stubbs and the Jones family.

Original records for Wrightsboro are located at Guilford College, in Guilford, NC.
QUAKER RECORDS IN GEORGIA: Wrightsborough 1772--1793, Friendsborough 1776--1777. Compiled by Robert Scott Davis, Jr. Copyright 1986 by Augusta Genealogical Society, which uses many of these records is available from The Augusta Genealogical Society, Inc., PO Box 3743, Augusta GA 30904.
Jill Carter Knuth, author of The Stubbs Index and the web page on the Cheshire ancestors of Joseph Maddock has contributed the following review of this book:
Early Wrightsboro Township Landholders, Residents and Associated Families, 1768-1810
(Note: Does not include those known to have died in childhood or children born
to Wrightsboro residents after the family left Wrightsboro.)

This index is made up of names taken from various sources, the main
ones being Hinshaw's American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. 5 and "The Story
of Wrightsboro, 1768-1964", as well as much information provided by descendants
of some of the families. Many of my own ancestors, who I knew to have
been associated with the Wrightsboro Monthly Meeting, were not listed in
the main sources or were only briefly mentioned and although I have added
their names to the list I'm sure there are many more
I have missed. Many records have been lost, and many Quaker families spent
considerable time 'out of unity' during these troubled times, when attacks
by Indians and marauders, and the sanctions for refusal of conscription into
the Continental Army during the Revolution forced many into a more militant
attitude than could be accepted by the Meeting. During these periods
the families will not have been recorded in the minutes of the Meeting.
In addition I am convinced that there was at least one and probably more
weekly meetings whose minutes do not appear in the records of the
Wrightsboro Monthly Meeting. A great many of the Quaker settlers lived too
far from Wrightsboro to have easily travelled there each Sunday, and
these people in all likelihood formed local meetings. If you have relatives
or ancestors connected with the Wrightsboro Colony who are not on this list
or have any corrections to make please let me know!
Name Born Spouse/Parents
Hagen, Edward
Stubbs, Abisha 1806 Mary Risk/William & Sarah
Stubbs, Achsah 1800 Samuel Kelley/Isaac & Margaret
Stubbs, Abraham 1793 Joseph & Zilpha
Stubbs, Amanda 1798 Job Talbert/Joseph & Kezia
Stubbs, Anne 1804 William Gifford, Jonathan Dicks/Samuel & Mary
Stubbs, Arriah 1801 William Brown/Thomas & Mary
Stubbs, Deborah 1777 William Kellum/John & Esther
Stubbs, Deborah 1792 Robert Vernon/Joseph & Zilpha
Stubbs, Elisha 1798 Elizabeth Townsend/Thomas & Mary
Stubbs, Eliza 1801 Elijah Hanson/Joseph & Zilpha
Stubbs, Elizabeth 1795 Stephen Cox/Joseph & Zilpha
Stubbs, Esther 1767 Thomas Bowd, David Sidwell/John & Esther
Stubbs, Esther 1786 John Newlin/John & Jane
Stubbs, Hannah 1770 Alexander Pugh/John & Esther
Stubbs, Hannah 1792 William Maddock/Nathan & Elizabeth
Stubbs, Hannah 1792 Abner Elliot/John & Jane
Stubbs, Hester 1765 Joseph & Anne
Stubbs, Iddo 1798 Mary Patton/Joseph & Zilpha
Stubbs, Isaac 1761 Margaret Carter/John & Esther
Stubbs, Isaac 1790 Elizabeth Doudney/Joseph & Zilpha
Stubbs, Jacob 1788 Sophia Coon/Joseph & Zilpha
Stubbs, Jane 1794 John & Jane
Stubbs, Jesse 1782 Alice Alzana Walker/John & Esther
Stubbs, John @1732 Esther Maddock/Thomas and Mary (Minor)
Stubbs, John 1762 Jane Jones/John & Esther
Stubbs, John 1786 Rhoda Whitcomb/Isaac & Margaret
Stubbs, John 1796 Margaret Huston, Margaret Griffin/John & Jane
Stubbs, John Maddock 1801 Eleanor Taylor/Joseph & Kezia
Stubbs, Joseph @1737 Anne Mooney/Thomas and Mary (Minor)
Stubbs, Joseph @1763 Zilpha Hayes/Thomas & Deborah
Stubbs, Joseph 1767 Joseph & Anne
Stubbs, Joseph 1772 Kezia Hickson, Nancy Harvey, Edith Madden/John & Esther
Stubbs, Joseph 1799 Sarah Townsend/Nathan & Elizabeth
Stubbs, Joseph 1801 Margaret Saunders/John & Jane
Stubbs, Keziah 1790 Jesse Overman/Nathan & Elizabeth
Stubbs, Keziah 1804 Alfred Bogue/John & Jane
Stubbs, Margaret 1790 Samuel Brown Jr./John & Jane
Stubbs, Martha 1800 Richard Brown Jr./Samuel & Mary
Stubbs, Martha 1806 Merit Pugh/Jesse & Alice
Stubbs, Mary 1763 Beale Butler/Joseph & Anne
Stubbs, Mary 1784 Bailey Hayes/Joseph & Zilpha
Stubbs, Mary 1802 James Allison/ Jesse & Alice
Stubbs, Nathan 1759 Eleanor Jones, Elizabeth Jones/John & Esther
Stubbs, Nathan 1801 Ann Mendenhall/Nathan & Elizabeth
Stubbs, Newton 1798 Mary Talbert/Samuel & Mary
Stubbs, Rachel 1760 John Cox/Thomas & Deborah
Stubbs, Rachel 1774 William Hickson/John & Esther
Stubbs, Rachel 1785 Menoah Hanson/Joseph & Zilpha
Stubbs, Rachel 1798 Mordecai Moore/Nathan & Elizabeth
Stubbs, Rachel 1798 Seaborn Moore/John & Jane
Stubbs, Rebecca 1793 Thomas Brown/Samuel & Mary
Stubbs, Rebecca 1795 William Talbert, Azariah Denney/Nathan & Elizabeth
Stubbs, Rebecca 1796 John Patton/Joseph & Zilpha
Stubbs, Rhoda 1802 James Vernon/Joseph & Zilpha
Stubbs, Samuel 1790 Rachel Whitacre/Isaac & Margaret
Stubbs, Samuel 1766 Mary Jones/John & Esther
Stubbs, Sarah 1787 Benjamin Hall/Joseph & Zilpha
Stubbs, Sarah 1788 John McDonald Jr./John & Jane
Stubbs, Sarah 1802 Nathan Clark, George Haworth/Samuel & Mary
Stubbs, Tabitha 1796 William Jones/Samuel & Mary
Stubbs, Thomas @1735 Deborah Maddock/Thomas and Mary (Minor)
Stubbs, Thomas 1775 Mary Hobson/John & Esther
Stubbs, William 1789 Esther Townsend, Mary Stout/Nathan & Elizabeth
Stubbs, William 1795 Delila Parham/Samuel & Mary
Stubbs, William 1805 Sarah Hobson/John & Esther
Stubbs, Zephaniah 1803 Mary Updegraf, Elsie King/Jesse & Alice
Stubbs, Zimri 1797 Mary Irons/Isaac & Margaret

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