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William Stewart, born 1771,Red Stone Township, Fayette County Pennsylvania,died Yorktown, Delaware County,Indiana

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This is my family history as of now. I have several other leads that I am following. There is a school teacher who has more in Yorktown,Indiana. The Stewart Family Bible is currently in Becky Stewarts possession,it has alot !!! More to come if need be.

William ? Stewart was born about 1750 in Ireland, and died in Stewart Station, Kentucky. He married Martha ? Norris.
Notes for William ? Stewart:
They came to the U.S. and stopped a while in Pennsylvania and went fromt there to Kentucky. He was a Captain of a Co. of Indian fighters called "Stewart's Spies," and founded one Stewart Station in Kentucky. After being in Kentucky a while he returned to Red Stone Country, Penn. where William was born. They again left Pennsylvania and returned to Kentucky.
Notes for Martha ? Norris:
Uncle lived to be 120 years old. Her father was a noted wrestler. A wrestler, hearing of him, made the journey to the home of Mr. Norris, purposely started a quarrel with him and in the encounter which followed was worsted by Norris, who had his coat torn in the struggle. After the battle was over, the stranger explained that he had come purposely to test the wrestling powers of Norris and the quarrel was made up, but Norris remarking, "As you tore my coat, I'll tear yours," took the garment of the other and tore Born in Scotland.
Children of William Stewart and Martha? Norris are:
Thomas Stewart, born Aft. 1771 in Red Stone Country, Pennsylbania.; died in Rush Country, Indiana.
William Stewart, born 1771 in Red Stone Country, Pennsylvania.; died January 07, 1836 in Yorktown, Indiana.
Notes for William Stewart:
William Stewart, Son of William ? Stewart and Martha Norris, was born in Red Stone Country, Pennsylvania, 1771. He went to Kentucky with his father. Married Nancy Mayhall and had nine children. He, with his family, left Kentucky April 1st 1811. He was delayed on the way by his wife giving birth to a child Malinda. and settled in Clinton Country, Ohio. some time in May, 1811. The noted Pioneer, Simon Kenton, remained at their home over night while on a trip east, when they were living in Kentucky or after they had gone to Ohio. William lived in Ohio until November 14, 1827, when he, with the family of home of his son, went to Indiana and settled just west of Yorktown, Delaware Country where he lived until his death. He is buried on the farm now (1928) owned by David Campbell, just west of Yorktown, Indiana. He kept tavern part of the time during the War of 1812. It was a favorite place of the soldiers of that war for the reason that one of his rules was never to charge a soldier of an American army anything for what they got. On this account not financially a success. He was also a tailor and a moccasin maker.
More About William Stewart:
Burial: West of Yorktown, Indiana.
Occupation: Tailor and Moccosin Maker
Religion: Moffett Book
Notes for Nancy Mayhall:
Went to Kentucky with her father
More About Nancy Mayhall:
Burial: Sunderland Cemm, Delaware Country, Indiana.
Religion: Moffett Book
Children of William Stewart and Nancy Mayhall are:
John Stewart, born August 15, 1783 in Mason Country, Kentucky; died in Ohio?.
Timothy Stewart, born August 15, 1793 in Mason Country, Kentucky.; died December 23, 1866 in Yorktown, Indiana.
Sarah Stewart, born Bet. 1794 - 1801 in Mason Country, Kentucky.
James Stewart, born December 28, 1801 in Mason Country, Kentucky; died July 03, 1895 in Daleville, Indiana.
Matilda Stewart, born in Mason Country, Kentucky.
Zadok Stewart, born April 01, 1804 in Kentucky; died April 30, 1861 in Nebraska City, Nebraska.
William Norris Stewart, born September 18, 1809 in Mason Country, Kentucky; died in Illinoise.
Joseph Stewart, born June 20, 1849 in Mason Country, Kentucky.
Malinda Stewart, born in Between Mason Country, Kentucky and Clinton CO. OH.
