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Ida Elizabeth Stover

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Ida Elizabeth Stover

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Surnames: Stover
See below (2) 1.10 David Jacob 90 EISENHOWER , 40 for Ida Elizabeth Stoever. A group shot of Jacob Frederich is at the end of this chart. If you want to go back further I can take Eisenhowers back to 1556 in Germany. All I have on Ida Elizabeth's family is below. I cut out all the siblings to make room for a posting. You want it restored i would be glad to via e-mail. I ASSUMED THAT YOU HAD HER CHILDRENS' DETAILS BUT IF NOT, I HaVE QUIT ABIT ON HER CHILDREN AND THEIR DESCENDANTS. JIm Woolbright, Atlantic Beach, Fl. or

(1) 1. Jacob Frederick 40 EISENHOWER ,16 (Eisenhauer)

Birth Date: 19 Sep 1826
Birth Place: Elizabethville, Dauphine Co. Pennsylvania
aka Place: Moved To Kansas 1879
Death Date: 20 May 1906
Death Place: Both buried in Belle Springs River Brethern Cem.
Burial Place: 12 Miles South of Abilene, Dickinson Co. Kan.
Occupation: Preacher, Farmer
Religion: Bretheren In Christ, Not Aka Dunkards

Born Eisenhauer. In the 1850 Lower Paxton Twp., Dalphine Co. Census, he was listed as John Frederick Isenhour. Hereafter the spelling is Eisenhower. In 1854, he built a 9-room brick house at # 530 West Main Street, Elizabethville. It was insured against fire with Lykens Vally Mutual Fire Ins. Co. which is still in business at # 8 West Main Street. He, like most Eisenhauers of the day were Lutheran but he changed to the Church of the Brethern in Christ, the Faith of his wife when they married and became very active in its activities.
He and his father moved to Dickinson County, Kansas, in 1879, where they became leaders in the River Brethern Settlement, a Mennonite Sect, near Abilene, Kansas. This denomination was formed in Pennsylvania in 1770 among Swiss immigrants who lived along the Sesquehanna River. All of his children were born in Elizabethville. Grand-father of D. D. Eisenhower.

The Encyclopedia Americana, 1956, Americana Corporation, New York; Vol. 10, p. 42. Mrs. Richardson-Taylor's Eisenhower History. His wife's full name from 1860 Federal Census.

Spouse: Margareta Rebecca E. 'Margaret' Matter
Birth Date: 18 Mar 1825
Birth Place: Elizabethville, Mifflin Twp. Dauphine Co. Penn
Death Date: 22 Jun 1890
Death Place: Abilene, Kan.
Burial Place: Belle Springs River Brethern Cem.
Religion: Brethern In Christ
Spouse Father: Henrick (Henry) Matter (1796-1868)
Spouse Mother: Anna Mary "Polly" Dietrich (1803-1865)

Spouse Notes:
Margareta Rebecca Mattaer was the 3rd daughter of Henry Matter b. 26 Dec 1796 and d. 01 Oct 1868, [b/d in Dauphine Co. Penn. ] and Anna Mary "Polly"Dietrich, b. 1803. (see #6 below)

(1) Hans Matter
Birth Date: 1614, Alsace-Lorraine, France
Death Date: 20 Feb 1681, Eckendorf, Alsace-Lorraine, France
Spouse: Catherina (unknown) b. 1616, d. 06 March 1698, Eckendorf, Alsace-Lorraine, France.

(2) Diabold Matter
Birth Date: 1647, Eckendorf, Alsace-Lorraine,France
Death Date: 18 Feb 1728, Altdorf, Alsace-Lorraine, Germany
Spouse: Margaratha Kueffer
Birth Date: 1656, Eckendorf, Alsace-Lorraine, France
Death Date: 08 Nov 1726, Altdorf, Alsace-Lorraine, Germany
Notes: d/o Christmann Kueffer, d. 06 Mar 1698, Eckendorf, Alsace-Lorraine, France & Catharina Gautzberg, b. 1633, Alsace-Lorraine, France, d. 01 Oct 1688, Eckendorf, Alsace-Lorraine, France. Catharina's parents were Anna & Melchoir Gautzberg, b. 1607, Alsace-Lorraine, France

