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Surnames: STEVENSON, Egger,Farmer,Griffith,Kirkpatrick, Mills, Rinehart, Saunders,Sheeley, Webb, Wheeler
To: Dan Nelson
Margaret in the will of Wm Stevenson 1826 Greene Co Ohio, was not his first wife or the wife of any of his children (see my last letter with the will- where it says that:
"my beloved wife Margaret....Charles Scott my stepson heirs of my own body namely, Robert Stephenson, Jeanie Gibson, John Stephenson, Elizabeth Mills, Charles W. Stephenson, Mary Stephenson, William Stephenson, Samuel Stephenson, Rachel Stephenson, David Stephenson, James Stephenson, Homer P. Stephenson & Preston Stephenson".)

Margaret was the widow of David Scott, with whom she had a son Charles Scott (see actual copy of it below, in a paper from Stevenson's File)

I have a family paper which says
Osage City, Kansas
Osage City Free Press Print
........Elizabeth Stevenson--Daughter of William Stevenson and Rachel Kirkpatrick; born June 4th, 1794; married to John Mills February 8th 1816; died February 3rd, 1875......"

Also, a book called.
lists the following (Janet’s notes- ST 14) Note in this book they are listed by last name, and then all people with that last name with info after each name. I just condenced it so that I'm not saying child of... a million times.

children of William & Rachel (Kirkpatrick) Stephenson/Stevenson

William: b. ca 1800 Northwest territory, Greene County
Samuel : b. 4Sept 1804 GC (listed under Stevenson area)
Rachel: b. ca 1806 Greene Co.(I have a note here that she was born 8-5-1819 and died 5-18-1875)
David: b. ca 1809 Greene County
James: b. 29 Feb 1812 Greene Co
Homer P b. 31 May 1816 Greene County
Preston: b. 28 April 1819 Greene County
(data from Mills/Singleton Family files and Stevenson Family History) "

I don't see anymore information on David

The reason I was thinking they came from VA to Tn to KY was the John Stevenson father of Col. Robt. Stevenson came from VA (ST19 my page #) located at the Greene Co. Ohio library:This may have come from either a folder at Greene Co. Library or from a book called "THE PILGRAMAGE ALONG LIFE'S PATHWAY (THE STEVENSON AND ALLIED FAMILIES HISTORY) by Dr. Roy Stevenson King. )
"Col. Robert Stevenson present County Treasurer (1874) was born on the 3d day of February, 1823, in Xenia. He was the eighth of twelve children, whose parents were John Stevenson and Catherine Kirkpatrick. His father was a native of Virginia; his mother a native of Kentucky. The ancestry of the Colonel on both sides of the family were intimately identified with the Revolutionary struggle as active patriot participants; and his grandmother on his father's side was killed by the Indians at an early date in Virginia."
(another article says or maybe the next page of the above article. I have them copied with the above article connected to the article below)
"Her Family name was Warick. In 1797 the father of Colonel came to Greene County, and settled in Xenia Township, on what was then termed Military land. He lived in Xenia Township till his death in 1846, as a farmer and was for 2 years, during the war of 1812, an officer with the rank of Major. The mother of the Colonel died in 1852, ..... At the age of 23 on the death of his father, Robert began a life for himself..... From 1866 to 1872 he was Sheriff of Greene County. In 1872 he was elected County Treasurer. When the war of the Rebellion was initiated, he took an active part, going to the field in 1861 as Second Lieutenant, company C, 74th O.V.L., returning in 1862 as First Lieutenant. On the second of May, 1864, he accompanied the 154th Regiment, O.V.I. as Colonel, commanding this regiment through the war...."

Also below it shows they were in Va in 1762 when Martha Warwick Stevenson was mascred by Indians. And then her husband died in Woodford Co. KY

Page 1 Column 1
"Major John(1) Stevenson
b. abt 1700 Ireland
d. 1798 Woodford Co, Ky., "

(there are about 5 spaces skipped and then "He served as Capt. 1775..." - This is also to the left of column 2 and the name of William (2) Stevenson- not sure who this is refering to)

"He served as Capt. 1775 & rose to rank of Major. He served in Col. Geo. Rogers clarks, Exp. to H.W. Terr. (Rev. Record DAR # 40265 Lin. Bk. 41, p. 101. Ada Stevenson Turnball. Also #126, 194, Helen King Solbert Smith)"

(skips abt. 5 lines)

" Martha Warwick
b. abt. 1704
d. July 1762 massacred by Indians near Lexingon VA (Rockridge Co, VA)
parents : Wm. /John Warwick & Elizabeth Dunlap
(Ref: Annals of Bath Co. VA) "

Continued: COLUMN 2 PAGE1
"( issue per DAR papers)

1.John (2) Stevenson
b. 1726
d. 1802 KY
Will: 1802 in Woodford Co. KY,
Moved to KY in 1779
Md: Mary Moore
Issue: 5 ch'n listed in his will

2.William (2)Stevenson
b. 1738 (Rev. War)
d. 1808
Will: Woodford Co. Ky. - names ch'n
Md: Susanna Wymore