James Stewart was born December 28, 1801 in Mason Country, Kentucky, and died July 03, 1895 in Daleville, Indiana. He married Matilda McBeth March 16, 1826, daughter of Alexander McBeth and Nancy McBeth. He married Drusilla Reynolds November 05, 1833 in Clark Country, Ohio, daughter of William Reynolds and Elizabeth Tuggle.
Notes for James Stewart:
James Stewart, 4th child of William and Nancy Mayhall Stewart, was nine years old when he went with the rest of the family to Clinton Country, Ohio, May, 1811.He worked for his father until about 24 years of age, when not at home on the Kanawha River. He has been attentively listened to by his grandchildren while relating many anecdotes of his youth, two of which most distinctly remembered are as follows:
"While working on the Little Kenawha River our rations became inferior to our tastes, the beans in particular, having mixed among them rather thickly a kind of worm that made them unpalatable. We called a council and sent the Overseer word that we would not work any more until we got better beans. Not much attention was given us until we refused to go to work, and as we were firm in the stand we had taken, we were given better rations immediately and then went to work," This was a small strike in early times although he never called it such. The other relating the nearest he ever came to fighting, was as follows:
"While working in the woods I had for a partner a big quick tempered Irishman to whom I gave a fall accidentally by cutting off a piece of timber on which he was standing. He blamed me, saying I did it intentionally, and immediately prepared to fight. As he was considerably larger than I, I stepped to a little higher position when he accused me of wanting to take advantage of him. I explained why I did it and he, seeing I was fair and his temper having somewhat cooled, offered peace and I quite willingly accepted." When about 14 years old in leaping a fence he threw an ankle out of place and not being properly taken care of it was always after that somewhat crooked and caused him some trouble. He came on horseback to Indiana, visiting his father and brother who had gone to that state and he also intended locating there, but as he afterward said, "t that time I would not have taken a farm there if it had been given me." However, he bought two lots on what is now Jackson St., Muncie, Indiana, and near High Street, paying for them $11.00 but sold them shortly afterward for $25.00, making what he thought a very good bargain. Deed recorded November 18, 1834. In 1843 he went with his family in wagons from Clark Country, Ohio, to Delaware Country, Indiana, starting the latter part of November on a nice day. the first night they stayed at a tavern, "The Sign of the Black Horse," near Springfield, Ohio. The second day was cold and snowy, a sudden change having taken place during the night. The second night was passed at a house near Troy, Ohio. The third near Greenville, Ohio, and the forth near Winchester, Indiana. The fifth and last near Windsor, Indiana. The trip was very rough as the weather was very cold during the entire trip after the first day, and the roads very rough. They arrived in Delaware County, Indiana, either the last of November of the First of December without any serious mishap. He settled three miles east of Daleville, Delaware Co., Indiana, deed recorded December 30, 1844. Engaged in farming, bricklaying and brick making. He was very successful. The deed was transferred from Henry Miller to James Stewart Aug. 17, 1848. Many of the old brick houses in Delaware Country, are of his work. The original brick building on site of present YMCA, S. Jefferson, Muncie, Indiana, was built by him, also Stewart's Drug Store Building on East Main Street, Muncie, Indiana, across the alley from the new bank building (1925). He was County Commissioner Delaware County, 1874. He was an active member of the Disciples of Christ Church and contributed to its support both financially and with his work. He bought the ground upon which was built the first Christian Church of the City of Muncie, Indiana, on the northwest corner of Jackson and Council Sts. After the Second Battle of Bull Run was fought, he went to hospitals at Washington, D.C., and Annapolis, Md., and to all other hospitals to which the