(3) Johannes Hans Matter , Sr.
Birth Date: 11 May 1692, Alsace-Lorraine, France
Death Date: 06 May 1736, Altforf, Alsace-Loraine, Germany
Spouse: Anna Christina Keiser
Birth Date: 1656, Eckendorf, Alsace-Lorraine, France
Death Date: 08 Nov 1726, Altdorf, Alsace-Lorraine, Germany

(4) Johannes Hans Matter , Jr. [Spelled Mather in older records].
Birth Place: Altdorf, Alsace-Lorraine, Germany
Death Date: 26 May 1802, Upper Paxton Twp, Dauphine Co. Penn.
Spouse: Salome Staklschmidt
Birth Date: 1737, Altdorf, Alace-Lorraine Germany

(5) Michael Matter
Birth Date: 03 Oct 1763
Death Date: 01 Feb 1852, Luken Valley, Penn.
Spouse: Anna Marie Romberg,
Birth Date: 12 Jun 1771, Lukens Valley, Penn, d/o Balthasar Romberg
Death Date: 26 Feb 1838, Dauphine Co. Penn.
Notes: Mrs Richardson-Taylor's book had Henry and Elizabeth Romberger as her parents as does, but, Anne Marie Traut, b.1749, d. c1785 & Balthasar Raumberger were her parents ( by two submitters);

(6) Henrick (Henry) Matter, father of Margareta Rebecca Matter
Birth Date: 26 Dec 1796, Dauphine Co. Penn.
Death Date: 01 Oct 1868, Dauphine Co. Penn.
Spouse: Anna Mary "Polly" Dietrich, d/o Jacob & Anna Magdalena Dietrich
Birth Date: 15 Mar 1803, Lukens, Penn
Death Date: 11 Nov 1865, Dauphine Co. Penn.
my granfathers name is floyd matter and grandmothers name
is tabitha (tab) Ellen Barrick, both of Penn. He had brothers Clifford & Harold
they live in fla.
thier childrens naames are.
floyd matter, jr.
mary eileen matter

Spouse Research:
Her forbears from submitters to;; Linda Davis, Fredmont, Ind., e-mail,

Marriage Date: 25 Feb 1847
Marriage Place: Elizabethville, Dauphin Co. Penn.

Children: John H.
86 Mary Ann
Catherine Ann 87
Jacob F.
Samuel F.
Peter A.
Lydia A.
Emma Jane
Hannah Amanda ' Mandy' 89
Abraham Lincoln
Susanna M. 88


(2) 1.10 David Jacob 90 EISENHOWER
Birth Date: 23 Sep 1863
Birth Place: Elizabethville, Pennsylvania
Death Date: 16 Mar 1942
Death Place: Abilene Cem. , Dickinson Co. Kan.
Occupation: Machinist, Farmer, Merchant
Religion: River Bretheren Church

Leader with his father in the River Breathern church settlement near Abilene, Kansas. Upon his marriage in l885, was co-pardner in a general merchandise store in Hope, Kansas. The store failed in the drought and hard times of l888 and he moved his family to Denison, Texas to work in the Cotton Belt Railroad repair shop. His third son, Dwight David, was born there in 1890. In 1892, he moved his family back to Abilene to work in the Belle Springs Creamery as a maintainance man..

Saarah A Wetzel, grand-daughter of David Jacob stated that Jacob Frederick gave each of his sons, a bible, 160 Acres of land and a gift of $2000 to get started in life. David Jacob declined the land but took the cash and the bible as he could not abide farming for a living.

Spouse: Ida Elizabeth Stover
Birth Date: 1 May 1862
Birth Place: Mount Sidney, Virginia (near Staunton, VA)
aka Place: d/o Simon Stover & Elizabeth Link
Death Date: 11 Sep 1946
Burial Place: Both buried in Abilene Cem. Dickinnson Co. Kans.
Religion: Evangical Lutherans
Spouse Father: Simon P. Stover (1822-1873)
Spouse Mother: Elizabeth Ida (Juda) Line (1822-1867)

Spouse Notes:
The name was originally spellled Stauffer. The Stauffers owe their origin to a generation of knights called Stauffacher at Hohenstauffer before the year A.D. 1000, of Alsatian ancestory. The last of the house, Conrad, was beheaded on 29 Nov 1268. Ida is descended of Swiss immigrants who settled in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, mid 18th century. She and her two brothers moved to Dickinson County Kansas four years after her future husband (1883) to live with relatives.