3.Thomas (2) Stevenson
b. 1732
d. 1782 Killed at Blue Licks
Md: Miss Mc Connell

4.James (2) Stevenson
b. (1730 ?)
d. 10 July 1809
To Ky. in 1787
Md: Mary "Polly" Dunlap
(Pisgah Ch. records names James, wife Mary
History of Woodford Co. VA )

5.Robert (2) Stevenson
d. ?
Md: before 1765, md 1768
Elizabeth Kirkpatrick

6.Major/Samuel (2) Stevenson
b. 11 March 1744
d. 17 Dec. 1825
Md. 25 May 1771 Augusta Co., Va. Recs" (? can't read)
(maybe says Ross)
"Jane Gay
b. 15 Nov `750
d. 8 Feb 1845
(data on Gay Brothers see p.12 Thinking Spring
Church, Va. )

others- not listed probably daughters"

continued Page 2 -column 1

"Robert (2) Stevenson

Parents: Maj. John (1) Stevenson & Martha Warwick
q.v. of Woodford Co. KY

Robert Stevenson had a land grant for Rev. Services in Logan Co. Nooleys creek 1805. _raper Ms. states "when rest of family cam to Ky. in 1779 he went to Nolachucky Tenn. (? can't read it- small space - room for maybe one or two letters) was brought by the brothers in 1787-8. Our only other ref. to him is in Collins Hist. of (?can't read it- same amount of small space as above missing word) p.367 vol.2 "Muster Roll of Capt. James Browns of Mounted Kentucky Volunteers in Service of U.S. against the Wiah or Weah Indians commanded by Brig. Gen. Chas. Scott, Mustered at Radips of Ohio June 15, 1791 by Capt. B. Smith 1st U.S. Rogt. Samuel Stevenson, John Stevenson, Brother Sgt. , Robert Stevenson, also a brother.

Md. before 1765
Md. 1768 (Stephenson, Jan.' 68)

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick

Parents: Robert Kirkpatrick &
of Rockbridge Co. Va. .
d. 1780 In will names Elizabeth Stevenson as dau.
and Robert Stevenson of the Exer. "

(my note: not clear but I assume 1780 is Robert's death date and not his wife Margret's- her name is written by hand, whereas the rest is typed)

2nd page, Column 2

"Issue: only record (1968) Stephenson

1. William (3) Stevenson
b. 19 July 1765 Augusta Co. VA
d.11 Aug 1826 Greene Co. OH
Md. (1) 4 Jan 1786 Tenn (Bible Record)
Rachel Kirkpatrick
Md: 2nd 19 Nov 1800 Xenia Tp.Greene Co
Margaret Hillis Scott
(widow of David Scott)
1 son Charles Scott (Greene Co.
2. Hugh (3) Stevenson- listed in John Stevenson's will 1802"

This between the brothers William (3) and Hugh (3) Stevenson. Must be a ref. for the info on William.

"(Maythol S. Colgrove- 1960)
1966 add: 1122 Columbine St
Wenatchee Wash 9880_ "

at bottom of Page 1 column 1 is:
" Ref: Kaythel S. Colgrove (1960)"- (couldn't read Kaythel for sure)
"Mrs. Jos. W. "(? can't read this last name)- "Dec 1966
Mrs. E. E. Stephenson, Jan 1968
Bible & Tombstone & Will in Greene Co. Ohio (Xenia)
Donald R. Singleton - Mar. 1976 "

Top of the page says in someone's handwriting:
"as sent to Julie M. Overton, July 1976 by
Donald R. Singleton
59 Ussery Dr. Lexington, MO 64067
He would like to locate the Bible record apparently
owned by a Mrs. E. E. Stephenson,
probably of Greene Co. Ohio in 1908."

Janet's note: I tried to write Donald R. Singleton at this address but no reponse. I was told by another researcher that he was old and ill- probably was 1999.

The info. below was in my last post but tells that Wm Stevenson lived in KY:

by George F. Robinson, Chicago, The S.J. Clarke Publishing Co. 1902 (Janet’s ST 3) it says on pg. 220
"Mr. Mills was married in Clifton, in 1816 to Miss Elizabeth Stevenson, the daughter of William Stevenson, a Kentuckian, who was a cousin to the father of Colonel Robert Stevenson...."

There are many more Stevenson's/Stephensons in Greene Co. Ohio and I'm still in the process of organizing the information.

I was reading some other postings and it said some of the Stevensons from the Carolina's went up to KY. so maybe they are VA to Carolina , to KY, to OH
with possibly TN thrown in because William (3) Stevenson- see above married Rachel Kirkpatrick in Tn where she lived. Rachel's dad, John Kirkpatrick came from Lancaster Co. Pa and settled in Augusta Co (later Rockingham) Va where Rachel was born in Mar 1, 1765. In 1778 they left with others to go to Districk of Watauga (now East Tn) and settled near Bull Gap TN. It says that John Kirkpatrick fought with the troops of N. Carolina. John is buried in Bent Creek Cem. near Whitesburg TN. (from John Kirkpatrick of East Tn by E. Spears McCollough).

It seems like there are so many like names among the Stevenson's that it makes it hard sorting them out.

Does the "ca. 1809" date for this David agree with the birthdate for your David Stevenson/Stephenson?

Hope this helps you,
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