wounded from that battle had been removed in search of his son, Marion, who was shot in the Battle of Gainsville, but the search was futile and it is supposed that Marion was buried in the field or on the way from the battle ground to the hospital. He also visited his son, Henry, at Chicago, after said son was wounded in a skirmish at Oakolma, Mississippi, and had been transferred to a reserve corps doing duty guarding prisoners at that place. In 1881 he sold his farm and with his wife made his home with their different children by whom they were loved and revered as they were by all their descendants. While at the home of their son-in-law, William A. Shoemaker, two miles east of Daleville, Indiana, Drusilla Reynolds Stewart died December 14, 1888, at the age of 84 years and 24 days. An upright member of the church of the Disciples of Christ and a worthy woman in every way. Among the good traits is remembered her kindness to her grandchildren. Always after this the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren would on his birthday gather at the home where he happened to be staying on such day and enjoy the day together, in which enjoyment the old gentleman seemed to take a great interest and pleasure. While at William Shoemakers in 1895 he, by a misstep, fractured one of his ankles to such an extent that he was for a while unable to get around, but by June, 1895, he had so far recovered as to be able to walk with the assistance of crutches, and went to the home of his daughter, Mrs. Matilda Rader, 417 E. Jackson St., Muncie, Indiana. He was elated at being able to get around so well and to show how well he could walk, he attempted to leave the house unaided. There were two steps leading form the door at which he went out, the first of these he stepped from without accident, but forgot about the other and set his crutches as though to walk on a level when the drop of the next step pitched him forward and he fell headlong, breaking his thigh. He did not realize how badly he was hurt and make his way back into the house unaided, but the injury he had sustained was too much for his advanced age, and after five days of intense suffering, through which he was very patient, he died July 3, 1895, aged 93 years, 6 months and 5 days. He was buried with his wife, Drusilla Reynolds Stewart, in the Saunders Cemetery on the farm of William A. Shoemaker, 1 1/2 miles east of Daleville, Indiana. He fell the 28th day of June, 1895, the day he was 93 1/2 years old.
More About James Stewart:
Burial: Saunders Cemetery
Religion: Moffett Book
Notes for Matilda McBeth:
Scotch parents
More About Matilda McBeth:
Religion: Moffett Book
More About Drusilla Reynolds:
Religion: Moffett Book
Children of James Stewart and Matilda McBeth are:
Nancy Ann Stewart, born February 11, 1828 in Clark Country, Ohio; died August 11, 1834 in Clark Country, Ohio.
More About Nancy Ann Stewart:
Religion: Moffett Book
Edwin Ruthven Stewart, born December 03, 1829 in Clark Country, Ohio.; died March 13, 1917 in Delaware Country, Indiana.
Alexander Stewart, born September 27, 1832 in Clark Country, Ohio; died February 15, 1833 in Clark Country, Ohio.
More About Alexander Stewart:
Religion: Moffett Book
Children of James Stewart and Drusilla Reynolds are:
Matilda Stewart, born August 03, 1834 in Clark Country, Ohio.
Elizabeth Ann Stewart, born February 19, 1836 in Clark Country, Ohio.
Maria Rebecca Stewart, born June 13, 1837 in Clark Country, Ohio.; died October 06, 1910 in Daleville, Delaware Country, Indiana.
Malinda Ruth Stewart, born June 13, 1837 in Clark Country, Ohio; died September 14, 1852 in Yorktown, Indiana.
Notes for Malinda Ruth Stewart:
Twin to Maria Rebecca Stewart. Buried at Yorktown, Indiana, by the side of Nancy Mayhill Stewart, her grandmother.
More About Malinda Ruth Stewart:
Burial: Yorktown, Indiana
Religion: Moffett Book
William Henry Harrison Stewart, born December 26, 1838 in Clark Country, Ohio.
Notes for William Henry Harrison Stewart:
Was drowned by falling into a hole dug for a post of a brick kiln. He is buried close to a place called Pitchin, about 7 miles from Springfield, Ohio. with his half brother, Alexander, and his half sister, Nancy.
John Alexander Stewart, born April 15, 1840 in Clark Country, Ohio; died November 30, 1905 in Daleville, Indiana.