Ida Elizabeth was the daughter of Simon P. and Elizabeth Ida (Juda) Line Stover. S. P. was born 28 Sept 1822 in Augusta Co. Va. and died 11 Dec 1873. His grandfather was Daniel, son of Jacob of German- Swiss decent who married Mary Hannah. He was born c1760 in Augusta Co. Va. & died there on 18 Jan 1862. HIs father was also called Daniel.
(6)Elizabeth Lime was the daughter of William & Ester Charlotte Schindler Lime and granddaughter of Adam Schindler. (5) Wm. Line descended from (4)Peter and Judith Burkett(Burkhardt) Lime;
(3)John Matthias Link, b. 11 Feb c1736, Berks Co. Penn., d. 08 Feb 1915, Augusta Co. Va. married to Anna Mary Christina Schmit.

(2.) Johann Jacob Link, b. 20 Oct 1682, Grossgartach, Germany and died April 1738, Berks Co. Penn , s/o (1) Hans Bernhard Linckh, b. c1647, Grossgartach, Germany, d. c1708, Germany & Anna Catharine Schummann . Johann J. Link was married to Anna Maria Magdalena Neuwirth, d/o Jeremias & Margareta Christ Neuwieth.

Marriage Date: 23 Sep 1885
Marriage Place: Lane University, Lecompton, Kansas

Children: Arthur Bradford 192
Edgar Newton 193
Dwight David "Ike" 194
Roy Jacob 195
Paul Dawson A.
Earl Dewey 196
Milton Stover 197

(1) 1. Fredrick 16 EISENHOWER , 02 Eisenhauer

Birth Date: 15 Jul 1794
Birth Place: Linglestown, Dauphine Co. Penn.
Death Date: 13 Mar 1884
Death Place: at Jacob Frederick's home, one mile north of the cemetery.
Burial Place: Belle Springs River Brothern Cem. 12 miles south of Abilene
Occupation: Farmer and weaver of bed spreads
Religion: Converted to wife's Church, a Mennonite Sect.

Change of spelling from Eisenhauer (Isenhour) to Eisenhower occured with this generation and is mostly confined to the decendents of this family group. Frederick 's father was 78 years old at the time he was born. he is the Great-grand-father of D. D. Eisenhower.
In the 1820 and 1830 Census, he lived in Lower Paxton Twp, Dauphin Co. Penn. He had moved to Upper Paxton Twp by 1840. In the 1850 Upper Paxton Twp. Census, page #444, his granddaughter Catherine NOVINGER and Elizabeth MILLER (Barbara's sister?) were living with Frederick and his wife. In 1860, at age 66, he were living with son, Jacob Frederick, in Washington Twp near Elizabethville, Dauphin Co.
In 1878, he moved with Jacob and Samuel to Hope, Dickerson Co. Kansas. Catherine and Samuel Pike (Pyke) followed shortly and also bought land near Abilene.

In 1878-1879 a colony of several hundred (Susquehanna River Brethren from Pennsylvania}arrived in the old time corrupt cow town of Abilene, Kan. They brought with them fifteen carloads of household and farming equipment, and more than a half-million dollars in cash. With this stuff they at once began to organize homes and fields on virgin land purchased from the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
The old railhead cow towns of Kansas rapidly died away as railroads extented west and south to where the cattle were raised and civilizaion rapidly erased that era of history.

Spouse: Barbara Miller
Birth Date: 27 May 1789
Birth Place: Elizabethville, Dauphin Co.Penn.
aka Place: d/o John & Susanna Rayson Miller
Death Date: 1 Jan 1862
Death Place: Millersburg, Dauphin Co. Penn.
Burial Place:

Spouse Notes:
Daughter of John Miller and Susan Raysor. [Originally Millerin]. Mrs. Richardson's book has her burial in the Keefer Cemetery near the Free Grace Bretheran Church which is half-way between Millersburg and Elizabettville, Dauphin Co., Penn.
She stated to her daugher, that the Eisenhauer family lived near the borderline of France and some came from Alsacce, France. Also, that a number of the family went to Canada to live. She also noted the story from her mother Susanna Miller, about British soldiers breaking into theere home and running sabres thru the feather beds looling for hiding American soldiers during the Rev. War. She also noted that the family was related to Gen. Winfield Scott who became commander of the American Forces in the Mexican-American War.

Marriage Date: 1816
Marriage Place: Linglestown, Dauphin Co. Penn.

Children: Polly 37
Anna 38
John David
Catherine 39
Jacob Frederick 40
Samuel Peter 41
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