Mary Jane Stewart, born May 30, 1841 in Clark Country, Ohio; died July 29, 1902 in Delaware Country, Indiana.
James Marion Stewart, born August 22, 1842 in Clark Country, Ohio; died August 23, in 1862 Battle.
Notes for James Marion Stewart:
James Marion Stewart went to Delaware Country, Indiana in November or December 1843. He was the baby during the trip and occupied one wagon with he mother and sister, Jane, and on that account did not suffer much from the hardships of the journey. He lived with his father until 19 years old when he enlisted in Company E. 19th Regt. Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Capt. Luther B. Wilson, Aug. 21, 1861. Letters from him still in possession of the family show that he was at Ft. Baxler, Fairfax Country, Virginia., Sept. 27, 1861 and January 28 and February 26th 1862. After a year's service, his company was engaged at the Battle of Gainesville, just preceding the Battle of 2nd Bull Run. As they were going to the front, Marion said to a comrade, "This is going to be a hard fight."
He was shortly after seen to fall by this same comrade. In the retreat which followed, he was seen lying on his face by Capt. Wilson, who turned him over and questioned him as to how bad he was hurt. To this he made no reply but asked, "How is the battle likely to go?" These were, as far as is known the last words he ever uttered. Alexander Stewart, a son of John Stewart, who was a cousin of Marion, went back to the field to look for Marion's body. He could not find it and was captured by the Confederates while looking for it. The papers at the time gave an account of the battle and a list of the killed and wounded, among which was one reading,"James M. Stewart, wounded in the breast severely." There was also an account of a man, name not given, dying in an ambulance on the way from the battlefield to the hospital and being buried by the roadside. As his body was never seen among the dead on the field by anyone who know him and as his father could find nothing of him in the hospitals to which the wounded from the battle were taken, all of which he visited, it has been supposed that he was mortally wounded and died in the ambulance and was buried by the roadside, as the man spoken of August 28, 1862, aged 20 years and 6 days.
More About James Marion Stewart:
Burial: on the roadside.
Religion: Moffett Book
Henry Reynolds Stewart, born November 20, 1845 in Daleville, Indiana; died December 09, 1897 in Monte Vista, Colorado..
Edwin Ruthven Stewart was born December 03, 1829 in Clark Country, Ohio.,and died March 13, 1917 in Delaware Country, Indiana. He married Margaret Jane Shepp January 31, 1858 in Delaware Country, Indiana.
Notes for Edwin Ruthven Stewart:
Went to Delaware Country, Indiana, Novermber or December 1843. Helped his father drive the stock on the journey.
More About Edwin Ruthven Stewart:
Religion: Moffett Book
Children of Edwin Stewart and Margaret Shepp are:
Flora Alice Stewart, born November 24, 1858.
Notes for Flora Alice Stewart:
She is a member of the Church of the Disciples of Christ.
Oliver Kelly Stewart, born October 02, 1860. He married Laura Sandoe January 14, 1887.
Lyda Drusilla Stewart, born June 06, 1863 in (On Saturday; died April 1864 in (On Saturday).
Mary Isabella Stewart, born August 06, 1864. She married Josephus Heath.
Milton Harrison Stewart, born March 07, 1865.
Matilda Jane Stewart, born February 06, 1869 in Delaware Country, Indiana. She married James A. Egbert in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Lily Indiana Stewart, born September 18, 1873.
Richard Edwin Stewart, born December 23, 1876.
Milton Harrison Stewart was born March 07, 1865. He married Dora Stewart January 25, 1893.
Children of Milton Stewart and Dora Stewart are:
Morrell Esther Stewart.
Montgomery Stewart.
Beemer Stewart.
Jonathan Stewart.
Juanita Fay Stewart.
Dorothy Stewart.
Hal Stewart, born December 04, 1893; died April 12, 1893.
Harrison Archelaus Stewart, born February 27, 1896.
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